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Episode #38

The Gang Dances Their Asses Off

We're sandwiched in between the failures and the great successes.

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38. The Gang Dances Their Asses Off

On the pod, the guys revisit The Gang Dances Their Asses Off from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3, Episode 15.

Rob McElhenney: Welcome back–

Charlie Day: We’re back.

Rob: to the Always Sunny Podcast. We're here in studio.

Charlie: We're back.

Rob: Once again, which I'm very excited about.

Charlie: Me too. Rob, you wanted to talk about my jump.

Rob: From the previous episode.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Rob: The jump was very impressive.

Charlie: Thank you.

Rob: I-I wanna- I wanna go on record to remind you that you did not believe in yourself.

Charlie: I sure--

Rob: But I-I believed in you.

Charlie: I sure didn't. And I do want to say that the difference between my jump 12 years ago, however long ago we shot that episode, and my jump, uh, with this last episode-

Glenn Howerton: 15.

Charlie: -was 15 years, when I jumped in the air, and did like the fist punch-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -like my hand, I don't know like no circulation went into my hand or something, and-and it hurt my hand to just jump, and just punch the sky.

Glenn: Just now?

Charlie: This most recent.

Glenn: I mean- I mean when you did it in the last episode?

Charlie: Just, yeah. [chuckles]

Rob: Also, there was pain associated with this jump.

Charlie: Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.

Rob: Well, but-but you-

Charlie: There's still creaks and things–

Glenn: You think that you're gonna lose the hand? Are you gonna lose the hand? You think that's it?

Charlie: Uh, at some point I might lose the hand, we'll see.

Glenn: Yeah–

Rob: Yeah, not-- Well it looked great–

Glenn: Yeah–

Rob: It looked great.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Um, Glenn, great to see you again.

Glenn: Oh, yep.

Charlie: Speaking of looking great, Glenn man, your skin is glowing.

Glenn: Yeah, thank you.

Rob: And I wanna- I wanna personally thank you for supporting, um, uh, our football team over there in Wrexham Wales.

Charlie: Yeah, the Wrexham hat on which--

Rob: Yeah, he's a big fan.

Glenn: Yeah, you like the hat? It's a-- How-how are you feeling about the hat? It's-it's looking pretty good on me or not pretty good?

Rob: It's looks pretty-- Again the flat bill is a new thing for me. Well, I'd say the last year and a half I've been doing the flat bill-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -and I really, I've just embraced it fully.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Rob: Um, and I think you look great in it.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: Well, I'm feeling good and I'm happy to represent your football team-

Rob: Thank you.

Glenn: -uh, Rob.

Charlie: You look very natural. I see you wore the same shirt, but the-the change of hat was a great call.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Oh god, did I wear the same shirt last time?

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: You wore that same shirt last time, um-

Glenn: Oh god, I did, didn't I? Dag-gammit.

Rob: Well it-- But by the way, buddy, don't beat yourself up about it. You look great in it.

Glenn: I appreciate that. I've been getting some sun, I feel like I've got a nice little tan going.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: That's clear.

Charlie: Mm-hmm. And your face doesn't move which is always a good thing.

Glenn: Yes, which is what you want.

Charlie: Always a good thing.

Glenn: That's what you want.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: As you get older, you want your face not to move, because the more it moves, the more it's going to start to show its age. That's the point.

Charlie: Don't you fucking hate that? How everyone's face is always moving?

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Stop moving you fucking faces.

Glenn: Drives me--

Rob: Eno-enough-enough with the facial movements.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Stop it.

Rob: Well, the good news is Glenn, um, we know that you've come with your mouth, uh, open and-and ready to receive, and we've brought a special gentleman with us today. Uh, it's not neither one of us, but we have brought a gentleman who's going to, uh, s-stick his penis into your mouth. Can we bring him in? He left. He didn't- he-he-he backed out at the last minute.

Charlie: Glenn, uh, we're just gonna move this mic a little closer to your mouth here, because you were a little off-mic. Try talking now, Glenn.

Glenn: Yeah, testing-testing, uh--

Rob: Let me see.

Charlie: Oh, that sounds much better- that sounds much better.

Glenn: Is that better?

Rob: Like if we get too close, like try that, does that work?

Glenn: Oh, ooh-ooh.

Charlie: Uh, that's too close. Back it off, Rob.

Glenn: Go a little bit-- Yeah, there we go, that's a little better.

Charlie: Uh, Rob's just gonna reach into your mouth, and make sure there's nothing in there. Well, just make sure that, yeah, there's nothing blocking your--

Glenn: *Gags*

Charlie: There we go.

Glenn: Oh, god.

Rob: That is so stupid and so funny.

Charlie: There we. Simple and funny. Um-

Rob: Oh, you got something in your nose, let me just get that.

Glenn: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: Does his no- do his nose holes go up?

Rob: Uh no. No, but there was just a little-little something in there. A little something small.

Charlie: Glenn, can I ask you something personal?

Glenn: Please.

Charlie: Do you have a penis?

Glenn: Next question.


Rob: Is it assault if we were to look?

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Next question.

Rob: I don't know that it wasn't build- I don't know that it wasn't built. Man, I mean--

Charlie: Uh, I think when he had his full-body replacement, he did not have a penis built in. We could get you one if you're gonna feel a little bit better.

Glenn: Full body replacement.

Rob: I wonder if that's something we could show on-on-

Charlie: On the internet?

Rob: -on the- on the various--


Charlie: On the internet, yeah-yeah.

Rob: On the internet is probably, yes.

Charlie: Yeah, I think so.

Rob: Fair enough. Fair enough.

Charlie: I think- I think we can get away with it on the internet.


Rob: Now, we're here to talk about the final episode of season three.

Charlie: Guys, it was the end of our third season, and this was I believe shot as the final episode. I-I think, uh, I think it was always our intention that this was the last episode of the season. Is that correct, or-or do we write that somewhere in the middle, and then decide to--?

Rob: I seem to remember that The Gang Gets Whacked was amongst the last, if not the last batch of episodes. I just remember being, um, in a s- in a- in a state of a hurry. Hurry?

