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Episode #21

The Gang Gets Invincible

Let’s get Glenn some compliments over here.

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21. The Gang Gets Invincible

On the pod, the guys revisit The Gang Gets Invincible from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3, Episode 2.

Rob McElhenney: Guys, can we talk about hats? We're all wearing hats today.

Glenn Howerton: We are, yeah. What are you advertising?

Charlie Day: I don't know. I don't know. It's just a hat.


Rob: I'm not advertising, I'm showing support.

Glenn: That was a dig. That was a dig.

Rob: At me.

Glenn: Yeah, that was a dig.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. [laughs]

Rob: I'm showing support.

Glenn: Yeah, no. It's good. It's smart. You should do it.

Rob: I have a question about hats.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: I've been- I've been wearing-- I think the listener would find or the watcher would find this more interesting than the- than this- than the, uh, the episode. I know I do. I don't know why. Just general conversation about things like hats.

Charlie: Than the "Sunny" episode?

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: The "Sunny" episode's hilarious.

Rob: Yeah, I'm not commenting on that.

Charlie: We'll get into that.

Rob: Yeah, I just don't f-- Talking about-- I've-I've noticed that I'm having the most fun when we're just talking about hats or things of that nature.

Glenn: Of that nature. Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: I like the- I like the balance. There's a good balance, because I-I do like when we start going in-depth in terms of what we were thinking about why we made a choice that we made, and I think that's interesting for the listener or watcher at home.

Rob: Look, this is why the show works. I have an idea. You're like, "I don't like that. Let's do this other thing." And you're like, "I see validity in both of those. Let's just see how it goes." And then we just kind of find a happy medium.

Charlie: Yeah, but that's what I just said. I said, "I see validity in both." Not Glenn.

Glenn: Well, hold on a second.

Charlie: You indicated to him.

Glenn: No. But that's because- that's because we've had this conversation before,-

Charlie: He's giving you--

Glenn: -and that's- and that's something I've said to you.


Glenn: No, what about hats?

Charlie: Yeah. What about-- Yeah, get into it.

Rob: I started-- Okay. So, I-I, um, my whole life I've worn hats, but I've turned the bill the way that your- yours is, right?

Glenn: Yeah, the-- I am.

Rob: And so, I started seeing people wearing the flat bill and I thought, "I don't know. I don't know if I can pull that off." Right, but I do think it looks cool. I see Charlie wears-- He's not wearing one today really,-

Glenn: He can do it either way.

Rob: -but he can go either way.

Charlie: I can go either way.

Rob: He goes the flat, and I think it looks pretty cool. Now, I don't know if it looks cool, because it seems like we're like 25-year olds trying to look-- And is it sad maybe, that a 44-year old's gonna wear a flat-brim hat? Seems like a young person's game. I'm not sure. But I do like this hat.

Glenn: Is this where you-- Is this the question? Are you wondering?

Rob: Yeah. I'm wondering, can I pull off-- Because I've now have- I've now noticed that I've gone out and bought a couple of flat-billed hats, and I enjoy them.

Glenn: Can-can you take your headphones off for a second?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Can I just--

Charlie: I like the flat-billed hat.

Glenn: I think it's a head shape thing. I think-- Yeah. No, I think it looks good. Um, It doesn’t–-

Charlie: I like both.

Glenn: I can't- I can't do it. My head is very oval shaped, so when I do the flat-brim thing, it's too- the whole thing's too round. So, it, like, presses into my temple. I can't do that.

Rob: Can I see this on you?

Glenn: Sure. Let's see.

Charlie: I'm gonna help Glenn out, because he's one-handed.

Rob: Because Kaitlin says the same thing and then she'll put on a hat like that, and it looks cool.

Glenn: This is-- Okay.

Rob: See, that looks cool to me.

Charlie: No, he can do- you can do either.

Rob: You can do that. You can make that work.

Charlie: Here's the thing. I think the thing with-with fashion, in general. It's just about the confidence of the choice, you know?

Rob: Yeah, you're going all the way in.

Charlie: Look at my man Jonah Hill out there.

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Wearing whatever the hell he wants.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: And by the way, it looks great.

Rob: He looks great.

Charlie: The more, like, the more sort of out-- Yeah. Sorry, Glenn.

Glenn: Help.

Charlie: He needs help.

Glenn: Yeah.


Glenn: Sorry.

Rob: I don't know, Glenn, I think you can wear that flat-bill hat all day .

Glenn: Thanks, Charlie.

Rob: In fact, think it looks really good..

Glenn: The flat, you like the flat. Okay.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I kind of wish we'd taken a picture. Yeah, I don't know. It's never- it's never-- That actually-- Maybe, the trick is that I'm trying to-- Maybe I'm making the hat too tight, because that was a little loose-

Rob: Mhm. Yeah.

Glenn: -on me, and that felt good, but then that always feels go-goofy to me, because it seems like there's too much room on the outside, and then--

Rob: Too much space inside here.

Charlie: You know what I don't have confidence to do, but I think they look great? Is, like, the full-on, like, Bob Dylan sort of, like, half-cowboy, half-fedora hat, you know. Like, the real hipster-y kind of like, strong hat choice.

Rob: I've noticed that whatever hat choice you make, you pull off. Sunglasses and hats, they all look good on you.

Charlie: Well, you know, I think it's just the hat itself looks good, right? And so, I just chose to wear it. You know what I mean? I think that's what I'm saying.

Glenn: It's also a head shape. It's, like, a head shape thing.

Rob: Yeah, I think you got a good- you got a head and a good face shape for glasses and sunglasses. I've noticed.

Charlie: Mm, I don't know. I'm sure there's plenty of hats and sunglasses that would not look great.

Glenn: I'm noticing that there's a trend that there's a lot of- lot of compliments being thrown Charlie's way on this podcast.

Charlie: Let's get Glenn some compliments over here.

Glenn: No, no, no, no, no, no, that's not what I'm asking for. That's not what I'm asking for.

Charlie: That's true, like, yesterday you guys were saying that I was very athletic, and I was thinking you guys are athletic. What's with the--

Glenn: I just-- There's something-- I don't know. Yeah. You just- I just- it's just something I've noticed. It's okay.

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: As you were.

Charlie: You know, I'm a jack of all trades and hats, and--

Rob: Hats, athletics, sunglasses, and--

Charlie: But you dabble in a million things. A million more than I do. I feel, like, I get very good at, like, a couple things versus you do-

Rob: Yeah, I'm bad--

Glenn: -you do a lot of things, just not that well.

Rob: Yes, I do a lot of things not that well.

Glenn: Average.

Rob: Yes. Like, I'm kind of okay at it sometimes.

Charlie: Like a true dilettante, I think is the term.

Rob: It is?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: I don't know what that word. I mean, I've heard that word, but if I'm being honest, I don't know what it is.

Charlie: It's like somebody who has a lot of, like, passions, but isn't serious about any of them.

Glenn: Yeah, a dilettante, that sounds right.

Rob: You know why? I'm very serious in the moment, and then- and then I'm done for the day. And I'm like, "Great, I'll do that tomorrow," and then I don't. But then I pick it back up two weeks later, and I'm like not that good, but I keep going.

Charlie: I don't think- I don't think you are that. I think you-you really learn and get into things and know a lot of stuff. And Glenn, I love your hat.

Glenn: Thanks, man.



Glenn: Should we talk about this episode? Um–

Rob: Sure.

Glenn: I thought it was pretty funny. I don't remember this being the second episode of the third season. I don't know why, but for some reason, this episode--

Rob: Because we shot it much later.

Glenn: Did we?

Rob: -and then I think we liked it and pulled it up or something.

Charlie: Well, a lot of the scenes were shot in Philly.

Rob: Yeah,

Charlie: For sure.

Glenn: But that was at the end.

Charlie: Which was at the end of our shooting schedule, usually. So, yeah.

