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Episode #71

The World Series Defense

I love a good mystery.

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71. The World Series Defense

On the pod, the guys revisit The World Series Defense from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5, Episode 6.

Charlie Day: Is Humphrey back in the states? Still over there? What’s he doing, sweeping up? 

Meg Ganz: *Laughter* All just the confetti, they make him sweep it all up. Um, no. He’s staying for the parade. The–

Charlie: Oh, right.

Meg: –that uh, Rob’s flying back for tomorrow. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Meg: And then um, he also, his passport is expired. 

Charlie: Oh shit.

Meg: And when he–he told me when he was leaving, “Um, just so you know, my passport’s gonna expire while I’m over there. But it’s okay ‘cause I’ll just get an appointment and get a new one.” Then landed in the UK. Went to go make an appointment, found out that the passport office was striking for 8 weeks. So there’s no appointments. He can’t get a new–so he’s there with–without a passport. 

Charlie: Fuckin’ A.

Meg: And so when the passport opened–office reopens, he’ll then get a passport. And then he can come back. But until then he’s just over there. 

Charlie: And he’s too big to smuggle back over–

Meg: Yeah, you can’t put him in a suitcase.

Charlie: They’ll catch him. Yeah. 

Glenn Howerton: No McElhenney today?

Charlie: I don’t know.

Meg: We don’t know.

Charlie: We don’t know.

Glenn: It’s a mystery. 

Charlie: We don’t know.

Meg: It’s gonna be a mystery whether he comes in or not.

Charlie: We could–one thing we could do is be concerned.

Glenn: I love a good mystery. 

Meg: *Laughter*

Glenn: As I recall, uh, from our last podcast, I don’t think he is gonna be here today. 

Meg: Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Glenn: I think he’s gonna be absent. So no one knows.

Meg: It’s unknowable. What his schedule and–

Charlie: I’m gonna text him. How ‘bout that?

Meg: This’ll be good. This is drama for the beginning of the podcast. 

Glenn: *Laughter*

*Opening credits*

Meg: How was your weekend, Glenn? 

Glenn: Umm–

Meg: *Laughter* That good, huh?

Glenn: I don’t remember what happened. 

Meg: *Laughter* Uh-huh.

Glenn: Yeah. It was pretty unmemorable, clearly. Um, I think it was fine. *Laughter*

Meg: Did you get another dog? 

Glenn: Didn’t get another dog, no.

Charlie: Uh dude, thank god. 

Glenn: I went and saw uh, Evil Dead Rise, on saturday night.

Meg: How was that?

Glenn: That was a lot of fun. 

Charlie: Was it good?

Glenn: A lot of fun. Yeah.

Meg: Did you watch the Evil Dead

Glenn: My voice is very deep today.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: You know what I watch–Mary Elizabeth and I watched Pearl. Did you see Pearl? 

Glenn: No. I saw the first movie, X, or whatever. Uh, I saw that one, but I haven’t seen Pearl. Which is the sequel.

Charlie: A ton of fun. Is it? Okay. It felt like it was part of a bigger overall thing. Which I think it is. 

Glenn: Gosh. Have you guys seen the movie, Barbarian? 

Charlie: I gotta see it. Don’t tell me anything about it.

Glenn: Oh boy.

Charlie: It’s on my watch list.

Glenn: Yeah, buddy. Enjoy.

Meg: What kinda movie is that? What’s Barbarian? 

Glenn: It’s a horror film.

Meg: Oh. I don’t watch scary movies.

Glenn: Um, you don’t watch scary movies? Ever? 

Meg: Not really. No. 

Glenn: Really?

Meg: Yeah. I–I like reading–

Glenn: How do you feel things then? If, if you’re not–

Meg: *Laughter* Well I feel scared all the time. So I don’t feel the need to–

Glenn: Oh yeah. I see.

Meg: –mimic it in the–

Glenn: You’re in fight or flight all the time. So–

Meg: I’m just always there. 

Charlie: No. You’re just in flight.

Meg: It’s the same reason I don’t do rollercoasters. ‘Cause I’m like, why do you want to feel like you’re about to die at any moment? And I have that feeling constantly. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: That like, dread. Um, but no, I, I don’t know. I just get easily scared. My brain–since I was a kid, like, whatever scary movie, I would just replay it. Like in dreams and stuff. It–my brain locks in on stuff, so I’m just like, “Let’s not put stuff in there.”

Charlie: What about like, The Shining? Would you watch–

Meg: Oh, I’ve seen The Shining.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Meg: I will watch like–

Glenn: You’ll watch something if it’s–

Meg: –artsy horror movies.

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: If that makes sense. Like things that are elevated.

Charlie: Yeah. Well, same. Like I, I don’t want, if it’s just like–

Glenn: Yeah, just–

Charlie: –pure, just kind of like lazy, like jump scares.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: And like–

Meg: I did watch Get Out. Which was amazing.

Charlie: Incredible.

Glenn: Get Out’s great.

Meg: So, I will–if I hear that it’s like, more about the movie than the horror aspect. But I just couldn't–

Glenn: I would, I would put The Exorcist in that category. 

Charlie: Sure. 

Meg: I haven’t seen The Exorcist.

Glenn: It's a phenomenal film.

Meg: Oh, really? 

Glenn: Yeah. Look, it's scary as shit and it will, it could fuck you up. Barbarian, I mean–

Charlie: I gotta see it.

Glenn: I put up–I put that up there with, I put that up there with some of the better horror films I’ve ever seen.

Meg: Oh. 

Glenn: Uh, Evil Dead Rise, very much in line with like the Evil Dead movies. Which I’m a huge fan of.

Charlie: Uh, is it still starring um, what’s his name? Bruce–

Glenn: No.

Charlie: What was that guys name? Bruce–

Glenn: Bruce Campbell.

Charlie: Bruce Campbell. Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Charlie: Thank you.

Glenn: Bruce Campbell, who played uh, Ash, in uh, the original Evil Dead trilogy. 

Charlie: Um. Well Glenn, it’s 9 o’clock. 

Glenn: I think that uh, we’re not gonna be seeing Rob McElhenney today. I think he uh, I don’t know, he’s too good for us now? Or too good for us today? 

Charlie: Well, well yeah. Too good to even let us know whether or not he’s gonna be here.

Glenn: I think that he did let us know. As I recall, I remember thinking, oh the next one we’re doing without him. So I think he did tell us. 

Charlie: Possibly. I certainly, probably wasn’t listening.

Glenn: I’m weirdly the only–but usually, you would know this.

Charlie: I think–no one knows.

Meg: I think he did say, yeah.

Glenn: I believe he did. I believe he did. So, this is gonna–

Charlie: That’s a shame. ‘Cause he’s pretty funny in this episode of television. But, we don’t have to dive right into the episode. We could–

Glenn: No. Let’s talk about horror films. 

Charlie: We could talk about horror films. We could talk about the absence of our friend.

Glenn: Can I, can I ask actually, what would–are there any other horror films that you put in the category of artsy? As you put it. Uh, like sort of, like really great film making, and therefor I would watch it, even though it’s a horror film? What, what other films would you put in that category?

Meg: Yeah. I can’t think of any off the top of my head though right now. 

Charlie: Did you watch The Ring?

Meg: No. I didn’t see The Ring.

Glenn: The Ring’s great. 

Charlie: The Ring was great.

Glenn: But that movie fucked me up.

Meg: Uh, Jaws. I saw Jaws. Is that a horror–Is that considered a horror film? 

Charlie: Jaws…

Glenn: Yeah. That’s a horror–I would think that would be considered a horror film.

Charlie: No. A horror film? 

Glenn: Back in the day I think it was considered a horror film. Yeah. Yeah. I mean now, it’s so tamed–

Meg: A scary one.

Charlie: It’s a fish film.

Glenn: It’s in the fish category?

Charlie: It’s more of a fish movie.

Glenn: Right. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Meg: All right.

Glenn: Well, uh–

Meg: So with that–


Glenn: Um–

Meg: Did you guys wanna talk about this episode, today? World Series Defense.

Glenn: Yeah. Sure, we can–

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: –we can jump into talking about the episode.

Charlie: Let’s jump into it. All right. World Series Defense. Megan, do you want to recap this episode? 

Meg: Yeah. I will. 

Charlie: For our listeners at home? Viewers or creepolas? 