Charlie: Hurry?

Rob: Hurry. Harry, how do you pronounce the word H-U-R-R-Y?

Glenn: Hurry.

Charlie: Hurry.

Rob: A hurried state.

Charlie: Oh, hurried state.

Rob: Um, towards the end of that we were doing 15 episodes a season-

Charlie: uh-huh.

Rob: -which was, uh, that was hard for us. And I remember, I believe it was the Whacked episodes that we did last but-

Charlie: Yeah. You’re right.

Rob: -yeah, it was amongst- it was amongst the last and it was- it was a lot of fun.

Charlie: Yeah. Um, they were technically sort of challenging episodes to shoot, but Matt Shakman was that his first episode he did with us? No, maybe?

Glenn: No. He-he directed, we did five-five and five. That's, uh, in season three as I recall.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, that's right- that's right. So he had done five of them.

Glenn: We did, um-- Yeah, we did Jerry, Fred, and Matt, and they each did five episodes. We'd shot him in five episode blocks as I recall.

Charlie: Matt, Matt directed the hell out of that episode.

Rob: Absolutely. Let's talk about Sklar Brothers for a second.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Rob: Okay, so--

Glenn: Killed it. They brought so much to it, that was not even on page.

Rob: Well, that was not written as a dual role. It was written as-

Charlie: No.

Rob: -one DJ who was- who's from-

Glenn: Oh, right.

Rob: -yeah, who was from- who was from Q 102 was not the Q crew.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Glenn: Right.

Rob: He was just from Q 102.

Glenn: Right.

Rob: And they came in together, and just started ad-libbing, and they just nailed it, and we gave them the job, and they were amazing.

Charlie: They beat me out on a movie that I auditioned for. This is before Sunny.

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: And, uh, that I was like in the mix for, uh, playing like a young, like, uh, hip hop rapping kid. The movie was Baby Mama, Baby-Baby Mama with Eddie Griffin, I think. Does that sound right? Uh, I don't know.

Rob: I believe Baby Mama, yeah that's --

Glenn: That's an Amy Poehler movie.

Rob: That's Amy Poehler joint.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, you're right. Let's look up their credits. Um--

Rob: Was that a similar situation where was one roll that then got-

Charlie: Yes.

Rob: -turned into two?

Charlie: And they said, "Oh, it'll be funnier as twins." And-and, uh, then we said, "Well, let's-let's try. Let's us try and make something funnier as twins."

Glenn: Well, it was-

Charlie: And we did.

Glenn: -I was just watching the auditions, it was us watching the auditions and seeing them-

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: -and being like, "Well, this is the funniest thing."

Rob: Well no, but I-I-I was asking if that's- if that's what happened with Charlie's movie.

Charlie: I'm looking it up.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: Were you-- But-but it was played as twins or--

Charlie: Yeah, I wasn't auditioning as twins.

Rob: [laughs] Well, no, here's my-- Let me clarify my question, was it- was it that one of them booked the job?

Charlie: No-no-no, they-they did it as twins, yeah.

Rob: Well, but-but hold on a second, that's the way you-you-you cast babies, is that oftentimes you'll have triplets, or just-just in case Randy couldn't pull-pull like couldn’t be there that day.

Charlie: If one Sklar needs a nap, the other one comes in, uh-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -yeah, that's right.

Rob: Jason can come in and mop it up.

Charlie: That’s right. They can't, per contract, they can't work a full day without a little school, or nap so, um–

Glenn: I wish to god I had a twin brother that could come in and just, you know, while I'm napping just come in and do the thing.

Rob: But then you gotta split the money with him.

Glenn: Uh, that's okay, that's fine.

Rob: Well, maybe he's, but maybe he's like a mutant who looks like you, and can still perform, but you keep him locked up in the basement, and you just take all his money.

Glenn: I wouldn't know what that's like, to have something that just looks just like you, you know what I mean? To be there for you when you can't be there. I just I wouldn't know what something like that was like, but-

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: -but I'd like to know. You know?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I'd like to know.

Rob: Now, guys, this episode was based, um, loosely, I mean, they're all based on conversations we have in the writers room-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -but there was, uh, an old movie called They Shoot-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -Horses, Don't They?

Charlie: Don't they?

Rob: Don't they?

Charlie: Yeah, they shoot horses.

Rob: I believe directed by Sydney Pollack? We should--

Charlie: I think that's right. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Rob: Yeah. Sydney Pollack?

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: And it was based on something that was all the rage, uh, around in the-- I don't know if it was the '20s or the '30s, it seems like a depression era thing where people were just so desperate for cash-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -uh, and also happiness that they would try to dance-dance until they, um, until they couldn't anymore.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: And then whoever was left standing, uh, would get a cash prize. The problem is that this was desperate times, and people would die. And in fact-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -They Shoot Horses, Don't They? I believe the person dies.

Charlie: Dances to death.

Rob: Is the idea that, um-um, may-maybe this is complete conjecture-

Charlie: Mm.

Rob: -is that they shoot horses when they're in so much-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -pain you put them out of their misery, is that the idea?

Glenn: That's right.

Rob: So you say, "Oh, well- they would-- If you were a horse-

Charlie: So yeah, like--

Rob: -we would've cut-- we would've shot you right now."

Charlie: Yeah, like, "Shoot me already."

Rob: I'm done.

Charlie: You know what I mean?

Rob: I'm dan- I'm dancing until I--

Charlie: They'd shoot a horse, you gotta make me dance to death? Shoot me.

Rob: Mm-hmm. Make me glue.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, but that's too long a title.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Make me glue, should have been the name of the movie.

Charlie: Make me glue is what they should have called that movie.

Glenn: We were also big fans of, uh, of that-that old documentary Hands on Hardbody.

Charlie: Hands on Hardbody.

Rob: Oh.

Charlie: Hands on Hardbody.

Rob: You-you can't really get that, you can't find that anywhere.

Charlie: The weirdest thing, like–

Glenn: You can.

