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Episode #27

Who's Got Donkey Brains?

Search that broken brain, John.

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27. Who's Got Donkey Brains

On the pod, the guys take calls from fans and compete in a Sunny-themed trivia game to determine Who's Got Donkey Brains?

Megan Ganz: Did you guys post the number?

Rob McElhenney: Yes.

Glenn Howerton: Yeah.

Megan: Oh, okay.

Charlie Day: We posted the number. We're going to the phones again, this time for trivia. We're gonna be answering a series of questions in no particular order written by Megan. We don't know what the questions are.

Megan: [chuckles]

Rob: Nope, and we most likely won't know what the answers are either.

Charlie: [chuckles] And we're assuming we don't know the answers because we're all old men-

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: -and weak, as- as proven by the podcast, we drink too much and our brains are deteriorating.

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: I can't even say deteriorating. I'm gonna jump into something quickly. I'm noticing all three of us are not wearing hats.

Rob: I was thinking the same thing!

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: We're not wearing hats!

Charlie: Why are we not wearing hats?

Rob: I was thinking the same thing. We all decided not to wear hats on the same day.

Charlie: I-I thought today as I was, uh, barely dressing myself that I was like, "Ah, I shouldn't wear a hat, I've been wearing too many hats on the thing."

Rob: That's I-- that's what I was thinking. I'm, like, "What a- what am I, 12?"

Glenn: That's something I was thinking about, uh, on the way over here. So, I-I felt in my pocket that I didn't have any lip balm in my pocket.

Charlie: Mm.

Glenn: And the thing is just, like, somehow my lips know when I don't have lip balm in my pocket. My lips only get dry if I don't have it in my pocket.

Charlie: Attention, brain, this is lips.


Uh, I believe there's no balm in the pocket.

Rob: Attention, thigh, thigh, do you notice, do you feel?


Charlie: Uh, this is lips, uh, uh, come in, thigh. Thigh, are you picking up any balm down there?


We're sensing a no balm scenario. Let-let us know if no balm is go and we will dry the lips.


Glenn: Why that's a-- it's a strange thing. I'm-- I swear to God, it-- every single fucking time I don't have lip balm in my pocket--

Rob: You wanna use mine? I have lip balm right here.

Charlie: Look at you guys with your lip balm.

Glenn: I don't trade lip balms with others. That's a weird thing to wanna share with me. I appreciate it.

Charlie: Just kiss and then the- and then the balm--

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: You could wipe off the- you could wipe off the top layer.

Glenn: That does look like a-- is that- is that Kaitlin's mom's?

Rob: Earth mama, yeah.

Glenn: Oh, that's good stuff.

Charlie: How many things do you have in your pocket? You have lip balm,-

Rob: I got that.

Charlie: -car keys.

Rob: Nope, that's it.

Glenn: Oh, shit.

Rob: I got lip balm and a- and a wallet, and it's funny, I always have lip-- LA is very dry and it's windy.

Glenn: Does this go on- does this go glossy or matte?

Rob: It-it starts a little glossy then-then goes matte.

Glenn: [chuckles] Well, oh.

Megan: Wait, matte lip balm?

Charlie: Keep an eye out for you guys' glossy lips, man.

Glenn: When was the last time you used this?

Rob: This morning.

Glenn: Hmm.

Charlie: His lips don't look glossy at all, that's great.

Glenn: You got any cold sores?

Rob: I don't think so. I would, either way, I would wipe it off.

Glenn: Nice catch.

Rob: Thanks.

Glenn: [laughs]

Charlie: All right, let's, let's, uh-

Glenn: Let's go to the phones.

Megan: Okay.

Charlie: Let's go to the phones.


Megan: Thanks for calling the Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Glenn: Who is this? Oh my God, you know I have--

John: Fellas, this is John Chris from Dallas. How's everybody doing today?

Charlie: Oh, [crosstalk] John Chris from Dallas, thanks for calling in. John, how do you feel as though you're gonna fare at It's Always Sunny trivia? Are you a big fan?

John: You know, here's the problem- here's the problem, is I-I love the show, watched it through, or every season maybe, pretty good six or seven times. The pandemic got real boring for me.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

John: But, uh, but I gotta say, sometimes I banged my head around quite a lot playing sports growing up, so I'm not sure how much I held on.

Rob: Fair enough.

Glenn: Okay.

Charlie: All right, all right, all right, a man after my own heart, unsure about his memory.

Glenn: Yeah, John with the damaged brains, let's get to the trivia, shall we?

Charlie: If you get three in a row without us jumping in with a chance to steal, which means you gotta answer them fairly quickly.

Megan: Yeah, no googling.

Charlie: No googling, then we will send you an official signed certificate stating that you in fact do not have donkey brains. All right, let's-let's-let's hear it, Megan, let's go.

Megan: The first question is from Season 4, Episode 1, Mac & Dennis: Manhunters. The question is, who do Mac and Dennis manhunt?

John: Uh, cricket.

Megan: Very good. [crosstalk]

John: What is- what is rickety cricket?


Charlie: What is a rickety cricket?

Megan: That's very good.

Glenn: Jeopardy style.

Megan: Okay, so that's one point to you. I'll ask a question from a fan favorite episode, Season 8, Episode 9, The Gang Dines Out. The question is, where did Dennis go down on Chrissy Orlando?

[laughter] [crosstalk]

Rob: Uh, I-I think I know this.

John: Do I need- do I need to know whose trampoline it was?

Rob: Yeah-yeah.

Megan: No, you do- no, you do not. [laughs]

John: The trampoline.


Charlie: Very good, very good. All right.

Megan: Great, great answer.

Charlie: And you'd be happy to know that your-your-your beaten brain is-is doing okay.

Megan: Okay, in Season 3, Episode 14, Bums Making a Mess All Over the City, uh, a mix of which band's greatest hits is taped over by Charlie when he's undercover as Serpico.

Glenn: Yeah. Uh, yeah.

John: Uh, yeah, I don't have that one.

Glenn: Search that broken brain, John.

Rob: [laughs]

Megan: Guys, do you wanna steal?

Glenn: Yeah, I'll take this one.

John: [laughs]

Glenn: Uh, it's the Spin Doctors mix.

Megan: That is correct.


Megan: That is correct.

Rob: Well it looks like we know about our own TV show a little bit more than John in Texas.

Charlie: All right. Well, John, thanks for playing. [coughs] Yeah, Texas John, good talking to you buddy.

John: Love the podcast.

Charlie: Thanks, man.

John: Thanks for having me on.

Rob: Thanks, Johnny, boy.

Glenn: Appreciate it.

Megan: Uh, thanks, John.

Rob: Take care of that brain, man.

[background noise]

Announcer: You've got donkey brains.

Megan: This was really fun writing up all this trivia you, guys.

Glenn: Was it?

Megan: Yeah, I liked it.

Charlie: I'm glad you liked that.

Glenn: I do too.

Charlie: I would've found that infuriating.

Rob: Excruciating. Yeah.


Glenn: So you say that but--

Charlie: All right, let's go- let's go to the phones.

Rob: Let's go to the phone.

Charlie: Let's go to the phones.

Glenn: Mm-hmm. All right.

Megan: Thank you for calling The Always Sunny Podcast, you're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

John: Hi, Megan.

Megan: Oh, hello, who's this?

Charlie: All right, who do we have here?

John: Hi, Charlie, my name is John. How are you guys? This is nuts. Hi guys. [laughs]

Charlie: John, how are you? Where are you calling from, John? I think you're our second John.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

John: I'm calling from Boca Raton, Florida, but I live in West Hollywood.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: All right.

Glenn: Just you and a bunch of, uh, retired people, huh?

Rob: Do you think you know more about the-- our own TV show than us?

Charlie: Yeah, you ready to do a little trivia?

John: I'm so excited, yeah, go ahead.

Charlie: Excellent, well, if you get three questions in a row correct without us jumping in with a chance to steal, which means you have to answer them in a fairly timely manner, uh, we will send you an official certificate signed by the three of us stating that you in fact do not have donkey brains.

