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Episode #74

Mac and Dennis Break Up

Well it doesn't feel good to get picked on, does it?

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74. Mac and Dennis Break Up

On the pod, the guys revisit Mac and Dennis Break Up from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5, Episode 9.

Rob McElhenney: Good morning everybody. Oh yeah.

Mara Herron: Morning. 

Glenn Howerton: Oh. Steppin’ in. 

Charlie Day: Mara. Steppin’ in.

Mara: Yup. 

Glenn: Meg looked at a cut–

Rob: Mara in the big seat.

Charlie: For Meg.

Glenn: –Meg looked at a cut and said, “My god. Please.” 

Charlie: Meg’s been gone for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks.

Rob: Well–

Charlie: Guys.

Glenn: Mara.

Mara: Good morning. 

Rob: Good morning.

Glenn: Would you like to uh, start us off here?

Charlie: Now, now why do you feel–do you feel compelled to sit in because we talked so all over the map last time?

Mara: I wanna avoid wrestling and rock and roll today. If we can. 

Glenn: Hmm.

Mara: Um, yeah. You know, I just–

Glenn: I don’t know. Those are two, pretty cool subjects. 

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: Doesn’t it, doesn’t it get your hairs up a bit?

Glenn: Yeah.


Mara: Um, yeah. I think you know. Just, we were missing Meg a little bit. In the last–I’m no Megan Ganz. No Megan Ganz. Never will be. But, the next best thing you guys have. So–

Rob: To a wrangler.

Mara: Yes.

Rob: You’re wrangling.

Charlie: To a wrangler.

Mara: Exactly. Gonna wrangle you guys.

Glenn: Conversation wrangler.

Rob: Well, that, that begs a few questions from me. It–are we–do we think that that was not a successful podcast? I know that it wasn’t a successful conversation about the episode. But does that mean that it wasn’t a successful episode? I don’t know. 

Charlie: No. I do think that is a–was a successful uh, episode. I think we, we got into some good topics. You guys got fiery which was delightful. Um–

Mara: Always.

Rob: So we had a follow up conversation about this. And I, I’m starting to believe that I, that I have–

Glenn: Mhm. Yeah.

Rob: –maybe, maybe issues with social cues or something. Because I don’t know what you’re talking about. Glenn, Glenn texted me yesterday and was like, “Man. That was really fun.” And I was like, “That was fun. That was great.” And he was like, “I love it when we get a little contentious.” And I was like, “Well, what do you mean?”

Charlie: Well no. You weren’t contentious. But Glenn was getting hot. He was getting defensive. And backed in, in a corner about his supplements. And surely you picked up on that.

Rob: Well–well yes. But–

Glenn: You mean about, about like uh–no. It was about diet stuff. Is that what you’re talking about?  

Charlie: Whatever. 

Mara: Sleep, diet. It was the whole shebang.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Rob: Heart.

Charlie: Yeah. What you eat. Your approach to–

Mara: Heart.

Glenn: Ann Wilson. 

Charlie: –to your research and science. Uh, and uh you know.

Glenn: How I view it versus how he views it. 

Rob: Yeah. Well like, in a, inability for self reflection. 


*Intro music*

Glenn: Pick a lane man. Am I self reflecting too much or–Am I thinking about it too much or not enough?

Charlie: I love it. So, so basically–are you telling me that you didn’t pick up on this type of rhythm?

Rob: Sorry. No, I do pick up on that. But the difference is that I don’t–it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. 

Charlie: No. Didn’t make me feel uncomfortable either. 

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: I thought it was delightful.

Rob: That, that’s–I find it delightful.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: So then it doesn’t feel contentious to me. But yes. I do recognize that he’s defensive. I can see it–he’s getting hot already. 

Glenn: Well, it doesn’t feel good to get picked on. Does it? 

Rob: No. No it doesn’t. It doesn’t.

Charlie: *Laughter*

Rob: But for the sake of, for the sake of show business, you know it’s–

Glenn: *Laughter*

Rob: –it’s, it’s fun.

Charlie: Now if you guys–

Glenn: I didn’t mind it at all.

Rob: No.

Charlie: –keep up this, this type of rhythm. Are Mac and Dennis gonna break up? How ‘bout that! Are you happy?

Mara: Ooooh! 

Charlie: Are you happy about a segway. Actually I didn’t wanna do a segway. 

Mara: You’re me.

Charlie: I just–

Mara: You’re me.

Charlie: –I love, I love, I love this episode. 

Glenn: I thought you were gonna say I love a good segway. 

Charlie: I don’t love a good segway. They’re corky.

Glenn: Uh, do you wanna set it up for us Mara?

Charlie: They’re corky as hell.

Mara: Absolutely. Today we’ll be discussing Season five, episode 9. Mac and Dennis Break up. It aired on November 12th, 2009.  It was written by Scott Marder and Rob Rosell. And directed by Fred Savage. 

Charlie: Do you feel as though, you’re like, a little bit like, on the chopping block? Like we’re, we’re like, “You better get your rhythms right here.”

Mara: Kind of. The way you were just looking at me. Was like, “Don’t fuck this up Mara.” I know.

Charlie: That was it. I gave you a–

Mara: I know. Should I do that over you guys?

Rob: No. 

Charlie: No. You tripped on a line.

Rob: I noticed that you looked up at Charlie. 

Charlie: Yeah. You looked up at me.

Mara: Yeah. I know. I was getting like–

Glenn: See. It’s all–

Mara: –nervous.

Glenn: –it’s a lot of judgment that comes from these two guys. 

Mara: Fuck yes. Glenn. 

Glenn: You see what I’m dealing with? 

Mara: I’m with ya. I’m in your lane. 

Charlie: You know what? You know why? ‘Cause we have, we demand excellence. 

Mara: Right.

Charlie: We don’t always achieve excellence.

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: But we demand it. 

Mara: And strive for it. Yeah.

Glenn: It’s like a–I demand excellence too. And then you come at me about it. You know? I demand excellence for my body and my, and my–

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: –and my health. You know? So it’s like pick some–pick it–which is it?

Charlie: I know. True.

Glenn: You know what I’m saying? Like–

Charlie: True. If you were that in depth about you know, something show business related, you know. Like, the, the, the types of cameras or whatever, I wouldn’t give a shit. But it’s–

Glenn: Right, you’d be like, that’s cool.

Charlie: –when it comes into like vitamins it’s funny.

Rob: Well I would say that I think that, maybe you got to an 8 or a 9 and you weren’t able to take in the information that were–I, I, I wasn’t questioning it.

Glenn: No, I just disagreed with it. 

Charlie: Mara I think you did a good job by the way.

Mara: Okay. Thank you, Charlie.

Glenn: I just disagreed with it. But that’s okay. That’s all right. You know. That’s all part of the deal. 


Glenn: You know. That’s what happens. That’s what happens when you get into a, you know, conversations about–I don’t, I don’t fuckin’ know.

Charlie: No. I like it.

Glenn: I haven’t had enough coffee today guys. 

Charlie: I tell you what. I had a, a bunch of coffee this morning and you know, I was having a little bit of Charlie tummy day. Which I hadn’t had in a while. Remember?

Glenn: Charlie tummy day.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Mara: Uh-oh.

Charlie: Where my tummy was just like a little off. And I was like, “You know what? Maybe you don’t need that extra cup of coffee.”

Rob: Did someone sneak some cheese into something you ate yesterday?

Charlie: I think there was some traveling. And there was some dabbling.

Glenn: Some oils. Some cream.

Charlie: Some dabbling with some oils and some creams and some dairies. That I, I normally would avoid.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: And uh, and you know, thought I got away with it. And it’s not, it’s not like a, it doesn’t–it’s like a, it’s like a time bomb. You know, like it doesn’t, it’s doesn’t happen that day. Like, it’s like 2 days later. It’s like, “Hey man. Remember, remember me? I’m still in here.”

Glenn: “I’m still in here. I’m still a problem.”

Charlie: “I’ve just been waiting to come out and like, and howl.” You know?

Glenn: “You fed me the oils. You fed me the oils. And now I’m ready.” 

Charlie: “You think you some kinda oil eating cheese monger? You ain’t.”

Glenn: “You ain’t. Let me show you.”

Charlie: “You wish you were.”

Glenn: *Laughter*

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Well, we’ve now discovered the uh, vegetable oils are, are, are often rancid. And uh, you know, so. 

Rob: Toxic. I had a vegetable juice this morning. 

Glenn: No. Vegetable oil–

Rob: And I thought about you.

Glenn: –I’m talking about vegetable, vegetable oils now. 

Rob: Oh.

Glenn: Gotta be careful with the vegetable oils.

Charlie: Now–

Glenn: They’re rancid.

