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Episode #59

Bloopers, Pt. 1

That's wild, baby.

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59. Bloopers, Pt. 1

On the pod, the guys revisit classic bloopers from the first four seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Charlie Day: Well, it's nine o'clock.

Megan Ganz: It's nine o'clock.

Rob McElhenney: Oh, it-it is nine o'clock and well he, uh, he does have until 9:01, doesn't he?

Charlie: He has until 9:01 to finish up that pee pee with that Cut That mug.

Rob: Here he comes.

Charlie: Sliding on in.

Rob: He-he knows what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Charlie: There's no drama to be had.

Glenn Howerton: Nothing, nothing?

Charlie: There's no drama to be had.

Rob: He knows exactly what he's doing.

Glenn: [laughs] What's up, boys?

Charlie: Oh, man.

Charlie: Hello, fellas.

Glenn: How was your Thanksgiving, Meg?

Megan: It was good. Yeah, I went to Denver and saw my sister and, uh, and, um, her husband and their two kids, who are very cute, One and Two, brought my--

Charlie: Her kids are named One and Two?

Megan: Yeah.

Rob: Wow.

Megan: It's-it's one of those newfangled…

Charlie: That simplifies it.

Megan: But in reverse order, where the older one is named Two, and like, because they knew they were gonna have another one.

Glenn: Oh, that's so cool.

Megan: Yeah.

Charlie: Pee and Poop.


Just getting a couple jokes in here.

Megan: Charlie coming in hot.

Charlie: Do fans just want to hear us talk about what kind of turkey we ate or they want, they want some jokes. Right? All right.

Glenn: I don't know, maybe they do want to hear about turkey.

Charlie: Go on. Go on. Go on, sorry.

Megan: No, it was, it was awesome, but it was one of those typical Thanksgivings where, like, you know, I came in the house and-and a child was put into my arms, like, take it, it’s your responsibility now.

Glenn: Yes. Thrust into your arms.

Rob: Aunty.

Megan: Do this.

Rob: Bye.

Megan: Um, and also, my nephew had hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: Oh, sure.

Glenn: Now, what is that again? I-- Yeah, yeah.

Megan: It's like sores that are in your mouth and on your hands and on your feet. And I immediately like, looked it up, and it is contagious to adults, but like, uh, yeah, [laughs] stay away. No, I don't, I don't think I got- I caught it. But, um, but it's, uh, it's one of those delightful things that kids get.


Charlie: This is not sitting well.

Megan: It's not. He doesn't like it.

Glenn: No. I don't care.

Charlie: Check your hands. Now, why is it that it's just the hand, the foot and the mouth?

Glenn: Yeah. Why those things?

Rob: Extremities. All those are going into the same-- I don't-- Yeah.

Charlie: The foot's going-- Well, they're little kid things, so maybe the foot's going in the- in the mouth and the hands going-- is it?

Glenn: Is it that literal? Like, is it because of--

Rob: Is it bacterial?

Glenn: Is it because the hands and the feet are going in the mouth? Are we talking like, you know, because babies do--

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: Meg, you looked it up, is it a virus or is it?

Megan: I think it's-it's viral.

Rob: So, it's viral. Yeah, okay.

Megan: And, um, and there's nothing to do about it. It's just one of those things that just goes away on its own, and that kids get, and then they don't get again after they get it, I think.

Glenn: Oh, it's like a chicken pox type.

Megan: I think so, yeah.

Glenn: It's like one of those viruses that you can't get again. Now, what is that? What-- why are there some viruses you can't get again, and other ones that you just get every fucking year?

Charlie: Well, and they-- but they live with you. Yeah, the-the-the chickenpox virus lives with you forever, right?

Glenn: Yes. It just-- it stays inside of you, dormant.

Charlie: I'm picturing like a-a party of like viruses, where they're all hanging out. You know what I mean? It's like, "Are you, uh, you're a repeater or are you like a one-time guy?"


Glenn: Yeah, yeah, that's right, like seriously.

Charlie: "Me? I go to the hand, I go to the foot. I go to the mouth."


"You what?" "I do kind of show up in the hand, I show up in the foot, I show up in the mouth." "The kid feels terrible." "Uh, I also go to adults, but--"


Rob: And herpes is like, "I go to the mouth, I go to [crosstalk]. That's it."

Charlie: Oh, shit. Covid’s here. Big deal. "Hey, hey, Covid, what's up, new guy?"


"Thinks he’s so fucking cool. Killed like a million people like a fucking creep." "I didn't kill people. I just [crosstalk]"


Rob: I-I-I-I find it interesting that some diseases have names that are terrifying, and some diseases have names that don't sound so bad.

Charlie: Mm.

Rob: Like, hand, foot, and mouth disease just sounds gross.

Glenn: It sounds horrible.

Charlie: It sure sounds [crosstalk].

Rob: It sounds nasty.

Glenn: It really does.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: You know, but there's something like-- something like the bends, which is not a disease but something that happens to you, you hear like, the bends. That's not-- yeah.


Glenn: You feel a little goofy, feel a little bendy.

Megan: It sounds like a dance craze or something,

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Megan: -you know, like, uh, you're just doing the bends.

Rob: It's like, truly one of the most hor-- potentially horrific ways to die.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Now, what is that again? That's where bloo- your bloo- you come up too fast and so the- then you get air bubbles in your blood?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Is that right?

Megan: It's-- Actually, I think it's nitrogen.

Glenn: Oh.

Rob: So, your body builds it, yeah.

Megan: Builds up in your- when you're, uh, under low pressure. And so, if you come up too quickly, it doesn't release, and so, I believe that you have like too much nitrogen.

Glenn: Where's it supposed to release from?

Rob: So we- so we're all breathing-- so, we're all breathing right now-

Glenn: From your brain.

Rob: -nitrogen, but your body is releasing it. So, when you go to--

Glenn: Through what? How?

Rob: Just through your skin.

Glenn: Okay, so okay.

Rob: Through your-- yeah, through your skin and through-- and you're breathing it out and whatnot. But when you go--

Charlie: Through your hand, your foot and your mouth.


Rob: When you go underwater, say you're scuba diving, you're still breathing in nitrogen, because you have the tank-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -but your ba- be- because you're under such pressure, the nitrogen is not leaving your body.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: And then when you come up, it slowly comes out. So, that's why you do safety stops.

Glenn: How does it get out through that tight wetsuit? How does it get out?

Rob: Well it ca-- water can-- water, air, mol-- things get in and out through.

Charlie: It's not that tight.


Megan: [crosstalk]

Rob: But if you come up too fast-

Charlie: Not tighter than your skin.

Rob: -the nitrogen all tries to come out at the same time-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -and i-it can turn your fucking blood to foam.

Megan: Yeah, it's crazy.

Charlie: Funny thing to be like--

Rob: And it's called the bends.

Glenn: It's not so bad.

Charlie: Human beings are like, I-- "We've just discovered a way that we can swim to the bottom of the ocean." "Awesome. Let's go do it." This is incredible. We're like, down lower than we've ever been and we're breathing under here, we're so brilliant.

Charlie: The first shot, it comes to fast, and like, "Something's wrong."

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: It's even- it's even sadder than that, that one of the reason- one of the ways that it was discovered, the-the-the whole idea of it, was when they were building the Brooklyn Bridge. And the guy and the-the-the builder had figured out a way, these poor guys were going down into these caissons which were pushed down deep underwater, and they had to walk up and down, and up and down, and up and down. And the builder was like, "Ah, I feel bad for these guys. They're putting in a long shift all day long. Let me build them an elevator." So, he built them an elevator and some of the guys would still walk up, but some of them would-would-come up-

Glenn: Oh.

Rob: -from the elevator, and they would--

Charlie: They're coming up too quick.

Rob: Yeah, but you feel fine at first.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: And then you're on your way home, and you start to like, not feel so--

Glenn: Feel so bendy.

Rob: And they call it the bends. Yeah, you feel-feel a little bendy,

Megan: [laughs].

Rob: -they didn't know what it was.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Rob: They couldn't- they call it Caisson's disease because they thought it was something that you were getting -- And they didn't realize until later that the guys that were walking up were okay, and the guy that were taking the elevator were [mimics sound]-

Glenn: Were they--


Charlie: -punished for their laziness, by me, John Bend.

[Intro music]

Megan: Um, how were your Thanksgivings guys? Anybody got any good stories?


That good? Huh?

Charlie: [chuckles] I mean, I saw Danny and Rhea.

Rob: Oh, that's nice.