Megan: The first question is from Season 9, Episode 3, The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award. What is the name of the signature drink at Suds-

Rob: [laughs]

John: Oh, come on.

Megan: -which is the bar that the gang goes to?

John: I know the bar with all the lights and the colors.

Megan: Yep.

John: I have the-- and the, like, they're really great. Oh my, I have no idea, guys.

Charlie: Uh-

John: The name of the drink, I'm a bartender too. I'm a bartender too, I have no idea.

Charlie: -well, the drink is called a Blue Hole.

Rob: Blue Hole!

Charlie: We'll take three Blue Holes.


John: Blue Hole is a massive fishbowl.

Charlie: It's a massive fishbowl.

Charlie: Unfortunately, you're not a winner today, John, but, uh, you're a winner for making it onto the podcast. What are you doing today? What's-what's happening with you?

Glenn: Yeah, what's on the docket?

Rob: What are you- what are you doing in Raton?

John: Man, I'm gonna, I'm really gonna hit the links. No I’m not. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm just visiting a friend out here. I miss LA, but, um, it's nice out here. It's very sunny.

Glenn: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah.

Glenn: That's why so many people go there to retire.

Charlie: Always sunny in Boca Raton.

Glenn: Now, is your friend an 80-year-old man?

Megan: [laughs]

John: No, no, no, my, [chuckles] no, but I am staying with his 65-year-old mother.

Glenn: Of course.

Megan: [laughs] Sure.

Glenn: There it is. Uh, all right, John, well, uh, it was great talking to you, buddy. Uh, thanks for calling.

John: All right, thank you guys so much. You guys are-

Charlie: Enjoy the Florida sunshine.

John: -freaking amazing. I love two of you guys.

Rob: Oh.


Megan: Loves two of us.

Rob: Sorry you lost the game.

Glenn: Nice one.

Megan: All right -

Charlie: Hilarious.

Megan: -thanks, John.

Charlie: See you, John.

Announcer: You've got donkey brains.

Megan: Thanks for calling the Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Glenn: Hi.

Charlie: Hello.

John: Yo, what's going on?

Charlie: Yo, good morning.

Glenn: Man, you know, we're just sitting here doing some trivia. What's going on with you, and what's your name?

John: My name's John, man.

Glenn: John, another John.

Megan: So many Johns.

Glenn: So many Johns today. Are you fucking with us? Are you fucking with us, right now, John?

Charlie: All right, Megan, let's go to the question.

John: Sick.

Megan: Great. Um, so, this question is from Season 9, Episode 5, Mac Day. The question is, what happens if anyone is caught complaining on Mac Day?

Charlie: I'd--

John: I know- I know that they're granted, we're all granted, like, what is it? Uh, one scream into a pillow.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

John: Uh.

Megan: Do you know-- Could you- could you answer, um, who is the first to use the screaming pillow?

John: Uh,-

Charlie: I didn't know that one

John: -is it Charlie?

Megan: Oh, nope. Got that wrong.

Charlie: I believe-

Megan: Dennis.

Charlie: All right.

Rob: Sorry, John, you-

Charlie: Uh--

Rob: -just lost.

Charlie: I believe what happens, John,-

John: I know.

Charlie: -when you complain on Mac Day is another day is added to the entire day.

Rob: Another day.

Glenn: A whole other day.

Megan: That is very true.

John: But-but with me-

Glenn: [braying]


John: -it's Country Mac. Yeah, it's Country Mac that gets me distracted.


Charlie: Yeah, yeah, thrown off by country mac.

Glenn: John, I'm so sorry but it's been proven today that you do in fact have a donkey brains, or at the very least, can't prove that you don't.

Charlie: Yeah-

John: [laughs]

Charlie: -there's no such certificate proving that you don't-

Glenn: I'm sorry, John.

Charlie: -but John, it was great talking to you, and one day you'll be the-

John: It's great talking to you.

Charlie: -type of person who could score a single point at a karate tournament--

Megan: [chuckles] Very good.

Charlie: -or a single point in, uh, It's Always Sunny trivia, but today-

Glenn: You have not a single point. [laughs]

Charlie: -not a single point will be allowed to you, unfortunately. Have a wonderful day.

Announcer: You've got donkey brains.

Glenn: All right, what John is next, Megan?

Megan: Yeah.


Charlie: Put the next John through.

Glenn: [laughs] Just doing all Johns today.

Rob: We should do the all John day. [laughs]

Glenn: Just an all John call-in day.

Megan: Thanks for calling the Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Alex: Hey-o!

Charlie: Hey-o!

Alex: Alex. My name is Alex.

Charlie: Alex. Thank goodness we've had a lot of Johns. It's nice to break it up with an Alex. Alex, where are you calling us from?

Alex: Uh, Rochester, New York.

Glenn: John-John, New York.

Megan: All right. Um, Season 7, Episode 6, The Storm of the Century. What is the name of the Busty Channel five News reporter covering the Storm?


Alex: Oh, fuck. Oh-

Rob: I know this-

Alex: Is it Donner or something? Does it start with a D?

Charlie: Oh, guy, you're very close.

Rob: You're in the family- you're in the family.

Charlie: The second- the second name starts with the D. The name is Jackie Denardo.

Megan: Oh, Jackie Denardo.

Glenn: Oh man.

Rob: Oh, Alex.

Charlie: Well, you know-

Alex: You were so busty. How can I forget?

Charlie: That's the problem, is that-

Megan: You weren't thinking of her name.

Charlie: You weren't looking at her name.

Glenn: I'm sorry Alex, but, uh, you have no such certificate proving that you don't have donkey brains. Therefore, the assumption will be moving forward that you do indeed have donkey brains.

Charlie: And we can't have a donkey brain man out there driving on the road. So, um-

Glenn: So we're gonna have to-- you're gonna lose your license.

Charlie: You're gonna lose your license.

Glenn: Yeah. Sorry Alex.

Alex: That's-that's understandable. Yeah, that-that makes sense.

Glenn: Listen, man, it's been a pleasure, uh, thank you-

Rob: We have a strict no donkey policy on the podcast. So, Meg, hang up on Alex.

Charlie: Goodbye Alex.

Megan: Thank you Alex.

Announcer: You've got donkey brains.

Megan: Right. Here we go. Thank you for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Charlie: Oh, hello.

Jess: Hi.

Charlie: Who's calling today?

Jess: I'm sorry.

Charlie: Who are you?

Jess: Oh, I'm Jess.

Charlie: Hey, Jess. Where are you calling us from?

Jess: Uh, Michigan.

Charlie: All right. Michigan.

Megan: Michigan. Where in Michigan are you from?

Jess: Uh, Jackson area.

Megan: Got it.

Jess: Kind of a little city.

Glenn: Oh.

Charlie: All-all right. Just from the little city area of Jackson, Michigan.

Jess: For sure.

Charlie: We're gonna play a little trivia today. Uh, are you a big It's Always Sunny fan? Know your trivia, know your stuff.

Jess: I'd like to think so.

Charlie: Okay. All right.

Megan: So here we go Jess. The first question is from Season 5, Episode 5, the waitress is getting married. The question is, Charlie pops an H on a box to remind him that it's filled with what?

Jess: Hornets.

Charlie: Yes. There you go.

Rob: No hesitation.

Charlie: No hesitation. I love it. You're gonna wanna pop an H on that box. If you have a box of hornets at home, go ahead and pop an H on there.

Jess: Oh, I always do.

Charlie: Always do. Oh, label your hornets.

Megan: All right. Moving right along. You're doing great. Um, this one's from Season 9, Episode 6, The Gang Saves the Day. When Dee saves the day in her fantasy, who does she end up marrying for 17 minutes?

Jess: Uh, Josh Groban.

Megan: Yes. Good.

Rob: She's a girl tonight of course.

Charlie: That's good. 'Cause-

Jess: I mean, obviously-

Charlie: That's- didn't we have like a Brad Pitt thing where she was like fantasizing about Brad Pitt and then we like-

Jess: I think she said she dumped him for Groban-

Charlie: She wanted- All right. Should we just award the third point for knowing that detail? Man, that is a good detail. Let's see if you can-- It's gonna feel better-

Rob: If you get this, you will be the first person to stump us.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: And you seem very confident. Yes.