Charlie: –but you’re 100 percent right. 

Glenn: I am.

Charlie: ‘Cause some–I’ll go to a restaurant and I’ll eat a food that I normally eat and it’s fine for me.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: But then I’ll feel like crap after. I’m like, I can tell it was cooked with some kind of oil that my body’s like, “I don’t know what to do with this man.”

Glenn: ‘Cause they cook it, they cook it with a cheaper oils. They’re cookin’ it with like safflower oil. Or sunflower oil. 

Mara: So Glenn, when you go to a restaurant, do you ask like, “What is–”

Glenn: No. 

Mara: “--kinda”. Okay.

Glenn: No.

Mara: All right.

Glenn: Just because I, I, I can’t. I can’t. There’s only so far I can go.

Charlie: It’s funny for, it’s like, it’s like–

Mara: Right.

Glenn: I just don’t wanna be that guy.

Charlie: –One reason that I think we’re so successful as a group is, we have aspects of our personalities that compliment each other to form a, a, a pretty well functioning uh, human being. You know. Who can make, make a good tv show or whatever it is.

Glenn: Comedy Voltron. 

Charlie: Yeah like, if I could have a little bit of, of your discipline in terms of like, knowing what each type of food is. Like, you don’t need it. Like, you could probably eat whatever and be fine. I probably need your knowledge. So if you could lend your knowledge to me, I don’t want it. But if you could–

Glenn: It’s a little bit of a burden.

Charlie: –if you could just download it into my brain.

Rob: A little bit.

Charlie: I don’t wanna sit and listen to it at all. But if you could–

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you could just have it.

Charlie: If I could just have it. Yeah.

Glenn: Not have to actually go through it. 

Charlie: I know.

Glenn: Go through the steps. But I mean, I don’t wanna give people the wrong impression. Look, I had, I had uh, I had pizza and chicken wings last night. Okay.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: So don’t, don’t, you know. I don’t want people to think that like I don’t, I don’t–that all I eat is like, you know. That I’m strict about every single thing. I’m not. I’m just, I’m just knowledgeable about. And I like to be knowledgeable about it. I find it interesting. 

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Rob: I, I have–just to be clear. I, I didn’t, I was not, I was not comin’ down on you about–in fact, I praised you.

Glenn: Don’t go down on me.

Rob: I praised you for how much time, effort, and energy you put into lots of things. 

Glenn: Mm-hm.

Rob: All I was suggesting was that it was, it’s fascinating how you will go from zero to ten on something. And then three weeks later when d–when new information comes out, you go zero to ten in the opposite direction. 

Glenn: I haven’t done that in a long time. 

Rob: I know. But I was pointing–I was pointing back in the past. Where that happens. That’s all.

Glenn: I was a passionate young man. You know.

Rob: *Laughter* 

Glenn: I was passionate about my health. I did try being vegan for a while. Um, and uh, it just didn’t work. It just didn’t, it didn’t feel good. I didn’t like the food. I, I didn’t feel as well as I thought I was gonna. You know, so I’ve tried, I’ve tried different things. And like, that stupid master cleanse which god–

Rob: We’re all trying new things. And I, I think that’s admirable. Like if you came in and said, “I’m doing this weird thing, I’m trying it. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. But like, I’m reading all this interesting science about it. And people have been fascinating for thousands of years. And I don’t know, I’ll–I’m gonna give it a shot.” 

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: We’d be like, “Oh. Okay. Right.” It was more–and back me up. So that I’m not out on a limb here. It was more than you came in and you were like, “This, this is, this is going to work. And if you guys–” And the implication was, “If you guys eat something today, that’s crazy. You shouldn’t be eating.”

Glenn: Now see, that was you getting defensive and thinking that I was judging you on what you were eating. And I wasn’t. 

Charlie: I think that–

Rob: Come on. Come on. 

Charlie: –okay. Here’s how I’ll back you up. The–

Glenn: The fuck man? You’re, you’re, you’re the one, like–you’re accusing me of getting defensive. You’re the one, like–I never said shit about what you were eating. I was doing my thing. And you were constantly commenting on it.

Rob: But do you understand–can you step outside of how upset you are right now? And just, can you understand what it is I’m trying to say?

Glenn: This is the thing. You are fucking gaslighitng the shit out of me right now.

Rob: No, no. I’m really not. I’m really not.

Glenn: He’s gaslighting me. You see this?

Rob: I’m just trying to get you to see–

Glenn: You’re fucking gaslighting me.

Rob: –to see–I’m really not.

Mara: Charlie get in there.

Rob: I’m really not. 

Charlie: Uh, I’m a little lost. 

Mara: So am I.

Charlie: But that’s what happens only ‘cause–yeah, yeah. They’re, but I understand both sides of it. You know. Uh–

Mara: You always do.

Rob: How ‘bout this? I’ll start with this. I’m open to hearing what you see–I’m open to hearing what my culpability is in this misunderstanding. 

Glenn: *Laughter* Yeah.

Rob: Can you tell me what it is? And I’m, I’ll listen to it. And I’ll–

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: –I’ll try to respond. 

Glenn: It’s just, it’s that uh–the feeling that I’m getting. Or the implication that I’m getting is that–I can’t ever use the word implication again.

Charlie: Nah. That one’s off–that one’s out of your–

Glenn: That ones off the table for me.

Charlie: –out of your, yeah.

Glenn: Everybody just, you know, comes right at me.

Charlie: You can’t use that one. 

Glenn: Uh, is that I get so into doing a thing, and that I judge other people for not doing–

Rob: Ah. I see.

Glenn: Or that I’m like, this is the way and if you’re not doing it–that, that’s the thing–

Rob: I got you.

Glenn: I don’t ever really remember doing. I do remember you know, getting very adamant about like, you know, I do believe this is gonna work. I don’t think you can do something that extreme without thinking like, on some level like, I hope this is gonna work. 

Charlie: I think that’s–so, what Rob’s point that he is, he’s trying to make uh is, if I may?

Rob: Sure.

Charlie: Is uh, is I think what sometimes we found funny about it, is your–

Glenn: It’s definitely funny. 

Charlie: Is your confidence in it. Right?

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: So just–

Glenn: Yes, yes.

Charlie: –you’re just talking about the oils. Or, or vegetables.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: That you, that you would have these things that you’d read, like the master cleanse.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: And you would approach it with such confidence.

Rob: And conviction.

Charlie: And conviction.

Rob: And clarity.

Charlie: That, and like, I think because–

Glenn: Not recognizing the irony that things are constantly changing.

Charlie: Things are changing.

Glenn: And my shits constantly changing.

Charlie: There’s a lot of–

Glenn: Yeah. I got you.

Charlie: –pseudo science. 

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: And junk science. And–

Rob: And so then, then we didn’t hear about it for years. And then when we’d say, “Hey. What about that master cleanse?” And you were like, “That. That was fuckin’ bullshit.” 

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: And then we’d be like, “Woah!” Like, that was such a big swing. And, aga–it–I, I hear what you’re saying in terms of like, once it seems like I’m, I’m projecting some kind of judgment, that’s–that doesn’t feel good. I’m not judging how, how you looked at–I’m not–I never felt like that I was being judged. 

Glenn: *Laughter* Sorry, go ahead.


Rob: It was more, I’m just trying–

Glenn: Oh you didn’t. Okay, ‘cause I, I–that was the impression that I was getting. Was that you were, you were you know, sort of–that you got that impression that I was comin’ in being like, well ‘cause I mean you said it. You were like “What you’re eating is gonna destory you.”

Rob: Yes. But I was using, I was using that as an example. Not of judgment.

Glenn: Got it.

Rob: I was using that as an example of an extreme point of view. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: That all I’m trying to point, all I was pointing out is like–

Charlie: Trying not to–

Glenn: The implication is that what I’m eating is going to destroy me because of how passionate you are about not eating what I’m eating.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Yeah. And you’re saying, “Don’t yuck my yum.” And we’re saying, “Yours is no yum. Because you’re not eating food.”

Glenn: Well, I think the thing that I take a little bit of umbrage with was, was that I had this like–that my conviction was so–like, my–if there was any conviction it was like, “I find this fascinating, and I wanna try this.” Like, because I, because I’m constantly seeking trying to feel better.

Charlie: It’s a little jab. And you’re fine with a jab, but where you take umbrage, where you get defensive, and this is understandable, is when the jab starts to say, “I know this is a fact about you.” And you’re like, “Woah. Hey. Wait a second.”

Glenn: Yeah. Feels like I’m being misrepresented a little bit. Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: And you’re like, “I’m the authority on me. Let me speak for me.”