Charlie: Yeah, we-we popped over, uh, and saw them and the kids and they're looking good. They're looking good. Danny's looking well. I saw John Albo, who's one of Danny's pals.

Rob: Albo.

Glenn: Yeah. John Albo. Right.

Charlie: Looked exactly the same. Looked great.

Glenn: Is that the guy with ponytail?

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: John Albo is-is, uh, is an inspiration for something.

Charlie: Is it Ongo?

Rob: It's Ongo Gablogian.

Charlie: Yeah. There's a lot of- There's a lot of--

Rob: There's a lot of Albo.

Charlie: Yeah baby. That's the way he talks like, uh--

Glenn: What do you mean? How so? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh for the-- Not the name, but the-the character that he did.

Rob: The way that Danny-- yeah-

Glenn: Played it.

Rob: -was presenting that character.

Glenn: Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. Although, yeah, sure. Yeah. It's like that groovy '60s thing, where everybody's like, "That's wild, baby. That's like really cool." Like, I love talking to him, though.

Rob: I love talking to him, too.

Charlie: It's like, "You guys are still doing the thing, man. That's so groovy, man. I dig that, you know. I really do. That's wild, man. You cats are wild."


Why did we ever move past that? [crosstalk]

Glenn: I don't know, 'cause it all sounds cool. Like, you saying it now, I'm like, "That's cool."

Charlie: Yeah. We should have just stayed there.

Glenn: That's cool, calling people cats, that's cool.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Sayin’ stuff's wild. I like that.

Charlie: Groovy and digging it.

Glenn: Stuff is groovy. Like, you know, I like that. I like all that. I like all that language.

Megan: Well, we finished season four, so I thought this might be a good time for us to watch some of your bloopers from-

Glenn: I like that idea.

Megan: -one through four. Um, the Sunny Bloopers, I think are the best that are out there. Um, I watch them all the time, uh, before I came on the show, and I still watch them now. Um, uh, they're amazing. Um, I have a theory that it's maybe because your characters are so awful to each other most of the time, so that when you break and you're laughing at each other, it's like the biggest distance between the way you were acting previously but--

Glenn: Right. Right. You get to see the real friendship underneath the terrible characters. Right?

Megan: Exactly. Yeah. Um, but I just love bloopers in general. I don't know, you guys ever watch blooper reels of shows and stuff.

Glenn: Well, so, actually, we have a tradition. We didn't do it this year, but I think this is the first year in a really long time that we didn't do it, and maybe we should.

Rob: Well, we're about to.

Glenn: Well, we are. That's true.

Charlie: Do we do it at this stage, or do we do it right before we go into scripts?

Glenn: We do-- No, we do it right before we even start the room, usually. And my-- and that's what I remember, is that we-- so, we would say what it is, but like we will often, you know, especially in the-- It really started happening in the later seasons of the show, when the three of us would get together before we would sit down with the room for the first day of writing, or breaking stories. And we'd be like, "Oh boy. You know, this is kind of this thing. Oh, Jesus, we gotta do this again." You know, how are we gonna do this? And then we would just sit and watch like a season or two of bloopers to remind ourselves of what we like about the show.

Megan: Oh, that's sweet.

Glenn: Because i-it's good. You know, it's a good way to kind of remember like, oh, yeah, when it's good, it's good like it's really fun. Like once-once the scripts are written and everything's you know popping, it's-it's-it's a lot of fun.

Rob: We have fun.

Glenn: We have fun. So, we have that on the horizon.

Charlie: Yeah. We can come up with a great scenario, we're gonna have a lot of fun on set.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: And, uh, and that's why we do it, really.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Megan: Um, what are your-- Just off the top of your head, what are your favorite bloopers from the show?

Glenn: Like what, uh, seasons or?

Megan: From any season.

Glenn: Hmm.

Rob: Uh, I can tell you, for-for me, the ones where I'm la-- well, I know that I still continue to laugh the hardest, um, the one in the dance- dances their asses off, where we're eating chips.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: And talking about cream.

Rob: For me, I just-I just couldn't stop laughing on the day and I, it still makes me laugh. I haven't seen the bloopers from the, um, from last season, with Frank eating the uh, the-the sh--

Charlie: The meatball? Oh, yeah.

Rob: Yeah. The meatball but that-- I know that that's gonna be funny.

Glenn: Oh, God. That one's amazing, yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: I'm already projecting a future where we have a whole sequence in an episode that we're breaking right now, that we can't stop laughing as we're talking about it in the room. We're gonna talk about it while we're writing it.

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: We're gonna talk about it while we we're sh-- we're gonna- we're gonna be laughing hysterically when we shoot it, and it's gonna be fantastic.

Glenn: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Rob: And then there's gonna be a ton of stuff in the blooper reel.

Megan: Yeah.

Glenn: Yes 100%. That's-that's-that's-- When-when we hit on something like that, then I know that we've really got something, because I-- just picturing that scene playing out, and we can't say what it is, obviously, but it's gonna be amazing.

Charlie: I'm superstitious. I don't even wanna talk about it, cause then sometimes, I feel like, we're like, "This is gonna be so funny," and they're like it's--

Glenn: It's not that good.

Charlie: Yeah something else winds up being, but I have a feeling, yeah, it should, it should be.

Rob: It should be.

Megan: But then, everyone will just assume that that is-- that a different scene is the one we're talking about.

Rob: Yeah. Is the one we're talking about.

Charlie: Yeah, right. Yeah, there you go.

Glenn: The one that- the one that gets me every time in a major, major way, um, [chuckles] I can't even- I can't even-- I laugh just thinking about it. It's-- I think it's from-- yeah, it's from the gang group dates and [laughs] Danny is like, describing how in the '70s, he would go to all the orgies and there was--

Megan: Oh, yeah.

Danny: Sounds like the '70s. You know, a bunch of people would get together, and the next thing you know, it was all hands and butts and tits and woo woo woo. I could just slip right in there and out, and nobody would know the difference. It was great. Then AIDS ruined everything.


Glenn: The way- the way he like drops and says that, like-- and I- and I-I mean I break-- the way I break in-in the blooper, is exactly how I break every single time I watch the blooper of it.

Charlie: Yeah. I'd say for me, it's-

Glenn: It's so funny.

Charlie: -you-you and me in the police station. And I just- I just can't keep a straight face.

Megan: The snapped at it?


Charlie: Just denying or getting it very specific about the assault.

Charlie: You know, what-- he-he-he-he like bit your penis or something? Like, what?

Rob: Yeah. He bit my dick. Well, he tried to- he tried to snap at it, but it was fine. In the end--

Charlie: He was like, trying to snap at him, but my friend's not gay, and he was getting a blow job from the guy, he's like, "I'm not gay." And then the guy goes snapping at him, I go, "Help."

Glenn: Yeah, but-but the good news--

Charlie: And then he shushed him.

Glenn: Yeah. And then he shushed him.

Charlie: Like a jerk.

Glenn: But the good news is--


Glenn: Jerk.

Detective: He was raping you.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, I guess so.

Charlie: Yes.

Detective: Both of you?

Glenn: No.

Charlie: No.

Glenn: He can't rape-

Charlie: That’d be crazy--

Glenn: -two of us.

Charlie: God, no. Just my friend here. He got the worst. I shook the guy off in time.

Glenn: No.

Detective: So, he was only raping you.


Glenn: You know what I think is really great about that one, too? Because it goes on for potentially too long. Like, there's-there's almost too long, but--

Charlie: The blooper, you mean?

Glenn: -we kept it in there. Yeah, we kept it in there because it is funny, but also like, I think it's fun for people to see like-- and it really is true. When there's a scene like that in the show, one of the things that's really fun about doing the show is, every take is different. Like, you know what I mean?

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: It's not-- the scene is scripted.

Megan: Mm. Mm-hmm.

Glenn: It's definitely scripted. But like, you know, you-you find these little pathways, these little alleyways to go down, and you you hit on different things, and like, if you watch that, every single one is-is different.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: I mean they've got-- there are similarities there, but like-- and that's what's so fun about doing the show. It's like, finding those things, and each take, every single take, making it different, and you know, finding new things.

Megan: My favorite is the, um, the one where Charlie says, "It's like, I don't even think he gets us man." You know, and [laughs].

Glenn: Oh, God, yes. Yes.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: That was- that was totally improved on the day.

Megan: Yes, you can tell.

Rob: That was not scripted.

Megan: Because your-your faces--

Glenn: The first one- the first one is--

Charlie: Yeah, your reaction of like-- your-- He was like, "Did I get the line wrong?" And then you're like-- Then you kinda understand that--

Glenn: And then it hits me.