Charlie: Well, not that we've been stumped. Let's-

Glenn: You're the first person to-to get all three-

Charlie: The first person not to stump and stop-

Glenn: Before we jump in. Yeah.

Rob: To prove that they do not have the brains of a donkey.

Charlie: There's a lot of donkey brain people out there. I, let's see-

Jess: Okay. I know.

Megan: Okay. Uh, this is from Season 12, Episode 6, Hero or Hate Crime. Mac ends up winning the scratcher after all of the conversation. How much is left of the scratcher money after 17 hours and three mediators?

Glenn: Oh, that's brutal.

Charlie: That's really tough.

Glenn: That's brutal. That is really tough.

Jess: I know it's less- it's like less than 100-

Charlie: By the way it's-- If we don't know, you don't lose.

Glenn: That's true.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I think that's right.

Charlie: Like we-we have to secure a point.

Jess: That's one of my favorite episodes too.

Glenn: Yeah, that's a tough one.

Rob: Why don't you say-

Glenn: What about this?

Charlie: Can I- can I guess, is it $11?

Megan: Close. It's $14.

Charlie: All right. Okay, okay, okay.

Megan: They didn't get it right.

Glenn: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Can-can I ask a follow-up question then?

Megan: Sure.

Glenn: If you can get this, I think that- I think that she should win, okay? And the question would be, how much is the scratch off worth?

Megan: To begin with-

Jess: 10,000, right?

Rob: Yeah.

Megan: Yeah. She got it.

Rob: Yeah, 10,000. I think she gets it's-

Charlie: She got it. Winner. Winner.

Rob: I think we've got a winner.

Charlie: We're gonna send you a certificate proving that you're not a donkey brain man.

Rob: Or woman.

Glenn: Now this is gonna be a- this is gonna be a-- Uh, an official, uh, certificate, um, proving that you do not have donkey brains that you can use in any job interview-

Charlie: That's right.

Glenn: -moving forward.

Jess: That's right. And-and that-

Jess: That is definitely gonna come in handy.

Glenn: Absolutely.

Charlie: In the state of Pennsylvania.

Glenn: That's right. And if anyone tries to, you know, uh, put you in a mental institution, then you can just show that certificate and you'll be fine.

Charlie: You can walk around your shitty-

Jess: Exactly.

Charlie: -little town waving that certificate around and letting all those donkey brain people know that they cannot prove the way that you can prove.

Glenn: Yes.

Charlie: You don't have donkey brains. Proud of you.

Rob: Yeah, you nailed it.

Charlie: Nailed it.

Rob: Nice work.

Jess: Aw man. Thank you.

Charlie: You're our first winner.

Rob: Stay on the line. You're the first winner.

Charlie: No hee-haws for you. Thank you for watching the show.

Glenn: And thank you for not being a donkey.

Announcer: You don't got donkey brains.

Megan: Thank you for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Hosts: Hey-oooo!

Mitch: What's up boys?

Charlie: What's up? Who's calling?

Mitch: This is Mitch from West LA.

Charlie: Mitch from West LA.

Rob: Mitchy-Mitch.

Charlie: Mitch, are you a big fan of the show? You-you think you're gonna fare well at Sunny Trivia?

Mitch: Of course. I had your guys' DVDs.

Charlie: Excellent.

Mitch: That's how old I am.

Megan: Okay, first question is from Season 5, Episode 9, Mac & Dennis Break Up. Question is, when Charlie and Frank team up, what do they call themselves?

Mitch: The Gruesome Twosome.

Charlie: Hey-ooo

Glenn: Soft ball.  

Charlie: I’m finding I know all of them

Glenn: Start with a soft ball-

Megan: Well, you did write the show.

Charlie: No, it's just that I-I don't trust my brain.

Megan: Okay.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: Um, Season 4, Episode 5, Mac & Charlie Die. Part one. What is the password for the orgy?

Mitch: Orgy?

Hosts: Yeah.


Charlie: Killing it, Mitch. Mitch, West LA.

Megan: All right. One more, Mitch, and you're gonna have no donkey brains.

Mitch: All right.

Megan: Okay. I'm gonna do a slightly harder one 'cause you seem like you know the show pretty well. Season 3, Episode 6, The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation. Mac is wearing a duster and he thinks it makes him look like which actor?

Glenn: Ooh, good one.

Charlie: Ooh, this is one you can't even Google quickly probably.

Rob: Yeah. And the ladies love it.

Mitch: Oh, no. No, I'm not.

Glenn: The ladies love it.

Megan: And the ladies love it.

Glenn: I'm sorry. Mitch. Lorenzo Lamas!

Charlie: Almost proved that you didn't have donkey brains, but you don't have any such certificate.

Announcer: You got donkey brains.

Charlie: Something on here-

Megan: Thanks for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Patrick: Hey, how's it going, gang?

Charlie: Hey, how’s it- who's calling here?

Patrick: This is, uh, Patrick from Louisville, Kentucky.

Rob: All right.

Charlie: All right. Patrick Louisville.

Rob: I love it.

Charlie: Hey, Patrick, are you a giant fan? You think, uh, you think you know your Sunny trivia?

Patrick: I'm a giant fan. I think I know a decent bit. I'm excited to see how this goes. There's-there's a few episodes I've seen a dozen plus times and a few I've only seen a handful of times, so-

Charlie: Excellent.

Megan: Your first question is from Season 10, episode 8, The Gang Goes on Family Fight. Um, on family fight, what is Charlie's answer to the prompt “name an animal we eat that doesn't eat us?”

Patrick: A dragon.

Megan: Very good right away.

Rob: Dragon. 

Patrick: I wasn't gonna let you all hop in there on that one.

Charlie: Very good, very good. All right, one point to you.

Megan: One point. Um, next question. Season 2, Episode 5, Hundred Dollar Baby. What was Frank's nickname as a boxer?

Patrick: Uh, The Trashman?

Hosts: No-no.

Wait, wait, wait.

Megan: Hold on.

Glenn: As a boxer- as a boxer. Not a wrestler.

Patrick: Oh, as a boxer. Oh man. Oh, and you guys were just talking about this previously. That is just tough. This is something like two left hands or something ridiculous, man.

Charlie: So close! It was Frankie Fast Hands

Patrick: Frankie Fast Hands.

Megan: So sorry. You have donkey brains.

Rob: I hope you're a winner.

Patrick: I have donkey brains-

Rob: Winner in life 'cause you're a loser in this game.

Announcer: You got donkey brains.

Megan: Thank you for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn. Who is this?

Joe: Hi, this is Joe.

Megan: And where are you calling from, Joe?

Joe: I'm from Long Island, New York.

Megan: Oh, Joe from Long Island-

Rob: Hey, Joe.

Charlie: Hey, Joe, we're happy to have you on. We're gonna play some trivia. You're ready?

Joe: Oh, that's-that sounds like fun. Let's-let's do it, man.

Megan: Okay, great.

Charlie: Okay. All right, Joe.

Megan: So your first question is from Season 4, Episode 8, Patty's Pub, The Worst Bar in Philadelphia. So a reporter writes a bad review about Patty's Pub, Dee makes fun of the reporter for ordering what type of wine?

Joe: Um, is it- is it- is it Chardonnay?

Hosts: Yes!

That’s right!

Charlie: There you go, Joe. You got one point.

Megan: That's one point for Joe.

Charlie: We're shooting for three. You get three in a row, you're a big winner.

Joe: Oh, cool, cool. Thanks, guys.

Megan: Okay, great. Um, your next question, Season 7, Episode 10, How Mac Got Fat. Dennis dyes his hair to eradicate the grays. Which superhero does it make him look like?

Joe: Um-

Glenn: Well, which superhero does he think it makes him look like is really the question.

Joe: Um-

Rob: Actually, he doesn't even think that.

Megan: Yeah. They say--

Rob: We said--

Megan: Cool, he's the original.