Glenn: Thankfully, uh, I, I don’t, I don’t do really—I don’t live in the extremes quite as much anymore. Although I do still gobble up all the knowledge. I like it. But I don’t really remember it. You know what I mean? I remember bits and pieces. Like I remember the you know–like, I remember the application of it. It’s like, if you were to ask me like, “Why do you take Quercetin?” I’m like, “I don’t remember what I’m trying to do.” 

Charlie: Well, it works for you. And also I, you know, then you get, can get into some sort existential sort of thinking. Which is like, you may be destined to have this approach to your life and incapable of taking say your approach. Or my approach. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: That like, you’re hardwired into, this is–you’re just gonna be doing this no matter what. For the rest of your life. Different diets. Experimenting on different ways of eating food. And that’s just possibly gonna be your, your path in this life. I don’t know. 

Glenn: It could be. But then every once in a while you gotta have pizza and chicken wings. Which I did last night.

Charlie: Yeah. Good.

Glenn: And it was delicious.

Charlie: And I’m glad you are.

Glenn: And it made feel terrible.

Charlie: I’m glad you are. You seem more balanced when you’re in that zone. Than when you’re in a really dialed in thing.

Glenn: Oh. For sure. For sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t, I don’t think it’s, I think it’s like me–’cause like, the mental side of it you have to pay attention to too. Right? So if you’re, if you’re so mentally fixated on, and, and, you know, like, rigged about what it is that you’re doing, that’s not, that’s not healthy mentally. 

Charlie: Mara, how are you feeling about your decision to sit in today? Uh–

Mara: This is riveting.

Glenn: Well we could, we could cut 50 percent of this.

Mara: I’m just saying, “Wow.” We will be.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Mara: Yeah, yeah. We’ve cut a lot of that already.

Rob: Really?

Mara: No, no, no.

Rob: Maybe I’m lost. 

Charlie: No, no, no.

Rob: I feel like this is what–but maybe it’s just what I’m interested in. I don’t know. Like, maybe what the audience wants is–

Charlie: It’s both. You gotta have both things. 

Mara: I think the fans are scared that Rob and Glenn are–

Glenn: Are gonna break up?

Mara: –on the verge of breaking up. But they’re not.

Rob: That fascinates me. That truly fascinates me. 

Mara: So we can discuss–

Rob: Do people not navigate conflict–

Glenn: Well this is–

Rob: –on a daily basis?

Glenn: No, they don’t.

Mara: Not like you do.

Rob: Really?

Glenn: They don’t. No, they really don’t dude. They really don’t.

Rob: But how do you grow? How do you learn? 

Glenn: You have a capacity for conflict, that other people just don’t have. And I think that’s what makes you successful. Is you’re okay–you’re totally comfortable navigating conflict. You don’t see conflict–you don’t conflate conflict with uh, negativity. Right? Or, or negative outcomes. You conflate conflict with a positive outcome. And I think a lot of people avoid conflict because it does get uncomfortable, uncomfortable for people. I grew up in a household where uh, conflict was not really something that was navigated. Right? So I had to learn, and I actually have credited you in my life, like with Jill, for helping me learn how to navigate conflict. And helping me learn not to conflate conflict with negative outcomes or, or, or um you know, that conflict is inherently bad.

Rob: Mm-hm.

Glenn: Right? In the same way that lik, I had to sort of teach myself the difference between confidence and arrogance. ‘Cause I think it’s easy to conflate those things too.

Rob: Sure.

Glenn: Right? Like–

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: –and there is a massive difference. And I do think that like, I think conflict is, is crucial in, in a friendship. In a marriage. In a relationship. To be able to navigate conflict. To be able to have conflict and not have it be, and not like you know, have it be like, “Oh. This person disagrees with me.” Or “I’m being misrepresented. And therefore I categorically can’t be their friend. Or their you know uh, spouse, anymore.” So–

Rob: Well it takes practice. It’s, it’s not, it’s always uncomfortable. It’s not like something you, anybody seeks out.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: But, but, I don’t know. How, like–

Glenn: Well, I think in some, on some level you do. Because I think you enjoy it. Uh, but I think–

Rob: Well, I enjoy solving–

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: –an emotional problem.

Glenn: Exactly. Yeah.

Rob: Or distance. But yes.

Glenn: And I–

Rob: But I don’t enjoy, I don’t like–

Glenn: No. You don’t wanna make people feel bad.

Rob: No.

Glenn: That’s not what I mean. I don’t mean to imply that. I just mean–

Charlie: But you like debate.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: You like debate. He likes–yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: And I think, I think interesting conclusions come out of conflict. Right? You change somebody else’s mind about something. You change your own mind about something. Right? You’re, you’re working through stuff. It’s the only way to really work through stuff. Is–

Charlie: Well, this is–you know. Not to steer the show. We don’t have to go into the show. But like, I do feel like when we are at our best, is when we have navigated an episode that we have been conflicted about. 

Glenn: Yes. 

Rob: Mm-hm.

Charlie: And we have pulled something out from each, each other that we don’t naturally go to or have. And have forced each other to go to that place. And it makes a more well rounded, better episode of television.

Glenn: Yeah. I agree. As you said, like, you know, the, the comedy Voltron of it is such that, often you have very strong point of view about how something should go. What a joke should be. What a story point should be. And so do you. And sometimes they’re the same. And that’s easy. That’s fine.

Charlie: Most of the time probably I think they’re the same.

Rob: Yeah. Vast majority of the time.

Glenn: Yeah. Most of the–yes. Actually that’s true. Yeah. And then when it isn’t, it’s like you guys are kinda battling it out. And I’m usually, I’m usually sort of going like, “Okay. Yeah, like, maybe, maybe we take some of that and some of that. And, and there’s a way to kind of mix and match it together.”

Charlie: Well, what’s so interesting is when it isn’t and then we, we force it through whatever lens it goes through. And then it becomes a thing that the three us agree on. So that you know, we’re in the editing room knowing “No. You’re cutting it wrong. It should be this.” Right? Like so, it becomes a thing that we all have a mutual vision on. Usually, there’s not usually a ton of arguments by the time we get to the editing room. Um–

Glenn: And even now, like the arguments don’t, don’t, don’t take on the same sort of intensity that they used to in the, in the early days. Because–

Charlie: But that never felt like conflict. That felt like creative searching.

Glenn: Mm-hm.

Charlie: You know? Conflict feels a little bit more like this conversation about a personality trait.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Rob: I don’t know. But sometimes it leads to–

Charlie: In terms of when it feels uncomfortable. 

Rob: But either way, no matter what it’s, it’s never comfortable. You don’t seek it out. But it–but also, you never, whenever you hear about, you know movies that had, or television shows that had, you know. “It was just so fun. And everything was easy.” And then you watch it and you’re like–

Glenn: Yeah. The show’s that good.

Rob: –the show’s not that good. The movie sucks.

Charlie: Yeah. I know, I know.

Glenn: Some of the best bands, right?

Rob: There’s a reason–of course. Like the best bands–just–

Glenn: They fought all the fuckin’ time. 

Rob: Or just the fact that they’re tortured emotionally. Which allows them to access creative parts of their brain.

Glenn: Right.

Rob: And also like the greatest and strongest relationships that you have in your life are with people that you are, that you have insane amounts of conflict with. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: For sure.

Rob: And hopefully you navigate those–

Charlie: Yeah. 

Rob: I’ll bet you a–one of our highest rated episodes of the podcast. That more people would listen to. Would be and episode where, the three of us, the four of us, picked our favorite episodes. And then fought each other–

Glenn: *Laughter*

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: –as to why this is the best episodes of Sunny. And you are wrong and you are wrong. And I’m gonna plead my case. And it doesn’t have to get personal. But the more convicted you are in your position, the more interesting it is.

*Ad break*

Glenn: Heyo! For all you New York and Philly creeps. We’ve got some great news for you. We are bringing you The Always Sunny Podcast live.

Rob: Philly, we will see “yous” at TheMann music center September 23rd. 

Charlie: And New York City, we’re gonna see on October 12th and Radio City Music Hall.

Glenn: Head to the now for more details and ticket info.

Rob: Do not wait to get tickets they will sell out.

Glenn: Oh yeah.

Charlie: See you there. 

*Sunny music*

Charlie: This show is sponsored by Betterhelp. 

Glenn: That’s right Charlie. Betterhelp is an online therapy service that is designed to be convenient, affordable and suited to your schedule.

Rob: Have you tried therapy lately? Have you been thinking about trying to try it?

Glenn: Yeah, I mean it’s easy to find reasons not to dive in and do it. You know. One of which being that you’re just, you’re just too busy. 

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: Right? Which is something I think we can all relate to.

Charlie: Right, yeah. “Yeah, sorry. I’d like to unpack all my childhood trauma but I gotta go to a brunch.” You know?

