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Episode #62

Femail Bag with Kaitlin Olson

I find the middle ground boring AF.

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62. Femail Bag with Kaitlin Olson

On the pod, Rob, Charlie and Meg answer fan mail with special guest, Kaitlin Olson.

Charlie Day: No. You gotta go on the couch with your husband.

Kaitlin Olson: No no. No no no. This feels like the head of the table. It feels right. Hi.

Charlie: It’s been forever.

Kaitlin: *I know* how are you?

Charlie: Good.

Kaitlin: I like this shirt.

Charlie: Oh thanks.

Rob McElhenney: Hi sweetpea. 

Kaitlin: Hi. *kiss* I had an unreal nougat.  Like a fake uh, Snickers. It was great.

Rob: How was it?

Kaitlin: Delicious.

Rob: Oh, Meg’s got the water too.

Megan Ganz: Yeah. I put some waters down for you guys.

Kaitlin: Mine’s sparkling. Your guys’ is flat. 

Meg: This is gonna be fun though ‘cause I get to see you guys. I feel like we haven’t seen each other in days. 

Charlie: No.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: We have been in a deep dark writing hole.

Kaitlin: *Laughing* 

Meg: They’re in that point of the season that I always love. Where a sign pops up on your office door that says “Do not disturb” in big block letters.

Charlie: *Laughing*

Kaitlin: Yeah. Yeah. I feel it. I feel at home. 

Meg: Genius at work.

Kaitlin: *Laughing* 

Charlie: Yeah, no. This is the time of the year where there’s not enough time in a day. 

Kaitlin: No.

Charlie: Where you’re like, “Ah my god. We got so much to do,and then, production meetings are popping up. And then, people are al…having questions like “Is it, is it this jar? Or is it this jug?” Or like–

Kaitlin: And you’re like “Oh god just pick a jar. Or pick a jug.”

Charlie: Yeah. But then, you, then they do and you’re like “Well not that one–”

Kaitlin: “Not that one. Pick the right one.” Oh god.

Charlie: “It couldn’t be that one. That ruins the jug.” 

Meg: That ruins the whole choice. 

Charlie: *Laughing* 

Kaitlin: Meg and I are just talking about that. I don’t wanna do it all. But if you don’t do it all–

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: everything falls apart.

Charlie: Yeah. You know, you got something in your head and no one else really knows what’s in your head.

Kaitlin: They’re not…that’s not their fault. They’re not in your head.

Charlie: They’re not in your head. It…Ya know. 

Kaitlin: Mhm

Charlie: And plus, we cut all the description from our script, so that we can reach our page count. You know what I mean?

Meg: *Laughing*

Kaitlin: Yeah. 

Charlie: Yeah. Like, if it comes in 30 pages we’re like, ah, no but.

Kaitlin: Cut all the stage directions.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Rob: Descriptive deflower writing.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. We cut it all out so that we can reach our page count. Not because we the, the network says you gotta do it. But ‘cause we’re like, okay, if we write a 30 page script, we’re gonna be cutting 5 minutes out in the editing room–

Kaitlin: Yeah, yeah. That’s gonna be me that gets cut. ‘Cause I’m not the one who wrote it.

Meg: *Laughing*

Charlie: We’re gonna have to cu…cu…cut Kaitlin’s best stuff.

Kaitlin: Cut Kaitlin out.

*Opening credits* 2:35

Charlie: Guys, Glenn’s not here. 

Rob: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the podcast. Glenn’s not here. 

Meg: Yeah.

Kaitlin: And lucky me. 

Meg: Lucky us.

Charlie: He is going to Alabama family uh, some family business. So, eh, we’ll just have to make due. 

Meg: *Laughing*

Kaitlin: Oh don’t you do it. 

Rob: It’ll be fine.

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: It’ll be great.

Charlie: The other thing is, we were gonna talk about, uh “the road trip” episode–

Meg: Yeah. The Gang Hits the Road.

Charlie: but uh, Glenn has very specific memories he really wants to share. So we’ll wait. We will wait. 

Rob: So. Just so I’m 100 percent clear, because I was apart of this meeting. But I didn’t bring it up at the time ‘cause I didn’t wanna take the wind out of Glenn’s sales. He said “Well, I’m not gonna be here tomorrow–”

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Rob: “but um, you guys definitely need to do the podcast, ‘cause we need to get it out. And, um, also um, you can’t do it uh, the way that you wanna do it.”

Meg: Mhm. 

Rob: “You can’t do it the way the audience wants it. Which is us just talking about the episodes.”

Meg: Yeah. 

Rob: “You’re gonna have to come up with a completely different format. Um, and just sorta riff–”

Kaitlin: This would’ve been good to know before you invited me–

Rob: “And then when I get back–”

Kaitlin: I didn’t realize…

Rob: Well we thought–

Charlie: Just bring in a ringer. You know? Like, bring in a comedy ringer–

Kaitlin: Uh oh.

Charlie: and let’s pump this thing up. Let’s juice this pod a little bit.

Kaitlin: Oh okay. Let’s juice the pot.

Meg: *Laughing*

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Do you juice a pot?

Rob: Pod. 

Charlie: You juice anything you want to have more juice in it. That’s for sure.

Kaitlin: *Laughing*

Rob: You juice the pod.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Kaitlin: That I know: 

Rob: Why did Glenn, why did Glenn not want us to talk about the episode?

Charlie: ‘Cause Glenn and I, I think…Are, are credited with writing that one and uh, I actually have fond memories of writing that one. And, and I guess he does to. And he really wants to share those stories. And it’s good. ‘Cause my fond memories are blurry to the point of nonexistent.

Kaitlin: *Laughing*

Charlie: I just feel as though I remember something.

Rob: Mhm.

Charlie: What I remember–

Kaitlin: May not have happened. Yeah, it may have been a dream.

Charlie: I don’t know. I’m hoping he, I’m hoping he can pry it outta, yeah here, and uh, you know. And uh–

Rob: Crack you wide open.

Kaitlin: Crack you open some–

Charlie: You crack this egg and then get some info out of it. 

Meg: Well, I do have some mailbag questions. That people wrote in.

Rob: Yes.

*TIME STAMP 04:42*

Meg: Specif…Just for us. And then also, specific for Kaitlin they wanted to ask…answer.

Kaitlin: Great. 

Charlie: Okay.

Meg: So we can do that.

Charle: Okay.

Kaitlin: Mailbag episode. 

Charlie: Anyone else hear mailbag and think–

Rob: Yup.

Kaitlin: Oh yeah.

Rob: If it’s about Kaitlin it should be, “Femail Bag”.

Charlie: Yeah yeah.

Meg: Okay yeah.

Kaitlin: Oh that’s nice! Let’s call it a “Femail Bag” episode. 

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: No. I thought of your cock and balls.

Rob: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Meg: Yeah. 

Charlie: I didn’t wanna say it.

Meg: *Laughing*


Rob: Let’s go to the mail! Megan let’s go to the mail! 

Charlie: We should tell people. Cause I don’t think we told them. The reason that we’re in this crappy–

Kaitlin: Horrific overhead fluorescent lighting.

Charlie: Yeah. 

Meg: Sorry about that.

Charlie: It’s because we can’t in the middle of the writing day, drive over to our, uh, podcast office, drive back here and start…it’s uh, there’s too much…there’s no time to waste.

Rob: We just have too many offices.

Charlie: Too many.

Rob: Too manny:

Kaitlin: Too many cars to drive.

Charlie: Too many offices. Too many cars. There’s not enough time. We need to make the show.

Rob: Listen. We gotta go over the valley. Then back to–

Kaitlin: Oh god.

Rob: Century City. Then back to the Fox Lot. It’s just, such a slog. 

Charlie: Megan, have you been reading the, the scripts that have been coming out?

Megan: I have. I read your rewrite of my script last night. Super funny. I loved it.

Kaitlin: I can’t wait to read it. Can you say the name of it? Or you’re not allowed to say it.

Charlie: No. No. Saying nah–

Kaitlin: Not the name?

Rob: The name?

Kaitlin: Okay.

Charlie: This is uh–

Rob: I don’t understand this style of marketing.

Kaitlin: Shouldn’t we want to get people excited about seeing it?

Rob: That’s, that’s how I feel. I, I don’t think we’re making–

Charlie: Here’s why though. 

Rob: Okay.

Meg: *Laughing*

Charlie: Often times we change the title in the editing room.

Rob: All part of the rich–

Kaitlin: You say that, you say that. You put it all out there.

Rob: Yes.

Kaitlin: It’s all part of it. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: It’s all part of the rich tapestry of the production of this television series. And the story.

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: I just got all the episodes, last night? I think. 

Charlie: You didn’t get all the episodes–

Rob: You didn’t get all of them. 

Charlie: because we got, we’re still.

Kaitlin: I got all the, all the ones that are still out–

Charlie: Out there.

Kaitlin: Ready to be read. 

Rob: Yes

Kaitlin: Last night. I haven’t started reading them yet.

Rob: Can you describe how, my, state? My emotional state and my physical state. What was it? 2 nights ago?