Rob: And then he says, "He's the original."

Glenn: Oh, That's right. Right.

Rob: All right.

Joe: Okay. Is it- is it--

Glenn: That was a clue. That was a clue.

Joe: Okay, guys. Is it- is it Clark Kent or-or Superman or-

Glenn: Correct.

Joe: -something like that.

Megan: Yeah, it is Superman.

Rob: We led you along.


Charlie: Joe, we teed you up there.

Megan: Okay, that's two.

Charlie: It's Superman. He was the original.

Glenn: He was the- he was the original?

Megan: He was the original.


Rob: Okay.

Megan: Um, okay. Uh, this is a harder one 'cause you've gotten two right. Um, Season 4, Episode 4, Mac's Banging the Waitress, Charlie brings a bunch of beers over to drink with his best friend Mac. How many beers were Charlie and Mac planning on drinking?

Joe: Um.

Megan: If I hear typing, so help me, God. Do not Google this.

Charlie: All right. Chance to--

Joe: No, no, no, I'm not-

Charlie: Chance to steal.

Joe: -I'm not typing. I'm-

Charlie: Chance to steal.

Joe: -thinking guys.

Rob: Give an answer.

Charlie: Chance to steal. Five-

Megan: How many?

Charlie: -four, three, two, one. What's your answer?

Joe: Uh, a whole case. Uh, 24. I don't know.

Hosts: Hey-o!


Meg: That is correct.

Joe: No way. No fucking way.

Charlie: Joe, Joe, Joe.

Glenn: Yeah, Joe.

Joe: No way.

Megan: Yes.

Joe: No way.

Charlie: Joe, you're our big winner. Uh, we're not gonna send you a car. We're not gonna send you money. We're not even gonna send you--

Glenn: We're gonna send you something better.

Charlie: It's-- something better is coming your way. We're gonna send you a certificate stating that you, in fact, do not have donkey brains.

Joe: Wow, guys. That's-that's fantastic. Thank you, Glenn, Charlie, and Rob. That's-- and Meg. Thank you. That's wonderful, guys.

Megan: Yeah.

Charlie: All right.

Meg: Well, thanks for calling in.

Charlie: Joe, you seem like a swe-- you seem like a sweet person, Joe.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: I'm glad you won.

Charlie: All right, Joe. Have a great day and, uh-- and congrats on-on your official donkey brainless status.

Joe: All right. You guys have a great day too. Bye-bye.

Glenn: You too, Joe. Bye.

Charlie: All right, bye.

Glenn: Good talking to you.

Rob: Eh, isn't he nice?

Glenn: Just very nice.

Rob: Very sweet.

Announcer: You don't got donkey brains.

Megan: Thank you for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Glenn: Hey-o

Hannah: Oh my God. Hi.

Glenn: Hi.

Charlie: Hi. Who's calling today?

Hannah: My name's Hannah.

Rob: Hi, Hannah.

Glenn: Hannah.

Charlie: Hannah where are you calling us from?

Glenn: Yeah.

Hannah: Um, I'm calling from Seattle, Washington.

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Glenn: Oh.

Charlie: Is it raining?

Hannah: Of course, it's raining. [laughs]

Charlie: Wow, wow.

Glenn: What kinda question is that? Of course, it's raining.

Charlie: Well, well.

Rob: You have one of those lamps that you have that, uh, make sure that you don't kill yourself, you know, from depression.

Glenn: Oh.

Hannah: Oh, the happy lamp?

Rob: Yeah.

Hannah: No, I used to but it broke, so.

Charlie: Oh, shit. So are you sad?

Glenn: Wait, wait, wait. What the hell kinda lamp are you talking about?

Charlie: It's--

Glenn: I want a happy lamp.



Glenn: I need a happy lamp.

Charlie: There's no lamp for you, buddy. If you're living in California and working, the lamp's not gonna help you.

Glenn: But I don't wanna go-

Rob: They-

Glenn: -outside. I just wanna lamp to do it.

Rob: They have lamps for you. They just call it medication.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: It's mood-enhancing medication.

Charlie: Yeah.

Hannah: [chuckles]

Glenn: So it's not a lamp, it's a pill.

Rob: Correct.

Glenn: Got it.

Charlie: I worry-- if we give you that lamp, I worry we'll never see you again.

Megan: [laughs]

Glenn: Yeah, you may not. No, but I-- my-my office is in the basement of my house. I need some kind of, uh, lamp to keep me happy.

Charlie: Alright well, do some research and-and get a lamp

Glenn: What's it called it? A Happy lamp?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Okay.

Rob: [crosstalk] recreating the set and we've established that you hate the sun, so I would just be-- just--

Glenn: No, but I-I did-- but a happy lamp's not gonna do the same thing that the sun does, which is just-- like if I wanna turn it off, I can turn. I can't turn the sun off. I'd like to.

Charlie: Hannah, um, how do you feel as though you're gonna do at It's Always Sunny trivia? Are you a big fan? Long-time fan?

Hannah: I love this show so, yes. I-I think, well, yeah, I'm pretty confident.

Megan: Okay, so Season 5, Episode 10, The D.E.N.N.I.S. System. Can you tell me what the D in D.E.N.N.I.S. system stands for?

Hannah: D. It was-

Glenn: You got it, Hannah.

Hannah: Oh crap.

Glenn: You can do this. You can do this.

Hannah: [laughs] Do I get any hints?

Glenn: No.

Charlie: No.

Megan: Well, I'll-I'll say this, if you can name any of the stages of the D.E.N.N.I.S. system, we'll give you this point.

Glenn: [whistles] Generous.

Rob: Yes.

Hannah: Okay. D, was it demonstrate value?

Charlie: Yes.

Glenn: Yes, Hannah.

Megan: That's right. Very good.

Charlie: Now, I--

Glenn: Just enough time to type it into Google.

Rob: Now hold on a second.

Glenn: Just enough time to type it into Google.

Rob: Hold on a second. Now hold a second. You either googled that or you got a friend in the room, which is it?

Megan: [laughs]

Hannah: No, no, no. [laughs]

Rob: Tell the truth. Hannah.

Hannah: I-I didn't google it.

Rob: You had no idea-

Hannah: I didn't Google it.

Rob: -and then all of a sudden, you said it with such conviction.

Meg: Mm, mm.

Glenn: A lot of conviction.

Rob: Are we- are we--

Charlie: Yeah.

Hannah: I have my boyfriend mouthing- I have my boyfriend mouthing things in the corner.

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: That's fine.

Rob: Okay. All right-

Charlie: That's fine.

Rob: -at least you admit it.

Charlie: That's fine.

Rob: At least you admit it. All right, that's fine.

Charlie: Well, then we might have to change the certificate to saying, "You and your boyfriend don't have donkey brains."

Rob: Okay, Hannah-- Hannah and her boyfriend--

Charlie: Also, we might have to put people on a clock because they-- otherwise you have time to google some shit.

Glenn: You got time to Google.

Rob: Yeah.

Megan: Yeah.

Glenn: Can't have time to Google.

Megan: There's an honor system happening.

Rob: There's an honor system.

Glenn: Okay. All right, all right.

Rob: She did tell the truth about the boyfriend, so we'll put him on the certificate.

Hannah: [chuckles]

Charlie: Okay, okay.

Megan: Season 11, Episode 5, Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs. What is the name of Mac and Dennis's annoying neighbor?

Hannah: Oh my gosh.

Glenn: Oof, a tough one, huh?

Hannah: Was it-

Charlie: Four, three--

Rob: [chuckles]

Megan: [laughs]

Hannah: Okay, it's-- hmm--

Charlie: Chance to steal?

Hannah: [laughs]

Rob: Chance to steal.

Hannah: Uh.

Glenn: Wally.

Rob: Wally.

Charlie: Wally. It was Wally, sorry.


Megan: Ah, sorry.

Charlie: We're so sorry.


Rob: Sorry, Hannah and your boyfriend.

Glenn: Aw, Hannah. Aw, you've got donkey brains.

Charlie: Sorry, Hannah and boyfriend.