Glenn: Oh. A brunch? Okay, that doesn’t feel like a good enough reason. You know, too often we get caught up in doing things that make others happy. When sometimes what you really need is to do, to stop. And just take a moment. Think about your own needs. You know. Otherwise you’re left uh, feeling stretched a little too thing. Right? And you’re burned out. 

Rob: And to be clear, therapy is not just helpful for people dealing with major or minor traumas. Therapy is a useful tool for anyone interested in examining their life, and learning copping strategies to live it more better.

Glenn: Yes. That’s exactly right. Live a more better life. With Betterhelp.

Charlie: Mm-hm. But don’t just take our word for it, take Megs. Oh Megs not here.

Glenn: Oh shit. Well–

Rob: No. That’s Mara.

Charlie: Okay. Megs not here.

Glenn: That’s all right. 

Rob: You know what? She’s probably off getting Betterhelp again. 

Glenn: Oh, yes. Meg loves Betterhelp. She loves it.

Rob: She always says that it’s been super helpful for her. When she needs it. And I know that she’s mentioned that it’s helped her set boundaries, and deal with making tough choices in work, and in her personal life. 

Charlie: Mm-hm. Actually all you gotta do, is you gotta fill out a brief questionnaire you know. To get matched with a licensed therapist. And then guess what? If you don’t end up clicking with that person, you can switch therapists at any time for no additional charge. 

Glenn: Find more balance. With Betterhelp. You know, visit to get 10 percent off your first month.

Rob: That’s Betterhelp 

*Ad break over*

Mara: How’d you guys feel about this episode? 

Glenn: I loved it.

Mara: Let’s talk about that conflict.

Rob: I hated it.

Glenn: Did you? 

Rob: No.


Charlie: That’s the problem. Is that I think we generally agree on which episodes we like. But–

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: –this episode was very good.

Rob: It’s so good.

Charlie: And it, because it was about, it was just about you guys’s inner personal dynamics. By the way, I was watching it being like, “Okay. We took both these characters in this direction for the rest of the show. After this episode.”

Mara: Yeah.

Glenn: Mm-hm. 

Charlie: Uh–

Glenn: It’s, it’s also just–I don’t know if you guys were feeling this watching it too. But it’s wall to wall jokes.

Charlie: It’s very funny.

Mara: Yeah. 

Glenn: Like, it’s never not being funny. Like there’s, like–you know what I mean? Even like the only thing that–and even this is funny. Because of how not funny we played it. But like, when we get into the–when I come back from the video store with Transporter 2. And we get into–like it’s, it’s sort of overtly comedic at first. And then it, and then it just turns into like a real relationship–

Charlie: A real fight. 

Glenn: –melodrama.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. 

Mara: Yeah.

Glenn: Like it turns into–and we don’t play it, we play it like–we try–and remember us talking about this on the day.

Charlie: Uh-huh, yeah.

Glenn: “This gonna be funnier if we play it like a, like a drama.” 

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Mara: We have that scene transcribed if you guys wanna…

Rob: Wanna act it out?

Glenn: Recreate it?

Mara: –act it out. 

Rob: Sure. 

Charlie: I think that we–like, from a performance standpoint, that episode is really interesting. ‘Cause it is played mostly like a drama. 

Glenn: Mm-hm.

Charlie: And, and not going hard at laughs. And then there are so many laughs throughout just, with what you’re talking about. Like the “appleseeds” and the “apple skin” and just incredible.

Dee: Why does Mac peal your apples for you?

Dennis: He doesn’t like for me to eat the apples with the skin on it. He says the skins loaded with toxins.

Dee: Okay. Well, good news. Mac’s not here.

Dennis: I know he’s not here. And that’s why I need you to do it for me, please, please.

Dee: Oh Jesus. Just eat it with the skin on it.

Dennis: I do not like it with the skin, Dee! I’m not allowed to eat it with the skin! I’m not allowed!

Dee: Oh my god, all right!

Glenn: It’s just a whole episode about like, massive codependency too. You know. Just, just, just how incredibly–

Charlie: Well, it’s, it’s simply about how we all relate to one another. And then the conflict within. But it is so, low stakes like, scheme. Plot wise. You know, there’s no big like–

Rob: Well it’s high stakes. It’s high emotional stakes. 

Charlie: High emotional stakes, yeah.

Rob: But there’s no, there’s no story really. There’s no wacky–it’s not plot heavy. It’s just that–

Charlie: No. It’s just that you guys feel tension and then–

Glenn: One guy wants to watch a movie. Like, that’s my whole thing.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Like, you know what I mean? Like–*Laughter* Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: But not really. What you really want–

Glenn: Yeah. What I really want is uh, well I–friendship. Companionship.

Rob: Yeah. 

Glenn: You know. Someone to watch a movie with. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Mara: Have you guys ever had a dramatic friend break up? In your real lives.

Glenn: Oh. A dramatic friend–I haven’t had, dramatic–I, when I hear your–your, your thing with this–because I think like, any friendships that, that felt like they weren’t working for me, I just would try to figure out how to make them fizzle out. 

Mara: Mm-hm.

Glenn: You know. I was never comfortable going to a friend and being like, “I don’t–” you know, in some form of, “I don’t wanna–I don’t think we should be friends anymore.”

Mara: Right. 

Rob: I–

Glenn: I’ve never done that.

Rob: –I see this more um, not to generalize. I’m actually speaking of like specific people in my life. But I, I, I find that women tend to have big blow ups. And like, friendships end way more than men. 

Mara: Mm-hm.

Rob: Where as men will just like, stop hangin’ out.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We just–

Mara: Right.

Glenn: –right. It just ends. It sort of ends.

Rob: It just ends. And there’s not like a, there’s not as much drama behind it.

Mara: Right. 

Charlie: I, but you know, it depends on the guy. Like, I have some male friends that I know that do have those blow ups. And always are having tension with one another. And I’m always like, “Oh. That’s interesting.” It’s never–it’s not me. But like uh, certain people I know in my friend group, I’m like, “Wow.” They’re always kind of having a fall out with this other person. And then, they are having those things. 

Mara: Wa–was this episode based on a friendship breakup? Like, do you guys remember conceptualizing this episode? And how it came about?

Glenn: I don’t–I remember, I remember somebody–

Rob: Didn’t it start with the “cat in the wall”. 

Glenn: Yes. It started with “cat in the wall”. 

Rob: It started with “the cat in the wall”.

Charlie: It did start with “the cat in the wall”?

Rob: I think so.

Glenn: And it built out from there.

Rob: And it built out from there.

Dee: Yeah. I’m kinda in the middle with something with my cat right now. 

Dennis: Oh. Okay. Well, yeah. I like cats. Let’s bring him into the mix. 

Dee: Uh, can’t do that. He is in the wall somewhere. 

Dennis: He’s in the wall?

Dee: Yeah. I think he got into the wall. 

Dennis: Wow.

Charlie: I think it started with you guys breaking up. I feel like someone pitched that that was a funny idea.

Glenn: It was both.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: It was both. Because what we often do is, we’ll have like, okay “cat in a wall”, that’s a card. Right? And then, “Mac and Dennis break up”, that’s a card. And then we’re lookin’ at it and we realize, “Well, what if that’s the same…” you know, story.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: Which is kind of a fun thing, like– ‘cause it’s–the two don’t inherently have anything to do with each other. But, you know.

Charlie: Here’s one thing I remember finding so funny on, on the day when we were filming it. But I don’t remember if it was in the script, or if we were just pitching it to you. Is, is you *chuckles*, is me telling you that I’m coming over and you telling Kaitlin, “Charlies coming over.” And her saying, “I don’t care.” And then you having to be resigned and saying, “Yeah. I don’t care either.”

Glenn: “I don’t care.”

Mara: Yeah. *Laughter*

Glenn: Yeah. That was an on the day thing.

Charlie: It was, it was. Right?

Glenn: Yes, yes. That was not in the script. 

Charlie: I remember finding that so so so—

Rob: There’s a lot of Marder–

Glenn: Just one extra thing.

Rob: –a lot of Marder and Rosell in here.

Glenn: The Marder and Rosell is all over this.

Charlie: The whole like, “apple skin toxins”--

Glenn: Yes.

Charlie: –feels like those guys. And–

Glenn: Yeah. Totally.

Mara: I love when you call um, or you’re, you’re talking to Charlie or, when you go, “It’s what he does. It’s what he does.”

Glenn: “It’s what he does.” 

Charlie: “It’s what he does.”

Glenn: “It’s what he does.” Yeah.

Mara: So funny.

Charlie: Yeah.