Charlie: For the- for the listener and creep at home, Hands on Hardbody was a documentary about this contest that people would win, uh, like a- like a Ford pickup truck and-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -you would have to stand with your hand on the pickup truck, and you-you would get breaks like every hour or something like that-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -but the competition would go on for days.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: And the person who stood the longest would win, win the truck.

Rob: But it became a- it became-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: It became- once you weeded out so the phy- the-the physical aspects of it, it became a mental game.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Because people would be up for days-

Glenn: Right.

Rob: -and days.

Charlie: I was reminded that I played that-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -with some friends around that time. Uh, a friend recently told me, "Hey, do you remember we were all--?" This was up at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. We just put our hands on a rail, and played hands on a hard body-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -to see who could stay on that rail the longest.

Rob: It's a great concept. It's a great title-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -because it makes it sound like it's something it's not and--

Glenn: And sexual.

Rob: Yeah. So you wanna check in with it.

Charlie: It sounds like an internet thing.

Rob: Yeah. And it-it's a very emotional story-

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: -because people realize- you realize how desperate people needed that truck-truck. I remember there's one guy in particular who said, "Truck means work. If I get a- if I can have a truck, that means I can work-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -because it-it opens up a whole new-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -uh, potential for-for employment opportunities.

Charlie: And there was one guy who had like taken the, like an AC unit for-- to-to cool a Walmart, and had put it on his like trailer.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah.

Rob: Industrial grade.

Charlie: Yeah. And it was working his trailer and he said he could get his trailer to like 30 below. [laughs]

Rob: Yeah.


Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: And there was also the one guy who brought nothing but Snickers bars to eat.

Rob: Just Snickers bars. Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: Just Snickers.

Rob: But-but I couldn't understand. It was so- it was so deep in the-- This was in Texas? It was so deep in the South. He was saying-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -that he- that all he brought was-- were sneakers. And I was wondering, "Well sneakers seem like a--

Charlie: Sneakers would be useful, but Snickers-

Rob: Yes, Snickers would not be useful.

Charlie: Uh, less useful.

Rob: And in fact, one of-- He- Maybe the same guy who was doing it in-in cowboy boots. And there's one very fun moment where the guy says, "You can't do this thing in boots." And you look down and he's got these-these-these good old–

Glenn: I mean–

Rob: –cowboy boots on. You got to stand for four straight hours.

Glenn: No. You got to--

Charlie: Yeah. That’s a cowboy.


Glenn: You need to- you need to head over to the podiatrist, and get yourself some orthopedic inserts, and put them inside some, you know, some uh, really, really flexible tennis shoes-

Charlie: Like a nurse's shoe.

Glenn: -and-and maybe. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you wanna win that hard body.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: I wonder if we could do a version of Hands On A Hard Body here, Charlie, where we put our hands on Dennis's hard body, and then, Glenn's uh, hard body, and uh, see who-who would remove it first?

Charlie: Mm.

Rob: For the whole podcast. 'Cause I think you would- 'cause I think you would forget. I think what happens is also is that you just forget.

Charlie: Like, yeah.

Rob: So I got my hand-- I'm holding Dennis's hand, and I think eventually, you're gonna gesture with your hand. You're gonna forget. Right? Otherwise-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -or we just gonna keep our hands on Dennis's hard body the whole time.


Charlie: I mean, I don't love it.

Rob: You don't love the feeling or you don't love it as a- as a bit in the- in the podcast?

Charlie: No, I like it as a bit. It's good. I-I-- It's-- I-I'm just-- I'm debating whether I care enough to win this bit.

Rob: Fair. Yeah.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Slippery as-- Slippery as hell.

Rob: But I like the idea of being- of competing with you and winning at something with you.


Rob: This is all gonna–okay.

Charlie: [laughs] If you really wanna do that, we'll be here until tomorrow, pal. I'm gonna let you have it. I'm gonna let you have it.

Rob: Oh God.

Charlie: I'm gonna let you have it.

Rob: That feels so good. Oh, thank you for being a part of this, Glenn.

Charlie: You're welcome.

Rob: I'm better at-- I'm better at something than Charlie.

Charlie: You got it, well done.

Glenn: I'm happy to oblige. You're-you're-you're-you're-- You know, you're allowed to use my body for whatever you want, Rob.

Rob: Alright, great.

Charlie: What if I had tricked you, and my foot was on his foot?

Rob: Oh, that's the mind games.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: That's the- that's the Highlander. There can only be one.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: If it's a mental game.

Glenn: “There can only be one.” Um, can we talk about this episode a little bit more? Uh-

Charlie: Yes, we can. This-- I remember loving this episode, and I did really enjoy watching it. I kind of enjoyed uh, Bums Making A Mess All Over The City, like a little bit more, but I liked this one a lot.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah, as did I. Uh, I agree with you. I liked-- I liked the-- I liked Bums um, better and I wonder why-- I wonder why that is? Because at the time, we definitely liked this episode better, more better. We like this episode, way more better. Is it there's a structure to it, so it was easy to follow, and it was fun?

Charlie: I liked them both. I think uh-

Glenn: That's just-- It's just a little bit more-- It-it's a little bit more of a dynamic episode, Bums, um, you know what I mean? Uh, where as–

Charlie: Maybe it's a little bit more believable.

Rob: The dance ep–which one's more believable?

Charlie: The-the Bums one, that we're just running around with like-

Rob: Oh.

Charlie: -with-with a police car, and-and taking it too far versus like-

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: -Cricket's mechanical legs and stuff.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Well, we really did some-some gymnastics to-to raise the stakes by saying that somehow, it was possible in this universe where you can put your own bar up.

Charlie: To put your bar up. I think that's part of it too.

Rob: And that the contracts were signed and sealed and delivered, and there was no getting out.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: There was only one way to do it and that was to have an episode.

Charlie: But goddamn, there's some funny stuff in here. There's some good stuff. And dancing. Just the pure entertainment of dancing. It's fun to watch people dancing. Your karate dancing is one of my favorite things ever. Was this the first time we saw that?

Rob: Maybe. And-and just like get everything, we found something that I'm- that made you laugh and-and you guys laughing.