Glenn: Do the structure thing.

Meg: Creepolas. Yeah. The structure. I appreciated you trying to uphold it when I wasn't here. 

Glenn: I tried. 

Charlie: Yeah. 

Meg: Yeah. Um. Okay, so season five. Episode Six. The World Series Defense aired on October 22 2009. It was written by David Hornsby and directed by Randall Einhorn. Special guest stars Patricia Belcher, played The Judge. John Ponzio. Dennis Hogan, and Dennis Hart. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: And in this one, the gang describes the trials and tribulations they went through during game five of the World Series, hoping the judge will clear them of all the citations they received. 

Charlie: Okay. First of all, let's, I want to take a moment to talk about John Ponzio’s performance. So he isn't in the Philly Frenetic costume and we couldn't say Fanatic. That was like Major League Baseball was like “No, sorry. You can't say Fanatic.” 

Glenn: So we called him the Philly Frenetic

Charlie: Yeah, and we also couldn't say the Holiday Inn. So we called it–

Glenn: But then, you couldn’t help yourself at the end of the episode.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: And you know what? I’m gonna toss in my countersuit. Uh, Charlie Kelley versus Major League Baseball and the Philly Frenetic.

Dee: Charlie.

Dennis: Come on.

Charlie: I’m mad this guy has got a stranglehold on the mascot–

Dee: What’s happening?

Charlie: All right. First of all, I had to call him the Frenetic. His name’s the Fanatic. But you know, I’m gonna get sued by Major League Baseball if I call him the Fanatic. And let’s talk about steroids! Can we talk about steroids? Can we talk about steroid abuse? It’s bullshit! It’s ruining the game! It’s ruining it!

Meg: Yeah. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Meg: How’d you sneak that in?

Glenn: Had to call it out. Which I love so much.

Charlie: Yeah. At the end of the episode I call it out. I’m like, “This is fucking bullshit.”

Glenn: “We couldn’t even call him this.”

Charlie: And somehow, we got that in and that was fine. 

Glenn: Don’t know how we got away with that. 

Charlie: And something I think that we started doing later in life was just like, we're just gonna do it, and it’s just gonna be fine. 

Glenn: We’ll see what happens.

Charlie: Um. But so, so Ponzio kills it. 

Glenn: Well, why don’t you tell people who Ponzio is.

Charlie: Okay, John Ponzio uh, has had the position of, he's an actor. But he's also had the position of of standing, which is, often when they're lighting a scene, a performer stands on the actors mark, and they kind of, they go through the scenes. They sort of perform the scenes while the cinematographer is lighting the scene.

Glenn: Well now, this might be interesting to people. Because I think many people maybe don't know the process of, the usual processes. The very first thing that happens is the actors get called to set with the director, and they do uh, what's called a closed rehearsal with just the actors and the director and maybe a few key people uh, that are making decisions about how the scene is gonna go. And the stand ins are also watching the rehearsals, so that they can see what we did in the rehearsal. So uh, then, when rehearsals are over, we leave to go get finished in hair and makeup, learn our lines. You know, make phone calls, masturbate, whatever it is, that we need to do, to get ready for the, the, the actual–

Charlie: Often times put on a costume. Um, it might be putting on fake bruises or blood.

Glenn: If you’re me, I’m taking supplements. 

Charlie: If it’s Glenn, you’re in a major supplement routine. 

Glenn: *Laughter* I’m in the midst–I’m in phase 3 of my supplement routine.

Charlie: Uh-huh. You know, just choking down pills for an hour.

Glenn: Trying to make myself feel better. Um, and, and while all that’s happening, the stand ins are walking through the marks. With the camera people and the lighting people so that they can light the scene. It's so that when we show up to set, we don't throw fit. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: And go and go, “Why wasn't this worked out with my stand in?” And various things like that, you know. “I was in the middle of masturbating.” Or whatever it is. You know.

Charlie: Yeah. Now uh, oftentimes uh, you know, we get to set uh, before that was all done, and watch the run through once or twice with the stand ins, especially earlier on in the show. 

Glenn: Right. 

Charlie: Just to make sure everything was kind of uh, looking how we wanted it to look. And we picked up on that John Ponzio was always excellent. 

Glenn: He was bringing it. Always bringing it. 

Charlie: Sometimes the–most of the time the stand ins are uh, actors as well. 

Glenn: Sometimes they’re not. 

Charlie: No, they have no aspirations of becoming performers. And this is something that they do on the side. Yeah. My standard Adam is actually a brilliant musician. 

Glenn: He is yeah. Great singer.

Charlie: So you know, his focus his music. But so Ponzio who stood in for Rob, uh, although he–

Glenn: He’s done a lot of stand in–he’s been my stand in, he was my stand in on A.P. Bio too.

Charlie: Yeah. He pinch hits. He was, he was always great in, in the run throughs. So every now and then we would have him play a role if we needed a guy who said a thing or we needed a character in a costume.

Glenn: Do you remember his first role?

Charle:  Was his first one on, in Mac and Dennis Break up? Or, is he the waiter?

Glenn: No.

Charlie: Before that? What was his first one? 

Glenn: We had all the stand ins, in season 3 uh, The Gang Gets Whacked, I can’t remember if it’s part one or part two. But it’s, but it's, it's when you guys are on the streets, gumming the cocaine. And you run into Cricket.

Charlie: Oh, yes. 

Glenn: And the three, the, those three people, business people walk by and give him some loose change.

Meg: Oh yeah.

Glenn: That was all the stand ins.

Charlie: Yeah. I think Ponzio was in that crew.

Charlie: Oh good! They let you become a priest again, huh?

Dee: Congratulations. 

Business man 1: Mr. Reverend.

Business man 2: How you doin’ man?

Business man 3: Hey, keep your head up Reverend. Hey keep the faith!

Cricket: Bless you.

Charlie: And John Ponzio’s been with us since almost the beginning, if not the very beginning. 

Glenn: Yeah. I can’t remember exactly.

Charlie: We’d have to double check that.

Glenn: But pretty darn near it. If not–

Charlie: A lot of, a lot of the other stand ins have sort of come and gone.

Glenn: And his sister has done AD work. 

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: Carla Ponzio.

Charlie: Yeah. And his sister who also works behind the scenes. Anyway. So John, volunteered to be The Frenetic. And I was watching it, I was like, man he really nailed it. Because we have some mascot work this season coming up, and it's tough. It's tough to get a performance that reads through that suit. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: And you're watching that assuming like that's the guy who does the thing. He has the whole bit, the little like yawning thing he does where he patting his nose or whatever.

Glenn: He does a great job. 

Charlie: He nailed it.

Glenn: Yeah. Even his timing when you, when you ask him like, “Are you, are you messing with me? Are you taking me seriously?” Or whatever. And there's like this little pause and then he does the–

Meg: Tongue thing. Yeah, it’s perfectly timed.

Glenn: Does the tongue thing. And then, by the way, the rhythm of your punching. 

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Glenn: That's also great, because like the second he does it, you smack him in the face and then you punch him in the chest twice.

Charlie: *Laughter* Yeah.

Glenn: Something about the rhythm of that moment.

Charlie: Yeah, the timing of it is very funny.

Glenn: It really works well.

Charlie: And then, you cut to Hogan and Hart. Who are Rob’s–

Glenn: It sounds like a comedy duo.

Charlie: Yeah. They do sound like a comedy duo. So Rob's two friends that were in uh, the episode with Carmen.

Glenn: Charlie Has Cancer.

Charlie: Charlie Has Cancer. Where Rob punches Carmen and they say, “Is that a hate crime?” And then they say, “Yeah, that's a hate crime.” And they pound him. This was a call back those two, they were construction workers at the time. They look like construction workers. Um, Rob, why don't you tell us about Hogan and Hart a little bit?

Glenn: Yeah. Rob, where’d you meet those guys? Tell us a little bit about your history with those guys. 

Charlie: That’s a delight. Uh yeah, thank–that’s a great story. Umm–


Charlie: That’s so great, Rob.

Charlie: All right. I’ll give you–All right. Don’t big league me here now, man. Don’t big league–look! I’m trying to have a conversation with the man behind the mask, but I feel like you’re big leagueing me dude. Are you taking me seriously? 

*Horn noise*

Glenn: There it is. Pow. Poo, poo! 