Rob: Did you guys notice something um, that-- So, we have a thing now or we had a thing then when we would have, like, two or three scenes before the episode started, and-

Charlie: Oh, instead of- instead of one single scene.

Rob: -and we just started doing- stopped doing that. Yeah. So, there's, like, one- there's, like, two scenes.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: There's the scene in the bar where we're all arguing like crazy and Charlie screams, then we go outside.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Right. Then we come back for essentially a third scene after--

Glenn: Back at the bar.

Rob: Back at the bar where we're actually talking about what we're gonna to do. And we then at some point just skip past that and then we just have somebody come in in the cold open and say, "Okay, the episode's about to start,"-

Glenn: [laughs] Just right--

Rob: -because we're gonna go try out for the Eagles,"-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -but we- you don't know that we're gonna go try out for the Eagles for a very long time.

Charlie: Yeah. For longer than we would take that.

Rob: And it's unnecessary.

Charlie: Um, is that arguing, was that a sort of self-aware meta,-

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -like, answer to, like, a criticism of the show? Isn't it funny that we, like, put, like, 8, 10, 15 episodes into doing our show or like, "Well, we better comment on what we're doing," like--

Glenn: Yeah. Just self reflecting constantly, uh, but I--

Rob: I do- I do appreciate that we doubled down. So, people are like, "Uh, it's that show where they just yell at each other. It's so annoying." And we were like, "You know what? Let's start an episode where we're screaming at the top of our lungs."

Glenn: Let's acknowledge it, and then keep doing it, like,-

Charlie: And lean into it.

Glenn: -and really lean into it. Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: One little thing I had completely forgotten about this episode which I enjoyed so much, was the capes.

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: It was that, when the people were trying out wearing capes, and I had no recollection of the guy with the lunchbox-

Rob: Yeah, he was great.

Charlie: -whose mom made his cape.

Glenn: On the bus?

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Who was fucking great.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. Who was that guy?

Rob: He's an actor.

Charlie: I don't know, but he killed me.

Glenn: But I mean, like, I don't remember.

Charlie: He killed me. And when, uh, I'm just talking about the things I liked. This is not really interesting.

Megan Ganz: Phillip Newby.

Charlie: Phillip Newby, okay. Way to go, Philip.

Glenn: Phillip Newby?

Megan: Yes. This nebbish guy, it says. Which I'm assuming was that guy.

Rob: I remember him being-- And now maybe I'm wrong. Can you look it up, Meg, and if not, we'll cut that, cut that, cut that. I think we was legally blind.

Glenn: Yeah, I think so.

Rob: I remember him saying, like, on day one he was like, "Oh, yeah, I can't really see." And we were like, "Right. Well, you should definitely, um, come join us". Like, that's such a fun character trait for someone trying out for the Eagles.

Glenn: Right, yeah. To not be able to see.

Rob: I mean, it's so funny.

Glenn: Who’s mom made him a cape.

Charlie: Faizon Love is hilarious-

Rob: Amazing.

Charlie: -in the episode.

Glenn: Do you guys remember Faizon-- I-I-- Every time I see Faizon in something, I'm like, "Why is this guy not a massive movie star?"

Rob: I know why.

Glenn: Yeah, I think I know why too. Maybe. I don't know- I don't know if this trend, like, we- you know, like, sort of carries through his entire, uh, acting career, but I'm sure you guys remember this. The-the very first day that we shot with him, uh, was not the first scene that we see him in, because that was actually in Philly. So, that was much later. The very first scene that we shot I believe was the scene where he calls us all over, and he, you know, gives us the speech right before he introduces, uh, Donovan McNabb. And--

Rob: The speech was so long. It was like a page and a half, and it was really funny. I remember it was really funny.

Glenn: Yeah. It was-- Right.

Rob: We were really looking forward to seeing that.

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: We spent a lot of time crafting this really funny, like, speech that he gives to everybody, and Faizon-- So, the way, the way we do things, and not a lot of shows do this, but-but, uh, what we always do is the very first thing we do is we just read the scene. We get together with all the actors that are in the scene. We've got what's called sides, which is just a small version of the-the scene in script form, and we just read it first before we block it. Well, we show up to, uh, to do this scene, we're outside. We've all got our sides, and we're all standing around, except I notice that Faizon didn't have his sides. And I was like "Oh, wow." This guy's like a major- this guy's a pro."

Charlie: He's off-book, as they say in the industry.

Glenn: Yeah. He's already off-book and normally, you're not off-book by that time. You know, you-you- but I was like, "Man, he's- that's a big speech."

Rob: That's a big speech. He memorized it. Yeah.

Glenn: He must've really memorized it.

Rob: Over the weekend. This was Monday morning, he took the whole weekend.

Glenn: Right, exactly. So, we show up, he-he, you know, we gather around for rehearsal. Faizon's there, you know, we're all looking around, and, uh, you know, Savage calls action. He's like, "Action." Nobody says anything. And, uh, we're like, "Oh, Faizon, that's you." And he's like "Oh."


Glenn: And we're like, "Go."


Glenn: And he's like- and he- and he's like, "[mumbles] Does anybody have any si--"

Charlie: He-he's like, "What do you want me to say?"

Glenn: What do you want me to say? So, not only did he not--

Rob: He didn't read it.

Glenn: Not-- Right.

Rob: He didn't even read it.

Glenn: Not entirely certain he read the script.

Rob: Oh, he definitely didn't read the script.

Glenn: Da, you know, uh, uh.

Rob: No way.

Glenn: Showed up to the rehearsal not knowing his lines and didn't even have the sides to prompt his lines.

Charlie: To be very clear, it's not a rehearsal like a week before you film. It's si-- The rehearsal is just right before you say action and actually roll the cameras.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah.

Glenn: Pretty much. So, you've got maybe 15 minutes between the time you rehearse-- Yeah. 15 minutes, they light it, and then you're shooting it.

Charlie: Yeah, they're gonna fix your hair and adjust your shirt, and then-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -make sure your microphones-

Rob: Yeah, then shoot.

Charlie: -in your shirt, and--

Glenn: And we're like, "Oh, no. Oh, no. This guy's gotta a page and half-long speech. He's--" like, "We're screwed." And he- - And we were. And he didn't know it and he just improvised a bunch of stuff and we cut it, you know, down to that little short-

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: -thing that's in the-

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: -thing. That's in the episode, yeah.

Rob: Yeah. And-

Glenn: God bless him.

Rob: -and it totally worked. I mean, that's the thing, is, like, I think that he's-- And also he's so loveable and fun and he was really cool. It wasn't like he was coming in to be a-

Glenn: No.

Rob: -dick. He was just like, "I-I-- This is the way I do it."

Charlie: I guess, there was also a conception that we were an improv show.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: I think people thought we were just like,-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -"Here's a scenario. Let's make up a scene."

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh, which we were definitely not.

Rob: We weren't.

Glenn: By the way, that would be really funny if he thought that. Uh, did we hire him?

Rob: We just made an offer to him.

Glenn: We just made an offer. We'd seen the movie Made,-

Rob: Yeah, and Elf.

Glenn: -and Elf.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: He's so fucking funny.

Glenn: And we're like, "This guy's great."

Rob: And it turns out, yeah, it-it-it- he's one of the funniest parts of the episode. I mean, it's abso-

Glenn: He's amazing.

Rob: -it's abso- it's absolutely- it absolutely works. He's just doing his own thing and we were like, "Great."

Charlie: There is oftentimes-

Glenn: I guess that's what we're doing.

Charlie: -the thing where, like, [sighs] we scripted a whole thing and you do realize, "Oh, I don't need any of these words. I just need the essence of what these words are trying to get after," [chuckles] which he sort of embodied. Which is just like, "I just need the energy-

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: -and the intention, and one sentence can cover this entire speech." By the way, by the time he introduces Donovan McNabb,- [giggles]

Glenn: Geoffrey Owens.

Charlie: -and Geoffrey comes out and does that commercial, I mean, I was crying tears.

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: Geoffrey.