Megan: And then you watch your process, and on your first--

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: That was the very first scene we shot that season, wasn't it?

Charlie: I think it was, yeah.

Rob: Yeah, yeah it was the first scene we shot.

Glenn: Wow. Was it, really?

Rob: And I think we might even mention it in the blooper reel, like, it's gonna be a long season or something like that. Wait, we did that-- that happened before.

Megan: Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, the cat scene. The-the-the cat food scene like-

Charlie: Oh.

Glenn: -you need to stop eating cat food. It got cut from the episode.

Rob: It got cut from the episode.

Charlie: It was just-

Glenn: What?

Charlie: -you guys coming over-

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: -to my apartment-

Glenn: Sitting you down.

Charlie: -and we wanted to start with just a long-


Charlie: -back-back and forth of-

Megan: Oh, you just starting at each other?

Charlie: -you guys staring at me-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -and me staring at you, and of course, that was-

Glenn: Couldn't do it.

Charlie: -very difficult for us to get through.

Rob: Now, my brain is mush. Have we- have we not looked at the bloopers on the podcast yet?

Megan: We have watched some of them.

Rob: A few. A few. Okay.

Charlie: How many Manhattans did you have in Mexico? Did it mush your brain up?

Rob: I drank- I drank tequila in Mexico.

Charlie: Yeah, all right, all right.

Megan: Do you just drink tequila straight?

Rob: But I had-- Last night I had-- I-I had a very big Manhattan, but I was watching the Eagles game, and it was awesome.

Charlie: Did they win again?

Rob: They did.

Charlie: They're on fire, huh?

Rob: 10 and 1.

Megan: Oh.

Charlie: 10 and 1, wow.

Rob: It's a good- it's a good solid season for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Charlie: Not bad. Football.

Megan: Yeah, football.

Charlie: Thanksgiving football.

Rob: Thanksgiving football, man.

Charlie: It's the best. I gotta say, of all the things, uh, Thanksgiving food-wise, the stuffing, I think is-- If someone makes a good stuffing-

Glenn: Hmm.

Charlie: -with gravy on it.

Rob: Hot stuff, I love stuffing.

Charlie: Yeah, oh boy.

Rob: I love mashed potatoes.

Megan: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, mashed potatoes is good, but the stuffing--


Rob: Stuffing's great.

Glenn: Here's a- here's a question for you. Do you guys eat one food at a time? In other words, like, do you take a bite of, you know, green beans or whatever, and like chew that up before you take a bite of mashed potatoes? Or do you just get it all in there like?

Rob: At the same time? I do both. I do both.

Charlie: I certainly don't do what you do.

Glenn: Yeah, it's outrageous.

Charlie: You chew the green beans, and then you file them back here, and then you get the potatoes and you file them up here somewhere.

Glenn: No, I mix them together.

Charlie: And then you get- you get like some steak, and then-

Rob: Steak?

Charlie: -but you get it all chewed in there, you swirl-- I mean, turkey. You swirl it all around, and then you make-- yeah.

Glenn: It's outrageous, I-I put too much-- it's-- I-I put too much food in my mouth. You know what it is. It's because I do-- So-- I-I do the I-- so, I-I put-- I want everything in my mouth at the same time.


Megan: Okay, cut that.


Glenn: Uh, no, I-- Like I want to take a bite of turkey and I want there to be some gravy on it.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: But I also-- But then once I get the turkey in my mouth, I'm like, "Oh, you know what would go great with that? Would be some stuffing." So then, I put a little stuffing in my mouth, right? I'm like, "Oh, that's fucking great. Oh, there's green bean casserole, that's gonna mix really nice in there." And then before I know it, I'm like--


Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: You know what I mean? And I'm like, it's disgusting.

Rob: That's what's good for the sandwich, the sandwiches that you-

Megan: Yeah.

Rob: -can have it later.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Because you can put all of it together on a Hawaiian sweet roll or something like that.

Glenn: Oh, Hawaiian sweet roll.

Charlie: I-I-I think what is so funny about that is the amount of thought you're putting into it. You know, like, um.

Glenn: Well, its not- it's not, um, I mean.

Charlie: I think like I go a little more lizard brain, you know, with the eating, and it's just like, "Charlie, eat now." I'm like-


Charlie: -just--

Megan: Your eyes glaze over, and just--

Charlie: You know, yeah. Biting whatever. It's like, "That looks good, and that looks-"

Glenn: I mean, it's not a lot of thought, it's not a lot of thought to just like.

Charlie: Sounds like it.

Glenn: Yes, I'm making it sound like it-

Charlie: You think five thoughts before you swallow.

Glenn: -but really, all it is this, it's-it's, hmm. [mimics eating]


Charlie: No, I know, but there's thoughts in between those, hmms.

Glenn: [continues mimicking eating]

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: See I-- This is grossing me out.

Charlie: For the listener- for the listener at home-

Rob: This guy's grossing me out.

Charlie: -for the non-creepy, he was uh, he was miming eating.

Megan: What? Miming? Eating?

Rob: Yeah, I mean, not really, but it-- I find that creepy, yeah.

Glenn: I wish mind eating is funny as-as, David Hornsby.

Megan: You know, we could wri- [chuckles] we could write in a thing for Cricket, where he-he mime eats an entire Thanksgiving dinner for-- [chuckles]

Glenn: Yes.

Charlie: Oh, there you go. Yeah, yeah, that's right. That's right.


Glenn: 100%

Megan: Since he didn't have one before.

Glenn: Yes, 'cause he doesn't have one.

Charlie: Yeah, he doesn't have. So, he mimes a huge meal.

Glenn: Yeah. [laughs]


Glenn: It is the season to travel. You know what keeps happening to me when I travel? I keep overpacking. You know, I pack shorts for you- for running, shorts for training, you know, swim trunks for-for swimming, joggers, for yoga.

Rob: You-you're doing all of those things when-when you're traveling.

Glenn: Uh, absolutely not. No. Um, but every time, I tell myself I'm going to.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: Before I know, I'm committed to the lie, and the lie is eating up half my suitcase.

Charlie: Okay, you got a suitcase full of lies.

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Rob: Why do they call it bloopers?

Charlie: Because it goes bloop-

Megan: That's a good question.

Charlie: -in-between takes.

Rob: Yeah, maybe. Yeah, that could be it.

Glenn: Oh, shit.

Megan: Want me to see.

Rob: Bloop, that's why.

Charlie: I don't think so.

Glenn: I don't think so either, but good theory.

Charlie: Thanks, man.

Glenn: I like that.

Megan: Let's see. Let's find out.

Rob: Why do they call it bloopers?

Megan: Why do they call it bloopers? "The word 'blooper' was coined from the word 'bloop' which was a term used in American radio in the 1920s to refer to a terrible, annoying feedback noise-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Megan: -that affected nearby radios when users turned their sets inco-- tuned their sets incorrectly."

Charlie: See, I wasn't even close.

Rob: So--

Glenn: Not that far off.

Megan: Today YouTube is rife with blooper videos.

Rob: So a-- So, a blooper as definition, is-- could you go back to that real quick?

Megan: Oh, sure.

Glenn: Terrible.

Rob: Is a terrible annoying noise.

Glenn: Correct. Well, by the way--

Rob: A terrible annoying feedback noise.

Glenn: I will say that like, I do not-- I-I-I'm always amazed when people put bloopers at the end of a film, or like they do the bloopers from a show or whatever, and it's not funny at all. It's just people messing up. It's just like, somebody makes a mistake, and then everyone's like, "Oh, yeah, let's do that one again."

Megan: Go back.

Glenn: And it's like, "That's not a-

Rob: That's not a blooper.

Glenn: -blooper, dude. That's--"

Rob: That's a-- Well, that's annoying.

Glenn: It's annoying. It is- it is a blooper by the original definition.

Rob: Yes. You're actually right.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: I think the reason why people seem to enjoy our bloopers is because what you're saying before, it's alternate attempts at finding the joke.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: So-so this--

Glenn: There's a surprise there every time.

Charlie: There's a surprise, yeah. If it's just someone screwing up a line, then it's-

Glenn: Yes, it's [crosstalk]--

Rob: I know people--

Charlie: I used to feel like watching other people's bloopers was boring.

Rob: Messing up- messing up though, maybe back in the day, would be more interesting, because you never got to see any outside material.

Glenn: Right.

Rob: It was before-- certainly before social media, there wasn't direct access to people, you would just see them in movies and TV shows, you wouldn't see e-even like making of or-or uh, the process.