Man 1: That guys beating on the Frenetic. 

Man 2: Dude, is that a hate crime?

Man 1: Nah, it’s not a hate crime.

Man 2: Wanna hammer his ass anyway?

Man 1: Definitely. 

Glenn: That great Philly accent. 

Charlie: I mean–

Glenn: You can’t, you know.

Charlie: Not half bad acting. 

Glenn: Yeah. “You wanna hammer his ass anyway?”

Charlie: “Wanna hammer his ass anyway?”

Glenn: “Anyway.” I can’t do it. Uh, those guys are so funny man. 

Charlie: They’re great. 

Glenn: I love that. I love that.

Charlie: They’re hilarious. And they nailed it in that performance. Um–

Glenn: I–it was, up to that point for me, honestly, sadly, it was my biggest laugh. Was their–was their exchange. “Should we pound him anyway?” 

Charlie: My biggest laugh was when Danny first lifts up the, the tent. And the amount of smoke that comes out from under it. I had forgotten about.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: And it caught me off guard.

Meg: He’s like “Aw!!” He reacted so big. Mine was so quick. Which was just, you, Charlie handing Dennis papers he doesn’t need. 

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Meg: I laughed every time you did that.

Charlie: I, I clearly laugh towards the very end.

Glenn: Yeah. The second time, the second round of that. Yeah.

Charlie: Right at the very end I hand one to you and–

Meg: “Stop handing me things.”

Charlie: –and your reaction gets me. And I have to look down because I’m laughing.

Glenn: I love it because we play it so, I'm trying to play it so real. Well, the reason I was–

Charlie: It’s a good bit.

Glenn: But it's also one of those things where like, it wasn't hard for me to play it real because you didn't tell me you were gonna do that. 

Charlie: Oh.

Glenn: You just started doing it. 

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. 

Glenn: So it was actually mildly irritating to me. Like I knew it was funny. But like, I'm trying to remember my lines. I'm trying to do my lines and your, you know, handing the papers. So it was actually like–

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: –so I just kind of leaned into the like, whatever little bit of it was actually kind of irritating to me.

Charlie: Yeah. Which I probably picked up on. And then did it more.

Glenn: Just kept it–


Charlie: Yeah. Um–

Glenn: You parsed it out though.

Meg: And then you would switch a paper with a different paper.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Charlie: “Perhaps you want this one.”

Glenn: “Perhaps you want this one.”

Charlie: “Perhaps it’s these notes you need.”


Charlie: Um, and Patrica, who plays The Judge.

Glenn: Yeah. Oh man. 

Meg: So funny.

Charlie: Is exceptional. 

Glenn: And she got the–I had the pleasure of working with her a couple times again on A.P. Bio. 

Charlie: Oh, really? 

Glenn: Yeah. She plays the school superintendent on the show. So she would come in for a couple episodes here and there. 

Charlie: Awesome.

Glenn: And she was just, she remembered working on Sunny with us, even though by the time I'd worked, worked with her on A.P. Bio, it had been almost a solid 10 years–

Charlie: Wow.

Glenn: –since she'd done that, but she remembered it and she had a really good time. And yeah, she's just, she's lovely and a great performer.

Mac: Your honor? Let the record show that the three of us do not condone the actions of the two of them.

The Judge: The record will show everything. You can stop saying that.

Dee: Are you sure? ‘Cause she’s not typing very quickly.

Frank: Shorthand. She’s getting the gist.

Mac: I don’t appreciate being paraphrased. Now I choose my words very deliberately.

The Judge: Get back to your case.

Charlie: This also, is the first time we’re discussing a Ranall Einhorn directed episode. Is that correct? 

Glenn: It can’t be.

Meg: No. I thought he did one already. But I’ll–

Glenn: He has done, he–

Charlie: I don’t think it was the first–

Glenn: No, wait a minute. Did he not start working with us until season five?

Charlie: Yes. Season five was his, was his first year. 

Glenn: Okay. So I don’t think we’ve talked that much about Randall. 

Charlie: So, Randall brought um, scale to the show in a way that we hadn't done. He was not cutting the corners that we were used to cutting in terms of like, okay, in this particular episode, normally, we'd be like, well, we can't show the stadium because–

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: –obviously, we're not gonna and– Here's what I was trying to remember watching that. So the first time you see the shot, the stadium is empty. So obviously, we're saying this is before people have entered the stadium. Later in the episode, the stadium’s full. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Did we shoot that during a game with the full stadium? Or did we do a CGI, put people in? I cannot remember. 

Glenn: Yeah. Let me tell you something. I don’t know. I don’t remember either.

Charlie: God damnit! I wish you did.

Glenn: Rob, do you remember? 

Charlie: Okay. Rob will remember. ‘Cause this is the kinda stuff Rob remembers. 

Glenn: Yeah. Rob usually remembers these things.

Charlie: Rob, um. No shit. Okay. So–

Meg: Um, his first episode was The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis. Which was, but it was this year. That Randall Einhorn came on.

Charlie: Which we have discussed, or not?

Meg: Which we have discussed. 

Glenn: We have discussed that one.

Meg: But um–

Glenn: Right, right, right.

Meg: But um, but yeah. Bringing the scale of it. 

Glenn: He did it in such a way that it didn’t, it didn’t force us to work longer days necessarily. I don’t remember–

Charlie: No. Not at all. He worked just as fast.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh, but like, certain things.

Glenn: He was very ambitious. He was very ambitious.

Charlie: He was ambitious, yeah.

Glenn: And he was a little pushier with us. In the way that Attias was in the second season. He, he pushed us a little bit. And we fought him on it. And I'm glad he pushed us. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Sometimes I think you got to be a little pushy with us. Otherwise, we're gonna, you know, we’re gonna hammer you.

Meg: Pushy in terms of–

Charlie: Hammer you. Like the Phillies fans.

Meg: –choices? Like making you do–

Charlie: Maybe in terms of his vision. 

Meg: Okay.

Charlie: Uh, which sometimes we were like, “I don’t see it that way.” Um, and probably because he was seeing more scale than we were used to doing on the show. Right? So–

Glenn: And I think, normally our response would be like, “You don’t really need to see the stadium. It’s fine. Like, you know we’re there. You don’t need to do a whole thing.” You know. But he would  insist on, on those things. And I think for the betterment of the episodes.

Charlie: Well yeah. Because it started to open up possibilities for us. Right? Where, from a writing standpoint. Where you're getting to the point where you're writing yourself uh, into corners, because you say, well, we just can't do X, Y, Z. It opens up certain storylines were like, well, maybe we actually could pull this thing off. And filling a stadium full of people is really tricky to do. Um, I think that that CGI people in, in the shot in the second shot.

Glenn: I don’t think were doing CGI back then, dude.

Charlie:  But I think it would have been so chaotic to film during a game.

Glenn: We’re pretty far away.

Charlie: The speed at which we move. We wouldn't, we wouldn't shoot that sequence with an empty stadium and then come back at the end of the day when the stadium was full to shoot the next scene, right? We would be like, this is our location we got to get in and out. 

Glenn: Meg, maybe we could–maybe you could, you wanna call–get Randall on the Einhorn? 

Meg: *Laughter* 

Glenn: And uh, on the little Einhorn.

Charlie: *Laughter*

Meg: I wa gonna text Jeff Luini actually. Do you think he would know if we did post on that?

Charlie: Yeah. Jeff might know. 

Glenn: Now, Einhorn uh, as I–if I’m not mistaken, is also what Germans call unic–a unicorn. There’s a, there’s a little movie, yeah, yeah. Hang on.

Meg: I’m–

Glenn: You got multiple things to look up here.

Charlie: “Ein” is one. And “Horn” is horn.

Glenn: Well, so, so Germans call unicorns “Einhorn”. And I know this because there’s this, there was a great, great animated film from the 80s called, called The Last Unicorn. Do you know this movie?

Charlie: Yes. I remember that.

Glenn: It’s weirdly kinda scary.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Glenn: It really scared me as a kid. But it’s a great little fantasy movie. Jeff Bridges plays the prince in that movie. And he sings. And it’s so interesting to hear him singing. And uh, and uh, I believe the band America did a lot of the music for it. Which is–

Charlie: Like, I–

Glenn: –seems incongruous. But, but, sorry, just real quick. The German title of that film, and the only reason I know this is because I my my sister and I were obsessed with that movie as kids and I wanted to get her the soundtrack to that movie. But you couldn't get it in America. But you could get it in Germany. And the movie was called Das Letzte–Das Letzte Einhorn. The Last Unicorn

Charlie: Wow. 