Charlie: Laughing-

Rob: Amazing.

Charlie: -watching that.

Rob: I mean, that's why we've used-

Charlie: Geoffrey's incredible.

Rob: -Geoffrey year after year after year and across shows. I mean, I've used him on Mythic Quest a number of times. And we- I- we put him in a pilot years ago.

Glenn: Yep. We've had him play multiple characters on, uh, on it's It's Always Sunny, although always as Geoffrey Owens or this mysterious man who we don't know.

Rob: You know he's also played Tiger Woods.

Glenn: That's what I'm saying.

Rob: Yeah, yeah. He's played Don Cheadle.

Glenn: Right, but it's- but it's- but it's always the same actor who presumably is Geoffrey Owens although he ne- he never fesses up to that either, because he never fesses up to actually having been, uh-- What was his name?

Rob: Elvin.

Glenn: El-Elvin. On [chuckles] The Cosby Show.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: But one-one other thing I wanted to bring up about Faizon, I'm sure you guys remember the-- No, of course, you do, because we've joked about it many times. The man could not say the words, "Donovan McNabb."

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: Yeah. Donna John the crab.

Charlie: Dottie and the crab.

Rob: Dottie and the crab.

Glenn: Donnie and the crab.

Rob: Not a big football fan I think, Faizon.

Glenn: [laughs] I guess not. Yeah.


Glenn: I guess not, but just-- By the way, that is a difficult name to say, "Donovan McNabb." I'm having a hard time saying it.

Charlie: Not that hard.

Glenn: I'm on pain medication though, so I have an excuse. But, uh--

Rob: It's just a name.

Charlie: Donovan McNabb.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. Slow down it down if you need to.

Charlie: Just,-- Yeah. Well, just make the sounds.

Glenn: But he would just-- If you watch the episodes-- pl- please watch the episode and watch how he pronounces it, because he never got it right once.

Rob: If we could go back and get the- we could get the outtakes. It might be worth, like, putting that out there, because I don't think we-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -I don't think we put it on, like, a reel or whatever. He kept calling him Donnie John Crab- McCrab.

Glenn: Donnie John McCrab. Dono-Donov-- I think in the episode he calls him-

Rob: Donnie.

Glenn: -Donoman- Donoman McMad. Donoman M-M-Mc-Mc-M. It's just a bunch of m's.

Charlie: We-we used the best one. We-we got the best one.

Glenn: Yeah. The one that was the closest. Now a professional--

Rob: But it doesn't matter. It's still so funny. Then he calls him Don–

Charlie: It just doesn't matter. It's kind of better that he doesn't say the real name,-

Glenn: Of course.

Charlie: -because then it's sort of- it's almost implied that he's, like, not legally allowed to call this man Donovan McNabb,


Charlie: -because he's not Donovan McNabb.

Glenn: Right. Right, right.

Charlie: So, he's gonna dance around it.

Glenn: Yeah.


Rob: One thing we do in this episode that we then go on to do a number of times and we've kinda gotten away from it, um, I think in probably in a good way, because it dates the episode in a weird- in a weird way. Where we are referencing, like, popular culture, like, movies that had come out.

Glenn: Mm.

Charlie: Yeah. With Invincible?

Rob: We've been talking about Invincible.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: And yet, like, you know the way that movies kinda come and go,-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -nobody knows that movie anymore, but our- since the show's continued on, people might go back and watch these episodes and you have no idea what we're talking about.

Charlie: It's pretty funny that we're talking about it as the new kids on the block movie.

Glenn: Yes. I do like that. I do like that. And not only do we- not only do we refer to it as that, but Faizon refers to it.

Charlie: [laughs] Yeah, he does.

Glenn: Because of the new kids on the block movie.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's right. That's why they're having to do it, because-

Rob: Yeah, they don't want to do it.

Charlie: -they're getting so many-

Glenn: They got badgered into it.

Charlie: Because that was the plot of the movie, right? Like, they had to try out and then--

Glenn: Was that based- that was based on a real thing, right? Now.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah. Vince Papale.

Glenn: I-I-I have to admit, I never sa- I actually [chuckles] never saw that movie.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I did not- not even when we were writing the episode, I didn't even watch it. I should have. I di- I just didn't.

Rob: It's like- it's Rocky in foot- in a football–

Glenn: But-but it was based on a real story?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Okay. Now, how-- So, do you know the story?

Rob: I do, but it's not as- it's not as-- The guy, Vince Papale, was a player- was like a track star. So, it wasn't, like, some, like, rando guy from the neighborhood. He was just older, and it turns out he was, like, can you believe it? He was 31 years old.

Glenn: But I mean, did- was there- did the Eagles hold a tryout?

Rob: Yeah, they-they-they do that.

Glenn: For-- Oh, they do that?

Rob: Yeah. Every NFL team still continues to do a version of that.

Glenn: Ju-just some fucking randos show up?

Rob: Yeah. The whole, like, open-open tryouts, yeah. It's real.

Charlie: They're like, just in case, you know, there's a farm somewhere and-

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: -there's a dude working in the barn-

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: -and he's 7'7", 380, and he-he's the fastest runner in the world. The-they're just hoping-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -that that guy shows up.

Glenn: Yeah. He was just too stupid to realize that football existed, because he was kept in a barn.

Charlie: Well, he had a stric- he had a strict daddy, right? And he was like,-

Glenn: And he was chained up.

Charlie: -"I know you can play football, but we need you here on the farm."

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: And then--

Glenn: "What's football, daddy?"

Charlie: "Enough about football." His daddy played football, but he didn't make the Cowboys and he was heartbroken. And he's like, "I just," and then when the son makes the team he was just like, "I just didn't want you to go through the heartbreak, son."

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Megan: [chuckles]

Charlie: But then the guy makes the team, but then his heart explodes at 28 years old.

Glenn: Yeah, because he has thyroid problems. Right? Cuz he's seven foot seven. I mean, didn't we just establish that? I'm going along with what you said.

Charlie: Yeah, Yeah.

Glenn: Okay. Yeah. He's got a thyroid issue. Um,-


Glenn: -Vincent Papales?

Rob: Papa-- Yeah. Vince Papale.

Glenn: No.

Rob: Vince Papale.

Glenn: Papale.

Rob: Papalya. Something like that.

Glenn: Oh, no, I was mixing up with Lucas–

Charlie: Do you remember uh, The Refrigerator Perry?

Rob: Of course.

Glenn: Oh, yeah.

Rob: He played for the Bears, but then also the Eagles.

Charlie: I mean--

Glenn: Did he play for the Eagles?

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: I remember him on the Bears.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Jeff's so big he could just run over everyone. I remember the-the-the--

Glenn: He scored, like, a huge touchdown that-that one--

Rob: In the Superbowl.

Glenn: In the Superbowl, right. Yeah.

Charlie: The Patriots versus the um, the Chicago Bears.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: And the Pats lost, like- it was, like, 60-3 or something.

Rob: Four-four- 46-10 or something like that.

Glenn: Oh, Lord.

Charlie: No, it was, like, 60-3. Look up what that was. Uh, what year was that?

Rob: That was-- It was a beat down

Charlie: The- go, uh, Patriots-Bears Superbowl.

Rob: 1986. 1985.

Charlie: 1986.

Rob: '85 season. '86 Superbowl.

Glenn: Wow. Wow. I mean, look--

Megan: 46-10.

Glenn: 46-10.

Charlie: 46-10.

Rob: Oh.

Glenn: Wait, you were right.

Rob: I have a weird thing for--

Charlie: That's impressive.

Glenn: I feel like that's what you said.

Rob: I remember, like, football scores and things.

Glenn: I feel like that's exactly what you said.

Charlie: I dramatized it.

Glenn: You sure did.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Well. It- because it was-

Charlie: 60.3.

Rob: -it was a beatdown. I think that it-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -was actually worse than the score.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Like, I think they kind of let them score at the end. They just didn't care.