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: *Laughing* uh oh.

Kaitlin: Yeah. Um. 

Charle: What’s going on with Robby at home?

Rob: I think this will be, I think this will be good. This is good for the creeps and the listeners.

Charlie: Let’s, let’s hear about at home Rob.

Kaitlin: Yeah. Well, he came home. Door opened and closed. And then just, you just heard slow foot steps coming in. I thought maybe there was an intruder.

Charlie: Yeah you don’t move slow.

Kaitlin: No.

Rob: No. I move fast like a cat usually. 

Kaitlin: Yeah yeah. *Laughter*

Meg: *Laughter*

Kaitlin: Like a cat. Exactly.

Charlie: Uh huh.

Kaitlin: Um. No, you came home and um, you know, I was making dinner. And I came over and gave you a hug. And you were like, “hi, hi” and your smile was not real. And then we hugged.

Charlie: Mmm.

Kaitlin: And I was like, “What’s going on?” And then just, no information out of you. And you’re really forcing it, and trying for the kids ‘cause they came and said “hi” and we had a good dinner. And then we were watching tv and you were just kinda like staring off to the side not watching. And wouldn’t really say much. You were like, “Oh it’s just, just, it’s just a lot. Just a lot at work.” And then, put on again, put on a pretty good show for the kids for our whole, like, night time stuff. I’m washing my face. I come into the bedroom and he’s sitting, we have a little like, a bench thing at the end of our bed. He’s sitting on it, just sitting on the be…bench. Just staring at the ground. Your head was in your hands. I was like, what is, what is happening? You’re like, you’re like depressed.

Rob: Mhm.

Kaitlin: I’ve never seen this. Yeah you were very.

Charlie: Which day was this? What day was that?

Rob: 2 days ago?

Kaitlin: 2 days ago.

Rob: Yeah. 

Charlie: 2 days ago? We’ve been in a good spot. A week before I get that.

Rob: No. It was the day, it was the day before that, we had like a really good run. And it wasn’t, I didn’t, I wasn’t miserable. Um, and the reason I feel comfortable sharing this with our audience, is because, um, but I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me. I just want them to, to know, that I’m trying to give it my all. And we all are. We’re in season 16.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: And people think what, like, we put things on like, autopilot. And we, and we don’t. We really wanna make something great. And so, again, I’m not asking for people to feel sorry for me. People have really difficult jobs that are life and death. And

Kaitlin: Yeah. Absolutely.

Rob: This and that. So, so, but in terms of, I, I, I, I don’t wanna qualify other than, other than to say that we care, I care so much about doing something good. And it’s hard in season 16 to make sure that, if we’re only gonna do 8 episodes, that they’re all really great. 

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Rob: And I think everybody feels that way. And everybody has those moments throughout the season, where they’re just like, exhausted.

Kaitlin: It’s a lot of pressure.

Rob: Like, physically and emotionally exhausted.

Charlie: There, there was a point, you know, we were talkin’. And I was like, “I really think we should not write on sunday.” Right? 

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: ‘Cause I’m like, we’re gonna go 10, 11, 12 days in a row. 8 to 12 hours of writing nonstop. Um, and I don’t mean like, kinda like brain storming. I mean sitting in front of a computer typing.

Kaitlin: Oh yeah.

Charlie: You know. And uh, your brain just drains.

*TIME STAMP 09:43*

Charlie: Cause your just pumping everything you’ve, every little ounce out of it you can.

Kaitlin: You’ve gotta replenish.

Rob: Yup. And so–

Charlie: Dude I was staring out the window, at like, 3 in the morning. Like I woke up, I had to go to the bathroom, and I woke up. And I start looking out the window. Just kinda lookin’ at the view. And then, maybe 10 minutes went by, I realized, dude you’re just staring out the window like a crazy person. 

Rob: I caught my…like twice! Two times this week!

Charlie: Go back to bed.

Rob: That window, right there.

Meg: You guys just staring out this—

Rob: Staring out the window.

Kaitlin: It’s creepy. 

Charlie: It’s it’s, it’s also good.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: Like it’s like, you’re in your most creative point where you’re pushing yourself outside your normal–

Rob: Well, this past Saturday I had a blast. I knew I to write–

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. 

Rob: and it was raining–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: Yep. 

Rob: and I went out to the, to my office and I just spent the day writing. And I had a lot of fun. So it’s definitely fun. It’s just sometimes you just get drained. And I knew that if I, my kids are so sweet, my oldest son–

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Rob: was like “Dad I can see your sad.” And he’s like “I’m not used to seeing you sad.” And I was like, “I’m not sad. I’m just kinda drained.” And he goes, “I got the answer for you. All you have to do is just look at cat memes.”


Rob: “Just look at cat memes.”

Kaitlin: Which by the way–

Rob: I was like, alright fuck it. So he went to bed, I put them to bed and then I, Kaitlin actually fell asleep. And I just couldn’t sleep, and my, I was like, my, my head was spinning. And I just took out my phone and I just googled cat memes.

Kaitlin: Looking at cat memes.

Rob: Which I’ve never done before in my life. And I, I found it delightful. 

Charlie: I bet you did. 

Rob: I fell asleep and I woke up, and I was excited about coming to work.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: I’ll tell you what. I’m not feeling too, I’m feeling jazzed now.

Rob: Me too.

Charlie: Like, it was a breakthrough week of just, you know I think just kinda, something to the grindstone.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: What do you put, what do you put? Your nose?

Kaitlin: Nose.

Rob: Your ax, to the grindstone.

Kaitlin: I think you put your nose to the grindstone. 

Charlie: Nose?

Rob: Why the fuck would you put your nose to the grindstone?

Kaitlin: It’s not a good idea.

Charlie: I know.

Kaitlin: It’s not a good idea.

Rob: Well, an ax to the grindstone doesn’t that sharpen it?

Kaitlin: Oh yeah. It sharpens it.

Charlie: Yeah. But it would, but for whatever reason I think it’s nose.

Meg: It is nose.

Kaitlin: You have an ax to grind. But you put your nose to the grindstone.

Charlie: There you go. 

Rob: Why would you grind your nose?

Charlie: Your heads down and you’re just grinding.

Kaitlin: You know what it is? Your heads down and you’re just–

Charlie: You’re not up, looking around like, I’d like to just grind things. 

Kaitlin: You’re not staring out the window. Yeah. 

Charlie: You know what I mean? You know–

Rob: I wanna grind my own face?

Charlie: “I’d like to grind that knight over there.” You’re like, “I’d like to grind this stone.” And uh–

Kaitlin: What’s that–

Charlie: I’d like to grind my sword on the stone?

Kaitlin: I don’t know.

Rob: What is it that–

Charlie: What’s happening?

Meg: Um. 2 rival explanations. 1 is that “It comes from the supposed habit of millers, who checked that the stones used for grinding *serial* weren’t over heating, by putting their nose to the stoneyard to smell any burning.”

Kaitlin: Oh. It’s like kissing a baby’s forehead to see if they have a fever.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: But that’s not about working hard, ya know?

Rob: That’s not working. I–

Charlie: That’s like, smelling your work every now and again.

Kaitlin: Well that’s being really attentive. *laughing*

Meg: The other “comes from the practice of knife grinders when sharpening blades to bend over the stone, or even lie flat on their fronts with their faces near the grindstone–”

Charlie: That’s the one. That makes more sense.

Meg: “holding the blades.” So like, pay attention.

Rob: Paying attention.

Charlie: You’re in close, and you’re grinding. Well look. It was a good week. I’m feeling really good about–

Rob: It was a great week. 

Charlie: where we are with the scripts.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: We gotta maybe do it again for a few more days.

Rob: By the way, that day. Whenever it was, Wednesday. Was actually a great day.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: It’s just, it, it, it’s exhausting in a–

Kaitlin: It’s–

Rob: very strange way. Because if you do something physical, then you’re tired and your body is tired, and you wanna go to sleep. But if you’re doing something just mental, all day long–

Meg: Yeah.

Kaitlin: You’re exhausted, but you can’t really go to sleep.

Rob: you’re just exhausted and you can’t go to sleep. I’m gonna, I’m gonna say that probably there’s a lot of um, creeps and listeners out there who um, who um maybe also having a difficult week, this week. And maybe uh, for the creeps, not as much for the listeners, you guys are fucked. But the creeps–

*TIME STAMP 13:08*

Meg: *Laughing*

Rob: If you could throw a cat meme in–

Kaitlin: Mm.

Rob: Just every once in a while.

Meg: Alright, I’ll put it. I’ll do that.

Rob: Throughout the episode. Maybe with a transition here and there.

Kaitlin: That’s not a bad idea.

Charlie: For the listeners, let’s just add a nice cat sound.

*Cat sound*

Meg: So wait. These memes are just still photos. They’re not like–

Kaitlin: They say something funny.

Rob: But they’ll say something–

Meg: Oh. Okay. Alright, I’ll do that.

Charlie: That’s a gif. If it moves it’s a gif. If it’s still it’s a meme.

Rob: Interestingly enough, I think my son, prefers dogs. I think he likes dogs more than cats.