Rob: You officially have-

Glenn: Donkey brains.

Rob: -donkey brains.

Announcer: You got donkey brains.

Megan: Thanks for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn.

Glenn: It's true. You are.

Corey: Hi. How's it going?

Charlie: How's it going? Who's calling us today? What's your name and where do you live?

Corey: Uh, this is Corey from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Glenn: Ooh.

Charlie: Yes, all right.

Corey: Right across from Michigan there.

Rob: Our first international caller.

Charlie: Yes, it's our first international call.

Corey: Yeah, yeah, buddy we're eating maple syrup up here.

Rob: Great.

Glenn: Oh [crosstalk].

Charlie: [sings] Oh Canada. Um, are you a big fan of the show? Long-time fan?

Corey: Oh, I'm a huge fan. I've been probably watching Always Sunny for probably about 10 years now. My brother was a huge fan and got me into the show.

Glenn: Mm.

Rob: Great.

Charlie: Okay, so you think you're gonna do pretty well at trivia, eh?

Corey: I think I'll do pretty good, eh? All right, I'll see what I can do.

Megan: The first, uh, question is from Season 7, Episode 7, Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games. And the question is-

Corey: Yep

Megan: -Dennis is asshole, why Charlie hate?

Corey: Oh, Dennis is asshole, why Charlie hate? Hmm, hmm.

Rob: [chuckles]

Corey: Uh, is it because he changed the rules or 'cause he melted-- No, it's 'cause he melted his figurine, right?

Rob: Nah, you don't know the answer. Uh, Glenn- Glenn, can you perform it the way that you--


Glenn: 'Cause Dennis is a bastard man!


Megan: Yeah.

Charlie: 'Cause Dennis is a bastard man.

Rob: Dennis is a bastard man.

Megan: That is correct.

Charlie: Unfortunately, that is the answer.

Corey: Oh, Dennis is a bastard man.

Charlie: Oh, we cannot send you a certificate.

Glenn: You will not be able to prove that you don't have the brains of a donkey.

Rob: [brays]

Corey: Oh no. Oh, man. [laughs]

Glenn: [brays]

Charlie: You know--

Corey: Honestly, I can't even believe I just made it on here. [chuckles] That was a win in itself.

Megan: Aw.

Charlie: That is a win in and of itself.

Glenn: Aw, aren't you sweet?

Charlie: Enjoy Canada and--

Glenn: I love Canadians. I love you guys.

Rob: Very sweet people.

Glenn: You guys are the best.


Announcer: You got donkey brains.

Megan: Thanks for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn. Who do we have here?

Glenn: Wait, let me guess, John.

Steven: Holy shit, I got on. No, it's Steven.

Glenn: Oh, I see.

Rob: Ah.

Charlie: Ah. All right.

Megan: Oh, Steven. [laughs] Hi.

Glenn: Damn it.

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: Damn it. All right, Steven.

Charlie: Hi, Steven. Where are you calling us from?

Steven: Uh, the doctor's office. I just sat down.

Megan: [laughs] Oh, great.

Glenn: Oh.

Rob: That's so-- what-what's going on man? What's happening with you?

Charlie: What's happening?

Glenn: Let us help you.

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: Yeah, maybe we can cure it.

Steven: I think I need more alcohol is the solution.

Megan: [laughs]

Glenn: Mm.

Rob: What is going--

Charlie: Doubtful.

Rob: Tell us the truth.

Charlie: Doubtful.

Rob: Steven, what is the problem?

Glenn: Yeah, what's going on?

Charlie: Is this just a general thing or--

Steven: I have a mild allergy-allergy to aspirin, actually.

Megan: Oh.

Steven: Doing a follow-up.

Charlie: Okay, okay.

Glenn: You don't need to go to the doctor for that. Just don't take aspirin.

Charlie: Uh [laughs] well, he's doing a follow-up to see if he's got the aspirin out of his system.

Glenn: Come on. It can't be that bad.


Rob: I've got the first--

Megan: Is that your doctor coming in?

Rob: I've got the first trivia question.

Steven: [crosstalk] but lately I can't breathe as well.

Rob: I've got the first trivia question.

Glenn: Oh, you're gonna ask it? You're gonna ask it?

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: We're gonna ask you three questions.

Rob: Okay. Uh, s-s--

Steven: Okay. The nurse just came in, so she's gonna be here with me.

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: Oh, okay, okay. All right.

Rob: On speaker phone. Put her on speakerphone

Glenn: Yeah, put her on speaker. Let's talk to the nurse.

Megan: [laughs]

Glenn: Okay, that's fine. Um--

Rob: Are we on speaker?

Steven: Okay, we're-we're on speaker now.

Charlie: Okay. We--

Rob: Hey, how's it going?

Charlie: We're-- John's on a radio show. He's doing trivia and, uh, we're gonna try to get these answers in before he passes.

Glenn: [laughs]

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: So, um--

Rob: So actually now that we have the nurse on the line, um, nurse, can we ask you your name?

Nurse: Where is this?

Steven: Uh, it's Always Sunny Podcast, so it's Rob, Mac, and Charlie from the TV show Always Sunny.

Nurse: No, I'm not gonna do my name.


Megan: [laughs] Interesting.

Rob: Oh, okay. That's-that's by the way totally fair and actually--

Charlie: That's-that's highly professional. Highly professional.

Rob: Yes. And I would advise, uh, as your attorney to do the same.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Um, but, uh, would-- have you seen our-- the television show?

Nurse: No. What's it called?

Steven: Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Nurse: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots of fun.

Charlie: All right.

Rob: Lots of fun.

Megan: Okay, great.


Charlie: Well, let's ask-- let's-let's ask, uh, Steven his-his trivia questions.

Rob: Maybe we should ask the nurse a question.

Charlie: Well--

Rob: Assuming that-- what-- but something rather easy like, who is on-- who is the most famous person on the show, let's just say?

Glenn: Mm.

Rob: Who is the most famous person?

Glenn: I think we all know the answer to that.

Charlie: This is unfair to Steven, who's called from the doctor's office.

Rob: I'm just trying to have fun, you know?

Glenn: Steven doesn't have time for this and neither does the nurse.

Rob: Okay, great. Let's just go back to the way we've been doing it.

Megan: Okay.

Glenn: Shenanigans.

Megan: All right. Um.

Glenn: [laughs]

Megan: This question is from Season 1, Episode 4, Charlie Has Cancer. What is Dennis coming over to borrow when he finds out Charlie might have cancer?

Steven: Well, it could be a number of things, but if I remember correctly, it was sugar.

Megan: Uh.

Charlie: Well- well--

Glenn: Wow.

Rob: Okay. That's really interesting.

Glenn: That's a fair--

Charlie: What's interesting is that sugar was our original-

Glenn: Home movie

Charlie: -home movie. The-the thing that aired in the episode was he was coming over for a basketball, but-

Rob: But I think we give him credit.

Glenn: But I think he gets the point.

Charlie: I think he gets the point for sugar.

Glenn: Steven, I think you get the point

Megan: All right.

Charlie: For being-- 'cause it's a deep cut.

Glenn: Yeah. That's a deep-- Yeah.

Charlie: You gotta really know the-the origins of the show.

Glenn: You sure do.

Charlie: Okay. Way to go, Steven.

Glenn: Okay, Steven. Okay.

Charlie: You got one point of three.

Megan: Okay. Um, the next question is Season 3, Episode 14, Bums Making a Mess All Over the City. What is the name of the junkyard cat that Dennis adopts?

Rob: Mm, mm-hmm.

Steven: You renamed him Jack Bauer?

Rob: Yep.

Glenn: Hey.

Megan: Agent Jack Bauer.

Charlie: Jack Bauer.

Glenn: Agent Jack Bower, but Jack Bauer counts.

Charlie: Two for two.

Megan: Two for two.

Charlie: Two for two.

Glenn: Okay, Steven-

Megan: All right.

Glenn: -you're on your way. You're on your way, buddy.