Charlie: Mmm.

Glenn: They just gave up? Ouch.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: You know what we gave up on? Completely forgot about the character of Doyle McPoyle. I did not remember there was a Doyle McPoyle.

Glenn: Yeah. There's a Doyle.

Charlie: Maybe he died from that sho- that bullet wound.


Glenn: Bleed out.

Rob: I-I-I was laughing so hard at you laughing, because this is all happening in the moment where they're just walking out of the, um, we're walking out of the RV and you're commenting on each one of them-

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Right.

Rob: -as they come down and- but your seeing them for the first time in real life.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: Oh, no, that was-- Yeah. That was all improvised.

Rob: I was literally laughing as he's doing, but it-it just works.

Charlie: Right. It works as the character, yeah.

Glenn: Your-- Yeah. Yep. That's-- You're out here. In the world.

Rob: You're in the world. That's the Sunshine.

Charlie: Oh, good, you brought your fife.


Rob: What is that a jar of?

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Rob: What is that a jar of?


Rob: But once again the props department doing, like, an amazing job of, like, putting together a group of weird things and then you not seeing them until you're seeing them in-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -for the first time.

Charlie: Even just the coverage of that though, I kind of of was like, "Oh, right. We really stopped down to see all those people come out."

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Which I feel, like, maybe we wouldn’t do now-- But maybe we would. I don't know.

Glenn: Did we play the Hawaiian, uh, the McPoyle Hawaiian theme song?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I, uh-- Yea. Every time--

Charlie: [humming a tune]

Glenn: Pretty much every time we the McPoyle's,-

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: -yeah, we play this, uh, this, like, Haw-

Rob: Hawaiian country.

Glenn: -Hawaiian Cowboy.

Rob: Yeah. Hawaiian Cowboy, yeah.

Glenn: Is that the name of the song? Hawaiian Cowboy? I feel like it was something like that.

Charlie: It-it- maybe it was just, like- it was a- you know, there was this library of cheap music that we could use, and, uh, it was probably listed as Hawaiian Cowboy or something like that. Yeah.

Glenn: I-I feel like it was.

Rob: Let's talk about that for a second, because our music, um, which we- we love and have been using from day one, we've never li- um, we've never had the money to license it and keep it ours. Like, to write music and then to have it be like owned by the show. So, there's a company that owns this library and they just license it out to anybody and everybody.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: So, like, there was a year where Madden, the Madden football game, the Sunny theme was there- was the Madden theme. And right now on Minecraft, I hear Sunny music in the background of my house, and I'm like, "What's going on? Do, like- are my kids watching Sunny?" It- they're-- It's on Minecraft. Minecraft videos. They're using Sunny music on Minecraft videos.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh, weird.

Rob: Yeah. And-

Glenn: It's a very heavily used catalog.

Rob: -it's in commercial- you're hear it in commercials all the time.

Glenn: Yeah. It used to upset me, because I'd be like, "Oh, man, dang it. Why didn't we just, like, have a theme song that was just ours," you know? But I think maybe it ended up working in our favor, because it tri- like, every time those songs play, people think of Sunny.

Rob: Eventually, yeah. Eventually, that happened. In the beginning.

Charlie: So, free advertising.

Glenn: It's like free advertising.

Rob: If there's an association with the show.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: But, like, Madden is way bigger than Sunny. So, people would be, like--

Glenn: No.


Charlie: Steve Madden, like the Purse company. Like, what are you-you talking about?

Glenn: The shoe guy? Steve.


Charlie: What are you talking about?

Glenn: No, you're absolutely right. That game's way bigger than Sunny, for sure.

Rob: Yeah. So, people would be like, "Oh, that's the mu--" I don't know. But it's- it was always funny to me that, like-- Look, like, look around all the shows that you watch and know. You're like, "Oh, no, they didn't use that theme song on a- on a Tide commercial."

Glenn: No.

Rob: Ours is the only one.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: The only one where they're like-- Oh, Cheers. Well, literally, they-they now are using the Cheers song on a commercial.

Glenn: Yeah. Where did I see that?

Rob: That must have cost them a fortune-

Glenn: Seriously.

Rob: -to Pay Paramount. A fortune.

Glenn: Who wrote that theme song? Who wrote the theme song to Cheers? That's a good theme song.

Charlie: The Golden Girls one is amazing.

Rob: It's incredible.

Charlie: And that guy was like- it was- he was just, like, a pop artist.

Rob: Yeah. And his version of it is strange. Like, the woman singing it is a much- a cool- cooler version.

Charlie: [sings a tune] Thank you for being a friend.

Megan: Gary Portnoy.

Charlie: Gary Portnoy is Cheers.

Megan: Is Cheers.

Charlie: Is he also Golden Girls? Um, he might be. That might be the same guy. Or maybe it's Andrew Young or something.

Megan: Mm, I don't think so.

Glenn: Wait. So--

Rob: It's some pop guy. Yeah.

Glenn: So, you're saying the guy who did The Golden Girls theme song, he has a version of that song that sounds totally different?

Rob: Yeah, his version of that song is not-- Yeah. Well, it's him singing it.

Glenn: What is the name of the song?

Rob: Thank You For Being a Friend.

Glenn: Thank You for Being a Friend.

Megan: Andrew Gold.

Charlie: Andrew Gold.

Rob: It’s–

Glenn: it's in his name.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: That's crazy.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Okay.

Megan: It took him about an hour to write.

Rob: Yeah.


Glenn: It always does.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: It always does. Um, now–

Charlie: That was the Cocaine working.


Glenn: Because I know I know I've told you guys this-this story before, but, um, there was a time where I sat next to, uh, the drummer for, uh, the band Survivor on an- on an- on a flight, right? And I got to chatting with this guy. Super nice guy. Looked like one of those guys that was like, oh, you're still rocking, like, the '80s hair band look, but you're like in your late 50s, you know, but whatever. Anyway, the guy was super nice and, uh, he actually told me the story of how he- how the band Survivor wrote the song Eye of the Tiger for, uh, Rocky III, I believe it was.

Rob: Yeah. Oh, Rocky III. Yeah. Clubber Lang.

Glenn: Yeah. So, uh, Stallone had actually called the lead singer of Survivor, uh, and left him a voicemail. And, uh, he was like, you know, beep. "Hey, uh, this is, uh, this is Sly Stallone, and, uh, I really like your music and I'd love for you to write the theme song to the new Rocky movie that I'm doing," right? So this guy gets the message, uh, gets the voicemail and he's like, "Eh, that's my buddy, like, fucking with me, you know what I mean?" So, he-he doesn't- he pays no attention to it. Gets a call- gets another voicemail, like, a couple of weeks later, "Hey,-


Glenn: -what's going on, you know what I mean? It's- it's Sly Stallone. I really wanna use--" you know.

Charlie: “I don't know. I feel like this collaboration could be a real knockout.”


Glenn: Um, so, but again, he-he just thinks it's, like, you know, his friends, like, fucking him with him. So, he doesn't- he doesn't call the guy back. Um, then he gets a call from his agent. His agent's like, "Dude, what are you doing?" You know, or his booking agent or manager, whoever. He's like, "Sly Stallone is, like, trying to get in touch with you. He wants you guys to write the new theme song." He's like, "Oh, shit. That's real." So-so, then he gets on the phone with Stallone. Stallone's, like, you know, basically tells them, uh, I-I-I need a theme song for my- for Rocky III. I think you guys are perfect for it. I'd like for you guys to write one, but here's what I need. I need you to write two songs, because, you know, what if I like one over the other. I-I need you to write two songs. We'll pay to write two songs. So, these guys get in the studio, they spend about two weeks crafting the most epic song ever, right. And then they get to the very end of it. They realize it's, like, two o'clock in the morning, and they've gotta turn in both songs the next day to-to Sly Stallone. And listen, when you tell Sly Stallone you're, you know, you're hitting a deadline, you better hit it. Because Sly's gonna come after you, you know what I mean? Um, with The Expendables.