Glenn: Something like that.

Meg: Wow.

Charlie: Um, I feel like LSD culture was still heavily, like slipping into kids art in our, like in our childhood.

Meg: Sure.

Charlie: Like, because like–

Meg: Like Fraggle Rock and stuff? Or–

Charlie: Yeah. Or like um–

Glenn: Trippy ass shit.

Charlie: Remember that first, The Hobbit cartoon?

Glenn: Oh. Trippy, trippy. Rankin/Bass. 

Charlie: It was like–even like, certain like I don’t know if it was electric company. Or Sesame Street stuff. Remember the little girl who’s like, I’m trying to remember. She’s like, “A loaf of bread. A stick of butter.”

Meg: Oh yeah.

Charlie: “A carton of milk.”

Glenn: Yeah. 

Charlie: Like, I watched, somehow I saw that recently. And I was like, this–

Glenn: It’s trippy.

Charlie: It’s like an acid trip. Like the mother’s like showin’ up in her brain. Like, “A loaf of bread.”

Glenn: Yeah. And then she can’t remember the third item.

Charlie: And then she can’t remember it.

Glenn: Yeah. There was a lot trippy ass shit. Um, I love those old Rankin/Bass uh–I mean, those are the guys that did, like all the um, you know. The, the, the claymation stuff. Like um, Rudolph.

Meg: Oh yeah.

Glenn: And Frosty the Snowman. That’s all Rankin/Bass. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: And they did that first uh, Hobbit movie. Which is terrific. I think.

Charlie: You could tell like, the difference–yeah, it’s fantastic. You can tell like the difference of like the drugs, like so like everyone's smoking weed, you know. And then cocaine starts. And we get like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Glenn: That’s hilarious.

Charlie: Like, cocaine, cocaine comes into the system and there's like–

Meg: Radical!

Charlie: You know how like–and “Turtles in the sewer, dude.” And like, “Uh. Like, their boss is like a rat.” *Snorting noise* “And uh, they love pizza.”

*Ad break*

Glenn: Guys. It’s NBA finals time. As soon as football ends you’ve got uh, you got March Madness. You’ve got a horse race or two. You got a couple of golf tournaments. Basically, basically a month of people, you know. In the south, wearing pastels. And then uh, boom. NBA playoffs. And uh, and the NBA finals. And after that, baseball comes back, or whatever.

Charlie: Well I, I love this time of year because, because it’s an opportunity to scrounge up some um, under the table fun money. 

Glenn: What are you doing? You scalping tickets outside of arenas, still? Are you still doing that at–buddy, I’ve told you. The juice is not worth the squeeze.

Charlie: No, no, no. I’m off that. No, no. This is just some like, side action I got going on, you know what I mean? I’m made a decent penny in boiled denims. I drop all that into Draftking’s Sportsbook. An official sports betting partner of the NBA. They're tied in together man.

Glenn: Fun.

Charlie: Yeah. It’s official.

Meg: Charlie, that’s so great that you give back like that. 

Charlie: Some days I do. Yeah. And some days I make an even decenter penny back. You know? And new customers can place a five dollar bet, and score 200 dollars in uh, bonus bets instantly. Plus, all customers can take a shot at an even bigger payout with Draftkings Stepped up Same Day Parlays. Just download the Draftkings Sportsbook app, and use the code Always. And boom, you’re in business man.

Meg: Aw man. That kinda makes me wanna put a bet on a game and then go to it. Charlie, do you have of those scalped tickets anymore? Are you really out of that game?

Charlie: Talk to me when we’re done recording and I’ll hook you up.


Charlie: You guys know what’s the worst? It’s, it’s washing your dishes after you cook. You know?

Glenn: Oh, god.

Charlie: You know? You’re done and you gotta wash everything?

Glenn: It’s the worst man. I hate it. I leave the dishes there out, for so long. And then, I get angry at the dishes. And then I get angry at myself.

Meg: Actually it just takes like 10 seconds guys. You just wash them off, you put ‘em in the dishwasher…

Charlie: What?

Glenn: Wait. What are you talking about? What about all the, the pots and pans. And the cooking supplies?

Charlie: Yeah. What about all of the things?

Meg: Yeah. I don’t use cooking supplies, because I use Factor. Which is America’s number one, ready to eat meal kit. I pop in one of their fresh, never frozen entrees into the microwave and I have a delicious, well proportioned meal ready in 2 minutes. So there’s no cleanup afterwards, I’m just done. I just, fridge, microwave, recycling. That’s it.

Glenn: Wait, what?

Charlie: So you’re not using like, an on airfyer or anything like that? You’re not using a deep fryer? You’re not deepfrying a turkey? You’re not going to the grocery store? You’re not doing any of this? 

Glenn: You’re not chopping? 

Meg: Yeah. I only have so much freetime, so I figure why should I waste any of it. You know, like, shopping, chopping, prepping, cleaning. Um, that’s why I personally love factor. Especially in the summer. Because, you know, in the summer my schedule gets real busy.

Charlie: This is great. Okay, so you guys have convinced me uh, I’m never cooking again. And uh, Glenn, let’s join Factor and uh, let’s leave this kitchen and dish stress behind us. 

Meg: If you head to and use the code sunny40, to get 40 percent off your first box

Glenn: Yup. That’s code sunny40 at to get 40 percent off your first box.

*Ad break over*

Meg: “Riot punch” in this episode. 

Glenn: There’s another thing you guys didn’t sell and make money off of.

Glenn: I was thinking the exact same thing. When I was watching the episode I’m like, “There’s another thing we could’ve capitalized on.”

Charlie: “Riot punch”.

Glenn: “Riot punch”! We coulda’--we had “Wine in a can”.

Charlie: Sure. 

Glenn: Imagine if we had done “Wine in a can”. Right? And that had done fairly well. And then we did–followed it up with “Riot punch”. 

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Meg: Covered all your–

Glenn: Covered all your bases. Man. 

Charlie: For all the different customers.

Glenn: You know? And then done a Sunny lager. And–oh, we could be so rich right now. Instead of just, kinda rich.

Charlie: Yeah. “Riot punch” was like uh, everclear and gatorade? Is that what that–

Glenn: Pretty much, yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Like, everclear with electrolytes. 

Charlie: Yeah.


Meg: It looks like antifreeze in the thing you guys are holding.

Glenn: Yeah. It looked like antifreeze.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Meg: Um, so this episode was this like, it seems so much of it is about or comes out of the fact that you couldn't be wearing like Phillies merch. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: You couldn't be talking about the Fanatic. 

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Meg: Was that like, did you guys decide, “Oh, we want to do something about the fact that they won the World Series?”

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: “But we really can't.” So then the episode becomes kind of about that as well. 


Charlie: Yeah, that’s what happens. You know what? I, I actually forgot that we can’t wear the merch watching the episode. And so I didn’t really–

Glenn: We did a pretty good–we did a good job.

Charlie: ‘Cause uh, Kaitlin’s outfit is so close, I feel like it smoothed it over for me.

Glenn: Even the Frenetic’s shirt is like a made up looking thing. And um–

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: We gotta give Sabrina Rosen a lot of credit for that. Our costume designer on the show.

Meg: Yeah. Came close.

Charlie: Also the red eyeball thing. After they go in the bug bomb thing. So this was something that we were like, Leah, our makeup artist.

Glenn: Leah Vautrot.

Charlie: But those like, redeyes, are so effective. But like, what was…we were putting like, red eyedrops in. Or something crazy.

Glenn: Yeah. It’s not comfortable. It’s like, it’s this kinda stuff that, yeah it’s like. They say it’s like, safe to go in your eyes.


Meg: They say that.

Glenn: It doesn’t feel safe.

Charlie: We did it again in the episode with Country Mac. Where we get really stoned.

Meg: Mac Day.

Charlie: It looks really good.

Meg: Yeah. Mac Day. I love–it’s, you guys look so funny in that. When you’re smoking weed. And you’re eating out of those chips bags, and your eyes are just completely–

Charlie: Going–

Glenn: “Carbs wise. Carbs wise this is gonna set me back.”