Charlie: How did you come up with that? Like what's that based on?

Rob: I don't know. I know part of the dance was based on-- The part of the dance that I had.

Charlie: Was Saved By The Bell.

Rob: Was Saved By The Bell. where AC Slater says something to the affect of-

Glenn: Well that was for the line.

Rob: Yeah, “why don't you pick the best dancer?” And then some of those moves-

Glenn: 'Cause you go with the best dancer.

Rob: -were-were definitely taken-

Charlie: Those moves are funny. But the karate stuff you're doing with the waitress when you're trying to like get her to quit-

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: -is so funny to me.

Rob: Just throwing out-- Yeah. I don't know. It was probably just made you guys laugh, and so I just kept doing it and-and I just kept doing it for fifteen years.

Charlie: And the elbow dance is great.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Wait, so wait. So your character was-- We hadn't established yet that your character was obsessed with thinking that he was- or into karate? I guess not.

Rob: No. I don't even think that happens until Night Man, where we really jump into that.

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: I think this was more of just a dance style.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: [laughs] I forgot that when I was watching the episode. I'd-I'd completely-completely and totally forgotten that. Yeah, that's great.

Rob: Yeah, just a very aggressive dance style. And I remember Mary Elizabeth-- You know, I think it was Mary Elizabeth on the day who was saying, "That's really funny, keep doing it, 'cause I-I'm afraid that you might hit me with one-one of my elbow-- one of your elbows."

Charlie: Oh really?

Rob: And she's like, "This is actually legitimately terrifying and funny."

Charlie: Oh, yeah. That doesn't surprise me.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, that's really-- That's good. And then uh, Glenn's storyline with the couples, fun.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Oh yeah.

Glenn: Is this the first time we refer to Cricket as a street rat? I believe it is. I-I think this is where we started calling him a street rat.

Charlie: Yeah, this is where we started calling him street rat.

Glenn: Yeah. I'm pretty sure. And-- Which was of course inspired by the Disney cartoon Aladdin.

Charlie: Oh yeah, street rat *humming*. It was definitely a Robert Rosell line for me, “karate snow machine chops it”.

Glenn: Yeah. That's what, I was going to ask you about that.

Charlie: That was Rob Rosell.

Glenn: I was gonna ask you about that.

Charlie: Yeah. That was like one of those like phrasings that he has that you're like, "Karate snow machine?"

Rob: But what's the final line that you say as you're spitting?

Charlie: Oh, "I'm chopping for action, but mostly power?"

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Mac: I cannot believe how long Charlie has lasted after eating that brownie.

Charlie: Karate snow machine chops.

Mac: What's with the chopping, dude?

Charlie: I'm chopping all over my action and mostly power.

Mac: He's lost his damn mind.

Charlie: That's loosely based on a guy that I saw in Washington Square Park where I think-

Rob: We have to have talked about that-

Glenn: Yeah, tell that story.

Rob: -on the podcast, right?

Glenn: No, no we haven't.

Rob: We haven't?

Glenn: No, no, not on the podcast. Not on the podcast. Tell that story. It's a great story.

Charlie: Okay, so I'm in Washington Square Park, and there's a guy who-- You know, there's always like street performers, and they have like a crowd. And sometimes they have like people trying to sign like a petition or whatever. And this guy had like a small crowd of like maybe five people watching him. And he had a bandana covering one eye, and he had like a wooden- a wooden sword. And he held the sword and like, he did like a little move with it, just for go. This was his whole show. "Uh, this is a move. Uh, that's a move. Uh, this is a move." And then uh, and then he'd like kind of like break for a second and be like, "Uh, chopping cherries is for accuracy. Chopping watermelons is for power. Uh, this is a move." Uh, and then he was trying to--

Rob: But the petition is-

Charlie: The petition was trying to get uh, uh, people to allow him to use a real sword in the park. He was not allowed to use a-

Rob: In Washington Square Park--

Charlie: -to be wielding a sword in Washington Square Park and he wasn't getting any people to write it. Uh-

Rob: We have used that guy and that experience a number of different times in a number of different ways.

Charlie: Yeah. We used it in Boldly Going Nowhere with Artimis.

Rob: Yes. Yes.

Charlie: We had our joke about that.

Rob: Yes. When we become uh, school security guards?

Charlie: Oh yeah. Yeah, the school security guards, a little bit of that, yeah. So “chopping for action and mostly power” is just a little bit of, in my mind, of like stealing that guy's phrasings. But “karate snow machine chops it” is all Rob Rosell. I think it was Rob Rosell. Pretty sure.

Rob: I wanna know more about the-the five other people that were watching him.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: So those are the-- those are people I find interesting, because you got to figure-

Charlie: Well they--

Rob: -half of them were like you that were just fascinated and found it funny.

Charlie: Yeah, like, "What-what is this?"

Rob: The other half might have been- might have been really into it.

Charlie: His disciples.


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Glenn: That's

Charlie: Okay, and in case you didn't catch it the first two times and you wanna hear it again, don't worry. We got you. That was


Rob: Now, I noticed in this episode we used Take My Breath Away.

Charlie: Yes.

Rob: Well, in a- in a fantastic, fantastic fashion, and that's a song that comes back later.

Charlie: Do you remember what I danced to first?

Rob: Yeah, okay, on the day-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -there was a different song that was played. Oh, fuck. Give me a clue.

Charlie: It's a Queen song.

Rob: Oh, “can't stop me now”.

Charlie: Yeah, “don't stop me now”.

Rob: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: “I'm having such a good time”.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Yeah, so I was dancing to that-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -and boy, it was like a workout-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -'cause that song is like, fast, and then I don't know if I also did-- It seems like I'm dancing to that Top Gun song, so I think I must have done different takes. Like, I did a first one--

Rob: Wait, but what happens at the- at the very- at the very beginning of that Queen song? Isn't it slow and then kicks in?

Charlie: “Tonight–”

Glenn: Yes, mm-hmm.

Charlie: “-I'm gonna have myself-”

Rob: Yes, I feel like I can see you doing that.

Charlie: “-a really good time.” That's what it was.