Kaitlin: In general. Mhm.

Rob: But he likes cat memes.

Kaitlin: He does. Yeah he, well, well he likes dog shaming memes.

Rob: Dog shaming memes are fun.

Kaitlin: Are fun.

Meg: Oh those are great. I’ll throw in a couple of those as well.

Kaitlin: Might as well.

Meg: Those are good.

*Dog barking noise* 

*AD BREAK 13:54*

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Meg: We love their green powder, AG1 and take it pretty much every day. Especially when we’re writing the new season.

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Charlie: Morning dose.

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Meg: Oh, you don’t need a prescription. A subscription sure. But it’s just green delivered right to your door. 

Charlie: Now. So I used to know a guy in New York who would do that. You know, sometimes he had adderall too. So do I call that guy? Or…

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Charlie: No. No it did not.

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Meg: They have mascots on Zip Recruiter?

Charlie: Apparently so, Megan. Apparently so.

Rob: Should we hire a mascot? 

Meg: What would we do with a mascot?

Charlie: What wouldn’t we do with a mascot? 

Rob: Well now that I’m, I’m just thinking there’s a mascot market out there. And we’re not, and we’re not tapping it.

Charlie: Okay yeah. I think we need to get on over to Zip recruiter and we gotta check this out, okay? Now they have the technology that helps you find the top candidates before inviting them to apply.

Rob: So you get matches with the right experience.

Charlie: So you get matches with the right experience.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: You don’t want a match with the wrong experience.

Rob: No.

Charlie: You want a match with the right experience. I get it.

Rob: You know, like, you want people who went to mascot school. 

Charlie: Right. Who have their masters in mascots.

Rob: Try it now, for free, at ziprecruiter.com/sunny. Once again, that’s ziprecruiter.com/sunny.

Charlie: Zip Recruiter. The smartest way to hire.


Meg: Okay well, we’ll do some mailbag stuff, ‘cause I got a bunch of questions and uh, and so, we’ll take advantage of Kaitlin being here to answer some them. Uh, question, first one is uh, from Issac. “I’d really to hear the comedic influences, uh, for the guys growing up. Who made them decide they wanted to do comedy? In particular I would love to hear the answer to this question from Kaitlin, Meg, or Mary Elizabeth.”

Kaitlin: Mm.

Meg: So, yeah.

Charlie: Well, you have Kaitlin. So you can, you can hear it.

Kaitlin: I’ll speak for all of us. Because I’m a woman, and we all have the same–

Charlie: Mhm.

Kaitlin: Definitely, Carol Burnett. Um, Gilda Radner. We watched a lot of Saturday Night Live. I thought she was great. Uh, Betty White for sure. All the Golden Girls. 

Meg: Yeah.

Kaitlin: I was a big Golden Girls fan. But Betty White, nah, all of them. Dorothy’s deadpan, like, straight guy is so funny. Every single–

Charlie: Oh, every single one of them was a comedic assassin.

Rob: Killers.

Kaitlin: Totally. Uh, all of them. That, the, that show was a huge one for me. And then um, Julia Louis-Dreyfus–

Meg: Mhm.

Kaitlin: Um. Yeah, Seinfeld was big. Um, I had a bunch of male role models too. I thought um, I mean Will Ferrell was always like a homerun for me. Um, Bill Murray.

Meg: Mhm.

Kaitlin: All Billy Murray stuff, I loved. 

Meg: Do you remember like, early comedic stuff you watched that you liked the best? Like, when you were…

Kaitlin: Yeah. I mean, so I would go to my Grandma’s house every Saturday night. And we would watch the entire lineup of, Golden Girls, and the 227. 

Rob: Empty Nest.

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Kaitlin: Empty Nest.

Meg: Oh yeah, the 227. 

Kaitlin: You remember?

Rob: Yeah.

Meg: I remember that.

Kaitlin: “Sandra.”

Meg: *Laughing*

Kaitlin: Um. That, yeah, those were, those were big. That and Saturday Night Live. My whole family would watch that. 

Meg: Mhm.

Kaitlin: I always thought that was really good. I liked that they were just like, balls out. Like not trying to like, be cute. ‘Cause back then, it was like, everybody was watching 3s Company, and like, stuff where like the girls were just like, pretty and dumb. And, my mom was like, “You’re not watching 3s Company.” 

Meg: I’ve got a specific question for Kaitlin here. Which is from Vanessa Ramirez. Uh, “Do you often break break bones because of carrying the weight of being the best actor on Sunny?”


Charlie: Wow. That’s not so much a question–

Rob: Vanessa.

Kaitlin: Nailed it.

Charlie: That’s a real suckup compliment.

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: *Laughing* I like it.

Rob: Maybe she’s looking for a job.

Kaitlin: Vanessa, you’re hired. I like it so much. Um, no, but Rob did make me get a bone density test.

Rob: I did.

Meg: Oh.

Kaitlin: At one point. Because he had had enough of–

Charlie: When did you come back…At what point in your life did you get that?

Rob: Ooo yeah. Recently, within the last year.

Charlie: Oh, recently.

Kaitlin: Well, no. No No. It was–

Rob: The bone density test?

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: That was within the last year. 

Kaitlin: No it wasn’t.

Rob: You had broken, you have broken so many since–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: since I have met you.

Kaitlin: I know, but it wasn’t within the, we have been married for a very long time. It wasn’t within the, it was, I know which doctor did it. And it was the one at our old house. It was at least 5 years ago. 

Rob: Well, it’s time for another one then.

Charlie: Ah, what uh it’d come back with?

Kaitlin: Anyway, thank you Charlie. My bones are, dense as hell. And zero problems. It’s just I, I, I–

Rob: They are so–

Charlie: Well they are–

Rob: I was gonna say, she came back so proud–

Kaitlin: So proud.

Rob: of this information. I was like, “You realize that that’s.that’s worse.” That’s even more fucked up. How–

Kaitlin: It just means I fall hard.

Rob: many bones you’ve broken–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: and the fact that they are, like dense.

*TIME STAMP 19:29*

Kaitlin: Yeah. I think 10, right? I think that we counted 10. 

Charlie: You don’t got enough padding. I’m gonna make you some pasta.

Kaitlin: Yeah I need more–

Charlie: A big ol’ bowl of pasta to fatten you up.

Kaitlin: padding.

Rob: 10 bones! Since we’ve met. 

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: How many bones have I broken–

Charlie: 10? No!

Rob: since we’ve met? 

Charlie: You have not.

Kaitlin: Rob’s broken zero bones in his life. 

Rob: In my life.

Kaitlin: Yeah. So none, since we’ve met.

Charlie: No bones? Your whole life?

Kaitlin: No. No bones?

Rob: How many bones have you broken?

Charlie: Uh, none.


Rob: Yeah. Yeah. I’m not bragging, that’s pretty normal.

Kaitlin: When we, when I uh, was–

Charlie: Cracked a rib.

Kaitlin: pregnant with our first kid, um, cause I’d broken my tailbone twice at that point. And it had healed weird, strangely I guess. She was like, “Oh yeah. No, no I can see your tailbone’s like, kinda’ curved in.” She’s like, “It’ll most likely break when the baby’s on his way out. But it’s not a big deal.” I’m like, “No, no, no, no no, it is.” 

Meg: Sounds like it is.

Charlie: “You’re gonna probably shatter to pieces when the baby comes out of you, but don’t worry about it.”

Kaitlin: “But the baby’ll be fine.”

Charlie: “You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.”

Kaitlin: “Your baby–”

Charlie: “It’s gonna bust your tailbone off your ass, but you’ll, don’t worry about it.”

Kaitlin: Yeah, well you know what? It all worked out. My tailbone did not break when the baby came out, just in case there were any follow up questions. 

Charlie: Ayo! When did it break?

Kaitlin: A couple times before.

Rob: Multiple times before, and after.

Kaitlin: Alright, take it easy.

Meg: *Laughing* Was one of those with the scooter, in the Sweet Dee Gets Audited Episode?

Kaitlin: No I was uh–*Laughing*

Charlie: A wrist thing right?

Meg: You got hurt in that, right?

Kaitlin: No! 

Meg: Oh, oh, oh.

Kaitlin: I think I just crashed the, the bike into the set.

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Kaitlin: I didn’t get hurt though. Yeah. That was embarrassing.

Meg: One of the, greatest throws to titles ever, is you in that helmet.

Kaitlin: Yeah. 

Dee: I’m made all the contacts! I pushed that little monkey out! And now, I’m going to be claiming him as a dependent and getting tax breaks for the next 18 years. So you talk about a scheme? How’s that for a long term scheme, bitches. Uh, you guys better all eat a dick, cause sweet Dee, beat the system. 

Meg: *Laughing* So excited. 

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: You were doing that thing with your head. And then threw it, one of the best. 

Kaitlin: Yeah, yeah it was a good one.

Meg: Um–

Kaitlin: That was a funny helmet. Made my head look dumb.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: That was a good comedy helmet.

Meg: Comedy helmet. Um, okay, uh. If you could choose an actor or actress to guest star on Sunny, who would it be?