Charlie: –going back to like scale though. Like even tenting the whole building. Which, Einhorn you know, was like, “No. We’ll get a building and we’ll tent it.” Versus like, before we probably would’ve like, cut a corner and been like, “Well, we can’t actually see the building tented.” Or we might’ve–

Glenn: I don’t know. Yeah. Maybe. It’s possible.

Charlie: Yeah.

Meg: What was funny was like, you guys lifting up that thing and like going. It sold it just enough.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Meg: Like, you getting underneath the, the sheet. Um–

Charlie: I sort of feel like though, when Danny crawls in the smoke looked to me like that was CGI.

Glenn: That was CGI. 

Charlie: Right.

Glenn: That was CGI. Yeah.

Charlie: So we had some in this episode. Which makes me think that the audience–the crowd was also CGI. But–

Glenn: Right. Well, I mean those two–Yeah. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be that difficult to CGI–

Charlie: That would be easier.

Glenn: –the crowd way, way, way in the distance. But you’re right. The second time, when he actually goes in. That smoke is not real. That was, that was like CGI smoke. 

Charlie: Which was like, ‘cause of some like–

Glenn: I don’t know why.

Charlie: –thing. Where you’re like, he can’t crawl into the smoke machine?

Glenn: Maybe. Maybe.

Charlie: Or like, some union rule. Or something.

Glenn: Yeah. Possibly.

Charlie: Um–

Glenn: But then we had real smoke in the, when they actually go into the hallway.

Meg: Yeah, in that hallway.

Charlie: The scene in the hallway.

Meg: So funny.

Meg: Them just laying down.

Glenn: Here’s another example of a shot, that I think we would often nix. We’d be like, “Ah. You don’t need that shot.” But I love it. It’s a great shot.” So theres the–the obvious great shot of all the closeups. Which swing between–

Charlie: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Glenn: –Kaitlin, Rob and Danny. Doing the retching. Uh, which I think we cut together multiple takes of it. ‘Cause it was so funny. And we wanted to keep it going just as long as possible.

Charlie: I remember pushing for that shot.

Glenn: Yes. You–

Charlie: Where I–where I was like–

Glenn: That was a very Charlie–

Charlie: –I was like, “I wanna get up in their faces. And I wanna swing around.” And I remember uh, Rob, I feel like you didn’t wanna do it because you were like, you know. It’s a lot to retch like that. Was that..

Glenn: Yeah. He’s, yeah. He’s–

Charlie: Okay. 

Glenn: You were feeling lazy. 

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. *Laughter*

Glenn: Yeah. I get it.

Charlie: It was him or it was Randall. Someone was like, “I don’t wanna have to do it.” I was like, “I think it’s gonna be–”. But I know the shot you’re talking about.

Glenn: The shot I’m talking about is the shot–the very last shot, before we cut to commercial. Which is the–

Charlie: Wide.

Glenn: –the floor shot. It’s not wide wide. But yeah, it’s the kinda wider shot. Where the cameras basically on the floor. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: And that’s the kinda thing that somebody would normally propose to us. And we’d be like, “I don’t know.”

Charlie: “You don’t need it.”

Glenn: “You don’t need it.” 

Charlie: It’s great.

Glenn: It’s good. 

Charlie: Mhm.

Glenn: It’s good. I mean–

Meg: You guys wanna watch it?

Glenn: Yeah. Let’s, let’s watch it.

*Mac, Dee, and Frank retching*

Glenn: Why is that so funny? Kaitlin…*Laughter*

*Mac, Dee, and Frank retching*

Glenn: So this is the shot I’m talking about.

Charlie: Yeah, oh yeah. It’s a good shot.

Glenn: And, yeah. It’s a great–It’s a great shot. And I feel like that’s the kinda thing that we would often just be like, “Ah. You don’t need it.” And, and I’m so glad we got it. But like, I’m so glad–it’s so nice to work with uh, actors, who are willing to make themselves that wretched and ugly.

Meg: Mhm.

Glenn: You know what I mean? And just, just be–

Charlie: It’s essential for a comedy.

Glenn: You gotta. 

Charlie: Because you’re tryna’ dig the life out of it. And if you’re like, not willing to make yourself go to the extremes. Which life does. You, it just feels… I don’t know.

Glenn: Yeah. You can’t always be pretty. So, as we’re learning lessons, uh, on this podcast. As, as we are often are teaching lessons.

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: You can’t always be pretty. Sometimes you just gotta be ugly. 

Charlie: Sometimes you just gotta get on the floor and retch. 

Meg: *Laughter*

Glenn: Sometimes you just gotta be–

Charlie: And the more you retch, the better the scene. 

Mac: Bullshit.

Charlie: I got hammered so hard.

Dennis: Yeah. You deserve it, asshole. 

Dee: Charlie, who hammered you?

Charlie: Just some overly passionate Phillies fans. Who do you think?

Dee: Yeah. Hold on. You getting hammered by Phillies fans is reminding me of something. There is secret tunnel between the stadium and The Ollidy Inn. 

Charlie: I know dude! I was tellin’ this guy ‘bout the tunnel.

Meg: It does make things so much funnier when you have to like, get around it. Like, um, “Olliday Inn”. Like the fact you’re all saying “Olliday Inn”, The Judge even says it at the end.

The Judge: Are you tellin’ me, you all found a dungeon at the bottom of the Olliday Inn? 

Glenn: “The Olliday Inn”.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. 

Glenn: Another–that’s another one, right.

Meg: Yeah.

Glenn: We called in “The Olliday Inn”. Yeah, and ‘cause you couldn’t call it the “Holiday Inn”. 

Meg: *Laughter* Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: “The Olliday–”

Meg: It’s funnier.

Charlie: That was–

Glenn: Yeah. That’s right. 

Charlie: That was just kinda funnier.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. I also love the, when we do finally go to “The Olliday Inn”, and we're trying to find the, the tunnel that leads from “The Olliday Inn” to the stadium. Um. You know, when we get into that laundry room,  “Yeah, and Scooby Doo.” You know.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. 

Glenn:  There's always some kind of a thin, or whatever. Like, “Can we not–”, I love the line of like, “Can we not base our decisions on things that either did or didn't happen in episodes of Scooby Doo?”

Meg: That is great.

Glenn: Yeah. That’s a good one.

Charlie: Um, and then–

Meg: I also like the whole discussion of the “Charlie one two”. Charlie describing the “Charlie one two” which is just jumping out in front of a car. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Meg: But, you say–

Charlie: One, you jump in front of a car. Two, you threaten to sue ‘em. 

Meg: *Laughter* Yeah. And then, Dennis being like, “Well, it’s called the Charlie one two. So you should do it.” And you saying that the next one might be your last. 

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “I’ve done it too many times.”

Charlie: That stunt was worked pretty well. Like, 

Glenn: It did work pretty well.

Charlie: Yeah, like, it looks like you get drilled by that thing. Um–

Glenn: Yeah. Just cl–just a very simple optical illusion of me uh, you know. Just, I was behind them. I wasn’t even in line–basically the car was here and I was like here. But you know, as it pulls up, it looks like it’s, it looks like it’s hitting me. 

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: It’s pretty good.

Charlie: And then this also is Rob’s introduction to uh, his fascination with Chase Utley. 

Glenn: Yup.

Meg: How, how did you pick Chase Utley? Was it just like, at random? Did he already love Chase Utley and wanted to be his friend and manifest that into the universe? 

Charlie: Uh–

Glenn: I think, no. What is funny, actually, though that–that, at the time. None of us knew Chase.

Charlie: No. We didn’t know Chase Utley at the time.

Glenn: You know, we didn’t know him at all. No. He was just a famous baseball player.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Famous second basemen.

Charlie: I mean, he just uh, was a really great player. And it just seemed funny that Rob was obsessed with him

Glenn: And handsome. 

Charlie: And handsome guy.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah.

Charlie: Um, yeah. He’s an exceptional baseball player.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh, yeah. That letter though, that–

Meg: Her delivery of that letter is so funny.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Meg: Her reading it.

Glenn: Mm-hm.

Dee: I’ll read it.

Mac: Yeah. Read it.

Dee: Dear Chase. Oh, shit. There stickers. 

Mac: Yeah. Well, you gotta jazz it up. You know?