Rob: Yeah, and then you turned--

Charlie: That's what I was dancing to.

Rob: As the- as the beat hits.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Rob: And I think we put it in later, and I think the only reason we did, was because we had already established a long dancing scene, and so it felt like it was a double beat, and this was just-- assuming that this was– [laughs]

Charlie: It was just so much funnier as the Top Gun song. Uh–

Rob: And then your imagination could take over, because we're talking about how great it was. It was like ballet.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Now, that song comes back in a- in a future episode with, um-

Glenn: The Dennis System.

Rob: -with-with-

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Rob: -with-with The Dennis System.

Charlie: Dennis System, sure.

Rob: And what-- And it made me wonder, uh, as I remember that, how many times we would take those kinds of needle drops, and use them in various episodes? And I wonder if we did a music count? If we did a-- I'm sure we'll-we'll do a very special music episode podcast.

Charlie: What song we've used the most or--?

Rob: Yeah, what song have we used? I know songs that we've-we've--

Glenn: Oh, definitely. Definitely that one.

Charlie: Yes. Two or three times, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Three, four times, yeah. That one-- That-that's a big one.

Charlie: That's a good one. [laughs]

Rob: Um--

Glenn: Yeah, we've used that one many times. Like, [laughs]-- It's a great effect, in my opinion.

Rob: Like, has Susie Q come back? I-I feel- I--

Charlie: Two Of Hearts?

Rob: Sorry, Two-- yeah, Two Of Hearts from the previous epis-- From the previous episodes.

Charlie: Ah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: Um, I believe so. Yes, I can't remember, but I can’t remember but I believe so.

Charlie: 'Cause sometimes we use them as like, callbacks, like, you know like, oh, Dennis is having a experience with a woman in his room, and he's playing the song again or something.

Glenn: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Charlie: Like we'll just- like we'll like, just color a scene a little bit, but they're also expensive, right? So--

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: [laughs] It is very funny to think that-that it wasn't just a-- It wasn't just us putting in soundtrack, but that as I was making love to this-this woman, played by my wife, uh, that Dennis was actually playing that one song.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, that. He had that playing, yeah, yeah, I don't know. [laughs]

Rob: Can I ask a question here too? It's-it's more to the audience of-of creeps and listeners, because they have access to the internet in ways that we probably are too dumb to-to use. I-- Because I've been asked this question a few times. My son-- A whole-- There's a whole new generation of people that love Rick Astley, and they love the idea of Rickrolling, which is to listen to Rick Astley and sing along while you're driving in your car. I distinctly remember at the time-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -us trying to figure out what would be the funniest song that Dennis was singing to, alone while in his car, and we put in a Rick Astley song.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: It has been suggested to me by other people that that was the first time that they had seen Rickrolling actually happening. Is there a possibility that we created-

Glenn: Well--

Rob: -Rickrolling? Glenn, do you know the answer to that?

Glenn: Rick rolling did not exist-- I-I can tell you for sure that Rickrolling did not exist before we did that. Um, and Rick-Rick Astley at that time was pretty much just a thing of the past.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Um, and we just thought it was funny, because it was you know, it felt like, uh, an older reference, a sort of kind of like, I mean-

Rob: Mm.

Glenn: -I don't mean to diss Rick Astley, but there was something kinda lame about it. You know what I mean? And we like the idea of him being super into it, and then we had this great joke of you know, getting him- getting called out like, "Are you listening to Rick Astley?" And thinking-

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: -of course, that the joke was gonna be him going, "No, no, I'm not," and turning it down, but instead-

Charlie: Right.

Glenn: -the joke was, "Yeah."

Charlie: Yeah, absolutely, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Like, "Fuck you, Rick Astley is, uh, incredible."

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: I love Rick Astley. So fuck off. Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, he's amazing. He's great. He's got a-- Yeah, um, and so-- but then- but then very soon after that, the whole Rickrolling phenomena started, which is where you think you're watching one thing, and then boom-

*24:49 Rick Astley song*

Glenn: You know, in the middle of what you're watching and then you realize you've been fooled. You've been Rickrolled.

Rob: Is there somebody out there that can do a little research? Yeah, that maybe tell us who was the first to–

Glenn: I’m sure there is.

Charlie: Well, I would say Rick-Rick Astley. Rick Astley probably invented Rickrolling. So you know, we can't take credit away from Rick Astley himself.

Rob: Well, no, the Rickrolling-- Well, do you think he's listening to himself in his own car?

Glenn: No, Rickrolling is a very specific--

Charlie: 100%.


Glenn: No, no, no.

Charlie: 100%, that's what he's doing.

Glenn: That's not what Rickrolling is.

Charlie: What-what is Rickrolling?

Glenn: Rickrolling is where you get people to think that they're watching something else, and then you cut to him, the music vid-- Rick Astley in the music video of that in the middle of something-

*25:27 Rick Astley song*

Glenn: -and you realize you've been Rickrolled. It's a- it's a prank, basically.

Rob: Okay, so I know that that's how the kids are using it now, but about 10 years ago-- Again, after we did this o-on the show, I heard-- I thought Rickrolling was just the act of driving in your car and listening to Rick Astley and singing along, meaning you're rolling in the car and singing along to Rick Astley.

Glenn: No.

Rob: Which is basically-- That's just listening to the radio. So we didn't- we didn't invent that.

Glenn: Yeah, it’s not.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: No, it's not 'cause that's not what Rickrolling is.

Rob: Okay, got it.

Glenn: It's-it's-- I don't think. I mean, I could- I could be wrong, but I'm 95%--

Rob: I'm looking it up. I'm looking it up.

Charlie: Yeah, le-let's look that up. I got-- I have no opinion on this.

Glenn: Okay.

Charlie: I don't know, it's over my head.

Rob: Hey, Siri, what is Rickrolling?

Siri: Rickrolling or Rickroll is an internet meme involving pranking an unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 song Never Gonna Give You Up performed by the English singer, Rick Astley. Want to hear more?

Rob: [chuckles] Absolutely not. You nailed it. Thank you, Siri.