Megan: [laughs]

Glenn: So, they-they realize, they're like, "Oh, shit, we have to write like a second song." And they're like, "Oh, we'll just bang something out real quick." And over the course of the next, like, hour or so, they just, like, wrote, Eye of The Tiger. And just did Eye of The Tiger in, like, an hour or, like, two hours. And they're like, "All right, let's go to bed." That's-- At least we'll give them two, but clearly, the other one is better. He played-- And of course, you know the, you know, the rest of that is they played Eye of the- uh, both the songs and-and Sly Loved Eye of The Tiger. And they were like, What? We were just fucking around. Like, that was- you know. And then the other song he ended up using, I believe in the movie Fist.

Rob: Fist.

Glenn: Yeah. He did a movie called Fist.

Rob: He did?

Glenn: Yeah, I think so.

Charlie: Sly?

Rob: Fist?

Glenn: I-I think so. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Charlie: Man likes the theme.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: What was that about?

Megan: I'm nervous typing in Fist.

Rob: Yeah, don't Meg. Meg, don't Google that.

Megan: No, it is a film.

Rob: This is all work.

Megan: It's an acronym, F-I-S-T.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. It was an acronym.

Megan: Yeah. A Neo-noir crime drama. Weird.

Glenn: Yeah. So, I believe he used that other survivor song in the movie Fist.

Rob: I wonder what that's what song that was?

Glenn: Uh, I don't know, actually. I don't know. Anyway, the guy from Survivor was very nice, the drummer. I-I liked him. He was, he told some good stories. That's the only one I remember. Um--

Rob: Do you wanna tell one of the good ones? [laughs]

Glenn: Listen, man.

Rob: He is on a lot of pain pills.

Charlie: Come on, man. Come on, man.

Glenn: I'm on a lot of pain pills right now. Not thinking straight.

Charlie: What do you got?

Glenn: Yeah, what do you got? Tell us a good story. Um, I-I am curious to know, uh, like if you guys-- I know-- You-you-you've-you've done acid before, right? Do you not wanna talk about this?

Charlie: No. Yeah, I–[laughs]

Glenn: Okay. Have you done acid?

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: You did acid?

Rob: Uh-huh.

Glenn: When did you do acid and what-what happened?

Rob: Like, right after high school?

Glenn: Just once.

Rob: Twice.

Glenn: You did it- you've done it twice.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Okay. When-- What-what were the circumstances and do you have any funny stories surrounding that, because-

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: -that's a fun drug.

Rob: No. What, uh, what was the name of the-- Why am I blanking on the name of the, um, music series that was big when we were-- I think I could think--

Charlie: Lollapalooza.

Rob: Lollapalooza.

Glenn: Oh, yeah. Music series.


Glenn: Jesus Christ.

Rob: Well, my mind went to Coachella and I couldn't get it outta my head, but yeah, Lollapalooza.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: I did some- did some acid at Lollapalooza.

Glenn: Yeah. Is that fun?

Rob: No.

Glenn: What year?

Rob: No, no. Uh, the 1996.

Glenn: '96. Okay.

Rob: It was- it was the Beastie Boys, Hole.

Glenn: No, that was '94.

Rob: Oh. So, I was in high school.

Glenn: That was '94, because, uh, I was at that Lollapalooza. Probably not the same one. I went-- I went to the one at- in Atlanta.

Rob: Yeah. I don't think-- I don't think you came to Philly.

Glenn: No.

Rob: No. Uh, yeah. No. I mean, I-- It's just not for me.

Glenn: No, it's not your thing.

Rob: I might maybe try it again later when my kids are older and I can get in, like, I wanna break through the Matrix and see what's on the other side kind of thing.

Glenn: Right.

Rob: You know what I mean?

Glenn: I think I wanna go on a guided one at this point.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Right. Like, do it--

Rob: I wanna see the destruction of my ego before my very eyes.

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: I don't want to just, you know, take, like, three tabs of acid and drink 16 Coors Lights, and then, you know, throw up.

Charlie: And you were also probably, like, you're fighting it, you know what I mean? Like, when it kicks in, you gotta lean into it, you know. When you start fighting it, you know, that's when the fear kicks up.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: When the fear gets in, then you're fighting the fear, it is a losing battle.

Rob: That doesn’t stop for 12, 13, 15 hours.

Glenn: Depends on how much you took, but-- Yeah.

Charlie: Or years depending on. [laughs]

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, unfortunately.

Rob: I think you had- you've had some good trips.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, but-- And some bad. Like, uh, I ate too many mushrooms once at a Fish concert in '96.

Glenn: You went to a Fish concert?

Charlie: Oh, yeah, buddy.

Rob: Oh, he was-- You were a big into Fish, right?

Glenn: What?

Charlie: We were at the Clifford Ball.

Rob: He was a jam band guy.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. I was there with, uh, me and pals and, uh-- Oh, man. It's so, like, we were so low rent. Like, we went with this other group of kids and they had, like, they were, like, kind of rich kids. They had a Volvo. They had, like, a nice, like, tent and shit. We had, like, a tarp.


Charlie: And then we were like, Hey, we're gonna try to make a little tent outta this tarp. Can we use your frying pan? They-they were, like, making, like, pancakes and shit. And we, like, fucking- totally fucked this kid's frying pan up trying to, like, hammer in--

Glenn: Hammer in sticks.

Charlie: Like, we didn't mean to. We're like, I'm so sorry, dude, I ruined your nice frying pan. Um, and then we got our hands on, like, an extraordinary amount of-of very powerful mushrooms, and ate way too many of them. I remember- I remember passing out, like, within the first five minutes. Throwing up.

Glenn: Oof.

Charlie: And then like, when I came to, I was already tripping a thousand times harder than I already had. And this was within the first 30 minutes. I was like, "Okay, this is gonna be quite a ride." And I remember just trying to, like, hang onto my sanity for my dear life. Like, at what point we're in the concert, you know, and, uh, we're just kind of, like, sitting on the lawn. And all of a sudden, like, everyone turns around, they're looking, like, right at us.

Glenn: Oof.

Charlie: And we're like, [gasps]

Glenn: That's-- You don't want you that.

Charlie: Why is this happening? What the fuck is happening? Only to realize there's, like, a marching band, like, moving, like, right behind us.


Charlie: We don't realize what's going on. I remember another one of my buddies said like, he's like, "Man, the cutest girl came up to you and asked you for a cigarette and all you said was like, 'Yeah, I'm all about it. Yeah, I'm all about it.'"


Charlie: And just kind of wandered off, you know. But mostly it was good, and then I don't know. I think I would do it again once I get through this parenting phase in my life, and, like, he was--

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: I-I don't need fear to kick in and be like, "Oh, shit, I've compromised my brain and I got a kid out there." But I do think, I don't know, I think it's like something everyone should do a little bit of stuff.

Glenn: I kind of do too, actually. I think under the right circumstances, I think it's, uh, it can be a very, very eye-opening experience. I mean, like, I-I personally--

Rob: You've done ayahuasca. You've done a lot of psychedelics, right?

Glenn: Um, yeah. Uh--


Rob: You had to think about that, which is interesting.

Glenn: Well, no, because-- Well, because it's- because I haven't done, like, an ayahuasca ceremony. I-I did a ceremony with, uh, a shaman and a bunch of other people, and, uh, took something that was a- it was actually a combination of ayahuasca and, uh, and psilocybin. So, uh, but it wasn't like a super high dose. So, I wasn't, like, tripping balls, because it was my first ceremony.

Rob: No, but weren't you doing one of those things, which sounds awesome and also disgusting and terrible at the same time, where you were like shitting in a bucket and then throwing up--

Glenn: No.

Rob: -and then also-- Oh, you-- It wasn't one of those?

Glenn: No.