Mara: And the cold open too. Like calling Kaitlin a “cat lady”. And then the way you guys walk out. With your–*Laughter*

Charlie: Yeah. You do a little–

Glenn: We were, that was because we were–

Charlie: –a little Ironman move.

Glenn: –it’s because we had, we were doin’ a whole other bit that got cut.

Rob: I think–

Mara: Oh.

Rob: –that’s Big Trouble in Little China

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: It was Big Trouble in Little China.

Rob: That’s what we were doing. Where the guy–

Charlie: Shoots the lightning bolts.

Rob: –shoots the lightning bolts.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: The guy with the hat.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: The guy with the China hat. Yeah. Big Trouble in Little China

Charlie: What season is The Gang Dines Out? It’s a couple seasons later, right?

Glenn: Nine.

Charlie: Nine?

Glenn: I believe it’s nine. 

Charlie: All the way up to nine?

Glenn: I think.

Charlie: Okay. ‘Cause that’s going back into that dynamic–

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: –between the two of you guys. Which is so fun. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: It’s the little–

Rob: This is a romantic comedy.

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. This is a romcom.

Rob: It’s a romantic comedy. Yes.

Charlie: But like, it’s the lit–and like, we gotta do both. You know, we have to do the big episodes. And we gotta go to the waterpark. And those episodes are great. Um, but man, when we can key in on the little things, that feel real. Like, Frank cuts his toes with a knife, you know?

Mara: Yeah.

Mac: Jesus Christ, Frank. Are you cutting your toenails with a steak knife?

Charlie: I suppose you have a problem with that too? 

Frank: Arg! Oh! Batched toe! I batched that one. Oh, that’s a botched job. 

Charlie: It’s so funny because it’s so intimate. And you’re getting such a, like a close look at the characters. And you’re kinda’ pealing away a curtain no one had seen before. And we didn’t know that Mac and Dennis had this movie night. And that, you know, that their relationship was here yet. You know, so, I don’t know. I, I found this one amazing.

Glenn: Yeah. The scene at the end, where we get, where we’re at the restaurant together and we’re making up. You remember where we shot that?

Rob: I, for some reason I thought it was in Philly. But that, the–that was a different episode when we were in the barns–the Dave and Busters.

Glenn: No. We shot that at Dave and Busters. 

Rob: That was Dave and Busters?

Glenn: Yeah. 

Rob: Okay. So–

Charlie: That was Dave and Busters. 

Glenn: It was a si–like a side like, dinning room.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Or whatever. So, we probably shot it–

Charlie: John Ponzio again. 

Glenn: Yeah. Ponzio.

Charlie: Paying the waiter.

Glenn: What was the episode where we ended by–

Glenn: Oh. With The Predator–

Rob: Yeah. With The Predator–

Charlie: With The Predator–

Rob: Was that this and then we didn’t wind up putting it in the show? 

Glenn: Shit dude. Yes. Yes it was.

Rob: Okay. That’s why–

Glenn: It was, it was in this episode. It was in that scene. It was the end of that scene.

Rob: Yeah. Which would make sense. Which would make sense. Because that’s why The Predator–

Charlie: You wanted to watch Predator.

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: We did the *Predator noise*, right?

Rob: We ended–we ended it like this. 

Glenn: *Laughter*

Rob: And like a close up of our biceps.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah. ‘Cause that’s what it is in Predator.

Rob: Okay. So, so I was watching it. I was like, “Oh. We shot this in Dave and Busters. Oh, now we didn’t. Because we ended that scene, but with us–”

Glenn: Uh-huh.

Rob: But we didn’t wind up using it. We didn’t wind up using it.

Glenn: I think–I wonder why we cut that out.

Rob: I don’t know.

Glenn: We just–

Charlie: Probably seems like style wise, different from the rest–the episode is so sort of, natural. You know, from a camera standpoint. 

Glenn: Yeah. Maybe that was it.

Charlie: It’s just very like–

Glenn: Maybe it felt like a hat on a hat. Like it, just like another joke.

Charlie: Yeah. Like there’s not a lot of like, push ins. Or anything in this episode. Like, so it might’ve felt weird to just do such a very stylistic thing at that point.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Charlie: Or maybe it just wasn’t funny. Maybe we cut it and we’re like, “Eh. It’s not that funny.” 

Glenn: “It’s not that funny.”

Rob: Maybe we fought about it. Maybe, maybe we were like, “That’s gotta go in.” And you were like, “No. It’s gotta go out.” 

Charlie: Maybe we did.

Glenn: It’s possible.

Charlie: Maybe we did.

Rob: And see, you don’t remember that part. All we remember is how close we are. 

Charlie: Yeah man.

Rob: And that we belong together.


Charlie: Let’s do it. 

Glenn: Uh, who is it in uh, in, in, in Predator? That it’s, it’s obviously Schwarzenegger and it’s uh–

Rob: Carl Weathers.

Charlie: Carl Weathers.

Glenn: Is it Weathers?

Charlie: Yeah. Definitely. 

Glenn: It’s not Je–It’s not Jesse “The Body” Ventura? 

Charlie: No.

Rob: I think it’s Carl Weathers. 

Charlie: That’s, that’s a Carl Weathers bicep you’re thinking of.

Glenn: Is that right before–is that right after he says “You son of bitch.”

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Right. He comes in, right. You think they’re gonna get in a fight.

Rob: *Laughter* Yeah. Yes.

Glenn: Right? And then it’s like, “Nah.” Close up.


Rob: It’s just a close up. 

Charlie: That’s great. So good.

Rob: It’s so good.

Glenn: Yeah. Uh–

Mara: So, a few episodes ago you guys asked the creeps to send us like Sunny continuity errors. 

Rob: Oh.

Mara: Did you guys notice the major one in this episode?

Glenn: Oh yeah. 

Mara: Yeah.

Glenn: Oh yeah. It’s in that same dining scene at the end.

Mara: Yeah. We have that scene if you guys wanna watch it. 

Charlie: Oh. 

Glenn: Sure.

Charlie: The stain–the water stain on your shirt. 

Glenn: Oh right. The “big breasted woman.”

Rob: Yes. Mac is very straight in this episode. 

Dee: Sit down.

Glenn: Very.

Charlie: Well, ish–. I mean–

Dee: Sit. 

Glenn: You were very in love with Dennis. 

Mac: What is he doing here? 

Dennis: I was told I would be meeting a woman with giant breasts.

Glenn: *Laughter*

Mac: I was also told that I was to meet a woman with giant breasts. 

Dee: Yes geniuses, I set you up. 

Glenn: “Geniuses”.

Dee: Now can you please make up? Because you’re driving everyone crazy. Look, I’m sorry that I called you codependent. Okay? I think you have a great friendship, and it’s perfectly natural for two grown men to need each other this badly. So make up please. 

Mac: I guess I should–ah!

Dennis: Ugh! You son of a bitch!

MAc: Ah!

Dee: Okay. All right. Okay. Oh my god. You know what?

Rob: See, this is that shorthand though. 

Dee: I don’t care anymore. Guess what?

Rob: We are making up. This is how we make up. 

Dee: –so make up. Don’t make up. Kill each other–

Rob: We are in the process of making up.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Right now.

Glenn: Mm-hm. Yeah.

Rob: I know what you need. You know what I need.

Dennis: She looks like a bird. 

Mac: *Laughter*

Rob: I don’t wanna admit it yet. 

Charlie: I love that.

Glenn: It’s like you’re not ready to admit it yet.

Rob: That’s the thing. Like, there’s an olive branch.

Dennis: –a couple seeds today.

Mac: Did you make yourself throwup? 

Glenn: *Laughter*

Dennis: I tried, but I couldn’t. 

Mac: Smoke some cigarettes. The smoke will suffocate the bacteria into your stomach.

Glenn: Definitely a Rosell joke.

Rob: Yeah. 

Dennis: Okay. Thanks.

Charlie: Oh yeah. The water stain on your shirt. 

Glenn: Yeah. 

Dennis: How was Charlie’s?

Charlie: You know what? You do a little thing in this, in this episode in a different scene. Where you’re yelling at Dee about not being allowed to eat the apple. Which is so, such a funny thing. And then she says, “Fine. I’ll peal you the apple.” And your little smile…and then you throw the apple to her.

Glenn: Well, I got my way. 

Charlie: You got your way. Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: I got my way.

Rob: Well, uh–the–I believe when Danny was using the toe knife, the line as scripted was, “Uh. I botched it. I botched it.” And he didn’t get that line right. But he came up–

Glenn: “Botched job.” 

Rob: “–a botched–that’s a botched job.”

Glenn: No. That was, that was me.

Rob: That was you?

Glenn: The whole–

Rob: Did you tell him to say that? 