Megan: Last one. Season 5, Episode 8, Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens. Um, inspired by Charlie's kitten mittens idea, what do Dennis and Mac come up with to advertise the bar? You can-- Uh, either thing they come up with.

Steven: I believe it was a shotgun or a gunshot.


Glenn: Oh man, Steven.

Rob: Steven is a big fan.

Charlie: And in addition to that there's the Paddy’s thong.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: And-and-

Glenn: What is Steven gonna win?

Charlie: Steven, we're going to send you a certificate stating that you in fact do not have donkey brains, this will be an official certificate. Uh-

Glenn: You can show it every time, you can show it to a job interview or the doctor's office.

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: It is legal and binding. and, uh, good luck, uh, uh, at the doctor's office and stay away from aspirin, it doesn't- it doesn't treat you well.

Announcer: You don't got donkey brains.

[ringing sound]

Megan: Thanks for calling The Always Sunny Podcast, you're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn. Who do we have on the line?

Gabriel: This is Gabriel.

Charlie: Gabriel [crosstalk], where are you calling us from?

Gabriel: Hey, uh, Texas, actually. South Texas.

Charlie: All right. Yeah, Texas.


Megan: Texas.

Charlie: Gabriel, are you a long-time Sunny fan? Do you think you're gonna do well with trivia?

Gabriel: I hope so, man. I've been listening since I was 18, I'm 35 now so.

Glenn: I love it.

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: Rob has got a question for you since you're from Texas. Uh, Rob.

Rob: Yes. Gabriel, do you have, uh, the state of Texas, uh, or the Longhorns somewhere tattooed on your body?

Gabriel: Unfortunately, I do not but my girlfriend does.

Charlie: There you go, there you go.

Hosts: Oh, oh, okay [crosstalk]-

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: We'll say it's about a 50, 50.

Glenn: 50, 50 [crosstalk]-

Rob: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Gabriel: Yeah, it's about 50, 50 down here


Rob: Does she have- she have a longhorn, or does she have a state flag? What does she got there?

Gabriel: It's a- it's, uh, just the shape of Texas.

Rob: Does she have a Texas, and then-then does have like a little, uh, like a little circle into what part of the s- of the state she lives in or is from?

Glenn: A dot maybe.

Gabriel: No-

Rob: I have seen that before as well.

Gabriel: No, I- No, I believe it's, uh, it's, uh, the-the state and then it's like the flag of Texas.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Yes.

Gabriel: Uh, in the [crosstalk]-

Glenn: Yeah, that tracks.

Charlie: Okay. Yeah

Rob: Y'all love it, y'all love it down there.

Rob: I love it too

Glenn: You love it. So proud of it

Gabriel: I-I can't believe I'm talking to you guys. This is insane.

Megan: [chuckles]

Glenn: I can't believe you're talking to us either.

Megan: All right, Gabriel. Your first question is from Season 3, Episode 2, The Gang Gets Invincible. What is the name of Dee's male alter ego?

Gabriel: Ah, no, um-

Megan: Dresses up like a man, what is that man's name?

Gabriel: Hmm.

Charlie: That's a tough one, I gotta say.

Rob: We just watched the episode.

Gabriel: That-that is a tough one.

Charlie: Yes. Yeah, if we hadn't rewatched that one I don't think I would remember.

Rob: But we did mention it in the podcast

Rob: We did mention it in the podcast. So maybe you were not really listening to the podcast.

Charlie: Oh.


Rob: That's kind of double [crosstalk]

Gabriel: Oh, oh.

Glenn: You're gonna get docked- you're gonna get docked for that.

Glenn: So the answer is Cole.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: That's correct.

Charlie: Ah, ah.


Rob: Cole.

Charlie: Cole.

Rob: Yeah, is that ringing the bell now?

Charlie: Oh, yeah. Um-

Gabriel: Yeah, now it is, but I wasn’t thinking of that.

Glenn: Oh, buddy.

Charlie: [sighs] Gabriel.

Glenn: I can feel the disappointment in your voice and-

Charlie: Yeah, Thanks for calling in though.

Glenn: -and it makes me sad 'cause I-I like you man.

Gabriel: [chuckles]

Glenn: I like you.

Charlie: Uh-

Gabriel: Okay.

Charlie: If you'd like we can send you-

Glenn: Nothing.

Charlie: -to your local tattooist, uh, to get

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: -the state of Texas on you somewhere.

Gabriel: [chuckles]

Charlie: Um-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: But, uh-


Glenn: We got to [crosstalk]-

Charlie: -we're not going to.

Glenn: No, no, no. You’re gonna have to do that on your own.

Charlie: Or we can just simply recommend that you do.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh man, Gabriel. Thanks for calling in.

Rob: Thanks, Gabriel.

Glenn: Thanks for being a, uh, you know, small part of our lives.

Announcer: You got donkey brains.

Megan: Thanks for calling The Always Sunny Podcast. You're on with Rob, Charlie, and Glenn. Who is this?

Katie: Oh, my God. This is Katie from South Philly.

Megan: Oh!

Glenn: Oh, my

Charlie: Katie from South Philly.

Glenn: -God Katie. Oh, my God.

Rob: What street do you live on, Katie?

Katie: [chuckles] Um, I'm at 10th & Daly.

Rob: Oh, okay.

Katie: Like I live north of Oregon.

Rob: All right.

Charlie: All right, all right. Rob knows the area.

Rob: Near the Oregon diner right there by the Oregon diner.

Glenn: Have you met Rob before?

Katie: Right there, yeah.

Rob: Have we met?

Katie: We have not met.

Rob: Okay.

Charlie: Okay.

Katie: I don't think so. I think I would've remembered. [chuckles]

Glenn: You're probably-- I'm guessing you're 20 years younger than- than Rob, aren’t you?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: By the time I left the city of Philadelphia you were not born yet.

Katie: No, no. Not by much, I just turned 37.

Charlie: Yeah, Rob was in a big mansion in Los Angeles.

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: Now he's not in South Philly anymore. Uh-

Rob: Where- where- where did you go to school, what high school did you go to?

Katie: I went to Morristown High School in Jersey.

Rob: Oh, you’re one of them.

Charlie: Yeah, one of them.

Rob: You gotta do the commute.

Charlie: Uh-

Rob: All right.

Glenn: [laughs]

Charlie: Uh, well, uh, uh, let's hope you're good at trivia because if you get three questions in a row, correct, we're gonna send you a certificate stating you in fact do not have donkey brains.

Katie: Well, I love that, and I have won Sunny trivia in South Philly before.

Charlie: Oh.

Megan: Oh.


Charlie: Oh, okay. She's a professional, so-

Megan: Should I ask her something more difficult?

Rob: Let's-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Let's-

Glenn: We're gonna come at you hard, Katie.

Charlie: We're gonna come at you hard now.

Megan: All right, Katie, your-

Katie: How may Reggie Leach- how many Reggie Leach books have you guys gotten so far?

Rob: Wow.

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: Wow.

Rob: Reggie Leach. Okay, wait a second. That might stump these guys here. Do you know who Reggie Leach is?

Glenn: I know his brother Robin, and he-he, uh-


-he had that show about the rich and famous.

Charlie: Yes.

Rob: Reggie Leach-

Megan: Yeah, that's the one.

Rob: -has played a role in our show- in our show.

Charlie: Played on the flyers. [crosstalk]

Rob: Reggie Leach played on the Flyers.

Katie: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Yes.

Megan: I don't know.

Charlie: Um-

Glenn: Great.

Charlie: And [crosstalk]-

Rob: What episode?

Charlie: It was- it was the episode where-- It was the answer that you answered correctly.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: And you got to go take the slap shot.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Thank you.

Charlie: Thank you. All right.

Rob: Very good.


Rob: Very good.

Glenn: Mac’s Big Break.

Charlie: By the way, you know, those the- the -the picture of the two guys, flyer guys that we have?

Rob: They're not flyers. Oh, that-that one. Yes. You know how the-- Yes, go ahead. Go ahead.

Charlie: I-I met that guy, like on the set of like Good Morning America. He was like working he's like, "Hey man that's me in the picture."