Dee: My God. Yeah, you sure do. You sure do.

Mac: I want to make it pop.

Dee: Dear Chase. I feel like I can call you Chase because you and me are so much alike. Really? I would love to meet you someday. It would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as you but I think you would be impressed with my speed. I love your hair. You run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. And I hope you write back this time and we get to be good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run.

Glenn: *Laughter* 

Charlie: I did–I remember working on that letter. I remember uh, writing the “Me neither” part. Thinking that it was funny that Rob just like, answers–

Glenn: Yeah, for him.

Charlie: –answers for him. 

Glenn: *Laughter* It’s also funny that like, Mac has to uh–either he, he fully believes that the letter is totally normal. ‘Cause when Dee threatens to read it, he’s like–

Meg: “Yeah.”

Glenn: – “Yeah. Read it.” 

Meg: Yeah.

Glenn: I’m cool with that. 

Meg: It is a love letter of sorts. I like him saying that.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Rob’s look to Kaitlin, when uh, there’s some–line about speed or something? And he gives her like a little nod like–

Meg: Yeah. “I think you’d be impressed by my speed.” Like–

Charlie: Yeah. Whatever look he does to her is so funny.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: I’ve never seen him do it before or since. 

Meg: Like, you know it. 

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He gives, he gives—he throws a couple of those looks in that, in that scene. He’s got some great, great, great moments in this episode. 

Meg: Yeah. There’s a really funny exchange between the two of them. Dee and Mac. Where she calls him out for not being able to scale the building. And he’s like, “I absolutely could scale this building.”

Glenn: Yeah. 

Meg: She’s like–

Charlie: You know what’s a joke–

Glenn: I love that he gets in her face.

Meg: Yeah.

Glenn: And he’s like, “You think I don’t have the upper body strength–”

Meg: And then she pushes him right back.

Glenn: And then she gets right–like, literally smushes her face into his face.

Charlie: Right back in his.

Glenn: So funny.

Charlie: Um, here’s a joke though that we missed. That I remember wanting and it–we didn’t get it. At–so when you cut back to Rob, and he’s trying to scale the building. Kaitlin’s standing right next to him. But the funnier joke would’ve been to have been, to have her off frame, so you feel as though he’s halfway up. And then like, pull back and see that he’s still on the ground and has not gotten anywhere.

Glenn: Hasn’t gotten anywhere. Right.

Charlie: I can’t remember.

Meg: It still works. One–one more hilarious exchange I love in this. Which is like classic. Is then, after she tells Mac he doesn’t have the arm strength to scale the building. Then Dennis tells him that he doesn’t have the core strength to do it.

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: And then, you guys have a whole conversation about glamor muscles. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: And how he’s all bis and tris. That conversation is so–

Glenn: I remember that being–

Charlie: Oh, that is such, so funny.

Glenn: Yeah. I remember us talking about that in the writers room. And, and Ros–Marder and Rosell getting in on that conversation. It was the first time I’d ever heard the phrase, “Glamor muscles”. 

Meg: Oh, yeah?

Glenn: I’d never heard that before. And I–I think it was either Marder or Rosell that was–

Charlie: Yeah. It sounds like those guys.

Meg: Such a searing commentary, on Mac. But also on Rob. Like it–

Glenn: Yeah. Exactly.

Meg: –just feels like kind of pointed just enough.

Glenn: Yes.

Meg: Of being like–

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Meg: But you guys talking yourselves into a fury that ends in a pushup contest. 

Glenn: Yes.

Meg: Where you’re looking at eachother.

Charlie: Yeah. And then cut into the–

Meg: And then match cutting that to you being that, in the–

Glenn: I love the looks that we give eachother. Like right before we drop down to do the pushups. Where, this moment of like, “Oh shit. We’re doing this.” Like, you know what I mean?

Charlie: The seriousness which you describe the flaws of his workout routine is what’s so funny to me.

Meg: *Laughter* Yes.

Charlie: Right? There’s no wink to it.

Glenn: No.

Charlie: You’re like, it’s dead serious important information. That you’re, you’re doing your glamour muscles and it’s frustrating. And–

Glenn: It’s frustrating. 

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.


Meg: “All bis and tris.”

Glenn: But I do–I also love that when we dropped down into the push ups, but then it immediately cuts to the courtroom. And we're, we're doing–

Meg: Still–


Meg: You got into the same argument there. In the–and you did it again. 

Glenn: That’s just good Sunny stuff.

Charlie: I–you know, the, with the moment with the, Mac getting in Dee’s face. And her, pushing her face back into him. I remember not loving that.

Glenn: Oh really?

Charlie: Yeah. Only ‘cause I felt like it was like, too comfortable. Like, I felt like it’s because they’re like a couple in real life. She’s comfortable enough.

Glenn: Oh. You felt that that was–

Charlie: But that’s only ‘cause I’m a person who wouldn’t jam his face into someone. Who I wasn’t in a relationship with. But–

Glenn: I think Kaitlin, if it had been a scene between Kaitlin and I, she woulda’ done the same thing. 

Charlie: Yeah. Definitely.

Glenn: I think she woulda’ done the same thing.

Charlie: By the way, I definitely acknowledged it was funny. I was like–

Glenn: It’s really funny.

Charlie: –is it too like, intimate? You know?

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: But um–

Meg: She screams right in his face though and it’s funny. I wonder if this–

Glenn: “Are you kidding me?” 

Charlie: I laughed when I saw it. Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Mac: I absolutely have the upper body strength to accomplish that.

Dee: Are you kidding me? 

Mac: Goddamnit Dee!


Meg: That’s funny.

Charlie: It’s funny. 

Meg: *Laughter*

Glenn: But also, there's another example of her like, she does not play that comedically at all. Like you look at her face. She's, she's, she's fucking serious. 

Meg: She’s screaming right at him.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: She’s like, it seems like she’s really fucking pissed at him in that, in that moment.

Meg: Luini’s saying that he believes that you shot outside the stadium. The acutal stadium.

Glenn: No. I do believe that we shot outside the stadium. The question though is, did we fill–

Meg: People in–

Charlie: People in the crowd.

Glenn: Did we fill in crowd? I think, I think we shot outside of a real game. 

Charlie: I mean I, I have a–

Glenn: I think we shot outside of a real game.

Charlie: I have a memory of that. 

Glenn: So do I.

Charlie: It just seems unlike–

Glenn: I think we scheduled it. We were in Philly. We were in Philly. And I think we scheduled it so that we could shoot that outside of a game. 

Charlie: So we shot the morning part. Then we went and shot all the Frenetic stuff. And we might’ve shot it kind of in order. And then plus, you guys gotta, you gotta get your eyes red. And, and uh–

Glenn: Well, I didn’t.

Charlie: You have to get the, the bruising. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: I have to get all the cuts and the rips in the suit. 

Glenn: Mm-hm. Yeah. I think we shot that at the end of the day. Um, kind of near the end of the day. And I think the stadium was actually full. 

Charlie: Look at that.

Glenn: I do believe. 

Meg: I don’t know. I bet that’s real. 

Charlie: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Look to the right. Uh, see all the people like walking towards it? 

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: That’s more extras than we would have. Like so–

Glenn: You’re saying you–yeah. You’re saying–

Charlie: So–

Glenn: Those are real people. 

Charlie: Yeah. All the people behind you here, uh, are ours.

Meg: Are extras. Yeah.

Charlie: But see the people like–

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Cross–like walking towards the–we would never have that many people in the deep background like that. 

Glenn: Uh-huh.

Charlie: There’s no way.

Glenn: Uh-huh.

Charlie: There’s no way that’s us.

Glenn: I think you’re right. Yeah, no. I think uh, yeah. I’m fairly certain that was the real deal. 

Meg: Well, there you go. 

Charlie: How did we get though, this location then? At like, during a game? Like, or were we just further away from the stadium then–

Glenn: I think we were maybe, I don’t know. I don’t know. How do you get any location? You know what I mean? 

Charlie: *Laughter*

Glenn: *Laughter* Do you guys, do you remember how fucking hot it was? And how, like Ponzi almost fuckin’ passed out in that costume.

Charlie: Oh, was it?

Glenn: Like, he took the–when we took the mask off he was–it looked like he’d been in a swimming pool.