Glenn: No, no. Well, I don’t know if it was in the script or not. But, uh, I just–

Charlie: “I botched it” was in the script. ‘Cause I remember there was a big Rosell thing about like, botching something.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: No, no, no. No, that was me.

Charlie: Really?

Glenn: That was me. Yeah, because, because–and I know–the reason I know is because that’s like, uh, that’s like a thing uh, that my dad used to say. All the time. Like, “I botched it.” Like, he would say, I don’t know. That was just–and I just remember thinking that was really, that was really funny. But uh, yeah. So I don’t remember–

Rob: “A botched job.” 

Glenn: “It’s a botched job.”

Rob: “It’s a botched job.”

Charlie: “A botched job.” Yeah. Is very funny.

Glenn: Yeah. That’s something my dad would say. Like–

Charlie: Uh, okay.

Glenn: “That’s a botched job.”

Charlie: Um, Danny also in this episode, instead of saying “my head is spinning”, he said “my head is swimming.”

Rob: “Swimming.” Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: Wait, sorry. Wait, who says that? 

Charlie: Frank. He uh, he gets tired of Mac telling him all these things. He’s like, “I gotta get out of here. My head is swimmin’.” 

Glenn: *Laughter* Yeah.

Charlie: Which is just a, “a botched job” of the line. But, you know–


Charlie: It’s a better line.

Glenn: But also kinda works, right?

Charlie: Yeah. Totally. 

Glenn: My head is swimming. Is that not a thing? Can you not say like, my head is–

Rob: Swimming with ideas. I suppose.

Charlie: Yeah. I guess you could.

Glenn: Is that a thing? 

Rob: I think so. I think that’s an expression. 

Mara: How did the “cat in the wall” come about? That conc–did that happen to someone?

Glenn: I was trying to think–

Rob: I believe that happened to somebody.

Glenn: It did happen to somebody?

Rob: Maybe it was Sonny Lee? 

Glenn: I feel like it was either Pat or Sonny.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, one of them–

Glenn: That came in with that–

Charlie: –had a cat in the wall.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: I remember being irritated on the day about how wide the wall was. That the wall, when we break the hole in, should’ve been half the depth. So–

Glenn: Oh you mean that there’s too much room for her to climb in?

Mara: It’s a huge hole.

Charlie: Yeah. Well, yeah. Like a–like, there’s too much room for her to climb in. It’s too thick a wall. Like–

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. Why would you ever do that?

Charlie: –she should have had to really jimmy in sideways. With barely enough room.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: But what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?

Glenn: I love that that’s–that’s what–that was your thing that you picked up on.

Mara: A lot of cat work on Sunny. A lot of cat work.

Charlie: Cat’s are funny.

Rob: Cat’s are funny.

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: Cat’s are funny.

Glenn: Cat’s are funny. Dogs are funny. You know. Uh, birds are funny. 

Charlie: People can relate to them ‘cause they have cats. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: You know.

Mara: Yeah. 

Charlie: Whole episode’s about an iguana, you can’t really relate.


Glenn: Yeah. You’re like–

Charlie: You’re like, “I don’t know.” She lost her iguana, it’s funny. But I don’t know any iguanas still.

Glenn: It’s actually not a bad idea though.

Charlie: It’s not bad. 

Glenn: Dee gets an iguana. 

Charlie: Put it on the board. 

Glenn: *Laughter*

Rob: Goes up on the board.

Mara: Um, so Mac tries to go over uh, to like take things over at Charlie and Frank’s place. Have you guys ever had like a controlling roommate that kinda made you crazy?

Rob: I, this is probably based on me. I mean, you–like, your frustration with me–

Mara: As a roommate?

Rob: –No. No. Not as a roommate. As a partner. Like coming in–I think the joke was that it’s, it’s my character but it’s like, partially me. Like, coming in and being like, “Well now we’re gonna do it the way I wanna do it.” And I just keep like–

Mara: Yeah.

Rob: –telling–*Laughter* –telling Frank and Charlie the way that they’re gonna live. And there’s like some benefit to that. But mostly I’m just a pushy asshole. 

Charlie: Do you remember the amount of conversations about the “cheeto fingers” on the wall?

Rob: Oh. Wait. We were spo–

Mara: Cheeto fingers.

Rob: I believe that this is a product integration.

Glenn: That was a product integration. 

Charlie: Oh! Yes it is!

Mara: Oh my god.

Charlie: And it’s–

Rob: Cheetos product integration.

Charlie: Cheetos wanted–like loved “cheeto finger” thing. Like, they wanted it. Right, wasn’t that a big thing? Where they were like–

Rob: I think it was the opposite. 

Glenn: It was that they didn’t want, that was what they didn’t want? Is, was like, “That’s the one thing about our product–”

Charlie: That makes more sense. 

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: But for some reason I remember them being like, “And if you could really talk about the cheeto fingers–” But–


Rob: Maybe. Maybe. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: That’d be cooler. 

Charlie: Yeah. We got a little plug from Cheetos.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: That was fine. It felt like easy to do. 

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. Well that’s one of those things where like, it’s, it’s less distracting if it’s somebody’s holding a bag of Cheetos. Than something that is, you know, like a knockoff thing. 

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: It’s clearly a movie brand. Or, whatever. But again, we didn’t get any of that money. That went straight to the network. 

Rob: It did. But that–it was helping justify why they kept picking the show up.

Glenn: Sure.

Charlie: Absolutely.

Rob: ‘Cause at this point, still no one was watching it.

Glenn: Nah.

Charlie: Absolutely.

Mara: And did the brands–

Rob: Very few people.

Mara: –reach out to you guys? 

Charlie: No. No, no.

Mara: Or you guys–like how did it come about?

Charlie: It goes through the network. And then it trickles down to us at some point. While we’re writing that they’re like, “Hey. Just so you know, if you could work in Cheetos, or something. It would be good for the show.” And we’re like, “Yeah. All right.”

Mara: We gotta do that on this show. 

Glenn: What?

Mara: Product placement.

Glenn: Product integration.

Mara: Yeah.

Rob: Absolutely. 

Mara: Mention it all. 

Rob: Five hour–Five Hour Energies. 

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: Did you have one today?

Rob: I had one this morning, yeah. I got up at 5 AM. 

Glenn: Is there uh, I, I wanna try–I wanna try one of those.

Rob: Try one. We should do it on the pod. 

Mara: *Laughter*

Rob: And you should talk about how you feel. 

Charlie: Mm.

Mara: Yes.

Rob: Drink a feel free and talk about how you feel.

Charlie: Yeah, I mean. Or I should drive like a vintage Mercedes around. And just see like what like, you know. Like, how does it handle. You know. How does a, you know–put the top down. Cruise around.

Glenn: That’s a big one. That’s a big ask.

Charlie: *Laughter* 

Glenn: That’s a big ask.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: These are so comfortable. These shoes. They’re just–

Glenn: Oh yeah. There ya go.

Charlie: “Hey everybody. I’m TV’s Michael Jordan. I’m sending uh, Rob McElhenney some shows.”

Glenn: *Laughter* 

Mara: Do you guys remember video stores? 

Rob: Oh yes.

Mara: Yeah. Right. Blockbuster.

Charlie: Of course. 

Mara: What was your–

Rob: I am so petty–

Mara: –okay.

Rob: –that the day that blockbuster announced bankruptcy, was–I was elated. I, I hated Blockbuster–

Mara: What?

Rob: –with a passion. 

Mara: Why? What–

Glenn: Why’d you hate Blockbuster?

Rob: Because Blockbuster would not carry–

Charlie: Campfire Stories?

Rob: –the DVDs of It’s Always Sunny Philadelphia.

Glenn: Oh.

Mara: Why?

Rob: They did not carry It’s Always Sunny. 

Charlie: Oh. Fuck them in their–

Mara: Oh. Fuck that. 

Rob: They did not carry Sunny.

Charlie: –coorporate assholes, man.

Mara: Wh–What was…Why?

Rob: Um–

Charlie: Too edgy.

Rob: –don’t know. Don’t know. We, we kept getting the runaround. But, we would go uh–I loved, I loved going to Blockbuster. I love–

Mara: Yeah.

Rob: –I love renting movies. That was–the, the–just the whole uh, event.

Mara: Yeah.

Rob: Of going to the movie store.

Glenn: It’s exciting.

Rob: And picking out–

Mara: Totally.

Glenn: So exciting.

Charlie: Well, especially like you, if you got to know the person there that like, they, they were, they were film buffs. They were film buffs.

Glenn: The video store clerks guy?

Charlie: Yeah. 

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. Like, that’s why they wanted that job. You know. They were like Quentin Tarantinos in the making. 

Glenn: Yeah. They were all Quentin Tarantinos, they just couldn’t write like him.