Glenn: That's crazy.

Charlie: Yeah, in-in the bar.

Rob: That's amazing. Yeah.

Glenn: Wow.

Charlie: Lovely gentlemen.

Glenn: That's pretty cool.

Charlie: All right, all right, let's get to the question.

Megan: Okay, Katie, your first question is from Season 9, Episode 7, The Gang Gets Quarantined. To appeal to sympathies Dee is going to play a southern army vet whose father died of throat cancer after eating what?

Katie: Some bad pussy.

Glenn: Yeah.

Hosts: Yeahhhhh!!!


Glenn: Katie.

Charlie: That was great.

Megan: That was so fast [chuckles].

Charlie: It-it was the adding of the bad.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: Because [crosstalk]-

Glenn: It had gone bad. It turned.

Charlie: [chuckles]

Glenn: It had turned.

Charlie: [chuckles] Because I think- I think-

Rob: It was also the stutter that helped.

Glenn: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: I think just-just saying pussy alone would not have been acceptable.

Rob: No.

Glenn: No.

Charlie: like is not gonna give you-- It was the bad pussy. I [crosstalk]-

Glenn: Is that it had tur-- Is that it had turned.

Charlie: That's right [chuckles].

Glenn: It had- it had gone bad.

Charlie: [chuckles]

Rob: [chuckles]

Katie: The Michael-

Charlie: The Michael- yeah.

Katie: Michael Douglas

Rob: Yes. Yes.

Charlie: Yeah, that's right. Yes.

Glenn: Well done.

Megan: Wow.

Glenn: Well done.

Charlie: MDB.

Rob: You even know the reference-- Uh, this is amazing.

Charlie: All right. All right. This is, uh-- You're gonna- you're gonna have to dig deeper here.

Megan: Okay. I know. I'm trying to find some hard ones.


Katie: My hands are shaking.

Charlie: We have a professional on our hands.

Rob: [chuckles]

Glenn: Did you say your hands are sweating?

Katie: [chuckles]

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: All right.

Katie: My hands are-- They are a little sweaty, but I said that they're shaking [chuckles].

Rob: Shaking.

Glenn: Oh, they're shaking. Okay, got it.

Katie: So my psychiatrist doubled my Adderall dosage today

Charlie: Oh. That's all right. You don't need to steady hands.

Glenn: Oh, you [crosstalk]-

Rob: Oh.

Megan: You need some Adderall so you can focus on this.

Glenn: All right. Well, listen, if you win we're gonna-

Charlie: You just need steady answers.

Glenn: Yeah, okay.

Megan: [chuckles] Okay, your next question is from Season 12. Episode 8, The Gang Tends Bar. And the question is what is the name of Frank's tapeworm?

Katie: Jerry.

Glenn: Oh.

Rob: Whoa.

Charlie: Whoa.

Megan: Oh, my God.

Charlie: Yes.

Glenn: She had it faster than me.

Katie: [chuckles]

Glenn: She had it faster than-- I hadn't come to my brain yet, Katie.

Charlie: I-I had-- It hadn't come to me yet either.

Rob: Wow.

Megan: Wow.

Glenn: Sure.

Megan: I-

Katie: [chuckles]

Glenn: That's exactly right.

Charlie: I don't think this is a donkey-brain person we're dealing with.

Glenn: This is not a donkey-brain person. This seems like, uh-

Charlie This is not a donkey-brain person at all.

Glenn: I don't think so. No.

Rob: Okay. What-- After she wins answering whatever this one is, you-- Maybe, Katie, you should ask u-us one.

Charlie: Oh, yeah.


She's gonna stump for sure.

Glenn: I think she should. I think that's a good idea. I like that plan.

Charlie: Okay. All right.

Megan: Okay. Great. You think of that, and I'm gonna give you your last question here, which is Season 4, Episode 6, Mac & Charlie Die, Part Two. Dennis gets a new European roommate. What is his name?

Katie: Oh, you might have stumped me guys. Is it…oh no. And I'm also tip-toeing the line of like trying not to be racist.

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: Well.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: You shouldn't have to try that hard. There’s, there’s-

Charlie: Uh, Europe isn't a race, so you're all right there. Europe is not a race.

Katie: Oh.

Glenn: Yeah, I believe- I believe we established that he is European, and that's it.

Rob: And that's it.

Megan: Oh, yeah. That's it.

Charlie: That's it.

Rob: And I think his-- Yeah, his accent was just vaguely-

Megan: [chuckles]

Glenn: European. [chuckles] Yeah. Yeah, which I-

Katie: Yeah, yeah. It is giving that ambiguous European vibe. Guys, I have never been so disappointed in myself.

Charlie: Glenn, what was the answer?

Glenn: I'm so sorry, Katie, but the answer is Jan.

Megan: That's correct. Jan

Katie: Jan

Rob: Yeah. Wow. That's surprising you didn't get that one [crosstalk]-

Charlie: No, because you got deep cuts like Jerry [crosstalk]-

Rob: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: -and whatever we [crosstalk]-

Glenn: I think we should give her one more shot.

Charlie: I think we should give her a chance to stump us. She stumps us.

Glenn: Okay. You stump us-

Charlie: You stump us-

Glenn: -you get the point, you get that third point, you get a certificate.

Charlie: Wait. Three stumps? Uh-uh. Does she have to stump us three times?

Megan: No, just one stump.

Rob: Just one stump, one stump.

Charlie: One stump. Okay. All right. Can you stump us?

Glenn: One stump. A stump-

Katie: Right. Can I- can I just make a quick request that Rob, I don't think Rob should answer, should be allowed to answer this one.

Megan: Okay.

Glenn: Oh, okay.

Katie: But here’s my question.

Rob: Okay.

Rob: How about this if-- Because it's probably Philly related. If the guys can't answer that and they get stumped, you get the certificate. If I too am stumped, we're gonna send you a case of Carmine steaks.

Megan: [chuckles]

Glenn: Mm.

Katie: [chuckles]

Rob: The stakes are the steaks.

Katie: Only with chicken feathers, please. Only with chicken feathers.

Glenn: I love it.

Charlie: Full- full of chicken feathers.


Glenn: Wait, here's the problem that [crosstalk] I-I-I have a feeling she's about-- Is this gonna be Sunny trivia or just trivia in general?

Katie: This is Sunny trivia.

Glenn: Okay. Great. Go.

Charlie: Okay. Okay.

Rob: But why is it that you think that, is 'cause [crosstalk]

Charlie: Because it's gonna be Philly related. It's gonna be Philly related.

Glenn: Yeah.

Kate: I won't be able to recall the season or episodes but when Charlie bets the bar on the dance marathon contests what radio station-

Rob: Ah.

Glenn: Oh.

Katie: -does he sign up with?

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Oh.

Rob: You will not have stumped me.

Glenn: Uh, uh, uh-

Charlie: Like what are the call letters?

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah it's-it's-it's, uh-- It's Q-Q something-- Oh, God damnit. What is it? Uh. Oh, shit. Wait. The Q Crew. I remember it's the Q crew but-

Charlie: It's the Q crew, uh-

Katie: It's the Q Crew, I'm already impressed.

Glenn: WKRQ. Mm. No.

Katie: [chuckles]

Glenn: Shit.

Rob: You're stumped, but it's Q102

Glenn: Q102.

Charlie: Q102 Crew.

Glenn: The Q Crew.

Charlie: The Q crew.

Glenn: You know what, Katie? I think that we're gonna have to send you a certificate, a signed certificate stating that you do not in fact have donkey brains.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Because it seems to me like you don't.

Charlie: I don't think you do. I tell you what, Katie, I couldn't remember Jan. So like it wasn't a clean sweep on our end. I didn't-- I-I did not. (edit: Jan)

Rob: The only reason I remember Q102 is because Q102 was a real radio station in Philadelphia.

Glenn: The Q Crew.

Charlie: The Q Crew.

Glenn: Q Crew.

Charlie: Uh, congratulations.

Rob: Great work.

Charlie: You don't have donkey brains.

Katie: Thank you, so, so very much.