Rob: Because I know people have gone through that where like, "No, man, it's awesome. You go through, like, this guided tour in your house and, like, you shit your brain's out, but you got a bucket, so you do it into the bucket and then you also vomit." I'm like, "Okay, where's the good part?"

Charlie: Um, it's very spiritual.


Rob: It's super spiritual. Like, you really like see,-

Glenn: Right.

Rob: -you know, what's inside of you.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Yeah, because it's now in a bucket.



Charlie: Rob.

Rob: Charlie.

Charlie: I don't feel creatively good about the-the episode where we talk about Invincible. I-I feel creatively good about the episode that aired in 2002 or whenever the hell it was. [laughs]

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: But I don't, like, I felt like the podcast version wasn't-- We-we didn't.--

Rob: We got- we got about half, but I-I was listening to a little bit of it and I just don't think it was very good. I think it was boring and I wanna blame it on, Glenn. Well, no, that's not true. I don't wanna blame it on, Glenn. I wanna blame it on Glenn's, um, busted collarbone.

Charlie: Well, yeah, I mean, I-I-I wanna, um-- I-I got three options, right?

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: I can blame it on me. I don't wanna do that.

Rob: No.

Charlie: I can blame it on you, but you're here.

Rob: I'm here. Yeah.

Charlie: Um, but Glenn has left and he's not here, so I could blame it on Glenn.

Rob: Yeah. Glenn's not here. I think we should blame it on Glenn.

Charlie: And to be a good friend, I could say, "Well, he was on pain meds for his broken collarbone, so we could blame it on that".

Rob: Yeah. I think that's- I think that's- I think that's fair.

Charlie: So, here we are and it's a different day.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: And we're wearing different clothes and we're talking about the thing that we were talking about, but--

Rob: Most importantly, Glenn isn't here. Just to be clear for the people who aren't, uh, watching the show.

Charlie: Glenn's not here. He has a thing. He can't even be here.

Rob: So, we're gonna have somebody, uh, who's gonna call in who's going to take his place.

[phone rings]

Charlie: Well, we're getting a call.

Rob: We're getting a call.

Charlie: Are we getting a call?

Megan: Yes.

Charlie: Who could-- All right.

Megan: Welcome to the Always Sunny podcast. You're on with Rob and Charlie.

Kaitlin Olsen: Hello.

Charlie: Hello. Well, here's the thing, special caller. So, we were talking about this, uh, episode, The Gang Gets Invincible. It's one where, uh, the gang tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles. That happened in season three. And, uh, we just-- We-we-we didn't do a good job. The podcast wasn't funny. Now we've gotten rid of Glenn. He's-he's-he had to go somewhere. He couldn't stick around, but we thought we'd take this special call.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: And who are--

Katlin: You guys, I really- I really appreciate it. Um, I'm happy to call.

Rob: Your voice is-- That is so loud. Can you turn her down in my headphones? Is that not so shrieky in your ears?

Katlin: You guys, do you want me to come in, because-

Rob: No.

Katlin: -it's very last minute. I'm happy to come in. I hear that you're recording now. So,-

Charlie: How far are you?

Katlin: -um, that way people--

Charlie: Are you close by?

Katlin: I'm in-- I don't know where you are and I'm not really coming in. Um–


Kaitlin: That was just meant to be funny. I don't have any plans to pop by. Um, guys, this is really smart. I feel good. It feels very last minute, but I'll still-- I'll take it. I'll take advantage of it.

Charlie: Let's-let's tell the listener at-at home or the watcher, uh, in their- in their probably home or office, uh, who we have in the line here. If you- if you haven't guessed the voice.

Katlin: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: And I- and I haven't- and I haven't. Who is this?


Katlin: You guys, it's the star of the- of your television show. Uh, the only woman, the-the one and only, uh, the big bird herself. And, um, I'm here and I'm happy to be here. It does feel like a bit of an afterthought, but that's okay. I'll let it go. I've been waiting a long time for this. Thank you for having me.

Rob: It-it is most definitely an-an afterthought. However--

Charlie: It's television's Katlin Olson, people.

Rob: It's television's Katlin Olson.

Charlie: Hey, Katlin, do you remember being in this episode? Do you remember being in the show at all?

Katlin: [laughs] I remember- I remember moments. Listen, this is the episode where, uh, I dressed up-- What was my name?

Rob: Cole.

Katlin: Cole.

Rob: Cole.

Katlin: Cole, right?

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Katlin: And as soon as we got me all dressed up, I turned around and looked in the mirror and I was like, "Oh, you've made me look like David Hornsby."

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You-you did come across looking like Hornsby.

Rob: Yeah. It was a Hornsby vibe.

Charlie: Cricket, for the- for the people at home who don't know him by the first name. Um--

Katlin: Yes. Something happens when you put a goatee on me and, um, take away my hair, I look exactly like David Hornsby.

Rob: Well, one of the good things about having you on for the- for-for-for the first time is maybe we could even go back to the beginning of the show. We don't have to talk about Invincible. We could talk about the beginning. What was your experience, uh, auditioning for the show? Because I think the first few episodes, that we got some good feedback that people like to hear some of those stories from the beginning.

Katlin: Yeah. The-the first few episodes were stinkers for me, because you guys had already written them. Um, and you did a great job of writing, uh, for your characters, which is why I wanted to do the show in the first place, because it was so well written. Um, but not such a great job for Dee, because she was kind of, um, a wet blanket. There was a lot of, like, "You guys,-

Rob: Yes.

Katlin: -you gotta stop having fun."

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: We-we covered all this. Now some-- Now, listen. We covered this on the podcast, but you don't listen to the podcast. I know, but you don't listen to the podcast. You don't support me. You don't support my-my--

Charlie: What about the first- what about the very first time you came into the audition room? Uh, what do you-

Katlin: Yeah.

Charlie: -remember from that experience? Did you, you do--

Rob: You felt instantly alive, right?

Charlie: Do you even remember Rob in the room?

Katlin: No. So, what I do remember is as soon as I got in my car, I called my manager, because I thought it was such a good-- I wanted it so bad. And I was like, "I think that was really good." And she goes, "Where any of them cute?" And I was like, "Not really."


Charlie: Good, good.

Katlin: It was not love at first sight. I really fell in love with Rob's ego I think during the first season.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: Yeah. A lot of confidence in that McElhenney.

Katlin: He was in control. Yeah. Yeah. I felt safe. You know what I mean? Like somebody was in charge and funny. So--

Charlie: Yeah.

Katlin: But not too attractive. Now, I am. Now I find him very handsome.

Rob: Yeah. It only took 17 years-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -really to get to that place.

Katlin: It's a long time. It's a long time. Uh, but I walked into the room and I- instantly all of you were in there and you were all participating and laughing and, like, just having fun and encouraging me to have fun with it. And I remember thinking this is the best audition experience ever, because they usually are absolutely terrible.

Rob: Well, I think a lo-lot of that had to-

Katlin: Again--

Rob: -do with the fact that we were- we-we-were actors and we- and we were compassionate to how shitty that situation normally is, and then also you were awesome.

Katlin: Yeah.

Rob: So, it was really fun.

Charlie: Yeah. We were laughing, because you were funny.

Katlin: Yeah. Oh, you're sweet. I was having fun, and then I remember Rob saying, um, okay, just put the script down and just improvise with- have this- do the scene with Charlie, but just you guys say whatever you want. And that was like, "What?" It was super fun.

Charlie: Are you calling us-- Are you in your car?

Katlin: Yeah.

Charlie: Are you--

Katlin: I'm outside.


Charlie: Oh, you're outside, but you-- Are you pulled over talking to us or are you, like, on route?

Katlin: I'm on route. I'm driving. I'm being safe. Are you worried about my safety? I'm being very safe, Charlie. What's-what is this?

Rob: Yeah, where were you headed? Tell us about your day.

Charlie: I'm just trying to paint the picture, Kaitlin. Trying to get the big picture here for the people at home.

Rob: Like-like, let's get them all the information. I took one son to school. She took the other-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -and then--

Katlin: I did.