Glenn: Yeah, you get a little-- a real taste of like what it's like to be there-

Rob: So, maybe, you get a little taste of humanity. Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: -on the action filming. Yeah, you are right.

Charlie: Be in the movie, being there, at the end of the movie, they cut to Peter Sellers doing uh, he's laying on a table and he's trying to sort of explain like, who mugged him, and who he was supposed to-- and it's multiple takes of him doing it. This is like 19-- what year is that? 1970-something?

Glenn: Mm.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh, first example I can think of a blooper reel at the end of a movie, and yet like a comedy movie, but not with--

Glenn: Yeah, but not like the kind of comedy movie that you would expect bloopers to come after.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Megan: There are now, I've seen compilations of like classic um, Hollywood bloopers from like-

Rob: Yeah.

Megan: -the '50s and stuff. It's kind of--

Rob: I watch those from time to time.

Megan: Yeah.

Glenn: That's cool.

Rob: It's very interesting.

Megan: It's really weird. Um--

Rob: But it is a lot of people just messing up.

Megan: And they're just like, "Oh, darn it."

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Megan: Like, they just-- but they talk in that-- you know how like, people used to talk in that like-

Rob: Mid-Atlantic.

Glenn: Yeah, what is it?

Megan: -weird-- Yeah is that what it's called?

Rob: Mid-Atlantic, yeah.

Glenn: It is Mid-Atlantic.

Megan: That accent.

Glenn: Yeah. It-it seems very British influenced. It's almost like everyone wanted--

Rob: That's why it's called Mid-Atlantic.

Megan: [laughs] Oh, my god.

Rob: It's halfway between us and them.


Megan: Some tension here.


Megan: Okay.

Glenn: Just play the--

Megan: Okay.


Glenn: You sound enthused.

Rob: But if you could give us some advice on how to handle a certain situation, then we promise we will come back with our butts filled.

Charlie: Oh, so filled. So filled for you.

Rob: We need to find--


Rob: So filled for you.

Glenn: So filled for you.

Rob: Definitely not scripted.

Glenn: It was the "for you".

Charlie: Making it specific that it's for you.

Glenn: Yeah fil-

Charlie: Now-

Glenn: -filling our butts for you.

Rob: -now I know it's coming, and there's no way I can stop it.

Charlie: Yeah, now you know,

Glenn: So, now Charlie's-- Charlie knows that you know it's coming-

Charlie: Yeah, and you can see a twinkle in my eye, that I'm gonna make you laugh.

Glenn: And so he's gonna change-- Oh, yeah. Look at him, he knows- he knows he's gonna do it again.

Rob: Situation, I promise we will come back with our butts--


Rob: I apologize because I'm messing it up for you. If you could just give us a little advice on how to handle the-

Charlie: But I miss those tattoos though.

Rob: -situation, I promise, we will come back with our butts filled.

Charlie: Oh fil-- like a Christmas stocking.


Rob: I had to get up.

Glenn: Nice to see Gregory Scott Cummins laughing eve-- I -- we should have cut to him there, why didn't we do that?

Charlie: In the bloop room?

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Maybe we didn't have a camera on him back then.

Charlie: Oh.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: This was--


Rob: Come on, man.


Charlie: Sorry, I can see Ryan smiling at me.

Director: Let's cut.

Charlie: That's the-- the operator is like--

Rob: That's always fun, when the camera guys are just laughing.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Megan: This is uh, for our listeners of blooper, where the guys are massaging Charlie's shoulders um, I love this uh, because you guys aren't even saying anything, and you can't-

Glenn: Yeah, just groaning. Just--

Megan: -stop cracking yourself up.

Charlie: And uh--

Glenn: It's because-- It was the- it was the silence and the just the occasional like, "Hmm."


Glenn: "Ugh," You know.

Charlie: And it's amazing like, in the process of making anything, how many different lives, it's-- it takes, and I'm sure that this was not scripted. I'm sure it was that we thought, "Oh you know what'd be funny? Let's start the scene with just a slow long massage."

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: "So that the audience doesn't know exactly what's happening yet."

Glenn: Yeah. [laughs] Like, "What the fuck is going on?"

Charlie: And so, it's extra funny to us, because it's new. Like, we haven't even really thought about it-

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: -you know, like, "Where was this basement?"

Rob: Was that the Herald examiner?

Glenn: This is like the examiner, yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, it was, right?

Glenn: Yeah. By the way, the number of times that the basement has changed over the course of this show-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: -is just crazy.

Megan: [crosstalk] parties?

Glenn: The basement parties--

Rob: Basement parties were very different.


Charlie: Very different.

Glenn: Oh, it's just-- it just couldn't, yeah. It's net-- like this is a completely different fucking basement than-

Rob: Yeah.

Megan: Than--

Glenn: -we had.

Megan: Yeah, what was the-- you saw in the, um, The Storm of The Century? Yeah.

Glenn: The Storm of The Century I mean, it-it's nothing like this.

Megan: Uh-huh.

Charlie: Well, there's something about it being the actual basement of the actual building where the actual original bar set was. That like ties it together in my mind, to make it feel more legitimate, but I'm sure-- I don't know if it feels-- maybe just because it's less of a [crosstalk] built wall.

Glenn: By the way, this is season 1 and 2 bloopers. Are there any bloopers from season 1, in here?

Megan: Uh, I don't know. These are the ones combined.

Rob: I don't remember being- having that much fun on set season 1. I mean, we were just trying to finure it out.

Charlie: I'm sure we did but--

Glenn: Yeah, I don't think we were--

Charlie: I'm sure we broke but--

Glenn: I don't think it was quite the same vibe though, yeah.

Megan: We'll see- we'll see if there are any from season 1.

Glenn: How does this feel? Cool?

Charlie: Mm. Yeah, that's good.

Glenn: You want me to crack your back?


Charlie: I'm gonna crack your back.

Danny: You two aren't banging, are you?

Glenn: What in the hell are you talking about?

Kaitlin: No. What? No. God. That's disgusting.

Danny: Yeah, it is. Stay away from that.

Glenn: [laughs] Yeah, it is.


Danny: Oh, shit. Okay. You two aren't banging, are you?

Charlie: Early-- I wonder if we really know how many scenes had Danny done before this, you know?

Glenn: Okay, uh, yeah, keep going on. I'm ready.

Danny: I know, it's okay.

Charlie: A piece of food in his hair.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No. What are you talking about? Piece of bread in his hair.

Kaitlin: Come-come on. That's disgusting.

Danny: Yes, it is. And you better stay away from stuff like that, because there is no future in it.


Glenn: There's no future in it.

Charlie: No future in it.


Glenn: There's no future in it.

Charlie: [screams]


Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: He's smelling her.

Charlie: Seem like he enjoyed it.

Director: B-mark

Kaitlin: Where is your breath?

Glenn: Oh, this one Meg.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: This one's great.

Charlie: My mouth?

Kaitlin: No, it starts in your chest, you gotta focus on your diaphragm.

Charlie: Where's the diaphragm?

Kaitlin: It's right here, dude. You could put it in your diaphragm.

Charlie: No, the diaphragm is uh--

Kaitlin: No. Charlie, really?

Charlie: For the lady.

Kaitlin: No.

Glenn: I can't believe Kaitlin didn't laugh.

Kaitlin: That's all you know?

Charlie: Yes.

Kaitlin: That's all you know about diet?

Rob: She's pretty good at it.

Charlie: She's so good at it.

Kaitlin: [laughs]

Rob: There she goes.

Glenn: There she goes.

Charlie: That's okay.

Rob: She very rarely breaks.

Charlie: Yes, she's the toughest.

Glenn: She's-she's tough.

Glenn: Hello, fellow American.

Rob: Oh, God.

Glenn: This, you should vote me.

Rob: I was laughing.

Glenn: I'll live in power of good.


Glenn: If you vote me, the Democratic-


Charlie: I'm gone.

Glenn: -is the right thing to do. Philadelphia meets your vote, and so do.


Glenn: You need to think about you at the end of it.


Rob: And so do.


Charlie: He thought it was go fly--

Glenn: You know what's funny? That's what-- I feel like that's one of our most popular bloopers, and yet, I'll be totally honest. I don't think it's that funny.

Charlie: You said that last time but--

Glenn: I don't know why, just I-I think it. Like, I'm not-- don't-- totally get--

Charlie: It's how you're out dated you are.


Charlie: It's not the words.

Glenn: Uh-huh.

Charlie: It's the fact that you're so irritated reading it-

Glenn: Yeah, okay.

Charlie: -that it's so stupid.

Glenn: Okay, all right.