Charlie: Yeah. Well, *Laughter*--Uh, like I remember in New York, I would go to the one, just like a walk up the street. I had the little card that you get the stamp on. Every time you rent.

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: So like, you get enough stamps–

Glenn: Get a free one.

Charlie: –you get a free one. 

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: And just sometimes the person would suggest movies. And you would take it home. You’d watch it and you’d be like, “I’m so glad this person suggested this movie. I would, I would’ve never found this otherwise.”

Glenn: Yeah. 

Mara: Yeah. 

Charlie: Then they invented the internet and ruined everything. 

Mara: Then the internet ruined everything. 

Charlie: Then the internet ruined everything.

Mara: Yeah. They’d have like 21 copies of the new release. And you’d like–

Glenn: Yeah.

Mara: –like run. And they’d all be gone. You’re like, “No!”

Glenn: Yes.

Mara: Go to the front desk like, “Are there any back here?”  And it was something–

Rob: Yeah. And it did, it did create a sense of anticipation. 

Mara: Yes.

Rob: And it made it an, an event. And then you’d have to wait–if you missed out you’d have to wait until the following weekend. And–

Mara: Totally.

Charlie: I also loved having a thing. Like, in my hands.

Mara: Yes.

Charlie: That you could like, you know open it up. And like, there were sometimes–

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: –cool artwork. Or you’d be like, “Look. There’s–this, this one has DVD extras.” And–

Mara: Mm-hm.

Rob: And people talk about like, the, the choices in scrolling. And sometimes you get caught in that, in that vortex where you’re just scrolling through–

Mara: It’s too much.

Rob: –and not choosing something. That hap–that would happen in Blockbuster too.

Mara: Yeah.

Glenn: Oh yeah.

Rob: You would just walk around and I don’t know–

Glenn: Opture paralysis.

Rob: Yeah. 

Mara: Section to section.

Rob: I don’t know which one I should get. But for some reason it was more exciting.

Mara: Yeah.

Glenn: And if your–if your dad le–if your mom or dad let you, you’d get all 3. You know what I mean? You’d be like, “Can we just get ‘em all?” You know what I mean? Like–

Mara: Yeah.

Charlie: Get all Police Acadameys.

Glenn: Get the kee–*Laughter* Yeah.


Charlie: “Every single one, son? I’m a millionaire?” 

Rob: “We gotta start with one otherwise we’ll be lost.”

Mara: Did you guys have one movie that you rented like, over and over again? That you can remember?

Glenn: Oh. Uh, definitely the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. 

Mara: Those were your faves?

Glenn: I rented those over and over and over. I was obsessed with those movies. I don’t know why.

Rob: Do you ever–

Glenn: ‘Cause they gave me nightmares.

Rob: –do you have–ever have a memory of a movie that you would see every time you were in there? And you would would think, “Maybe I’ll get that. But I’m not gonna get it.”

Glenn: Oh yes.

Rob: And you did it like 50 times. Do you remember what movie? I remem–

Glenn: Prizzi’s Honor.

Rob: Are you fucking kidding me? No way!

Mara: Wait, what’d you say?

Rob: No. Are you serious? Or do you remember me saying that to you one time? 

Charlie: I feel like this conversation has happened before. 

Glenn: No. I remember that–

Rob: We may have had that–this conversation. ‘Cause that’s insane.

Charlie: Yeah. This Prizzi’s Honor conversation has happened.

Glenn: No. I remember, I remember that, that–it’s possible that we’ve had this conversation before. But if we–no, we did have this conversation.

Rob: Okay. All right. Phew.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: But I do, I do–

Rob: If it just so happened that that was the same movie–

Charlie: No, no.

Glenn: Well, that is one of those–

Mara: What was the movie? What did you say?

Glenn: But I think it resonated because–

Rob: Prizzi’s Honor.

Glenn: –I think, that was one of those movies that like–

Rob: Still never seen it.

Glenn: –no. I’ve never seen it. I don’t even–I don’t even know who’s in it anymore. 

Rob: I think–

Glenn: Like I don’t even remember–

Rob: I think Jack Nicholson is in it. 

Glenn: Sure. Yeah, but, but that is one of those movies that I saw like a million times and just never–

Charlie: You’d walk by, he’s on the cover.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: You’re like, “Maybe.”

Glenn: Never grabbed it.

Charlie: And then you don’t grab it.

Rob: Oh, that blew my mind there for a second. But yeah. Now I’m, now I’m thinking–

Glenn: I feel like we did have this conversation.

Rob: –we did have this conversation. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: And we may have had it on the podcast.

Charlie: Do you guys remember at–becoming the age where you’re starting to be more sexual, right? And then you’re like, you’re in the Blockbuster and you’re like, “Do you think we could get like, Porky’s.” Or like whatever like–

Glenn: *Laughter*

Charlie: You know, like uh, like, just be like, “Maybe…Okay. We’ll definitely rent the one that our parents know that we’re allowed to rent. But like, maybe we could like–”

Glenn: Slip in a Porky’s?

Charlie: Yeah. Slip in a little–


Charlie: Switch the DVDs? I don’t know. I remember like, probably like–

Glenn: I don’t–

Charlie: –12 years old or something like that.

Mara: Yeah.

Glenn: –I don’t remember…I mean, I watched a lot of horror films like, back in those days. So like I feel like there was always, there was always that in, in horror movies back in the day.

Charlie: I’ve been catchin’ up on my horror films. I watched X. So I saw Pearl first. And then I saw X.

Glenn: Is Pearl a prequal to X?

Charlie: Yes. But it seemed like you needed to see Pearl to, to understand X. But that’s just the way I saw it. Anyway, I loved ‘em both. 

Rob: Just like Transporter. 

Glenn: Sure.

Charlie: You’d be lost.

Rob: You’d had to of–you’d had to have seen the first one–

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can’t transport straight to the second one.

Rob: *Laughter*

Glenn: I wonder if that–well, you know what? I think maybe that came from the fact that, I remember actually that I did do that. I watched Transporter 2 and I had never seen Transporter. 

Charlie: Ah, yeah.

Glenn: And I remember thinking like, “Am I gonna be lost?” 


Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Totally. Totally.

Glenn: And then realizing almost immediately like, “That’s ridiculous. I’m sure I won’t be lost.”

Rob: I’m gonna bet you can watch any Jason Statham movie across his entire catalog, and not be lost.

Glenn: Ad not be lost. Yeah.

Rob: As long as he’s in it.

Glenn: Sure.

Rob: You’ll be fine.

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: Yeah.

*Ad break*

Charlie: Man it’s finally summer. Everything’s slowed down here with the strike. And I am itching to get out of dodge and take a trip. 

Glenn: Oh nice man. Where you thinking about going?

Charlie: I don’t know.

Rob: Boy, have I got the destination for you. Now have you guys ever heard of a place called Philadelphia Pennsylvania? 

Charlie: Show it to me on a map.

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: Sounds made up. No uh, it’s funny. But you know what? We’ve been to Philly so many times but we’re always so busy shooting. I don’t think, I don’t think we–you notice, we don’t ever have enough to just get out there and explore. And what I’d like to do really is trek around and make some more memories. You know. But I–you know, where to start?

Glenn: Dude, I’ve got just the thing for you. 

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: Have you tried Viator?

Charlie: Mm.

Glenn: You gotta get on Viator. Okay. It’s, it’s a website and app to book travel experiences. All right. They, they have a ton of unique options. They’re all, all over the map. They have over 300 thousand bookable experiences in 190 countries. 

Rob: I’m lookin’ at Viator for Philly and they have a bunch of cool looking tours. You got a walking tour, a cruise tour, a trolly tour, where you can get hammered while you ride, even something described as a “Dark Philly adult night tour”. 

Charlie: Mm, now that sounds like an extreme adventure.

Rob: Yes. That’s extreme.

Charlie: That, that sounds cool. That sounds cool.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: “Sexy guest ghost tour.”

Glenn: Oooo. Now I, I used Viator recently uh, with Jill. Uh, we took a tirp to Hawaii. And we used Viator for that. And uh, it was awesome. You know. We did a, we did a, we did a night snorkel. And let me tell ya, I–have you guys ever done a night snorkel? It’s awesome. It was, it was really trippy at night. Like, you know, we loved it. Plus you know, we got 10 percent off our uh, vacation, with uh, Viator10. And they have free cancelation payment options. And 24/7 service so you can always be flexible.

Rob: Yeah. And Viator’s travel experience have millions of real traveler reviews. So you can check out what others thought of the activities that you’re most interested in.

Charlie: Download the Viator app now and use uh, code Viator10 for 10 percent off your first booking. One app. Over 300 thousand experiences you’ll remember. Do more with Viator.