Rob: Then what happened? I came to work. Now I don't know where you went.

Charlie: Are you going to going somewhere-

Rob: Did you go to the beach?

Charlie: -for pleasure or for business?

Katlin: Um, today I dropped off one son. I stopped and got the coffee and then I went and got a facial.

Rob: Oh.

Charlie: Oh, there you go.

Rob: Okay.

Katlin: Yeah. Yeah. You gotta take care of that face. Uh, I gotta facial and I'm now I'm on my way to, uh, have lunch with a friend and then I have a doctor appointment in the afternoon and then I'm gonna pick up both boys-

Rob: This is great.


Katlin: -from school.

Rob: Thank you.

Charlie: This is great. This is great.

Rob: Now, I- now I understand that we're- your schedule here. This is really good.

Katlin: Yeah.

Rob: Is there anything you wanna promote or--

Charlie: Rob, do you get worried? Are you-are you at the jealous type? Are you like, "Now-now who's the friend she's having lunch with, and is it the same person who gave her the facial, and-and," what's happening here? Like,-


Charlie: -do you--

Katlin: What kind of facial was this?

Charlie: Yeah, exactly.


Charlie: Like, you don't have a phone in your body, right?

Katlin: No.

Rob: I-I-I don't think so. Katlin can speak to that. I don't really-- No.

Charlie: No, no. I'm being blue-collar.

Rob: Well, because Katlin, uh- well, because Katlin had a- had a- had a sex scene in a movie she just shot.

Katlin: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh, yeah.

Katlin: Yes. Yeah. I-I, uh, I had a sex scene with Woody Harrelson,-

Rob: Mm. Mm-hmm.

Katlin: -um, in the movie. I told him all about it in great detail and he was like, "Cool, cool. I gotta go." He just was very distracted and didn't really care.


Rob: Well---

Katlin: You can try and make him jealous, but it doesn't- it doesn't really work.

Charlie: Yeah. Well, because you- because you had a sex scene with Woody Harrelson. He wasn't, you know, like--


Charlie: If you had a sex scene with Brad Pitt, he would've been like, "Now, hang on a second."

Rob: Well, did you see that sex scene with Woody Harrelson in, um, True Detective? I mean, that was intense- it was intense.

Charlie: What you are saying? Look, I'm not saying Woody Harrelson is not a sexy man, but I'm just saying you probably--

Kaitlin: No, he's a very attractive man.

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: A long-time vegan. Long-time vegan.


Charlie: This is just the information I know, Kaitlin. I'm just trying to fill the air time here.

Kaitlin: I see. No, well, here's a fun fact about Rob that probably, I think most people know. He's very good friends with, um, Dax Shepard who is sort of an ex, an ex-lover of mine.

Charlie: What?

Rob: Mm. Oh, yeah.

Charlie: I did not know that.

Rob: Well, not sort of. I mean you were hardcore lovers, were you not?

Charlie: I did not know that.

Kaitlin: It was pretty hardcore. I was trying to be-- I was trying to, you know, be nice, but, um, yeah, no, Rob and Dax are really good friends.

Charlie: You like men with masculinity inferiority complexes.

Rob: Yes. Now--

Charlie: It's so interesting.

Rob: Men who are up here to be confident, but are masking severe insecurities.

Charlie: Yeah. Or trying to prove so hard that they're a man.

Rob: Yes.

Kaitlin: Exactly, but then perfectly open to talk about it with other men. That's the exciting part. That's the missing piece.

Charlie: So, they have it all. They have it all. They-they-they--

Kaitlin: They got it all.

Charlie: They got it all.

Rob: Oh, sure.

Kaitlin: That's exactly right.

Rob: Both hard and soft, you might say.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Not too hard. Not too soft.

Rob: Not too hard. Not too soft.

Charlie: Boys to men. They become men.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh, Kaitlin, do you- is there anything about doing this episode you remember? Do you remember- do you remember being in Philly when we were shooting, and that was, like, Fred Savage directing days and him, like, just partying like a maniac. I mean,-

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: -we had- we had good times in Philly.

Rob: I believe-- Did Fred get-- He was not arrested, because it wasn't- he didn't do anything crazy, but he- I think that he was pulled over by the police or the driver was pulled over by the police.

Kaitlin: Fred Savage was?

Rob: Because Fred was hanging out the window or-or the roof.

Charlie: I think he just got yelled at.

Kaitlin: Oh, that's right.

Charlie: Yeah. He climbed up the top of a limo. Why we were in a limo, I don't know.

Rob: He climbed-- It wasn't our limo. I don't know whose limo it was. I don't know why the--

Charlie: Why was Fred in it then?

Rob: I don't know. Maybe it was Fred's limo. He climbed out the top of it while it was- while it was in transit and was, like, climbing on the back of the car.

Kaitlin: Yes. There's something that happens in Philadelphia where everyone kind of loses their minds and does things maybe they wouldn't do at home. That's what I remember about shooting.

Rob: Yeah. No, this was 12 years ago.

Charlie: I-I do remember season one filming in Philly and going to just the bar in the hotel we were in, uh, and meeting your buddy. You had some buddy who--

Rob: Another guy she used to fuck.

Charlie: Another guy you probably used to date.

Kaitlin: It wasn't.

Rob: So, that's- that would be, uh, Ian, right?

Charlie: Ian, yeah.

Kaitlin: That's my ex-boyfriend. My college boyfriend.

Charlie: And we were drinking a lot of Yuenglings, and- but I don't think-- You guys weren't together yet, right?

Rob: No.

Charlie: That's season one. No.

Rob: No.

Charlie: Um,

Rob: No.

Charlie: -is it fun- is it fun going to Philly or is it a little bit stressful, because you've gotta like deal with Rob's family the whole time?


Charlie: And you got- and you gotta be on.

Kaitlin: [laughs] We don't actually see his family that much when we go, because it's such a whirlwind. Um, I love going to Philly. Philly's got great restaurants and great people and all Rob's friends from high school are there. And I-I love it. We only stopped going regularly, because we started having kids, right? It just became a little bit too much of a nightmare.

Charlie: And because Rob would go on talk shows and tell people where we were filming and we would get so swamped that it felt downright dangerous. Where we were, like, this is--

Kaitlin: Yeah. Well, remember what we heard the last time we were there? We were in a van and people were, uh, the van was drive- moving. We were driving. And people were, um, pounding on the windows and trying to pass, like, pieces of paper in for us to sign. We were like, "Someone's gonna get run over." This is a-- And then-and then some random man showed me his penis and offered me a beer.


Rob: Yeah, yeah. That sounds-sounds about right. Yeah.

Kaitlin: Yeah. It was, like, one or the other. Both of them, No.

Charlie: This is why Rob's not jealous, because it's nonstop harassment for you and he just- he has to deal with it so much.

Rob: Yeah. I mean, and--

Charlie: Was that random man Danny?

Rob: Can we talk about--


Charlie: Was it Danny?

Rob: Can we talk about the penis.

Kaitlin: Yeah, I felt bad, but yeah, it was Danny.

Charlie: You didn't wanna out him. "Hey, Kaitlin, you wanna beer? Whoops, it fell out."


Kaitlin: Whoopsy.

Charlie: Oopsy.

Rob: Okay. So, what's your favorite episode?

Charlie: Oh, my God.

Kaitlin: Oh, boy.

Charlie: What a stupid question, man.

Rob: I know it’s terrible.

Charlie: Kaitlin don't answer that.

Rob: No, don't answer it. Don't answer.

Charlie: What are you doing, man? “What's your favorite episode?”

Kaitlin: That's-that's the worst. And that's- you're not-- You know that's the worst.

Rob: It's the worst.

Kaitlin: That is dumb. I have- I have moments. I love when Charlie and I get to, uh, pair up and do things.

Charlie: Kaitlin, we were-

Kaitlin: Like when we thought we were human meat, right?