Charlie: Now, you're like, "I cannot believe I'm reading this. Do you want me to read it back to you?

Glenn: Right, right.

Charlie: Right.

Glenn: Which by the way, and again, I think we've talked about this, but yeah, that wasn't in the script. Like, I think the scene cut before we read anything.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: That was another example of the props department-

Rob: Props department wrote that.

Charlie: -just writing out some things so that there- looks like there's writing on the paper-

Glenn: Yes.

Charlie: -and you deciding to read it.

Glenn: Well, and I-and I-I read I-I-I skipped words. You know what mean?

Charlie: Oh, you did. Okay.

Glenn: Like, I purposely made it-

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: -more incomprehensible. Well, yeah.

Rob: So, there's a scene in there that we just watched with Charlie and Dee, um, that last week, we were just referencing, 'cause we were- we were breaking another story for this season. Just in terms of process-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -if this is interesting to fans, um, where Meg, Rosell and I were talking about a scene between Charlie and Dee, and we're like, "Okay, well, what's funny about it," and then we reference this ep-- this episode and we were like, "There's a few scenes over the years, where the two of them together, trying to figure out something, and the process by which they get there is the comedy of the scene."

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: Is what we're going for.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: So, we like set up this template, you know, what was that season two?

Megan: Yeah.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: And then we-- and then we can return back to it, and like we see that happen very often, right?

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Where we set up a template, and then we come back to it for future episodes.

Charlie: Well, there's also really something really fun for-- and it works with any dynamic, of setting up that someone is confident about something that's stupid and wrong, and the other person-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -is irritated or confused, and explaining to them.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: And it works, you know, obviously great with-- Dennis is upset that I'm-I'm very bullish about read the speech-

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -it's going to work. He's like, "You want me to read it? I'll read it," and then that-- and like that's why it's funny, because [laughs] of the coffee. He's getting it now, you're warming up to it.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Charlie: Um, and then like, sa-same with like even last season where you're explaining-- You're irritated that you have to explain Pittsburgh to me, right?

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Right? Like, that works.


Charlie: But it works the other way-

Glenn: That was funny.

Charlie: -too with me being like, "No dude, I haven't a gone near the ninja sword," and you're like- you're like--


Charlie: Yeah, and you're like, "No, but I can zigzag," and I'm like, "Bang, bang."

Glenn: Bang, bang.

Charlie: "Bang, bang."

Glenn: Click, click, click, click.

Charlie: And even though like I'm not like some brilliant guy, it's just, I have some-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -mental advantage over the other character, and I think just watching that dynamic play out with someone so bullish and confident-

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: -about something that's so clearly wrong to the audience-

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: -that the other person can kind of sit back, like the audience, and be like, "No."

[laughter] [laughs] That's wrong. That's wrong. You know that-- it works like every time. It's the same when it's the three of us across the desk from someone, that we're like, we need a loan, and this is why it's gonna work. And they're like, this is crazy-

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -and this is madness. And--

Rob: Or just trying to do something so simple, like create a dating profile. The whole- the whole point of that. What's funny about that scene when you sit down and break it, from a story-breaking perspective, you go, well, what's the story beat here? There really is no story beat in there. It's just creating a dating profile for Charlie. That's it.

Charlie: Yeah. That's it.

Rob: There's not really a very strong advancement of the narrative, which is generally a no-no in a- in a scene, however, we figured, let's just give it a shot. And then the whole scene becomes about the two of us simply-- a very simple task. Set up a dating profile. And then the comedy comes from asking Charlie, like, knowing that that's a very simple thing to do. We know what the right answers are, and now, we're gonna get Charlie's answers.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Rob: And it's like jumping deeper into character, because you're trying to understand Charlie better as an-

Glenn: Well.

Rob: -audience member.

Glenn: So I think- I think, right, every scene, you-you wanna reveal character, right?

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: You also wanna push the action forward. You wanna push the plot forward. I would argue that what we're actually setting up there is how bad he's gonna be on that date.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: You know what I mean? In a way, we're setting up like, who is this guy under-- You know, who is- who is this guy gonna be on a- on an actual date?

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: Right? So then, we start to hear these answers, and we're like, oh, you know, so then when we get to the actual date, we're like, we already know it's not gonna go well. We just don't know exactly what's gonna happen. But there's a little bit of dramatic irony there, you know?

Glenn: Let's talk about your likes and dislikes. Um, how about your favorite food? What would that be?

Charlie: Oh, milk steak.

Rob: Hmm.

Glenn: What?

Charlie: Milk steak.

Glenn: I'm not putting milk steak.

Rob: Just put steak. Just put a [crosstalk] steak, and then we put steak [crosstalk].

Charlie: Don't put steak. Put milk steak. She'll know what it is.

Glenn: No, she won't know what it is. Charlie, nobody knows what that is. No. Okay. Alright. What's your favorite hobby?

Charlie: Uh, magnets.

Glenn: Magnet. Okay. What, like, making magnets, collecting magnets?

Rob: Playing with magnets?

Charlie: Just magnets.

Glenn: I'm gonna put snowboarding. We'll put snowboarding.

Charlie: I don't really snowboard.

Glenn: All right. What are some of your likes?

Charlie: Uh, ghouls. You know, you guys have the objective of getting me on board to try this dating thing, and then quickly realize you're just gonna have to do it yourselves. And then, you've set up that I have bizarre interests that are gonna be funny on a date.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: But then, you've also established that you have sort of created the profile, in which you say that I'm a philanthropist.

Glenn: Right.

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: Which is all leading towards me saying I'm a full-on rapist. Um, which is all leading towards the date going poorly. But-but you're right. Very little actually happens. It's just like-

Glenn: No, but it's foresha- It is foreshadowing. Right? So, we're-we're setting up that your charact- what your character's gonna be like when the thing actually happens.

Charlie: But again, it's the dynamic of like, you guys have a simple task, and I have a bizarre answer, which I'm confident on.

Glenn: Well, and you're not giving us the answer that we want.

Rob: But you're giving the answer that's true to you?

Megan: That's true, yeah.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: And uh, it's also fun for the audience sometimes, you know, that weird phenomenon where you know what's going to happen, and that's fun, because you're expecting something, and then- and then you get a specific that you weren't expecting.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: And that's what makes it funny. But you're-- as an audience member, you're in on the joke.

Glenn: Yeah. The anticipation.

Rob: It almost makes you feel closer to the characters, you're going-- you know, if you're sitting there with somebody who's never seen Sunny before you, it makes you feel like, I know this band. You know, I've been around since the beginning. I know that Charlie is gonna say something funny here. I just don't know what it is.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: You know what I mean?

Glenn: Yeah. The anticipation-

Rob: The anticipation. Yeah.

Glenn: -adds to joy. Yeah.

Rob: But it's not a total surprise.

Glenn: Right. No, no. No.

Director: B-mark.

Glenn: Oh, this is when she really hit Tracy with the-the wrong.

Rob: Oooh.

Charlie: Oooh. Yeah. You heard it too, that it wasn't a rubber.

Glenn: She bonked him.

Charlie: I saw Tracy's daughter, Polly, at-at Danny's thing, which I had not seen since we did the tour, which was-

Glenn: Oh, wow.

Charlie: was 15 years ago. Yep.

Glenn: [whistles]

Charlie: That ain't funny.

Glenn: [chuckles] That ain't funny.

Rob: Cut that.

Megan: Here's a classic with the McPoyles.

Glenn: The sweat pattern on my shirt is bunk.

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: You know what I mean?

Glenn: Right?

Rob: A little overboard.

Glenn: I think they're going for it, but it's just-

Rob: A little overboard.

Glenn: Yeah. We don't want your luke warm milk, Liam.

Liam: Then start breaking bricks, wet nips.

Glenn: I mean, we had no idea he was gonna say that.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: I mean, that's

Rob: Start breaking bricks, wet nips.

Glenn: The line was, start breaking bricks.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: And then he added wet nips.

Charlie: He added wet lips, which is uh--

Glenn: Which is a classic Jimmy style.

Charlie: Yeah, very Jimmy.

Glenn: That's very Jimmy. [laughs]

Glenn: We don't want your warm milk, Liam.

Liam: Then start breaking bricks, wet nips, huh?


Charlie: A little nose flick to Dee.

Glenn: Deandra, I haven't even begun to peak. Trust me, when I peak, you'll feel it. Uh, this, we, okay, so-- this was one of the fir-- first, like, I feel like we really-- this is the first time we really started to find just how, you know, arch, my character could be. Like, how far-- this is when we really started pushing like that-

Charlie: Leaning into that sort of like villain talk?