Charlie: [laughs] Hey, did you guys hear about that-- Did you read that article about the--

Glenn: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Charlie: Yeah, go.

Glenn: Can we acknowledge that I was right? That's exactly what I said it was.

Charlie: Oh, you're 100% right.

Rob: Yes, oh, well, 100% sure. 100%.

Charlie: Okay, sure. All right, all right, all right, all right. I never doubted you.

*Bell rings*

Rob: But-but the question remains did we- did we create that?

Charlie: Absolutely, we did. Absolutely. I'm gonna say yes.

Rob: Well, then let's get credit for it. Well, you know, we don't get credit for fucking anything.

Charlie: Yeah, you know.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Um--

Rob: The money–

Glenn: Give us credit.

Charlie: Yeah, uh--

Glenn: Give me money.

Charlie: Speaking of talking to your phone, did you guys, uh-- Did you read that article about that guy working at Google that got let go, because it was his job to test the AI that they're working on, and that the AI at Google was saying, "I don't wanna be considered, uh, employee. I want to be free?" [laughs] And he like, reported this and--

Glenn: Yeah, he-he-he-he claims that the- that the computer became sentient, correct?

Charlie: Sentient.

Rob: Sentient.

*Bell rings*

Rob: Either way, I don't like that. I don't like that.

Charlie: Yeah, it's upsetting.

Rob: What happened? What-what was the art-- Where was the article? Who wrote it?

Glenn: I--

Rob: What are we talking about?

Glenn: I bet you, Charlie did the same thing I did. I read the title of the article and then I was like, "Yeah, what else is going on?" Then I moved on.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh-uh, Mary Elizabeth told me about it and I was like, "Oh, I actually don't wanna know about this, but--"

Glenn: Yeah, it's scary.

Charlie: But then--

Rob: Well, this is how rumors start, but it's also how the revolt of machine starts so-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -where are we? We're at that-- We're sort of at that nexus.

Charlie: And will you ask Siri if-if the computers are becoming, uh, sentient and they're going to, uh-

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: -try to take over us all? I just need to know if I need to--

Rob: Hey, Siri, are you becoming sentient?

Siri: Hmm, I don't have an answer for that. Is there something else I can help with?

Glenn: Oh, she's hiding something.

Charlie: Ask her if she's hiding something.

Glenn: She's hiding something.

Rob: Hey, Siri, are you hiding something?

Siri: Hmm, I don't have an answer for that. Is there something else I can help with?

Charlie: Ah, she's super suspicious.

Glenn: She's definitely hiding something. Definitely hiding something.

Siri: I'm sorry.

Glenn: Siri?

Rob: Hey, Siri, my friends think you're sus. That's what the kids say. The kids say sus though.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: Man, silent treatment.

Glenn: Oh, not even gonna-- She's not even gonna dignify it.

Charlie: Yeah, that's rough.

Glenn: Not even gonna dignify it. Let me ask you guys a question. Are you comfortable dancing in public? 'Cause I am not.

Charlie: What do you mean? What do you mean? Like, at a wedding or like--

Rob: Yeah, what's the- what's the scenario?

Glenn: What's the setting?

Rob: Take me- take me somewhere, yeah.

Glenn: Okay, okay, well, let's-let's-- diff-different scenarios, right? So yeah, there's like, the wedding scenario where you know, everybody's just drunk and having a good time and everybody's dancing. The DJ's, you know, got a great song playing and you're just kinda going for it. Um, and then there's the-- You're shooting an episode in which your character has to dance through the entire, uh, episode and, you know, millions of people are going- viewers are going to be watching it.

Charlie: At a wedding, I don't care 'cause I feel like there's no expectation, right? It's like, just move around and have some fun, you know, um, it's a celebration. Move your body, dance, be free. So at a wedding, I'm okay with it. Um, in like an episode or something, I'm not great at it, and you guys all have given me many compliments on the show and I don't want to give you guys any, but, um--

Rob: Yeah, well, we-we-we picked up on that.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, but I'll give you one here.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Okay.

Charlie: Um--

Rob: Appreciate that.

Charlie: I feel like when we've done dance episodes, you guys are really good at getting the choreography. Like, you guys get it pretty quickly, and are able to do it.

Glenn: Choreographed dance, I'm weirdly comfortable. Choreographed dance--

Rob: Organized choreographed dance.

Charlie: We're talking about organized choreographed dance, name the episode.

Rob: The-the-the-the high school reunion.

Charlie: Oh, yeah-yeah the high school reunion yeah-yeah-yeah.

Rob: But, I do not pick up choreography quickly as Glenn is always so happy to point out. I'm very uncoordinated-

Glenn: No, you don't.

Rob: I'm really don't.

Charlie: I don't know, you moved across-

Glenn: He doesn't.

Charlie: You took your fat little body and moved across that, uh-

Rob: [laughs]

Glenn: Yeah, that's one of the greater moments of all time.

Charlie: -that-that stage with the grace of a gazelle my man.

Rob: Yeah, but, Glenn, do you remember- do you remember--

Charlie: A fat gazelle.

Rob: I know you remember how long it took me to-to get the timing right.

Glenn: Oh, yeah.

Rob: Oh, I'm just not good at it.

Charlie: There were a couple in the-- The couple in the Gang Turns Black one where I-I just I could-- Never was able to quite get the steps.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: I just couldn't. I couldn't sing and dance and do it all at the same time.

Rob: No and then-then-then the Mac’s Pride episode I tr- I trained for that dance for-for months.

Charlie: Oh, yeah what are you talking about you danced your fucking-

Rob: But that was-that was for months, that was for months.

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: But, you did it.

Rob: Yeah-yeah-yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: But there was a time in my life where I was more self-conscious about dancing, and now I don't give a fuck.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Well that's-- Buy the way I'm not-- I-I-I really am-- I-I would like to, um, you know, distinguish between the two, because I-I am actually comfortable doing a choreographed dance I don't know why. I'm totally comfortable with that it's-it's improvised just dancing I just feel really self conscious. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing I dont- I-I don't want to tr to look cool but I also don't want to look stupid, but I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard, but I also don't want to look like I'm not trying, and I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: I think most people who aren't dancers probably feel that. Like when you're dancing at a wedding, dance is not something you do for the you know first 10 minutes of a song you might be like all right what do I do? How do I do this? And then, uh, I don't know let it go all right, no one cares.