Charlie: We used to always shoot the show during the summer. And, usually get to the Philly part of the shoot by the end of the summer.

Glenn: By the end of the summer. The hottest.

Charlie: So we were like, August in Philly.

Meg: Oh that greenman thing. ‘Cause you’re wearing clothes that too, right?

Charlie: The greenman thing’s not that bad.

Meg: Oh.

Charlie: No. 

Meg: You weren’t? Oh.

Glenn: Boxers. I see the boxer line. You had something on.

Charlie: Yeah. I’m wearing like boxers. Or underwear or something. But, no.

Glenn: Definitely had a cup on. Right? So that people don’t see your dong. 

Charlie: Uh, yeah, like six cups on. So my dong looks huge. 


Glenn: Six cuppin’ it. 

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh no. Probably something like that. I don’t recall. Um, but uh, no. Not like a T-shirt and pants under there. Or anything like that. Yeah. The you’d be–

Meg: You’re just pretty warm. 

Glenn: I miss shooting in Philly. 

Charlie: I do too.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Charlie: The rolling thunderstorms. That would always like, come through at the end of the day. 

*Ad break*

Glenn: This show is brought to you by betterhelp. 

Charlie: Yeah. Guys, it’s time to give online therapy a try, right? You gotta get on your way to being your best self. Meg, tell people why they should try betterhelp.

Meg: Well, have you guys ever calculated how much time in a week you spend caring for other people, versus taking care of yourself?

Glenn: Oof.

Charlie: It’s like all I do. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah.

Glenn: Good point. It’s probably a lot.

Meg: Betterhelp is about making more time for yourself. It’s customed built around your schedule. It matches licesned professionals to, you know, whatever it is that you’re going through. And it’s entirely online. Which saves you a trip to an office with the meter parking, that’s never available. So you have park down the street. But, *chuckles*, just kidding. ‘Cause it’s a permit street. So you just like, circle and circle and circle.

Glenn: Oh boy.

Meg: And circle and circle and circle. Again, until you finally give up and risk getting towed from the grocery store lot thats, you know, across the street. Because now you’re late and you’re just, already sweaty. And you paid for the session. Anyway, I found betterhelp super helpful.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Gosh.

Meg: And personalized when I used it.

Charlie: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah.

Glenn: How much time did you spend last week circling for parking?

Charlie: Yeah. Gosh. That was more information than anyone, than anyone needed. I tell you what. Just find more balance with betterhelp. Right? That’s gonna do it for you. Visit today.

Glenn: That’s right. That’s betterhelp

Charlie: And you’re gonna get 10% off your first month. 

*Ad break over*

Meg: Did either of you guys play baseball when you were younger? Are you big baseball fans? 

Glenn: Charlie–

Charlie: Are you asking me–

Meg: I am.

Charlie: –if I played baseball?

Meg: It’s for the podcast audience that might be listening to this episode first. 

Glenn: We’ve talked a little bit about it.

Charlie: I played a ton of baseball. 

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Um–

Glenn: You played through highschool?

Charlie: Yeah. I played through highschool. And then, in–into college. Uh, and didn’t make the team. And it was like, okay. 

Glenn: What was your position? What position did you play?

Charlie: Mostly second base. 

Glenn: Aye.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: You and Chase.

Charlie: Yeah. Sure.

Glenn: Holy shit.

Meg: Did you–

Charlie: And yet, Chase is 6’2? 200 pounds? 

Meg: *Laughter*

Glenn: I don’t know if he’s 6’2.

Charlie: 6’1? 

Glenn: He’s, he’s, he’s yeah. He’s at least 6 foot. 

Charlie: That’s what happened to me. I got to the college team and it was like uh, first day of like uh scrimmage. Whatever. And um, I was like, “Okay. I’m gonna–”. I was up at bat, I’m like, “I’m gonna get on base.” I was fast. So I’m like, “I’m gonna drop a little bunt and I’m gonna cruise to first. And just get on base.” Right? It’s useful. Totally do it. It’s great. My next at bat I'm like, you know, poke a little base hit in the gap. Like, you know, just like a single. Well, they're starting second baseman was like Chase’s size. Only like thicker. He gets like jammed up on the inside pitch that he like hits a home run. I don't know how he does it. But he like, just kind of turns on a pitch to say too inside. And just makes enough contact that it goes out of the park. And I was like, “Oh, I'm, I'm done. This is where–”.

Meg: I’m gonna be an actor.

Charlie: I should be an actor.

Glenn: *Laughter*

Charlie: Um–

Glenn: You were probably good with the low balls, right? And then maybe–

Charlie: I was good at hitting. I was pretty good at hitting.

Glenn: You were.

Charlie: And I was pretty good at like uh, fielding. Like ground ball. Or like whatever. But anytime there was an infield fly, I was definitely a little bit like, “I got no idea where this things coming down.” And like, “I might get this one. I might not.” 

Meg: You’d lose it in the air?

Charlie: It’s a real toss up. Yeah. 

Charlie: You ever catch one in the face? You ever catch one in the face? A baseball just straight to the fuckin’ face?

Charlie: No. 

Glenn: I did. 

Meg: Huh!

Charlie: Oof. That’ll turn you off the game. 

Glenn: Uh, yeah.

Charlie: That’ll turn you off. 

Glenn: That was uh–

Meg: What happened? Did you break your nose? What–

Glenn: No. It didn’t break my nose. Well, maybe it did. And I didn’t know. Uh, but I remember it hurt like a motherfucker, right? And it was a fly ball. And it hit me in the face. And it wasn’t even during a real game. It was like, playing baseball with like my friends. Like in a, just in a field somewhere. And uh, and yes. So I was scared of… It didn’t, I just could never and I wasn’t a uh, I was a pretty rough kid. I mean I played football. My favorite thing to do in football was, was hitting drills. I loved, the bigger the guy the better. So I wasn’t afraid of like, contact. I wasn’t afraid of roughness. But a little tiny hard ball coming at me.

Charlie: Oh yeah. 

Glenn: At 90 miles an hour–

Meg: See–

Glenn: That was a bit, that was a bit too much for me.

Charlie: Honestly, it wasn’t till highschool that I stopped being like, scared of the ball. But uh–

Glenn: So it always scared you a little bit? Until highschool?

Charlie: Yeah. When I started wearing a cup and like, lifting weights and stuff. I was like, “All right. I’m fine. If this thing hits me in the chest or whatever, I’ll be all right. If it hits me in the balls..”

Glenn: What if it hits you in the face?

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: Well I have a glove, I’ll catch it. 

Glenn: Well I mean, like a pitch.

Meg: You were just not so certain about that a minute ago.

Charlie: A pitch?

Glenn: I mean a pitch. 

Charlie: Yeah that’s true. I was–I–

Meg: But yeah, you were talking about–

Charlie: A pop fly. Yeah, yeah.

Meg: A pop fly.

Charlie: A line drive I’m gonna catch it. A pop fly is, I’m gonna missjudge it.

Glenn: By the way–

Charlie: When I was 16 I was an alternate on our American legion team. Um, well, no. I was on the team but I like basically road the bench. I was the youngest guy on the team. And uh, I really would only get in the game if we were up by 20. And we were a really really good team. And it’s like, lot of talented, very big guys. And uh, and we won the Rhode Island state championship. Which was the first time that this team from Newport, maybe had ever done it? Or had done it in a long time. I can’t remember. We were called R&R Construction. So, and my coach was Ronald McDonald. That’s, that’s where we got–

Meg: Oh, that’s right.

Charlie: –his name. Who was a character. Um, but uh–

Glenn: That’s insane.

Charlie: It’s insane. But anyway, so we go to the state championship, right? And uh, I mean we go to the um, the regional championships. We move up. So we’re, we’ve, we’ve beat every team in Rhode Island. And now we’re going to play the team that’s beat every team in Massachusetts. A much bigger state. The guys getting off the bus from the Massachusetts team, I think they were from Quincy Mass. Just outside of boston. Are, it looks like they’re the fuckin’ New England Patriots. These guys–

Glenn: Huge.

Charlie: –are huge. And probably roided out. You know what I mean? This is like when like roids are floating around a little bit. And like, even if you're a high school kid, you could probably get a hold of it. Um. So these guys demolish, they demolish us. But our shortstop, who was a really good player. I won't say his name, but like, famously would never wear a cup. 