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: And what, and okay, so like-- if we're trying to break down, what's funny about it. That Charlie, when you're-you're-you're on his side kind of, where you-- you're like, oh shit, how's this gonna go down? And you-you-you get it. Like, you agree with him, that he's gonna peak at some point.

Glenn Yeah, yeah.

Rob: And it's gonna be incredible. And you're also looking to see Dee’s reaction.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Because this isn't what you're-what you're-what you're-- what we're witnessing together is amazing.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: But it's also a little bit like--

Glenn: She thinks it's ridiculous.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: But he's on board.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Like a child taking sides in a power dynamic-

Rob: Uh-huh.

Charlie: -being like, um, which-which one of these is going to-- So I-- I'm-I'm pretty sure that it's this guy, so I better jump on him-

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Charlie: -[crosstalk].

Rob: It's a very un-Charlie shirt.

Glenn: Well, it's cause- it's cause

Charlie: Well, do you remember? Because we [crosstalk]

Rob: Oh. [crosstalk] He shoplifted. That's amazing.

Glenn: He stole it.

Charlie: Yeah. I stole it.

Glenn: He stole it. [crosstalk]


Glenn: Everyone making fun of the whole Ed Hardy phase.


Rob: You've got to swear that you will not tell anybody about this, okay?

Charlie: I swear.

Rob: Swear?

Charlie: I swear. You were looking for a map in my butt.

Rob: Should I pull them apart? Is it in the middle?

Charlie: Look, I'll p--



Danny: I mean, this is gonna wind up giving us indigestion, but you gotta eat.

Charlie: Mm?

Danny: Yeah.

Charlie: Mm? Wh- where did you get food?

Danny: It was down there.


Charlie: This was the first time Danny started doing that like-

Glenn: Started really improving.

Charlie: -really dropping into like that's-- like-

Glenn: Uh-huh.

Charlie: -almost like barely a pulse kinda casual attitude, which he-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -does sometimes, which is so-so fucking funny.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: Down there?


Charlie: You should have seen how passionate he got-

Glenn: Oh, this-this blooper.

Megan: -when I showed him the dick flyer.

Rob: Come on. Come on.


Megan: So, who was that? Who was laughing?

Rob: Okay, so that was definitely-

Glenn: I think it's Adam.

Rob: -I think it was Adam, because he's moving the camera. But this is an example of something that we knew in the room-

Glenn: Yep.

Rob: -was gonna be funny-

Glenn: Yep.

Rob: -cause I dr- we drew it up on the board-

Glenn: Yep.

Rob: -and we were like, this is gonna be funny. Let's just do anything and everything we can to make sure that this scene happens.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Rob: That's it.

Megan: The dick flyer thing?

Rob: The dick flyer.

Glenn: The dick flyer, yeah.

Charlie: But I think--

Glenn: When-when-whenever we came up with the concept of like, the bicep.

Rob: Of the bicep, the inverted bicep.

Megan: [laughs]

Glenn: [crosstalk], yeah, I mean, it was just like, game over.

Charlie: I think what was different here was, I think on the day, I improved that I knew.

Megan: Yeah.

Glenn: Oh, yes.

Charlie: I think- I think-

Glenn: That's right. That was not scripted.

Charlie: -I wasn't scripted, it looked like a dick.

Glenn: Right. No-no-no, yeah.

Charlie: Then I thought it was a dick.

Rob: Right. Yeah. Yes. Yes.

Glenn: You thought it was a dick?

Charlie: Yeah. Right, right.

Glenn: That was not scripted.

Charlie: Which was like, we all thought it was a bicep originally.

Rob: Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: And then on the day, I was like, wo-would it be funny if I come to you guys and be like-

Rob: And you knew it was a [crosstalk]--

Charlie: I knew it was a dick, and I thought that was cool.

Glenn: That's why we were doing it, yeah-yeah.


Megan: But there's a scene that-that- before this dick flyer thing, that's actually almost like the opposite of what we were talking about earlier, which is, all three of you were writing this message that you're putting on it, and nobody is the straight man. Like, nobody is saying, well, this sounds weird-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -this thing that we're writing about--

Charlie: Yeah. And no one was disagreeing with each other on that, really.

Megan: Yeah.

Glenn: No. But that's because i--

Megan: You guys are just loving it, "Underline that." Like, you're just loving what you're coming up with.

Glenn: Yes. Everybody's fully on board with something that- and that works, because you know that the audience is looking at it, like, "This is fucking ridiculous."

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: The audience is screaming.

Glenn: So we just knew it was gonna be funnier if we were actually all on the same page about it.

Megan: [laughs] This is so great.

Charlie: But it's also, like you said, it's a setup for something you know is gonna pay off later.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Where you're listening to that letter, and you're like, well, this is gonna backfire for these guys.

Megan: [laughs].

Glenn: Well, sometimes, it's just a gut feeling, too. It's like, it's- and you got to change it up, right? Because I think you're expecting someone to be the straight man in that-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: -scene and be like, "Wait, we can't do that. It's ridiculous." Like, you know what I mean? And-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: -and so it's just, you know, a-a-- constantly subverting expectations is something I think is always really important to us in the writing process and shit.


Rob: You're the one that came up with the bicep idea.

Charlie: I know, and then you started cut it like this, and I thought it was a dick. And I was like, well, that's kinda cool, too, because that's- what's more masculine than that?



Charlie: You know, if you wanted to-- if you want it to be a bicep, it should have more veins in it.

Glenn: Yeah, I know, but what--


Rob: So, that is what-- that went into the show, right?

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: And we had to cut out immediately.


Glenn: Yeah, we had to cut, because--

Charlie: I can't believe we made that into the show. Yeah,

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Megan: Do you guys, when you're shooting, do you try to, if you're like on the other side, do you try to pause just long enough before you laugh-

Glenn: Yes.

Megan: -so that you can use that-

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: -like you-you're thinking about that now and your, yeah.

Glenn: Yes. Absolutely. I-I-I-- Sometimes, I know it's-it, I know it's coming. Like, there's, and I know there's no stopping it. So the best you can do is to just try and hold it for just one second-

Megan: Uh-huh.

Glenn: -to-to give you the time, room to cut.

Charlie: I mean, I'll try everything to keep the take alive. I'll look down, I'll turn around. Like--

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: And we've used that. Like, when Glenn's like yelling at the girls in the department store.

Rob: Ugh.

Glenn: Yeah. You just cover your face.

Charlie: I just fully like, turn around, and then pretend I'm looking at the store. Although, everyone watching it at home knows what it is.

Glenn: That's a great bar. Gonna be free drinks for everybody. So, you know, you'll come, you'll party with us, and you-you can bring your girlfriends too, you know.

Charlie: Sure.

Glenn: We don't want just the two of you. [laughs]. You gotta bring your girlfriends. That's a requirement.

Female Charlie: Sounds like fun. Can our boyfriends come too?

Glenn: Your boyfriends?

Female Megan: Yeah, our boyfriends.

Glenn: You two have boyfriends? How did you not know that the reason I invited you back to my bar was to bang you.

Megan: That's so funny. [laughs]

Rob: But they-- I think they enjoy it. I see a lot of people responding that way, about how much they love watching us smile or laugh or try to- try to hide it. It just shows we're having fun.

Charlie: Yeah. It's-it's good for comedy cause it-it shows that it's like this high wire act that could fall apart at any moment.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Like that's part of what's exciting to watch.


Rob: This show is sponsored by BetterHelp.

Glenn: Supposedly, it's the season of joy, but the truth is, we all feel down, stressed, or a rage that knows no bounds this time of year.

Charlie: You know what you can do? You can go ahead and you get a special gift for the person who matters most. And that is yourself.

Rob: One to lift your spirits and not just until the eggnog wears off.

Megan: Having someone to talk to about how you're feeling and what you can do about it, is truly a gift that keeps on giving. I've done BetterHelp in the past, and I found it super helpful to be able to voice my thoughts to someone who is licensed, and knew who they--

Charlie: [laughs]

Megan: What's going on?

Glenn: I dunno.

Charlie: I dunno. It kinda--

Glenn: Something about the way you read that was so--

Charlie: It was like a little bit like an eighth grade report. It was like super cute.

Megan: I'm not an actress.

Charlie: I know. I know, but that's--

Glenn: No, I don't know what you do. It's never hit-- It's never happened before.

Charlie: Same. I've never caught it before, but that was--

Glenn: There was this one little moment and then- and then and-and both Charlie and I heard it, and then we looked at each other, and that was it.