Kaitlin: Can I bring Betty White back from the dead?

Rob: Oh that would be awesome.

Kaitlin: Wouldn’t it be good? Um–

Meg: But you did meet her in, when she was alive right?

Kaitlin: I did.

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Well, yes. Yes, I uh, uh, um a like, hollywood reporter or roundtable or something, with her.

Meg: Oh nice.

Kaitlin: Told her how much I loved her.

Rob: Yeah. We would write her little notes.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: And drop them off at her house.

Kaitlin: She lived on our street.

Rob: She lived on our street. Yeah.

Meg: That’s sweet.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: We would drop off like little baskets. We know she love, she loved animals, so we would, um. She said something about how she, she doesn’t wanna see pictures of our kids. But she wants to see–

Kaitlin: No, so–

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: She called…We dropped, it was before, like right when everybody went into lockdown. We wrote a note just telling her how much we loved her and what she meant to us growing up. And we weren’t like, crazy stalkers. We just had moved in recently. 

Rob: We’re crazy neighbors.

Kaitlin: Crazy…yeah.

*Laughter and unintelligible 22:24*

Rob: Just near her house. We live close. 

Kaitlin: We live very close to you. And crazy. And we’re watching you. And we know where you live. Um, and I said, you know, we have 2 little boys and 2 dogs we, you know, walk ‘em on the street all the time. So let us know if you need anything ‘cause we’re, you know, I’m going to the grocery store or whatever. Um, and left our phone numbers and she called me one day.

Meg: *gasps*

Kaitlin: My phone rang. And it was this tiny little voice. And she said, “Hello. Is this Kaitlin or Rob?”

Meg: *Laughing* Oh!

Kaitlin: I said it was Kaitlin. And she said um, she thanked us for the stuff. And she, she said um, “Will you do me a favor and hug your little boys for me?” And I said, “Of course. Thank you.” And she said, “Can you actually do something that’s even more important than that for me?” And I said, “Yes, whatever.” And she said, “Can you pet your dogs for me?” And I was like–

Meg: Such an animal love.

*TIME STAMP 23:05*

Kaitlin: Uh, still got it. 

Charlie: Still got it. 

Kaitlin: Yeah, I love her. 

Meg: That would be, I feel like a moment, I don’t know if you do this. But sometimes I think back to like, if I could get in a time machine and go back to myself when I was little and be like, “Hey.”

Kaitlin: Yes.

Meg: “There’s something that’s going to happen to you one day.”

Kaitlin: Yes.

Meg: And you’re watching Golden Girls with your grandma–

Kaitlin: Oh god. That woulda’ blown my mind.

Charlie: Yeah. Wouldn’t be able to like, connect those dots. Like, what do you mean I’m gonna meet the burt…I’m gonna meet the character? Or like–

Rob: She’s not, she’s not real. She’s on TV.

Meg: That’s true.

Charlie: I’m gonna be in that house there? On the TV? Yeah.

Meg: Alright. Uh, who would win in a fight? Poppins or Special Agent Jack Bauer?

Kaitlin: Special Agent Jack Bauer.

Charlie: Uhhhh.

Rob: Yeah. Cats are ruthless.

Kaitlin: Cats are gonna win.

Charlie: Yeah. I mean–

Rob: Cats are ruthless.

Charlie: It could be like a draw. Because like, Poppins is pretty indestructible too.

Kaitlin: ‘Cause Poppins, he can’t go down. 

Rob: He can’t be fucked with. But if, but if but, Special Agent Jack Bauer were to pop that other eye out of that Poppins socket–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: He’d be blind.

Rob: He’d be blind.

Kaitlin: Yeah. 

Charlie: I think so. I think so.

Rob: I think that cats gonna win. Although, mm, yeah cats–

Kaitlin: Didn’t he get blown to safety?

Rob: He got blown to safety. Yeah.

Charlie: He got blown to safety. He’s fine.

Kaitlin: Yeah. The cats gonna be just fine.

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Poppins is in trouble. 

Charlie: Born in a pool of gasoline. 

Meg: Um, there’s a couple questions Charlie, about your shirts on the show. Specifically the San Juan Islands one. And some, maroon wrestling shirt you have that is like, the people love your t-shirts–

Charlie: The maroon wrestling shirt, I think well, you know–

Meg: Did you bring any of those too?

Charlie: No. I think those were just like, ya know, the, the wardrobe department says, okay my character probably shops at a thrift store and goes and or goodwill or finds shirts on the street. I don’t know. And like, and goes and gets a few things and there’s no particular relation to me. Sorry for the answer.

Kaitlin: I was just um, in a wardrobe fitting before this and every year our costume designer tells me the exact same story. Which is, she’s so excited she gets to shop for me, because she actually gets to go shopping and get stuff. And that every year, she’s like, “Uh Charlie. I just, try and get him, I want to get him some new stuff and every years he’s just like ‘nah I just wanna wear, I just wanna wear the same stuff. We don’t need new shirts. We’ve got those shirts.’” And I’m like, “Yeah because that’s–”

Charlie: That doesn’t make much sense for my character.

Kaitlin: “that’s the idea.”

Charlie: You guys like, of course Dennis and Dee would want new stuff you know?

Kaitlin: Yeah. 

Rob: I wear the same pants.

Kaitlin: Uh huh.

Rob: Every single episode. And, we should talk to Sabrina um.

Kaitlin: You should.

Rob: Um, maybe one day for the podcast.

Kaitlin: Yes.

Rob: ‘Cause.

Kaitlin: Those same shoes you’ve had resoled like–

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: 15 times. Right?

Rob: Yep. That’s right.

Kaitlin: Yup. Those boots.

Meg: I liked the episode where you put on the Charlie Sleeping Costume though. 

Kaitlin: Oh yeah!

Meg: Where you were wearing like, the long johns–

Kaitlin: The long johns. 

Meg: and like the t-shirts. 

Charlie: Was that one where we walk a mile in each other’s shoes?

Meg: Yeah, yeah. That was fun.

Kaitlin: Yeah. That was fun.

Meg: To see you wear his outfits, and do the cat food thing. 

Kaitlin: That was really fun.

Charlie: That was a good one. Yeah, it was comfortable. Now that was my shirt. The horse shirt. A couple of the things, the army jacket, the horse shirt, and the, the vans with Vans with the pink bottoms. And I think the striped jacket with the red stripes, were just, and the McGregor sweatshirt. It was basically just–

Kaitlin: Really, that’s your whole wardrobe.

Charlie: Yeah. It was just how I was dressing in 2005.

Kaitlin: Yeah. Totally. 

Charlie: You know, ‘04, or ‘03, or whenever we started shooting it. And uh, you know, now I like, I can’t wear like an army coat somewhere. Or I’ll feel like an idiot.

Meg: There’s a fan that was asking if there are any Kaitlin justice stories.

Charlie: Ohhhh.

Meg: Like Rob justice.

Charlie: I don’t think you were as concerned with justice as Rob, are you?

Meg: Yeah. Have you, have you enacted any justice? Demanded any justice, lately?

Kaitlin: I get kinda’ justicey sometimes. 

Charlie: Do you?

Kaitlin: Yeah. It depends. I don’t like, mines when the kids aren’t in the car. I don’t like when I, oh, something just happened. I feel like I was driving. Oh, yeah, well, an old woman. Hold on, she had a handicap thing. A placard. And she was like, laying on her horn at me, because I had merged.

Meg: *Laughing*

Kaitlin: And I was like, ohhh. And I rolled down my window and I was like, “No!” Just wagging my finger, no no at her, like that. ‘Cause I wasn’t gonna flip her off.

Meg: Yeah.

Kaitlin: ‘Cause I, cause I felt rude. She was old. I don’t know if I like, run in and like jump into–

Meg: But you didn’t think about–

Charlie: Let’s get into–

Meg: Yeah. Using bats from the back of your car?

Kaitlin: No. No.

Charlie: Let’s get into your psyche though. When you’ve been with your husband, and he snapped into justice mode.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: What’s going on with you? Are you like “Oh sweet. My husbands stabbing at justice.” Or are you like–

Kaitlin: No. No. No. No. No.

Charlie: “Oh dear god no. Don’t go in…” Yeah.

Rob: Tell the…what? 

Kaitlin: What?

Meg: *Laughing*

Rob: There’ve been a couple of times.

Meg: I re…I.

Rob: One that we don’t…One that involved a physical altercation–

Kaitlin: Oh okay. That was, yeah. The physical altercation–

Charlie: There’s been one moment of justice where you’re like “Thank you, that was sweet.”

Kaitlin: There was one, well, we were courting. And I, I was very–

Charlie: In the early days.

Kaitlin: We were dating. And I was uh, yeah it was–

Rob: It was an actual assault.

Kaitlin: I was very impressed. There was, yeah. We were, we were under attack and Rob took care of business. And I was like *gasps*.

Charlie: Oh. Okay.

Meg: *”Vapers”* 27:58

Kaitlin: *”Oh vapers!”* 

Rob: Well I, it was not something I started.