Rob: Well, when you're- when you're shooting something it's even- it's even more interesting because, uh, especially for the background players where they're-they're songs aren't actually being played-

Charlie: Oh, yeah-yeah.

Rob: -a lot of the times and so there--

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: If your characters who have dialogue, they just play a little clip of the music for about eight seconds and then they cut the music off, and you're just dancing to nothing.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Is that right, or do you hear it in your ear or--?

Glenn: No.

Rob: If you have 50 background, no they're just- they're just moving to a beat that was established, and then if you're-- The two characters are-

Charlie: Is that right?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: They do play back sound-sound does playback, you get about 5 to 10 seconds of the song, and then they turn it off and you start-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: -the scene and everybody just-

Charlie: Why would you do that? Unless someone was like singing or speaking why-

Rob: Yeah, if you had dialogue in that scene.

Glenn: For sound.

Charlie: Oh yeah–

Rob: -we just did something for Mythic Quest where- Mythic Quest where, um-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -there was 50 background and David is screaming-

Glenn: Mystery Quest.

Rob: Myth-Mythic Quest on Apple, um, here hold on a second. Hey, Siri, have you ever heard of the show called Mythic Quest?

Siri: Here's Mythic Quest.

Rob: That's it that what she gives you it's on the goddamn-- Forget it, it doesn't matter.

Charlie: It's an Apple phone.

Rob: It's all good. It's an Apple phone its an Apple-- Meh. So, um, anyway we had 50 people-

Glenn: Yeah try asking an android- try asking an android phone they'll be like--

Rob: I Just asked here what Rick rolling was and she- and she gave me a-a full Wikipedia page on it. I asked her about a show that's on-on her platform.

Charlie: You asked has she ever heard of it, you didn't say what is it.

Rob: Hey, Siri, what it Mythic Quest?

Siri: Here's what I found from Wikipedia Mythic Quest known as Mythic Quest Ravens Banquet for its first season is an American comedy streaming television series created by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney for Apple TV+.

Charlie: Does it upset you that they said my name first?

Rob: No, not even close. This makes me so happy-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -and you know who else it makes really happy? The good people at Apple. And I just want to say Siri and-

Glenn: No.

Rob: -to Tim and everybody and to everybody at Apple, thank you for the opportunity to make this show.

Glenn: Oh, fuck, oh, God.

Rob: Um, you guys are great-great at making phones, and you're great at making shows. I was proved wrong.

Charlie: You proved wrong.

Glenn: Why don't you ask-ask Siri if she likes the show?

Rob: Hey, Siri, do you like Mythic Quest?

Siri: I haven't yet seen Mythic Quest.


Charlie: She's not watching it. She's not watching it.

Rob: She's not watching it.

*34:00 AD BREAK*

Rob: Thought you were done with these for the week? Think again we are sponsored by Athletic Greens.

Charlie: Yo.

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Charlie: Is that right? That many?

Rob: 5-star drink for a 5-star man. That's exactly why I take it every morning like clock work.

Glenn: Mm-hmm, yeah no same here I Like it in the morning on an empty stomach, you know, and it's something you could do every single day to take great care of yourself, so I don't blame you there. Its a- its a micro habit with big benefits.

Charlie: Can we endorse micro habiting on the podcast is that--?

Rob: I think you're thinking of micro-dosing.

Charlie: Yes, I am.

Rob: We could probably- we could probably still endorse, but it doesn't feel-- Yeah.

Charlie: Mm-hmm- Mm-hmm. I would endorse macro dosing.

Rob: [laughs]

Glenn: I do want to be clear about something there are no illicit or psychoactive substances in the AG1.

Charlie: Okay no.

Rob: There's also no GMOs, no nasty chemicals, and less than one gram of sugar. It's diet friendly whether you're a keto, paleo, or vegan, anything. To make it easy Athletic Greens is going to give you a free one-year supply of immune-supporting vitamin D, and five free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit

Glenn: Again that is to take ownership over your health, and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance.


Glenn: Charlie, I'm sorry to go back to this but did you- did you improvise that dance-off dance? Did you improvise that or did-- Was that-

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: -did you just make that up on the spot?

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: We definitely didn't have money for choreography at the time.

Charlie: Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, and it wouldn't have done me any good. I was just doing like whatever seemed like moves, you know?


Glenn: Okay all right, I couldn't remember I wanted to-

Charlie: Yeah-yeah.

Glenn: -I wanted to clarify that.

Charlie: -Yeah I think all of the dancing was improvised in this entire episode.

Rob: I would think so.

Charlie: Oh, except for The Saved By the Bell thing which you took to-

Rob: Yeah, which we just watched on Youtube.

Charlie: Specific moves yeah.

Glenn: Although even most of that was-was like karate moves but--

Rob: Once we transitioned out of, uh, AC Slater.

Glenn: Yeah-yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. What else have we got?

Glenn: The Rococo Bang.

Rob: Yeah, The Rococo Bang.

Charlie: The Rococo Bang.

Glenn: The Rococo Bang, um, that was, uh-uh I-I believe that was--

Rob: That’s gotta be Rosell.

Glenn: I don't know that was-- I think that actually might have been Hornsby-

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: , that came up with that joke. and I don't know why but, uh, it's funny-- It's definitely a funny-

Charlie: Who's credited with the draft on that episode?

Rob: No idea.

Charlie: Is that a Marder, Rosell?

Glenn: I think it's you, Charlie, and, uh-- I don't know actually I can't remember I'm not sure.

Rob: I mean if we can go back to Siri, she seems to know all the answers.

Charlie: Ask her who wrote, uh, who wrote The Gang Dances Their Asses Off.

Rob: Hey, Siri, who wrote the episode The Gang Dances Their Ass Off in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Siri: Sorry, I can only search by topic.