Rob: Uh, yeah. I just laughed cause they were laughing.

Charlie: Yeah. sorry. It was good. It was good.

Rob: That was a blooper.

Megan: I'm not gonna b able to do it.

Charlie: It's because there was so much stuff to read.

Rob: That was a blooper.

Glenn: An ad blooper

Rob: An ad blooper.

Megan: Um, I've done BetterHelp in the past.

Charlie: Wait, you-you have, how'd it go for you?

Megan: Yeah. I found it super helpful to be able to voice my thoughts to someone who was licensed and knew what they were talking about.

Rob: As the world's largest therapy service, BetterHelp has matched 3 million people with professionally licensed and vetted therapists, 100% online. Plus, it's affordable.

Megan: Just fill out a brief questionnaire to match with a therapist. If things aren't clicking, you can easily switch to a new therapist anytime.

Charlie: Yeah. No waiting rooms, no traffic, no endless searching for the right therapist.

Glenn: Yeah. Learn more and save 10% off your first-month at That's BetterHelp,


Charlie: They say that every minute, someone is born, someone dies, someone's having sex, and someone is making their very first sale on Shopify.

Glenn: Yeah, I mean, that does make sense though. Shopify makes it easier than ever to start and grow your business idea, no matter what or where it is.

Charlie: Has there ever been a better time to get into the game and start that vintage Jordan store?

Rob: I've always wanted to do that.

Glenn: To sell Jordan's?

Rob: To clear out the room of Jordan's I have in my house. Caitlin says there-there aren't a good use of space, or a don't belong in a grown man's closet.

Charlie: Yeah, start with the Pippins and get to the Jordans.

Rob: Yeah.


Rob: We'll get rid of the Pippins first.


And then we go through the Jordans.

Glenn: Well, you better go sell them on Shopify before someone beats you to the market, bud.

Rob: Sign up for a free trial at All lowercase.

Glenn: Go to to start selling online today.



Rob: We are supported by--

Glenn: Where are you? What-What are you doing?

Rob: I'm going to the next one.

Glenn: Budy.

Meg: [laughs]

Charlie: He's flying. Is that cause you've had your AG1 today?

Rob: We are supported by Athletic Greens and their five-star green powder, AG1.

Glenn: Now, what exactly qualifies as a five-star powder?

Rob: Hmm.

Charlie: Well, I feel like we should be asking you, right? You're a five-star man.

Glenn: I am.

Rob: Well, all of us use AG1 every single day, so that must account for something.

Charlie: Mm-hmm. And check it out. Your body's absorbing 75 vitamins, minerals, whole foods source, superfoods, probiotics, adaptogens with a scoop. Okay, now, is that higher than the herd?

Rob: What if I told you it was trusted by leading health experts such as Tim Ferris and Michael Gervais?

Glenn: And what if I told you, I don't know who those people are?


Charlie: Ah, that's fine- That's fine. I guess we'll just have to rely on over 7,000 5-star reviews.

Glenn: 7,000? They have 7,000-- Charlie, why didn't- why didn't you lead with that?

Rob: To make it easy, Athletic Greens is going to give you a free one-year supply of immune-supporting vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit

Glenn: Again, that is, to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance.


Charlie: Can you see that door right there, man? The one marked "pirate"? You think a pirate lives in there?

Glenn: I see a door marked "private".

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: Is that the door you're talking about?


Charlie: This is a funny exchange.

Charlie: I got a problem. [laughter]

Glenn: All right. We got a problem. We got a problem.

Charlie Day: Smart man, dumb man.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.


Glenn: Is that the door you're talking about?

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: What'd you see--


Charlie: You're the duster and all, it all worked.

Glenn: Yeah, with the epaulets, fly off.

Charlie: Fly off. Oh, dude you think a pirate lives in there?


Glenn: It's such a stupid joke. It's so stupid.


Charlie: Adam Stein, I think was that-was that joke.

Rob: Yeah

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Megan: The pirate-private thing?

Charlie: He was good for like a--

Glenn: Yeah, he was good, he was good with those little things like that.

Charlie: Charlie Kelly joke for sure.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: You gotta leave, so I can get--


Megan: Oh, yes. So, this is the scene where, uh, you're talking to Wendell, right?

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Megan: So, somebody else had to be off-camera?

Charlie: So, I think it was me and you guys were just laughing at my face [laughs] and I was laughing at your face.

Meg: [laughs]

Glenn: Well, you were laughing at the whole--

Charlie: Yeah, I was laughing at the scenario.

Glenn: You were probably just breaking it--

Charlie: I was probably just breaking it.

Glenn: And I'm like, "You can't be br- you're not on camera." Like, you were just messing up the--

Charlie: I know, I'm not even on camera and I'm already enjoying it too much-

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: -to be a functional stand-in for your Wendell.

Glenn: Right. Right. For my Wendell.

Rob: So, then I-- what, I was behind the camera and then we just switched?

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Then, yeah, you're probably at-at like, uh-

Rob: Video village.

Glenn: You step in.

Charlie: -a video village, as they say.

Glenn: All right, listen, douchebag. Apparently, people think we look alike. Personally, I don't see--


Charlie: I'm out. I'm out. [crosstalk] I gave it- I gave it a couple of tries, and I'm out. Here comes you, you're looking [beep] at the lines, [beep] you're looking at the sides.


Director: Action.

Glenn: All right, listen, douchebag. Apparently, people think we look alike, I don't see it.

Rob: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I see that.


Rob: I was trying to do your voice.

Charlie: I mean, Glenn's reaction-

Glenn: It didn't register.

Charlie: -is genuine shock and surprise, and it’s great.


Megan: Oh.

Glenn: Yeah, just registering him doing my- an imitation of my--

Rob: Okay. Now, here we go. We have talked about this one, uh, in what may be one of the original, like the first few episodes of the podcast.

Glenn: We talked about this.

Rob: Because I referenced Nick Grad. So, one of the executives-

Glenn: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: -at FX lived in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and see, you know. They very rarely came to set, um, they just kind of let us do our thing, and they trusted that we weren't wasting their money, and here, we just spent like five hours on this scene. [chuckles]

Glenn: Wasting their money.

Rob: But he- I kept looking back, and he was laughing, so that was always a good sign.

Glenn: Yeah.

Megan: But you shoot the show so quickly that you-you--

Charlie: We made our days. We made our days.

Glenn: Yeah, it doesn't matter.

Megan: Yeah. It doesn't matter. You-you--

Glenn: We always made our days.

Charlie: We always stuck to our schedules.

Glenn: We always made our days.

Meg: Yeah, you always did.

Rob: 5/8/07. Wow.

Charlie: Oh, Jesus Christ.

Glenn: Urgh, uh-uh.

Rob: Uhu.

Glenn: Uhu.

Glenn: It looks like, uh, Dooley.

Charlie: Yeah, Dooley.

Glenn: Let's call Dooley.

Charlie: Let's get Dooley in the house. Dooley loves a party.

Rob: Dooley is dead. Yeah, he offed himself, two years back.


Glenn: Still makes me laugh.

Megan: [laughs] Wait, was that scripted, the Dooley's dead thing?

Glenn: Yes.

Megan: Like it was supposed to end that. So, you guys knew that.

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Yes.

Glenn: And we knew that the more excited we were, the funnier it would be when it [crosstalk].

Rob: Yeah. That our crew, our-- all of our crew is either dead or in jail.

Glenn: Or had some sort of lawsuit.

Charlie: Yeah. Dude was like a college buddy of mine. It's, uh, uh, Mike Armore, who went by Dooley, who, uh, I wonder if he's-- I-I lost touch with him, but I-I wonder if he's seen this episode.

Megan: Uh, one of the other things that's nice, is the flip phone, that you always like flip it down right before-- it just gives a little, I don't know, something to it. Like, you flip it closed. [laughs]

Charlie: Dooley.

Rob: Guys, Dooley's dead.

Charlie: Dooley's dead?

Rob: Yeah. Yeah. He killed himself about two years back.

Glenn: Oh.


Megan: Glenn's neck.

Glenn: I don't know why. I don't know why. I just felt right.

Rob: Yeah. Dooley's dead.

Glenn: Huh?

Rob: Yeah. He offed himself two years back.


Charlie: Why do you do that when you--

Rob: I dunno-

Glenn: I don't know.

Rob: -but I can feel your face so close to mine.

Glenn: Uh-huh. Yeah. Well, that was part of it.

Rob: But this is also something you-you don't, it's a phenomenon that's strange. When you're watching it on TV, it doesn't look like we're standing that close to-to one another. It's very normal to see on TV, but very rarely do you stand that close to another human being.