*Ad break over*

Glenn: Well, did we do it? 

Charlie: I think we probably covered it. You know. That’s probably it for that.

Mara: Yeah. Anything else about this episode?

Charlie: Are youg guys breaking up, or are you staying together? 

Glenn: I think we’ll stay together. I mean–

Rob: I think we’ll stay together, yeah.

Glenn: Friendships are a complicated thing. You know. They’re uh, they’re a living thing. 

Mara: I do think you guys should do the scene. Just ‘cause it’s so iconic. The fans love it. 

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: The fans love it! Let’s do it for the fans.

Mara: Do it for the the fans. Okay. Perfect.

Glenn: All right. Heyo!

Rob: Yo. Uh, where you been?

Glenn: Uh, what do you mean, man? I’ve–I uh–You know what? Actually, why don’t you guys switch? So then that way we could just cut between these 2 cameras. You know what I mean? ‘Cause my looks to him aren’t gonna be good.


Rob: He didn’t like that.

Glenn: My looks to him aren’t gonna be good. You know what I mean? 

Charlie: Uh-huh.


Glenn: He didn’t like that. 

Rob: He didn’t like that. 

Charlie: My tummy don’t–my tummy don’t feel good. I don’t feel good.

Glenn: Oh no.

Mara: No. 

Rob: No.

Glenn: I’m sorry Charles. 

Charlie: Take a big crap. Here’s your water. Here’s your water.

Rob: Thanks pal.

Glenn: Here we go.

Charlie: All right.

Glenn: Heyo!

Rob: Hey. Uh, yo. Where, where you been?

Glenn: Uh, what do you mean? I was gettin’ the movie. 

Rob: Uh, yeah. But you, you ans–you weren’t answering any of my calls. I’ve been, sort of callin’ ya over and over.

Glenn: I was having a, a conversation with the video store clerk. 

Rob: Uh, yeah. But I texted you 911 dude. That, that means it’s an emergency.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah, I saw that. What was the emergency Mac?

Rob: Well, I couldn’t get in touch with you dude. I almost called the police.

Glenn: The emergency was you couldn’t get in touch with me?  I mean, that’s a little bit of an over, an overreaction. Don’t you think man?

Rob: Yeah. 

Glenn: Like–like, uh, I was gone for what, an hour? I mean–

Rob: Well yeah. But I thought we had a deal, you know. You would check in with me every once in a while. And then that way I would know that you’re okay. 

Glenn: Okay. All right. Well yeah, I’m, I’m okay. Can we watch the movie? 

Rob: Yeah. Great. Sure. 

Glenn: Okay. All right. Good. 

Rob: Transporter 2?

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah. I, I, look man. I, you know, I know you wanted to see Predator again, but I feel like, you know, we’ve seen that like 30 times in the last 2 months. And I thought maybe we could mix things up. You know, video store clerk guy said that this movie was, was awesome. So–

Rob: The store clerk guy…I feel like you, you won’t stop talking about him. 

Glenn: *Laughter*

Charlie: That was a better take huh?

Glenn: Yeah. That was a good take. We should use that one.

Rob: We should use that one. 

Charlie: Very sad. Very real. Let’s use that one. Circle it.

Rob: Can we use that one?

Glenn: I asked him for a movie recommendation. Okay?

Rob: Yeah. And you got one. 


Glenn: It’s really not that big of a deal dude.

Rob: Well, the big deal Dennis is that I wasn’t even consulted on the decision. Okay? This is a big deal to me as well. You know, it’s also my night. Plus, Transporter 2? We haven’t seen Transporter 1. Which means we’ll be completely lost. 

Glenn: I doubt it.

Rob: Plus, Jason Statham’s physique is nothing like the lineup in Predator.

Glenn: Okay. Please. No. Will you stop. I don’t wanna hear conversations anymore about dude’s physiques.

Rob: Dennis.

Glenn: And just–whether or not they can–

Rob: In body mass alone.

Glenn: Okay that, that’s, yes. Okay. Yeah I get it. Okay. Can we not–that’s what I was trying to avoid. Okay? I don’t wanna have a conversation about body mass. Okay? We’ve had that conversation 5 times you know, a day for the last month. Because we keep watching Predator and all you wanna talk about is Weathers, you know. And Jesse “The Body” Ventura. And how many pounds they can pack on. And why that’s important.

Rob: It’s important to pack on mass. We’re talkin’ about carboloading. And–

Glenn: I don’t want–I don’t wanna have this conversation. No, no. I don’t wanna have this conversation. I just don’t man. 

Rob: Uh, you had to say “I don’t wanna–”

Glenn: I don’t wanna have this conversation with you, anymore. Okay?

Rob: No. You’d rather have it with the video store clerk. 

Glenn: You know what man? I–look, if you don’t wanna watch the movie with me that’s fine. I’ll watch it by myself. God damn!

Rob: Woah.

Glenn: Jesus.

Rob: Where, where’s this coming from?

Glenn: I guess, I–I have been thinking a lot. About what Dee said. And I do think, I do think that maybe we are spending maybe a little too much time–


Charlie: You had it.

Glenn: I know.

Charlie: Ya had it.

Glenn: I just–I do think we’re, we’re, we are spending a little too much time together.


Glenn: I can’t look at you.

Rob: Well, what are you saying?

Glenn: I’m just, I feel like I–okay. I’m saying that I feel like maybe we’re in a little bit of a rut. And I feel like that I’m not flourishing.


Glenn: That’s so funny.

Rob: Bro, far be it from me to keep the flower of you from flourishing. I guess I’ll grab my shit and stay at Charlie’s.

Glenn: Well wait. Don’t do that. I mean I, I feel like I’m the one that got us into this mess. 

Rob: Okay. So you’ll stay at Charlie’s then.

Glenn: No. *Laughter*


Glenn: Sorry. Gimme that again.

Rob: Okay. So you’ll stay at Charlie’s.

Glenn: No. I can’t. No, you should stay there because you prob–you already said that you would. And I, and I, and also I have more stuff. And it’s gonna take me longer to pack. And I think it just, it’ll be easier. So you should–yeah. *Bing bong* What–who was that? Police officer? 

Charlie: Hi I’m responding to a missing person–missing persons report. 

Glenn: *Exhales*

Rob: I’ll pack my things. 

Charlie: Um–


Mara: *Clapping*

Charlie: Wait. Is it, is the line, is the line uh–

Glenn: Did we mess something up? 

Charlie: Well something was, caught me. And I feel like it caught me today when I watched it too. When you stop him you say “No. Don’t do that.” when he says he’s gonna go stay at Charlie’s? Is that what was scripted?

Glenn: Yes. Yes. I, I, and I think, and I think the idea was, it was like, “No, don’t do that. It’s not, it’s not your fault. You shouldn’t have to do it.” And then the reality of having to stay at Charlie’s hits me. Like, “Well, so you’ll stay at Charlie’s?” “No.” Like, you know.

Charlie: Right, right, right, right.

Glenn: Like, “No, no.” Uh, “No. You’re right. No. Yeah. No you should–”

Charlie: “No. Well, you didn’t let me finish. Don’t, don’t do that right now. Give yourself 5, 10 minutes.”


Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “5, 10 minutes to cool down.”

Charlie: “To cool down. And then pack your bag.”

Glenn: “And pack your bag. And go to Charlie’s.”

Charlie: Uh, well, it was a good take fellas. It was a good episode. 

Glenn: It was a great episode. I, I, it really is wall to wall jokes. I, I encourage people to go back and watch this one. It’s a– 

Rob: Unlike this podcast. Which was not–

Glenn: Yeah. Wall to wall conscientiousness.

Rob: –wall to wall jokes. Okay! 

Charlie: Podcasts are different than sitcoms. This is a–

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: A podcast is not a situation comedy. It is–

Glenn: And if it was–

Charlie: –it is a slice of conversation. A slice of life.

Rob: Hopefully it’s an interesting conversation. 

Charlie: An interesting conversation for the kids at home. 

Rob: Well thanks for, thanks for sittin’ in Mara.

Glenn: Yes, thank you Mara.

Charlie: How do you feel about–

Mara: Absolutely. Thanks for having me guys.

Charlie: –having sat in? Do you feel like you, you were happy did it? Or you’re like, “Goddamn. Why’d I do that?”

Glenn: “Why did I put myself in that position?”

Mara: Guys, I’ll take any minute I can be with the three of you.

Rob: Aw, that’s, that’s so kind.

Glenn: Aw. That’s sweet.

Charlie: Aw.

Mara: Delightful. Thanks for having me.

Glenn: That’s very sweet. 

Rob: Thank you.

Glenn: Well we like spending time with you as well.

Mara: You guys are the best. 

[End Credits]


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