Rob: Thank you.

Glenn: That certificate-

Katie: I love Sunny.

Glenn: Oh, go, sorry. Go ahead, go ahead.

Katie: I-I just love Sunny. I love you guys. I've always heard, like, "Don't meet your idols," but that's bullshit because you guys are fucking awesome. And I can't believe I got to spend this day with you. I ignored a call from my boss while I was on hold.


Glenn: Nice.

Katie: [laughs] This has been awesome.

Rob: Thank you, that feels so nice.

Charlie: Thank you, you've been awesome too. It's nice to know someone loves the show and knows so much about it.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Thanks, Katie.

Katie: Thanks.

Rob: Congrats.

Katie: Megan, you're awesome. I love your laugh.

Megan: Aww, thanks, Katie.

Glenn: She does have a great laugh.

Rob: We do too.

Glenn: Got a great laugh. 

Megan: Aww, thank you.

Charlie: You got a great laugh Magen.

Glenn: We do too.

Megan: All right.

Katie: Just laugh.

Megan: Aww, thanks for calling in, Katie. Appreciate it.

Announcer: You don't got donkey brains.

Megan: Do you want me to ask you the hard- like a really hard one?

Rob: Oh, yeah, yeah. Let's do that.

Glenn: Let’s do that.

Rob: Ask us some really hard ones.

Charlie: Let's top it off with a little self-trivia.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: Okay. How—

Glenn: Wait, wait, wait. We should- we should do a thing where like we-- who-- either blurt out the answer like we have to-- Whoever answers first gets-

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: -a point.

Rob: Well, are we all on the same team? Why don't we just-- how about instead of making competitive. We're all on the same team or you wanna make it either-- We can make it competitive.

Megan: I've got one.

Glenn: Okay, Let's let's do that first and see how it goes.

Megan: Okay, Season 4, Episode 7, Who Poop the Bed?  Name the items found in the poop.


Charlie: Oh, uh, a wolf hair.

Glenn: Credit card.

Charlie: Wolf hair, some credit-- some shredded credit card.


Megan: There's two more things.

Charlie: The blood, the blood.

Megan: There's one more thing.

Glenn: The blood. There was blood I know there was--

Charlie: There was blood, wolf hair, credit card.

Rob: Uh, pocket-lint.

Charlie: Pocket-lint?

Megan: No.

Glenn: No, no, no.

Charlie: Fibers from a sweater.


Glenn: No, no, no.


Uh-uh, cat litter.”

Megan: No.

Glenn: No?

Megan: Newspaper.

Glenn: Oh, newspaper. Shit, okay.

Rob: Newspaper.

Charlie: Newspaper, I don't know [crosstalk].

Rob: Wolf hair was the only thing-

Charlie: Wolf hair was the-- was a joke, was like a joke.


Glenn: Inconclusive, inconclusive.

Charlie: It could have been anyone of us.

Megan: Inconclusive, inconclusive.


Glenn: Inconclusive. [laughs]

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: All those things have been like that has to be one of you. Specifically, I said, "It could be either one of us."

Charlie: Uh, it got to go either way.


We both bit the wolf.

Megan: All right. How about Season 6, Episode 1, Mac Fight-fights Gay Marriage. Where did Charlie find the almonds he feeds to the gang?

Glenn: Alley?

Rob: Uh, yeah, yeah. He found them in the alley.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah, he found them in the alley.

Megan: Very good.

Glenn: They were alley almonds.

Megan: You guys do know.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: Um, according to the game, Chardee MacDennis, what is the greatest band in the world?

Hosts: Chamba Lamba.

Charlie: We’ve talked about this.

Glenn: Come on.

Charlie: Well, what thing-- What episode did I-- I found something in a pipe? It was like the snake egg, it could have been a snake egg.

Rob: Oh yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: It was an egg.

Glenn: It was an egg, but you didn't know what it was. You didn't know if it was a snake or a bird?

Charlie: Yeah because it was in a pipe.

Rob: Yes.

Megan: Here's one.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.


Megan: What's the name, uh, in season 8, episode 8 of Charlie Rules The World, what is Dee's screen name in the online game she's playing?

Charlie: Uh, Queen of Thrones.


Glenn: Oh, no, no, no.

Charlie: No, that's-

Glenn: Swinging, uh, Swinging Cutie-

Charlie: No, no, yeah. Uh, oh.

Glenn:: -or-or something cutie.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: Uh, 29 or something Swinging Cutie. 20 something?

Megan: So, like Twills?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.


Rob: Don't know, don't even know.

Charlie: The-the 29 was to represent her age.


Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Megan: It's 23.

Glenn: 23.

Charlie: 23 [laughs]

Glenn: Was it swinging Cutie?

Megan: Was Zinging Cutie.

Glenn: Zinging Cutie.

Rob: Wow.

Charlie: Zinging cutie.

Rob: That no, nothing-- I have nothing there.

Charlie: Glenn, that's pretty good.

Glenn: Zinging cutie 23.

Rob: That's great.

Charlie: Zinging Cutie 23. [laughs]

Megan: Yeah. Uh, let's see if we have any others. In season nine, episode nine, The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6. What instrument does the remaining twin use to blow up the wedding?


Charlie: Wait, wait, wait, say-- can you say that again?

Glenn: Oh, a cello.


Megan: Yes. That's the correct instrument.

Glenn: It's a cello.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: Got a big antenna on it and rump on it.


Charlie: Yeah, don't lie to me.


Charlie: Bulls-- but it was a cello.


Rob: Show is so stupid.


Glenn: It's so stupid.

Charlie: Yeah When you really break it down like this.

Megan: I was so happy that that-that one woman got um, bad pussy. I really like that. [crosstalk]

Charlie: Yeah, that was amazing. That was amazing. I mean the pussy joke was obvious, but bad, I had forgotten the specific.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I know I've said this a million times about that. I think is my one of my favorite moments. I-I think maybe my favorite performance moment on the entire-- in the entire show.

Rob: Yeah. [chuckles]

Glenn: It Is her performance of that, that particular moment.

Charlie: Yeah, that's a very good moment.

Glenn: It is just-it just kills me. It kills me.

Charlie: What else you got, any more good-- any more?

Megan: Uh, sure. Um, what uh, season five, episode five, The Waitress is Getting Married. What is the name of the waitress's fiancé?

Rob: Brad.

Glenn: Brad Fisher.

Charlie: Brad Fisher.

Megan: Very good. You guys are great at this.

Charlie: Let's do one final trivia question.

Glenn: Okay.

Rob: Okay.

Megan: Okay.

Charlie: One for the road.

Rob: One for the road.

Megan: All right, great.

Charlie: Your deepest track. Your deepest cut.

Megan: Um, season seven, episode three, Frank Reynold's Little Beauties. What is the name of Dee's rival in the beauty pageant?

Rob: Oh.

Glenn: Okay, ooh. Okay.

Megan: Pop-- The popular pretty girl.

Glenn: Yep, yep, yep.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh, man.

Glenn: Mm, damn it. It's not Brianna. No, oh, God.

Charlie: I can't, I don't know.

Glenn: It's the-It's-- yeah, the younger sister, right? That-that she's competing against.

Megan: The pretty one.

Glenn: The pretty one, yeah. Who does--


Glenn: Who does end up winning.

Charlie: The one who wins.

Glenn: Yeah, the one who wins.


She's the prettiest.

Megan: She's the prettiest.


Glenn: That's that. I love that ending. You're like, "Well, she's the prettiest."


Rob: Uh.

Glenn: Damn it, what was her name? Um.

Rob: Yep. Well, you said-- you just said' "Brianna" and like--

Glenn: Uh, I fucked you up. Yeah, I'm sorry.

Charlie: Britney.

Glenn: Gotta get that stuck in your head.

Rob: Britney, Britney.

Charlie: Yeah, no.

Glenn: No, it's not Britney.

Rob: Oh.

Glenn: No, shit. What is it?

Megan: Samantha.

Glenn: Samantha.

Charlie: Samantha.

Rob: Samantha.

[End Credits]


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