Glenn: To a actual human being. Yeah. Yeah.

Rob: It just looks normal because you're so used to it, seeing it in films and television.

Glenn: Well, it's also- it's also that you're facing forward, and you feel-

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: -this man right here, right next to you, looking right at you.

Rob: Yes,

Charlie: Man. This place is actually pretty nice.

Glenn: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it's, uh, very charming.

Rob: Oh, yeah. Here you go. This is- this is just that it doesn't break.

Charlie: Oh, wow, dude.

Rob: Should we do that again?

Glenn: Yeah. This is the-- I still can't wrap my head around it.

Glenn: It's very charming, very, uh, very quaint.

Charlie: Yeah.

Charlie: This is the bouncy, uh,

Glenn: It was bizarre.

Glenn: Quaint.

Glenn: Look how hard I'm doing it.

Meg: [laughs]

Charlie: Wow. This is an unbreakable vase, dude. This is a joke.

Glenn: Very, uh, very charming.

Glenn: I thought it was being pranked.

Glenn: Fuck you. I can't break the fucking thing.

Charlie: How is this unbreakable? Let's get something different.

Glenn: I-I really did think, I was like, oh, it's a- it-it's a prank. And I was waiting for somebody to be like, "Yeah, you-- we pranked you," or whatever. And I was like, "Are you kidding me? I really can't. No. This is just a thing that I can't break."

Danny: The clothes off, pose off.

Charlie: Oh, my God.

Rob: This is so funny.

Charlie: This is when we found Frank.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure.

Danny: The clothes off, pose off.

Charlie: [crosstalk] Frank, but like, just the hair, the big glasses.

Danny: The clothes off, pose off.


Megan: Oh, and the-

Charlie: The pursed lips.

Meg: -pursed lips-

Glenn: Then he purses the lips.

Meg: -at the end. How are you supposed to look?

Glenn: Impossible. Impossible not to laugh at that.

Glenn: He wants to be you, getting banged by me, at your apartment.

Charlie: [laughs]

Rob: You're a monster.

Glenn: Oh, my God. I know what it is. Oh, this is sick. But I think he wants to be you having sex with me in my butt.


Charlie: Just the pencil. Just the pencil. Yeah.

Glenn: Just the pencil going up the butt. Yeah.


Charlie: The pencil is new.

Glenn: Yeah, it is new.

Rob: Now, that's a body that just won't quit.

Glenn: Oh, this. [crosstalk]

Dom: Just won't quit. He ain't gonna quit.

Rob: See, I bet you if you pop up those jeans off, you're gonna find a sweaty hog that won't quit either.


Glenn: Not scripted.

Rob: Not scripted.

Charlie: No.

Glenn: Now, what was in the script? Like, "I bet you're gonna find a bird.' I think it was a bird.

Rob: No, I don't even think that popping jeans off was even part of it.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think it was just--

Rob: It just, he won't quit. Won't quit.

Charlie: He won't quit.

Glenn: But calling it a sweaty hog-

Meg: [laughs]

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: -just destroyed me. I-I--

Charlie: I think there, you're supposed to jump to, like, "Now you quit, and you're no longer legit."

Rob: Yeah. You're no longer legit.

Charlie: But you popped in the hog talk, which was good foreshadowing for where your character's gonna go.

Glenn: Sweaty hog.

Rob: Sweaty hog.

Glenn: Not before or after, have I ever heard of- heard of a dong referred to as a sweaty hog. And it's- and it's a shame, because it-it really should be more common.

Meg: It's a good one.

Caitlin: Well, we're slashing prices so low. You don't have to be buried in a pot of gold to get slushy. [laughs]


Charlie: He was confused. Slushy.

Rob: Slushy.

Glenn: What?

Caitlin: Well, we're slashing prices so low. You won't need a pot of gold to get slushy. [laughs]

Charlie: Slushy?


Rob: I've never-- I-I've been married to this woman for 14 years now. I've never heard her laugh like that.

Megan: Uh-huh?

Charlie: Yeah. That's not a way that she normally breaks like--

Glenn: No, because- it's because she's-she's trying to-- She's starting by trying to laugh in character, but then breaking.

Megan: Transition.

Glenn: So, it's like- it's like a, it's like a combination of-of crazy Patty and Kaitlin.

Rob: Why is she on the ground?

Caitlin: Ah, good afternoon.


Rob: Ha.

Charlie: Ha.

Rob: It's only a matter of time, because cream always rises to the top.

Charlie: Yeah, dude. You have so much cream inside you, man. And it's always getting up in-in Dennis's face.

Rob: Dennis hates my cream.

Charlie: He hates that, dude. 'Cause he-- It's like, it's all- it's all over him, and he can smell it on him, and it drives some nuts.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah.


Charlie: Bro, I got it too bad.

Glenn: The eating the chips enhances it.

Megan: Yeah. Was this scripted, the cream conversation, a little bit?

Glenn: A version of it.

Rob: Uh, part of it was.

Meg: Part of it.

Rob: So, Dennis hates my cream, and then like, you can smell it. Oh, no. That was none. And then he gets into a thing where he say, "You know, that cream, that cream, you're always-

Glenn: That white hot cream.

Rob: -that you're talking about."

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Rob: You know, like, I don't know why that was so funny to me, but--

Charlie: Something about the chips made it funny too. I-I remember getting like so sick from those, like, I had to like lie down.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah. You took a nap.

Glenn: 'Cause you couldn't get through the take, so you just kept eating chips, chips, chips, chips, chips and just, yeah. It's awful.

Charlie: Yeah, it was a lot of chips.

Glenn: I actually remember, we were-- In terms of proximity, we were right behind that wall-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: -where you guys were shooting. 'Cause I remember very distinctly being back there and laughing my ass off, behind the monitor.

Meg: [chuckles]

Charlie: Why don't you take that hot white cream that's inside you--


Get all that hot white cream, get it right up in his--

Rob: [laughs] Oh, my God.


Rob: Right up on his face.

Charlie: All right.

Rob: Uh-huh.

Charlie: All you gotta do is take those dance moves, man. That cream, that hot white cream you're talking about.

Rob: The hot white cream you're talking about.


Rob: No, that's alright. We got it.

Charlie: These are making me sick. Um--

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: All you gotta do is take those dance moves, you know, that cream that you're talking about, bring it to the top.

Glenn: What's that mean?

Charlie: [laughs] All you gotta do, dude-- [laughs]

Glenn: Well, it's--

Charlie: Hey man.

Charlie: The cream rises to the top.

Megan: This is my favorite, where you just are laughing in front of-- For some reason, you take a bite, trying to--

Rob: Trying to get back in with the chip.

Glenn: The chip will get me [crosstalk] back in.

Rob: [laughs]

Charlie: [laughs]

Glenn: But this is why we do it.

Megan: Your face is [crosstalk] going around.

Glenn: This is what keeps me going. This is what- this is what keeps me going. This is what keeps me coming back, despite the fact that I keep trying to leave.


It's this man. It's the-- you know what I mean?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Like, I-I miss that. I-I-I don't, it's-it's gonna be--

Charlie: That's why we do it.

Glenn: That's why we do it. That's why- that's why I do it. I-I-I do it because I-- it's-it's-it's just, it-it really is an extension of-of what I've always loved, which is, you know, being together with your friends and making your friends laugh, like, and having your friends make you laugh and-and surprising each other. And, you know, if it weren't for that, I would--

Charlie: And room for exploration, right?, Like we-we have enough time, filming-wise, the way we light the show, the way we shoot it, that we have room-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -to do that. And it's not like we're burning through film.

Glenn: We keep the coverage simple so that we can do take after take and find things.

Charlie: And find things.

Glenn: Uh-huh, and make each other laugh.

Rob: Laughing releases endorphins, which makes you happier.

Charlie: Plus that.

Rob: You know. And how often in real life do you get to laugh that hard-

Glenn: At your job?

Rob: -on a daily basis, at your job, or even in your personal life? It's very- it's very rare. So--

Glenn: Well, it's very appropriate then-

Rob: It's a- it's a blessing.

Glenn: -right after Thanksgiving, to feel gratitude for the show. Feel gratitude for your friends. Feel gratitude for--

Charlie: Feel thankful.

Megan: Yes.

Glenn: Feel thankful.

Megan: Feel very thankful.

Glenn: So.

Rob: Very grateful. Very grateful for you-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -for you all. For-for making me laugh as-as hard as-as I just was for the last 15 years.

[End Credits]



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