Glenn: Oh no.

Charlie: He was like, he was like, “I don't wear a cup.” Well, one of these meatballs from Quincy, rips a line drive so hard at our shortstop, and it takes like one bad hop and drills him right in the nuts. And he's down. He's down. Like we, they gotta get an ambulance. Like, get him off the field. So that, you know, yeah. And I'm thinking like, “Oh, this is bad. But am I going in the game?” 

Glenn: Hey, huh?

Charlie: No, no, I was I was worried about him. So–

Glenn: “I was worried about him.” 

Charlie: So we lose, you know, we're, that's it. You know, the, the adventure is over. We're getting bused home. Uh, and he's, he's recovered. He's like, you know, got ice and he's back from the wherever and he's gonna live. And the poor guy, the jokes that he's enduring on the ride home, like, “Hey, man was ballsy play.” Or like, “Dude, that was nuts.” Or, “Took a lot of balls to get in front of that one.” You know?

Meg: And he’s like, “Stop it guys.”

Charlie: Uh–


Glenn: “Guys, stop it. That’s not funny.”

Charlie: He was not enjoying it. The, yeah. So wear a cup.

Glenn: Does he have kids? 

Charlie: I don’t know. I don’t know what’s become of him.

Glenn: Yeah. Or what became of his balls? 

Charlie: What became of his balls.

Glenn: What became of his balls?

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Maybe you can tell Meg his real name. And uh, we can get our research department on it. 

Meg: *Laughter*

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: You know? Find out what happened to his balls.

Charlie: Sure.

Glenn: And–

Charlie: We’ll let it go. We’ll let it go. 

Glenn: Oh I don’t know. I kinda wanna know what happened to his balls. 

Charlie: What happened to his balls? Yeah. Well, he lost one of them for sure. 

Glenn: *Laughter*

Meg: Jesus Christ.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: Oh man.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: So that’s the kind of thing that scared me about base–that’s why, I mean. That scared the shit out of me.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Glenn: That kind of thing.

Charlie: Totally.

Glenn: You know what I mean? It’s just, the ball just–it kept getting faster and faster the older I got. I mean, and–

Meg: Like bullets.

Glenn: –the size of the players, I mean I, like–

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: I knew I was done with football when I went to summer training in 10th grade. I went to summer training. Um, and, the kids had just like, I, just hadn’t really hit that big growth spurt yet. 

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: I was maybe still like, 5’7, 5’8. And I was getting on the field with, with basically grown men. Grown men, who are like 300 pounds. And all of sudden those hitting drills, that I used to love, uh, I was like, “Oh. I’m gonna get my brains pounded in.”

Charlie: Size is a factor in sports for sure. But, you know, that’s all the more impressive when like, guys like uh, Dustin Pedroia. Um, or Jose Altuve. Uh, I remember going to the Phillys game and being like, “Wow. I’m like the same size as Pedrioa.”

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: I’m taller than Altuve. And he’s like a–these guys have been like, league MVPs.

Glenn: Yeah.

Meg: Size is not the only thing that matters.

Charlie: No. 

Glenn: It’s not the only thing that matters.

Charlie: Skill is a big part of it too, apparently. 

Glenn: Sure.

Meg: Yeah. You also didn’t have that. 

Charlie: I had some of it.

Meg: No, no. I know.

Glenn: But, but–

Charlie: I had some of it.

Glenn: But in football.

Charlie: But not enough. But not enough.

Glenn: But in football, if you’re 5 foot 7. And 135 pounds–

Meg: You could be a kicker.

Glenn: *Laughter* Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. You ain’t gonna make it. 

Glenn: But that wasn’t, that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted, I was like a wide receiver. Or running back. I wanted, you know, I wanted the glamor positions. 

Meg: You guys were just more–

Glenn: Ah, kickers a pretty–well.

Meg: –more talented at other things. Than–you could’ve been athletes, maybe. But you pursued a different talent.

Glenn: Well, it was a–you know. It was at that moment that I realized, I was like, “I should just do theater.”

Meg: *Laughter*

Charlie: Do you think show business is the same way? Like, with pro sports. You can work your ass off. And you should. To like–you know. The guys who make it, it’s the combination of the talent, plus the hard work. For sure. Right? But like, you kind of like, either are or are not, gonna be a professional athlete. Right? It’s either like–

Glenn: It’s–yeah.

Charlie: It’s in the cards for you, or it’s not. You think show business is the same thing?

Glenn: I–I think so, yeah. I think to a degree. Look, I think there’s the odd person in show business that just kinda falls into. Right? They’re like at a starbucks at the right time and they’ve got the right look. And you know, they just fuckin’ fall into it.

Charlie: But then you gotta be able to–

Glenn: You gotta be able to–

Charlie: –win an audience over. Or–aswell.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Right? Like, you find that person at starbucks, you put them in the movie. 

Glenn: It’s not just, yeah. ‘Cause it’s not just about talent. Uh, it’s not even about hard work. Although it is about those two things also. But it also is about your ability to accept rejection. Of which there is a shit load.

Charlie: It’s a huge part of it.

Glenn: In this business. You have to be able to withstand a lot of rejection. Everybody does.

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: Everybody. Even you know, Dicaprio early in his career was dealing with a lot of rejection. You know, when you push–-If you are the type of person to push through that. You know, either because you just don’t listen to descent. And you’re hard headed. Or you just want it so bad that you’re willing to push through it. Is like, do you want it enough. And I do think that this is one of those businesses where you really, you have to have a, a thick skin. Or, or a really fuckin’ hard head. 

Meg: You talk about in here um, in this episode, uh. There’s kind of the joke about how uh, Mac is idolizing a player that’s actually younger than him. Which is like a weird thing that happens at a certain point in your life. But, did you guys have any like, either in sports or in acting. Any role models that you looked up to like that. In such a major way. Did you ever write any fan letters or anything when you were younger?

Glenn: *Laughter*

Charlie: Well I, first of all. From baseball perspective, uh, I idolized Rickey Henderson. Uh, who would like–he played on the Oakland A’s. He was um, like the fastest guy in baseball. He has the stolen base record. But he was also an amazing hitter. He, yeah. You know, could hit for power. Um, and I don’t know why I, I honed in on Rickey Henerson. Other than he was just a dynamic really good player. And I just, you know. I, I baseball cards and posters of Rickey. And I just like, I uh, at–I remember like, I would have like dreams that like, we met in the park. And we’re like, having a catch or whatever.

Glenn: Aw.

Charlie: Much like Mac. And then, I remember going to a Sox game. Uh, with my buddies Chris and Carl one time. And we see Rickey Henderson. Like across the street. He’s coming out of the stadium. And I go, it just comes out of me, I go, “Rickey!” 

Meg: *Laughter*

Charlie: And he like turns. And he looks at me, not in a like, excited someone has barked at him in this way. Uh, and I’m just like, “You’re the greatest man.” 


Charlie: That was it. That was my–

Glenn: Yeah. That was great.

Charlie: –Rickey Henderson.

Meg: You just transformed into like a 6 year old. At that moment. Just like–

Charlie: I did. In terms of show business, there’s lots of people I, you know, love and admire.

Glenn: Yeah. 

Meg: Guys, I think we’ve done it. 

Glenn: I feel like we’ve done it. Rob, how are you feeling? Do you feel like you got all your thoughts out? And, and uh, you’ve expressed…okay good. 

Charlie: All right, yeah.

Glenn: All right, so Rob’s feeling good about it.

Charlie: Yeah, good. Yeah.

Glenn: And um, you know. This is one of the beautiful things. You get to know somebody so well, they don’t even need to be here. And you can hear their voice in your head.

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: And you know exactly how they would respond to things. 

Charlie: Mm-hm.

Glenn: That’s pretty special.

Charlie: Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

Glenn: So Rob, thanks for being here today with us.

Charlie: Mm-hm, mm-hm.

Glenn: Uh, even though you couldn’t physically be here. Um, your presence is felt.

Charlie: Mm-hm, mm-hm.

Glenn: And the spirit of you is always with us. 

Meg: *Laughter*

Charlie: Oh, I think he said, “Fuck you.”

Glenn: Definitelyly said, “Fuck you.”

Charlie: *Laughter*

Glenn: Definitely told me to, fuck off. 

Charlie: That’s it. That’s the show. 


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