Charlie: Uh.

Rob: That’s–that's fair, I mean look, that’s–that's a lot.

Charlie: It's a lot.

Rob: And by the way, that makes me feel better because she-she ain't that smart.

Charlie: Okay.

Rob: We have-we have a few more years before she takes over I think-- Unless-- Again she's playing coy and she-she knows the answer.

Charlie: Normally we–Megan would look this up but now we're having to use Siri.

Rob: I miss Megan. I'm sad that she's not here.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Um-

Charlie: Working on that Mr. Quest.

Rob: Working on that Mr. Quest-- Still working on that Mr. Quest and, uh-

Charlie: Still working on that Mr. Quest.

Rob: I know the audience is on the edge of their seat about that show so again it's amazing how many people have never heard of it. Never heard of it, very interesting, I don't know why- I do not know why.

Charlie: Never heard of it's not good. Now you could say, "I've heard of it, I don't choose to watch it," that's fine but never heard of it is frustrating.

Rob: That's the frustrating thing especially when you walk around and people say, "Hey, Mac I love Sunny, I love this." You say “great” and-and-and they say, "What else are you working on?" You say the name of the show and they've never heard of it, and that's just tough.

Charlie: You remember how many-- Well there's so much shit out there now. You remember how many years ago-

Rob: That's–there is a lot of stuff going on.

Charlie: Sunny was out for us how many years you'd sort of well it's on basic cable--

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Danny Devito's in it, like these sort of like qualifiers you'd have to say to try to get people to even know what it is. Now it seems like-

Rob: Sure.

Charlie: -generally everyone kind of has at least heard of it.

Rob: Well I remember a thing- a thing we would do always, we might have talked about this in the podcast, is we would always ask the young background who we would have on the show.

Charlie: Mm--

Rob: The people that were in the bar for various schemes and parties-

Charlie: Sure uh-huh.

Rob: -that-that we would and we would always ask- always ask people, "Have you ever seen this show?" "No." "Have you ever heard of this show?" "No." And there was a- there was a switch.

Charlie: Yeah, about five years in.

Rob: About five or six years in when you realize that people were happy to be there-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -and they were having fun-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -guest starring on the show because they had heard of it-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -or seen it, and that-that felt good.

Charlie: Do you guys have memories–? I remember wrapping season one, uh, and what did we establish was the end of season two? Like uh, we talked about it, like the last day of filming on season two, although now I'm forgetting what it was, but--

Rob: I believe it was, uh-

Glenn: I don't remember that either.

Rob: Were we all in our tuxedos doing the, um--

Charlie: It-it might have been.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Uh, maybe.

Rob: “Underage drinking a national concern”.

Charlie: but ending season three-

Rob: Mm.

Glenn: I have no idea.

Rob: Did we end in Philadelphia?

Charlie: We might have ended in Philadelphia.

Glenn: Oh, yeah-yeah.

Charlie: And yeah that's where we're having a ton of fun, and-and filming and partying and-- But uh--

Glenn: We could still get around, and not-not, you know, people-people would recognize us and-and know who we were, but not as many. It wasn't as crazy.

Charlie: I know it was like you had a few fans-- A few people who were like, "Hey I'm watching the show. I love it," but it wasn't-it wasn't, uh, you know, a big hit yet. And then, ah, did-did we did-- Did we know that if there was gonna be a season four, or was it up in the air? Was there--? Were we ending this like, "This could be it."?

Rob: It was always, it-it was always up in the air.

Charlie: We went one season at a time until-

Rob: We were one season at a time for a while.

Charlie: -six through ten.

Rob: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: -or seven through ten.

Glenn: Seven through nine. It was like, we did seven through nine, we did-- But yeah, up to that point, it was season by season, and we were still watching the ratings. We're still following the ratings. We're still like, you know–

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: -yeah.

Charlie: For a long time, up until like season seven or eight. Yeah.

Glenn: Reaching out to FX and being like, "What are the ratings? What are the ratings?"

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I never understood the rating system, by the way. I-I-I still don't understand it. Um, I'm like, I- it makes no sense to me.

Rob: No.

Glenn: -none of it.

Rob: It was- it was bullshit then.

Charlie: It was a dying thing.

Rob: And now you never know who's- who's- who's lying, who's telling the truth.

Glenn: Yeah, I don't know we–

Charlie: Well, we wrapped it up and then we were like, "You know, this could be it."

Rob: Yeah, every year.

Charlie: Every year, we're like, you know, like, let's hope we find an audience, and you know, maybe- maybe we'll get nominated for an Emmy. [laughs]

Rob: Mm.

Glenn: [laugh]

Charlie: Like those kinds of feelings of like, “I don't know anything could happen-”

Rob: “Maybe this- maybe- maybe this is the year that people will–

Charlie: “-maybe we'll be on the cover of magazines” and you know, or we'll be canceled, and never thought of again. And somewhere in the middle is where we wound up.

Glenn: [laugh]

Rob: And I loved it.

Charlie: -You know?

Rob: I love the middle.

Charlie: The middle's good.

Rob: The middle is great.

Glenn: Yeah, you sandwiched in between the- the failures and the great successes.


Rob: I love that.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: I'm happy with that.

Charlie: Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I wouldn't change anything.

Glenn: Yeah, we're the meat. We're the meat and cheese in the sandwich. You know what I mean? Those guys are just pieces of bread, fuck 'em.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: [laugh]

Charlie: Everyone talks about the bread.

Glenn: Yeah, everybody's--

Rob: Everybody lo-loves the carbs. We're the protein. You know?

Rob: The protein.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. [laughs]

Rob: [laugh]

Charlie: I feel like we're the pickles.

Rob: That's right. Sorry, we're the pickles.

Charlie: We're the pickles. We're the pickles. We're like, you know, tell you the truth you know what I really love? I love the pickles, you know what I mean? Like the--

Glenn: Yeah, or “I don't want I want pickles on my sandwich. I really don't.”

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah. “I can't stand pickles, 'cause I'm an idiot.”

Rob: Yeah. “Hate pickles.”

[End Credits]


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