Kaitlin: No, and, it wasn’t something you started. And also, there’s this certain, there’s a certain level. Sometimes when you, I like when he uses his words. You know what I mean? I like when he has like a, a, a verbal altercation. And like, explains why he’s right and they’re wrong. 

Charlie: Mhm.

Kaitlin: And then he’s like, “Okay great!” And like, he feels good about it. And then it has a button on the end of it. And then I’m like, okay we can go.

Rob: As uh, as opposed to the physical altercation.

Kaitlin: As opposed to–

Rob: There’s always been one.

Kaitlin: I didn’t love like the, the In n Out, hopping out of the car–

Rob: You weren’t there for that.

Kaitlin: No I wasn’t. I didn’t like that story.

Rob: That’s fair. Your children were involved.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Children were involved. Right.

Kaitlin: I wasn’t there.

Rob: I–

Kaitlin: To protect them. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like that story.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: I, and I did come in and start, and I lead with, “I think I did something very stupid over at In n Out.”

Kaitlin: Good. It was stupid. Yeah. 

Rob: And that I wanted to get, and I got some insight. And I learned from, I learned some things.

Kaitlin: You learned.

Rob: I like to think that some of the creeps and listeners learned something.

*TIME STAMP 28:49*

Kaitlin: He gets, he gets hot real fast. Sometimes, my thing is I just wish he would take, like think about it for a second. Think about, who’s listening. And maybe what the consequences are. And then, if he still feels like it’s time to jump, then go for it. But usually if he would just, think about it a little more.

Rob: Yeah. Take, take a, take a–

Kaitlin: It’s probably worth it to just let it go. Move on. 

Charlie: The man is the Rolls-Royce is trying to get his cheeseburgers before me, let me think about this one for second.

Kaitlin: Let me think about it.

Rob: It’s deep, deep–

Kaitlin: It’s irritating, it’s irritating.

Charlie: It’s irritating, it’s irritating.

Meg: But women are emotional. 

Kaitlin: Right *Laughing*

Meg: But we’re the ones–

Kaitlin: Yes. We’re the ones that fly off–

Rob: I wouldn’t say I’m emotional. I’d say I’m quick to rage. 

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: Just to get *unintelligible* 29:26

Rob: That’s not true. Glenn’s quick to rage. 

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: I don’t think I’m quick to rage. 

Kaitlin: Mmmm. You can be quick to rage sometimes.

Rob: Really?

Kaitlin: Yeah. 

*Laughing* *Unintelligible* 

Charlie: *Unintelligible* 29:40 scared.

Meg: People have to watch their–

Charlie: And Rob–

Rob: Let’s make it very clear to everybody, because there’s nothing sadder than a 40, how old am I? 45 year old man, looking to get into a physical altercation. That has not happened.

Kaitlin: He’s not looking to get into a physical–

Rob: And the last time that happened was, almost 20 years ago. 

Kaitlin: Yeah, no. We were in our, yeah.

Charlie: You don’t run as hot as you used to.

Rob: No.

Charlie: Like when we were younger things would make you–

Kaitlin: Well, yeah. 

Charlie: Madder.

Kaitlin: You don’t have quite the testosterone, that used to be coursing through you.

Rob: It’s pretty good.

Charlie: We tested it. We tested it.

Kaitlin: Yes you did.

Rob: It’s pretty good.

Charlie: It’s pretty high.

Meg: We’ve actually tested it, on the podcast, we tested it. It’s, it’s very high. On the printout, it was in red. 

Kaitlin: *Laughing*

Meg: That’s how high it was. 

Rob: Listen. I can’t, she feeds me steak, I enjoy it.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kaitlin: I take very good care of him.

Rob: I’m also, significantly younger than you.

Kaitlin: God damnit, alright. 

Charlie: You’re on something. You know what I mean? We’re gonna test you like Jose Canseco. 

Meg: This is actually–

Charlie: Those numbers were very high. Very high.

Meg: Spiked. It seemed spiked. 

Charlie: Spiked. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Meg: Um, this might feed into this next question. Which is just simply, why Rob?

Kaitlin: *Gasps*

Rob: Oh yeah. That’s good.

Charlie: Oh, good question.

Kaitlin: “Why Rob?” 

Rob: After that. After all that.

Kaitlin: After all that. 

Charlie: I’m sorry, that’s not for you. It’s for Rob. Why Rob?

Kaitlin: Why Rob?

Charlie: Why Rob? Why?

Meg: Yeah there’s a comma. I’m so sorry.   

Kaitlin: You skipped it. Um, yeah. Didn’t really think twice about him in the audition. Just thought everybody was funny and um, nice.

Charlie: And cute.

Meg: *Laughing*

Charlie: Yeah. Really cute.

Kaitlin: Yeah. And cute. Um, then we started working, and he just was so good at his job. Um, uh, had never done this job before. And I had been on shows before and recognized how hard it was to run a show. Usually it was like, adult men running shows. Um, I would like to say or women, but I don’t think that I knew any female show runners–

Charlie: Not as many in 2000–

Kaitlin: No. Um, but he just was very in charge. But also very kind and very funny, and um, just knew what he wanted, and very level headed. And was just a very good boss. And was, and I just, was very attracted to that.

Rob: I appreciate that you said I was level headed. Because now–

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Rob: I would like for the audience to, to not believe that I–

Kaitlin: If you talk to any of our crew, your employees, they will talk about how you are the best boss you’ve ever had.

Rob: Oh. That’s nice to hear.

Kaitlin: That is very true. It, I hear it all the time. Sometimes people take me aside to tell me that you’re the best boss that they’ve ever had.

Rob: That’s nice for you to–

Kaitlin: Which is a horrific waste of my time.

Meg: *Laughing*

Rob: I’d say it’s nice for you to hear.

Kaitlin: Eh.

Rob: You know, just so you could have a little bit of perspective.

Kaitlin: I, I see it. I’m on set too.

Rob: Just if you’re out there, and you’re looking around at some of the other guys that are–

Kaitlin: I’m lookin’ around.

Rob: Oh I know you are. I know you are.

Kaitlin: I have my eyes open. 

Meg: They’re lookin’ back too.

Rob: They’re lookin’ back. 

Charlie: We get all the emails. 

Meg: They’re makin’ eye contact.

Kaitlin: They’re makin’ eye contact.

Rob: Yup. But you’re, it’s a little up. Is what I’m thinkin’. Is that your eye contact is a little up.

Kaitlin: Oh. My eye lines a little up? More than it normally gets to be?

Rob: Yup. Your eyeline’s up. I got that.

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Rob: Hey listen, if that’s the case just know. Just talk to a crew member and they’ll set you straight.

Kaitlin: That’s right. 

Charlie: And Rob, why Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: Oooo.

Meg: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: Why Kaitlin? We might as well complete the uh–

Kaitlin: Go.

Rob: I don’t think it’s, I don’t think anybody would need to hear me explain–

Kaitlin: Aw.

Rob: why. I think based on what they already know.

Kaitlin: It took me a while, though. I really had to work at cha’.

Rob: You did, yeah. Yeah. She pursued like a jungle cat.

Kaitlin: I really, I really put it out there. Yeah, I was uh, I was um, I was confused as to why I wasn’t getting the response that I was expecting. 

Rob: I was professional.

Kaitlin: It was confusing to me.

Charlie: Wow.

*TIME STAMP 33:18*

Rob: I was a professional. 

Kaitlin: It was very attractive.

Rob: I recognized the power dynamic.

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Charlie: She was like, “I’m really slumming it with you here bro.”

Meg: “I’m slumming it with you.”

Charlie: “I’m slumming it with you. What’s going on man?” 

Kaitlin: Yeah. I’m coming down several notches. 

Rob: I know.

Kaitlin: You should thank me for this.

Charlie: And wake up buddy!

Meg: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: I, I thought wow this is uh, this is irresponsible. 

Kaitlin: Wildly inappropriate.

Rob: Wildly inappropriate. Uh, this could–

Meg: Sort of, what’s fun about it though. I don’t know.

Rob: Sure. Sure. Sure.

Kaitlin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It just uh, it just, just made me burn brighter.

Rob: Yeah. Now we’re hearing all sorts of stories about office environments in Hollywood. 

Kaitlin: Yeah. People getting fired.

Rob: Where people are uh, are just burning real hot, real hot, in those casting room couches, and what not. And I, I wanted to make sure I was not a part of that.

Kaitlin: Well, I was already cast. 


Rob: Yeah, there was nothing I could give you. 

Charlie: Green light man.

Rob: You were in a position of power.

Charlie: Gentleman.

Kaitlin: I felt like it.

Meg: Now, just to be clear. No sexual harassment falling in love with someone that you work with. Even if you’re their boss, and they’re below you. Sexual harassment would come in if either of you said “no”, and then the other one like tormented you at work because of it.

Rob: Well–

Kaitlin: Well hold on a minute, Meg. Hang on, hang on.

Rob: Well hold on a second. ‘Cause that is exactly what happened. 

Kaitlin: That’s not…Well, okay. I–

Rob: Did I not rebuff your advances?

Charlie: It’s only harassment if it doesn’t lead to marriage and children.

Meg: That’s true.

Rob: Fair.

Kaitlin: Thank you. Let’s leave it at that. Next. Next.

Rob: There was a period of time in which it, I very clearly said uh, both verbally and with my um, with my, what’s that called–

Kaitlin: Penis?

Rob: No. No.

Meg: *Laughing*

Rob: That came later. Um, uh, non verbal. I was both verbal and non verbal.

Charlie: That’s the plot I guess. That’s the button part. 

Rob: Non verbal body language.

Charlie: I think it’s a metaphor. Is this a metaphor?

Kaitlin: I don’t know. What’s he talking about?

Rob: I said “no.”

Kaitlin: Um, we definitely, definitely–

Charlie: *Noises*

Kaitlin: after a Fox party one time and it was, there was no “no” being thrown around. That was the first time.

Charlie: And–

Rob: Prior to that happening, how many times? How many times?

Kaitlin: No. Not a, not a one. The first time, that’s why I was like “Oh okay, well this is reciprocal.” And then you were like “Oh you’ve got a boyfriend.” I was like “Well that I should probably address.”

Rob: She, she can, she can, Meg can cut this. 

Charlie: Oooo!

Rob: But I want my friends to know the truth. You–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: you–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: Advanced on me a number of times–

Kaitlin: On you? You are, I’m not a predator.

Rob: At Charlie’s house. 

Kaitlin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Meg: You’re still, your larger frame–

Rob: We were at Charlie’s house. Where I–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: Charlie’s like, “I don’t wanna be implicated in this.”

Rob: I think I was living there.

Meg: “Whatever this is.”

Charlie: Ahhhh.

Kaitlin: It was February. Yeah I brought my friend from Oregon over. We were playing uh, board games. 

Charlie: You were living at my place, season 1?

Rob: May…Or we were just there hanging out. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but–

Charlie: Think you were out by then. I think I got rid of you by then.

Kaitlin: Yeah you kicked him out. 

Rob: Finally you got me out of there.

Kaitlin: You know what it was? It’s that um, I really, I was really feeling like, uh oh I’m like falling in love with this person. And I was trying not to. And I was very professional at work. And then, the problem was, then we’d find ourselves at uh, events. There would be alcohol, you’d make me nervous, so I would drink. ‘Cause then I felt a little better and then I’d act like a fool. And then I’d wake up and beat myself up, for a very long.

Rob: Mmm.

Meg: Ohhh *Laughing*.

Kaitlin: Um, yeah. And then, and then, and then the whole thing would happen again.

Charlie: Mmm.

Kaitlin: That went on for a while. And then, and then I stopped. I got the message, I stopped, and then Charlie’s wedding happened. Yeah.

Meg: *Laughing*

Charlie: Oh. That’s where you guys really–

Kaitlin: The was the–

Rob: And at a certain point my–

Charlie: New Orleans, ya know? It’s–

Kaitlin: Ya know, what’re you gonna do? It’s Mardi Gras.

Charlie: It’s romantic. It’s like Mardi Gras.

Rob: At a certain point, you can only be respectful for so long, respectful of the situation for so long. You have a woman this beautiful, this talented–

Charlie: Aw.

Kaitlin: There we go.

Rob: this kind. Um…

Meg: That’s what you were looking for.

Kaitlin: Go on. There we go. We got there.

Meg: Now we’re into it.

Charlie: When did the, when did the candle go out.


Rob: Well, it came out for a long time–

Charlie: The kids, the kids.

Rob: As have you Megan.

Meg: Uh huh, uh huh.

Rob: And for anybody out there, the creeps and listeners. They know that the candle goes out all the time.

Meg: Yeah.

Rob: And then you gotta relight it.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: And then the candle goes out. And then you gotta relight it. Marriage is hard. I think people look at us maybe and they’re like, “Oh that seems like a functional relationship.” And it is, most of the time. But then it’s not. And we’ve had really rocky times.

Charlie: Yeah, nobody has like a, like a smooth function…That’s not a–

Rob: You only see the instagram version of things.

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Yes, that’s correct.

*TIME STAMP 37:34*

Rob: We have had a very difficult rocky road, from time to time. And we always come back. 

Kaitlin: I didn’t think it was that difficult, but okay. Oh jeez.

Charlie: I mean she’s been with you for years and years.

Kaitlin: No, yeah. There, there definitely been ups and downs, but the thing is um, we’re, we’re good friends. And we, I feel like we respect each other.

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: So that’s good. That’s what you need.

Charlie: Alright, alright. 

Kaitlin: It’s not a marriage, uh–

Meg: Podcast.

Kaitlin: therapy podcast.

Charlie: Yeah. That’s right.

Meg: Speaking of overcoming challenges, here’s a question. What was the most challenging episode to make, from start to finish?

Charlie: Woah. Uh–

Rob: That’s a good question. I mean, look. It’s hard to say because I don’t write all the music, and whatnot, like these guys do. So, the amount of effort and energy and time, that goes into writing those songs for say, Nightman Cometh

Kaitlin: I was gonna say, was Nightman Cometh, that was like a–

Charlie: Yeah, by the way. Yeah–

Kaitlin: rehearsals. Or even the, or The Gang Turns Black.

Charlie: Yeah, but like uh, challenging like a, maybe like a, like difficult. Like the under water stuff was difficult to shoot.

Rob: Mhm.

Kaitlin: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: You know, with the boat.

Meg: Oh, The Gang Goes to Hell.

Charlie: That was–

Frank: Ah! Goose has cut me. I’m going down! Highway to Hell baby! 

Dennis: Sis, I love you. 

Dee: Whatever.

Dennis: Huh? Whatever!?

Kaitlin: I just remember I was, I’m not a water person. And that was terrifying. And then, when, was that, I think it was the last shot. I know it was the last shot cause Danny was like “I’m done.” Um, was time for, it was my time to go up. And I went, kicked up as fast as I could, but I was wearing heals. And I kicked Danny–

Meg: *Gasps*

Kaitlin: with my heal on the top of his–

Charlie: Ooo I remember.

Kaitlin: head. Yeah. And then he came up and just got right out of the water and went right to his trailer. And went home and was “I’m done” and went right home. And I was like, I felt so bad. 

Meg: Oh no.

Kaitlin: “Sorry!”

Rob: You know what’s interesting, I will say? That um, just talking about that story for the other day. The process is by far the hard, is the hardest. And it takes the most out of us.

Charlie: Mmm.

Rob: Um, I think production is, just really really mostly a ton of fun. 

Kaitlin: Fun.

Rob: I don’t know that there are episodes–

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: So in terms of like, what was the hardest episode to, to make, it’d actually be–

Charlie: ‘Cause we don’t really, our style of making something isn’t like so, technically precise–

Rob: Thats, no.

Charlie: that we’re like, “it took us forever to nail that one…” Even the Charlie work one, which was a oner–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: I don’t know. Like, Shakman had really like choreographed it so well. And Adam Sklena and the camera had got it so well. I memorized the stuff so I was–

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Charlie: And we kinda just did it. 

Kaitlin: You rehearsed it.

Charlie: 5 takes.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: And maybe take 2 was the one. Like so–

Rob: One, one episode that people don’t realize that was not a ton of fun to shoot. And I remember this being the case, because I remember how fun it was to write. It came together very, very quickly to break and write. And I remember reading it and we were like “oh we’re gonna have so much fun shooting this.” And then it was absolutely miserable shooting it. Was the Chardee MacDennis Episode.

Charlie: You know that’s funny–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: Why, why?

Charlie: I, I was thinking that. I remember, I totally remember like in that room, I guess one floor down.

Rob: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: Or was it one floor down?

Rob: We’re on, we’re on the third floor. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. And then, like, just the fun of like, coming up with like uh, flip a coin at the end.

Rob: Mhm, mhm.

Charlie: But yeah. What was it, it was a continuity thing, right? Like there was like, uh–

Rob: Yes. Because we were all in every shot, of every scene. And we were screaming through most–

Kaitlin: It was the screaming. 

Charlie: Oh. It was the screaming, that’s what it was.

Meg: Oh. Yeah. 

Kaitlin: It was like, and the, what’s the, what’s that war dance?

Rob: Oh uh, Maori war dance. Yeah

Kaitlin: It just–

Rob: Which actually, when you’re really doing it.

Meg: It’s so funny to like, stop it.

Rob: If you don’t grow up doing that as a part of your culture, uh–

Kaitlin: That takes a lot outta ya.

Rob: It takes outta ya.

Charlie: Ah yeah.

Kaitlin: I just remember like–

Rob: That’s why it was the warriors that were doing it.

Kaitlin: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: A warriors kind of dance. It’s not a clowns dance, this is a warriors dance. 

Rob: Yeah.


Meg: I never thought about that. ‘Cause uh, yeah obviously you all are in every single scene.

Rob: Yes. So much so, that when we were finished shooting it, I, I, was like “Oh that sucked.” Like, that’s gonna be bad. 

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: ‘Cause usually when we’re not having fun with it, it’s gonna not be great. And then we saw it in post and we were like, yeah no that’s… 

Dennis: Gentlemen. Suck my dick. 

*The gang screaming and doing the Maori war dance*

Frank: What the shit are you doing?

Meg: What about the one where you were covered with blood from head to toe?

Kaitlin: I was just gonna say.

Charlie: I remember that for you. And I’m feeling so bad.

Kaitlin: That was one of my hardest days. That ended in, in tears. 

Rob: Oh!

Kaitlin: It just–

Rob: I definitely had a video from that. From that day. I have a video from that day that I shot–

Kaitlin: The last shot.

Rob: on a, a flip phone. I mean, that was so long ago, right? And it was a video of and, and you just kept saying “I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I’m not having fun.

Meg: It’s so funny. But it looks funny because you look miserable.

Rob: ‘Cause I think she just, I’m not sure if she’s joking or not. You’re like “I’m not joking. I don’t like it. I don’t like. I’m not–”

Meg: Hair was bloody. Everything–

Rob: I’m like “okay Kaitlin, get down in the blood.” And you’re like, “I don’t like it. I’m don’t like doing this.”


Rob: “I don’t like it. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Kaitlin: “I’m gonna do it, but I just need everyone to know I don’t like it.”

Rob: I gotta find that video.

Kaitlin: And also this was late at night. And I had been in that blood all day.

Charlie: You had been in that blood for hours and hours and hours.

Kaitlin: Yeah. And the thing is, it’s not just sticky and gross, it starts to dry–

*TIME STAMP 42:53*

Rob: Mhm.

Charlie: Ugh.

Kaitlin: Every move you make, your hair is being ripped out of your body. 

Meg: Ugh.

Kaitlin: So whether it’s your arm, or god forbid I look down, all the hairs ripping out of the back of my neck. And then I had to lay down, and I’m sure they brushed the ground. But I had, pebbles and rocks stuck all over my body.

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Kaitlin: It just was, it just was very uncomf…I mean, I’m not gonna complain. 

*Cat noise* 

*AD break*

Meg: Hey guys! It’s a brand new year and having 2022 officially in the books means one thing.

Charlie: That it’ll take at least a month of writing “22” on dates before your brain switches to writing 23, right?

Meg: No not that. Not.

Rob: That it is now 23. And we’re officially in the Jordan year?

Meg: It’s not quite where I was going no. Um, I was gonna say that having 2022 in the books means your books, are in the books. And now you have to pay taxes on them. But have you ever thought about just, not doing your taxes?

Charlie: You can go to jail for that.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: You can go to jail for that.

Meg: Yeah. Well no. I mean someone needs to do them, but that someone doesn’t need to be you. 

Rob: With turbotax you don’t have to do your taxes. You can meet with an expert who will do them for you. 

Meg: That’s right. They’ll do your taxes start to finish. Guaranteeing they’re done right, so you can relax, because there’s almost no better feeling than being done with taxes.

Rob: I can only think of a handful of things, like winning your 6th ring! That’s a reference to Michael Jordan.

Charlie: Yeah. Okay. I gotcha.

Meg: Yeah. We’re still on the Jordan year thing. 

Charlie: So come on to turbotax, and don’t do your taxes. Visit turbotax.com to learn more. Intuit turbotax. 

Rob: Full service products only. Video meeting, while expert does your taxes required. See guaranteed details at turbotax.com/gurantees.

Meg: This show is sponsored by, Betterhelp.

Rob: Betterhelp is an online therapy service where licensed professionals can help you tackle issues you may be dealing with, or just help you feel your best in general.

Meg: When do you guys feel your best? When do your minds clear and let you just live in the moment? Like you’ve just had a great therapy session.

Charlie: The moment I arrive on a golf course.

Rob: Not while you’re actually golfing?

Charlie: Well, I never know how golfing’s gonna go. So I don’t maybe always feel my best while I’m playing. But when I get there, a lot of hope.

Meg: You might need a therapy session for the golf.

Charlie: That’s right! I might need to fire up Betterhelp on the links.

Rob: Now Meg, you’ve used Betterhelp. Have you ever used it on a golf course?

Meg: Yeah. I’ve never actually used it on a golf course but Betterhelp was great for me in the sense of working through and issue with someone I felt like, understood it.

Charlie: Guys, do they have therapists that would understand my golf woes? Like if I missed a putt would they be like, ya know, it doesn’t refelt on you as a person or?

Rob: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, yes! Someone in their vast directory of experts has heard golf gripes before.

Charlie: Okay great! Done! I’ve never been more excited to, to have a bad run at golf, you know?

Rob: Sure! Sure, look. If you wanna live a more empowered life, therapy can get you there.

Meg: Visit betterhelp.com/sunny today to get 10 percent off your first month. 

Charlie: That’s betterhelp h-e-l-p.com/sunny.

*AD break over* 

*Turkey noise*

Meg: We could counter this with, what episode do you have the best memories from? Which is another question that people have. Any ones you remember being super fun?

Rob: So many.

Charlie: I mean they’re all so fun.

Kaitlin: They’re all fun. 

Charlie: I mean that’s the thing.

Rob: The waterpark episode was so fun. 

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: So fun because each, each storyline was separate. So we had a lot of time where we were either on camera. Or a lot of time um, behind the monitors. But also everything that we shot inside that, the uh, the–

Kaitlin: Tube.

Rob: tube. 

Charlie: The ski one was fun to shoot, ‘cause we got to the–

Kaitlin: Oh yeah. We went to Mammoth.

Charlie: Mammoth. And–

Rob: I got so–

Kaitlin: Drunk.

Rob: Drunk.

Charlie: And kinda party at night.

Rob: It was my birthday. I got so drunk the night before, I was so hungover. We have a video of that too.

Kaitlin: We gotta show that.

Rob: You guys recording me. We were, we got in one of those um–

Kaitlin: Gondolas.

Rob: Gondolas, and we were going up to the top of the mountain, and I was like–

Charlie: Oh yeah, yeah! I have–

Rob: I’m gonna throw up. I’m gonna throw up. Everybodies laughin’ at me/

Kaitlin: Cause he doesn’t drink that much. He never gets that drunk. And he’s never that hungover.

Charlie: We established on the podcast that he drinks all the time.

Rob: Well we drink, I drink all the time but I never get that drunk.

Kaitlin: He doesn’t get that drunk. Or he certainly doesn’t get hungover.

Charlie: That’s true. It doesn’t hit him hard.

Rob: And I was like, “Oh my god I’m definitely gonna throw up.” And of course, my friends, are all laughing at me, as they should, as they should. And we’re going up the gondola, and Charlie, yeah maybe it was you recording it.

Charlie: I think it was.

Rob: You were like “How’s it going man?” And I’m like, “I’m definitely gonna puke.” And we had the, you couldn’t like open the window I guess so.

Meg: Ugh.

Rob: I was like, “If I throw up, I’m gonna throw up all over you. Everybody here.”

Meg: Oh that would make me go

Kaitlin: It’s also altitude.

Rob: Yeah the altitude.

Kaitlin: We drove, we went up that day. It was his birthday and then woke up the next morning and had to shoot. And the altitude snuck up on you.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: That’s also when shooting’s like camp. You know?  

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: Like, the work is done and now we get to sort of play and be funny and–

Kaitlin: Yeah. Hang out.

Charlie: work in a cool place. And uh, ya know? It’s a good adventure.

Meg: It’s like being at a destination wedding. Or an out of town wedding where you’re like, in a fun place to–

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Yeah. And you make the classic mistake of going to hard the first night.

Kaitlin: Yep.

Charlie: ‘Cause you’re so excited about it. 

Rob: I think, I think that ski trip was the last time I was sick from alcohol. 

Kaitlin: Yeah I think so.

Rob: And that was–

Charlie: Oh screw you man. That’s crazy. Really?

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: I think so. And that was like, 7 years ago. 

Kaitlin: Oh no. 

Rob: Oh no! No, no, no.

Kaitlin: Your fr…all your friends from Philadelphia–

Rob: All my friends from Philadelphia came out.

Kaitlin: came out and they all stayed with us. Oh boy.

Rob: Okay. So—

Meg: Oh this is when the toilet got–

Kaitlin: The toilet got–

*TIME STAMP 48:23*

Rob: I can, I can drink. I drink, you know, I’m not bragging about it but I can drink a ton of alcohol and still be okay. Then you hang out with those kind of guys–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: that philly crew, and their wives.

Kaitlin: Yes.

Rob: And they can drink for days–

Charlie: But a lot of them, I will say, are also like 6’3, 220.

Rob: They’re huge.

Kaitlin: They’re huge.

Charlie: And they’re like, big fellas.

Rob: They’re huge. And I try to keep up with them and that is…

Kaitlin: They came back from golfing–

Charlie: That’s that they, they must’ve kept you like a little pet or something in highschool. Those guys are giants!

Rob: Yeah, they’re huge. 

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: They’re huge.

Meg: They went out golfing and then like rolled into your house.

Kaitlin: Oh, they rolled into our house, and the tallest one Mike Gallagher came in first.

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: And I was like, “Hey! How was it?” And he came over to me and he bent down, and, they all kiss me on the cheek. He like, came in for this kiss and it, kinda came in at a weird angle. He got, he got my neck–


Meg: Oh god.

Kaitlin: And he was kissing my neck. And he was like, “I gotta warn you. Those guys are so drunk.”


Kaitlin: And I was like “Oh fuck.”

Meg: “You’re the sober representative.”

Kaitlin: “Oh no! They sent you in?”

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: And then it got–

Charlie: “I had to drive them cause uh.” Ah, nobody drives. Nobody drove. We all ride share.

Rob: We had a, we had a bachelor van for the whole weekend. When, we went to an Eagles game that uh, in LA Coliseum uh, at night. It was a night game, so–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Meg: Isn’t this what gave you ulcers?

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah, well. So that, when I woke up the day after that, it was 3 days of straight drinking and I was like, “I can’t. I don’t…”

Kaitlin: “I’m done.”

Rob: “I’m done.”

Charlie: Couldn’t we balance. Something between that and, and being in the office staring out the windows into space ‘cause you blasted your brains with work like. 

Kaitlin: *Laughing*

Charlie: Isn’t there just like a middle ground of like–

Rob: Yeah. All this–

Kaitlin: There’s a certain personality–

Charlie: Yeah.

Kaitlin: That has a hard time finding that middle ground.

Charlie: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah. 

Rob: I find the middle ground boring as fuck.

Kaitlin: Yeah I know you do.

Rob: Let’s go up and down and up and down.

Meg: *Laughing*

Rob: Come on, why not?

Kaitlin: Like a pinball machine.

Rob: I don’t ever down, for very long. 

Kaitlin: Yeah. Just the other night. That was a little scary. 

Rob: It was scary because I’m very rarely–

Kaitlin: That’s right. And then I woke in the morning at like 5:30 and you were out of bed. And I was like, “Oh no, also he didn’t sleep.” But then when I saw you in the morning you were, you were, you were back.

Rob: Yeah.

Meg: I feel like it’s always just the feeling of like, oh it’s never gonna come together. We’re never gonna get it. We’re a million miles away. And then always with story breaking and stuff it just changes like–

Rob: Yeah.

Meg: You find one little thing.

Kaitlin: Totally.

Meg: And then all of a sudden you love it. Your confidence shoots up about it, it’s–

Kaitlin: Every year I remind him that every year he does this, at this time, during this particular process. And it’s because you guys care so much. And I’m, as the non-writer in the room, I’m incredibly grateful that you bend over backwards. And feel that way about it. ‘Cause it’s what makes you keep at it, until it’s best.

Meg: Somebody has asked if we can desrcr…we can explain what we mean when we say “something is broad.”

Kaitlin: Oh.

Charlie: Oh that–

Meg: ‘Cause we said that on the podcast before. That it felt a little too broad. And so they’ve asked if you can clarify what that means.

Charlie: I guess it’s just a way of saying a joke is uh, just beyond believable.

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Charlie: Right. So that, whatever the joke is, either the reality of the event that’s happening or the reality of the the person, uh caring about what it is that they’re doing, is just past what we think we can get away with.

Kaitlin: Acting can be broad too. When someones doing something that’s a little, like you can be big, but then, if there’s something that for whatever reason makes you crossover–

Meg: Yeah.

Kaitlin: into like, cartoon character land then it’s broad.

Charlie: Don’t you think it’s just the belief of, like the intention. Right? So you’re like, “Oh, I believe either behaving this way is either a real human reaction or really what they want.” Like some people are like, can get uh, get away with it.

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: Like uh, Will Ferrell can do something gigantic–

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: And you’re like, you absolutely, 100 percent believe his character in Elf. Or whatever.

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: Is gonna behave like that every step of the way.

Meg: Like, you’ve obviously done lots of things on the show. Like, you being covered in blood from head to toe could be really broad.

Kaitlin: Broad.

Meg: But, because you’re so miserable, your character’s so miserable in that situation, because we understand that you wanna be in this movie so badly–

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Meg: that you would like do this thing.

Kaitlin: That I’m willing to go to those lengths.

Meg: That you’re willing. And then you’re a dead body that’s always like trying to get your face in the shot and stuff. Like, you just buy that motivation. So the broadness of being covered head to toe like works.

Kaitlin: Yeah. Broad might not always necessarily be a bad thing.

Meg: Mhm.

Kaitlin: It just depends on your taste. 

Charlie: Yeah. It’s an imaginary subjective line. Right, because–

Meg: Yeah.

Charlie: you know, who’s to say–

Rob: One of the things we always strive for in the show, um, um I think, and we don’t always hit this mark, but that the characters themselves can do all sorts of crazy things. And we’ve talked about this on the podcast before. But it’s, it’s repeating. But um, as long as they believe, as long as we believe that the characters believe, that what they’re doing is gonna get them what they want, then we can buy it.

Meg: Mhm.

Rob: And then in terms of the world itself, we try not to populate the normal world, or the real world with silly, broad–

Kaitlin: Crazys.

Rob: ideas.

Meg: Yeah.

Rob: Every once in a while we’ll have McPoyles or Artemis or, or, or the moms, and we’ll populate our characters that way. But, we still live in the real world.

Meg: Mhm.

Rob: And once we get outside of that, that’s when things start to get a little whacky.

Charlie: You know, it kind of is like, we always have a grounded person for the heightened person. And you know, when we get into scenes with our moms or Uncle Jack, or whoever–

Kaitlin: We become that.

Charlie: We become that. It shifts. And suddenly we’re like, “Ah come on man.” You know, they’re reacting to someone in a way. And then other times it’s us, against someone who works at a bank or something.

*TIME STAMP 53:50*

Kaitlin: Mhm.

Rob: I wonder if they, if, traditionally the word “broad” in our business would mean. If something has “broad” appeal, it means that it appeals to, a wide audience. And I wonder if people, specifically in comedy, took that. And then used it as a pejorative. Meaning, if you could appeal to broad audience, then you’re not being specific and nuance, and it’s not targeted. And that it’s comedy, quote on quote, for everybody. Which is impossible. Do you know what I mean?

Meg: Yeah.

Rob: Where as studio executives would say broad appeal is actually a good thing. You have as many people enjoying your thing as possible. Where like–

Charlie: Interesting.

Rob: I could see comedians being like, “Fuck that.”

Meg: Yeah maybe. I mean but, isn’t like the most universal comedy like slapstick comedy. Physical comedy is like, because you don’t need language for it.

Rob: Mhm.

Meg: Everybody can watch a Charlie Chaplin movie and like, understand what’s going on. Um, but those tend to be like broad. But then like, there is something, there’s a reason why it appeals to so many people. ‘Cause there’s something primal and universal about watching that thing and immediately understanding why it’s funny.

Rob: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah, so

Rob: But you wouldn’t talk about a Charlie Chaplin movie, if you were to say it’s broad–

Meg: No.

Rob: It wouldn’t be in a negative light.

Meg: No. Sometimes there’s a broad in it. 

Charlie: “That ol’ broad in there.”

Rob: Yeah. She didn’t talk though so–

Meg: She didn’t talk.

Kaitlin: Nah. 

Meg: None of them talk.

Kaitlin: That’s best. That’s best. 

*Cat noise*

Meg: Here’s one, which I would like to know. Um, Kaitlin, what’s your favorite swear word?

Kaitlin: Um, I like stuff like um, I don’t know if like a…Do I have a favorite swear word?

Rob: Dee’s favorite would be “god damnit.”

Kaitlin: “God Damnit.”

Meg: The way you deliver it is, arguably the best of any of the character on the show I think.

Kaitlin: Thanks. Thanks. I try to mix it up. Um, I don’t know I like when people call people like a “buffoon” or something. Something like silly is funnier to me than like, a swear word.

Meg: Uh huh, uh huh.

Kaitlin: But I’m also like, living in household of preteens who–

Meg: Sure.

Kaitlin: think that swearings really fun. And I’m just finding it annoying.

Meg: Yeah.

Kaitlin: It’s just like, uh huh. 

Meg: Wonder where they’re learning that from.


Kaitlin: Yeah. “You guys! It’s not funny. Like when you swear all the time it’s not necessarily funny.” And they’re staring at me like…

Meg: “Isn’t that like how you guys bought this house?”


Rob: Well, Kaitlin. Thank you for coming in.

Charlie: Thanks for uh, coming in and uh–

Kaitlin: Thanks for having me.

Charlie: helping us get some funnies out.

Meg: Appreciate it.

Charlie: Can’t wait to start shooting. 

Kaitlin: Me too!

Rob: It’s gonna be very exciting.

Kaitlin: Next week.

Rob: Next Wednesday. Next Wednesday. 

Charlie: Good, fun stuff coming out.

Rob: Oh! By the time this podcast come out, comes out–

Meg: On Monday.

Rob: Yeah. On Monday, it’ll be 2 more days until shooting. That’s exciting.

Kaitlin: Oh. Very excited.

[End Credits Music]


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