Charlie: We were just about this. That you and I have not- I feel like we don't have enough of those things. And they're always so fun and funny and we don't get to do it enough. I think next season we gotta pop some more in.

Kaitlin: Yeah. I feel like maybe that's why they're some of my favorite is because it just doesn't happen that often. But, um, those are always really fun. I don't know. I just like when-- I mean, I-I love things like you guys drowning me in a bog almost. You know, anything that's like crazy. Those are just us.

Charlie: You-you were a trooper to get in that bog. That was, uh, nasty, gross stuff, and you- and you fully submerged.

Kaitlin: I am not that much of a trooper. I-- Whatever. Please. I'm doing it, because I know it's gonna be hilarious. It's very selfish of me.

Charlie: Yeah. You climbing-

Rob: You are selfish, yeah.

Charlie: -you're climbing over Mary Elizabeth was really fucking funny. Oh, man.

Rob: Now you were pregnant through a lot of this-this show, right? I mean, we did a whole season where you were eight months pregnant. What's that like?

Kaitlin: Yeah. So, the P. Diddy- the P. Diddy boat dance with the inflatable guy that kind of got- kind of blew up and got famous. I was-- I just remember being angry the whole time. First of all, we were in Long Beach and it- wasn't it, like, two o'clock in the morning, and it was freezing cold?

Charlie: And it was, and it was cold. Yeah.

Kaitlin: And I was, um, I was so hell-bent on-on moving my body weight the way that that thing was moving. And I was pissed off, because secretly I was six months pregnant and I couldn't bend backwards as far as I wanted to, and, like, snapped myself back up. [laughs] And I remember the whole time just being angry, like, "This isn't working. This isn't working. I have my stupid baby in there. It's ruining everything."

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Um.

Rob: This is all tracking.

Kaitlin: Like, yeah.

Rob: This is all tracking. It's sort of, like, when, um, for the viewer and listener out there who-who doesn't know that when-when Kaitlin and one of my favorite moments of the- of the show, uh, she leaves the shoe sales, uh, or the shoe store and she falls into the car and she bangs her head. That is her and that's a real car and a real dent. And she said, "I'm doing this shit."

Charlie: Yeah. Not only that. And then you did one take, it was amazing. And we were like, Oh, my God, she broke her neck, but you were okay.


Charlie: You were okay. And then we said, "Look, don't do another take. We'll get one for safety. We'll have a stunt person do it. She's here to do it."

Kaitlin: Yeah.

Charlie: And she did- the stunt woman didn't do it half as good as you did it.

Rob: No, because she did it safely.

Charlie: Because the stunt person's like, "Yeah, if you do it the way Kaitlin does it--"

Rob: “I'm gonna break my neck.”

Charlie: Yeah. You could be paralyzed.

Rob: Yes.

Kaitlin: Well, listen, she- I-I was angry, because she was not funny and she wasn't gonna flail her body in a funny way. And I needed- I needed you guys to gimme a chance. And I knew I only had one chance, so I just really went for it.

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Um, it was sort of chiropractic after that, but it was totally worth it.

Rob: No. How many bones have you broken over the course of the run of this-this series?

Charlie: I'm gonna let husband and wife talk for a second, because Kaitlin, I have to pee. I can't hold my pee. I've been holding my pee for so long. I'm gonna-- I'll be back.

Rob: Okay. Charlie's gonna go pee.

Charlie: I'll back. I'll be back. I'll be back.

Rob: Okay. All right.

Kaitlin: Yeah. You gotta take care of your kidneys when you gotta pee. Just let it go. I get it.

Rob: Listen, the podcast. Listen, listen. He's-he's gone. Now, listen, I- this is what I've always wanted. I wanted the podcast to just be me, right? And I guess you can call in from time to time.

Kaitlin: No, no, no, and me, right?

Rob: And Megan, but Megan won't say goddamn a thing back there.

Kaitlin: Megan, jump in. Right now it's the three of us.

Megan: Hi, Kaitlin.

Kaitlin: Hi, Megan.

Megan: [laughs] Hey, can I ask you a question?

Kaitlin: Yes, please.

Megan: Do you remember Rob peeing on you in, uh, Philly, uh, when he got too drunk that night?

Kaitlin: [laughs] No.

Rob: What?

Kaitlin: Oh, wait. Was it- was it Philly or New York?

Rob: It was Philly.

Kaitlin: Oh, yes. This is when we were secretly dating, right?

Rob: Wait, wait. Are you- are you wondering which-- Yes, it was when we were secretly dating.

Megan: Have you peed on her multiple times?

Rob: Have I peed on her multiple times? Like, which city was it in? Or you just- or do you remember the event? But-but--

Kaitlin: Peed on by-- Listen, you think you're the first person to pee on me? Please.


Kaitlin: Um, yes, I do. We were secretly dating and you got so drunk, we all went out to dinner. You even- you guys even went out after that. I went back to my room and you came, like, drunkenly knocking on my door a couple of hours later. And, um, yeah, woke up in the morning--

Rob: And you ended up answering it. And I was like, "Hey, baby."


Kaitlin: Yeah, I was-- The bed was soaked and you tried to say you had sweat.


Rob: No, it was the opposite. It was the opposite. You were like, "Man, you really sweat a lot." And I was like, "Yeah, I guess I did sweat." He's back. He's back. He's back. He's back.

Charlie: Yeah, I'm back. I'm back. I'm back

Rob: I didn't sweat.

Kaitlin: No, it was not.

Charlie: Cut the shit.

Kaitlin: No, he was not. You peed to me and you were like, No, I just- I sweat-sweat sometimes. I'm like, "That would've come from all over your body, not just by your penis."


Charlie: Oh, you're talking about when Rob pissed in the bed?

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: Was this the episode we were talking about it? Okay. So, yes.

Rob: Oh, oh. Was this episode that we were talking about it?

Megan: Uh, it was actually-- No, the one before, but then I think you brought it up again. Yeah.

Rob: Well, yes.

Kaitlin: Let me reiterate, I've never listened to your podcast.

Rob: I know. I know.

Kaitlin: There's-there's no need. I see you everyday.


Rob: But you- but you don't watch the show. You don't really watch episodes of the show, right? I mean--

Kaitlin: No. I-I love watching episodes of the show. There were- there was a period of, like, four or five years where you didn't wanna watch it, because you were in the editing room so much. Um, and so, we didn't sit down and watch them together, but I've seen- of course I've seen every episode. I-I've-- I even like them-- I know this sounds weird, but, like, if it'll just randomly come on somewhere, I get sucked in. I think they are hilarious. Because I also don't remember-- We've done so many of them, and-

Charlie: That's-

Kaitlin: -we often break them off into A and B stories. I don't a-always remember what happened in the episode besides what I was doing.

Charlie: I-I-I'm finding how much I've forgotten too. And I thought I knew them all like the back of my hand just 'because of the amount of time we spent in the editing room, but uh, it's interesting going back, watching all these. Kaitlin, from day one, you're great on the show.

Kaitlin: Thank you, Charlie.

Charlie: Rob gets a lot better, but you from day one--

Rob: I-- It took me a while to warm into it. Kaitlin-Kaitlin-- I was learning from the masters. I was learning from people like Kaitlin and Charlie.

Kaitlin: Oh, you just needed to get fat, that's all.

Rob: That's all I needed.

Kaitlin: You needed to gain 60 pounds and suddenly you were hilarious.

Charlie: No, I think you're funny in those first seasons too. You don't- you just don't think it. Which is why we lean into that.

Kaitlin: I did too. Rob is weird. He thinks he's not funny. Or like, the least funny of all of us, and that's so stupid.

Charlie: I know that's why we lean-- And we-we-we-we see that wound and we jump right on it, you know?

Rob: Yeah.

Kaitlin: Yeah, I do.

Rob: I think it's objectively true. I think it's object-- But I'm a lover of comedy, and I can see that you guys are funnier than me, and I'm okay with that.

Kaitlin: Well, that's-that's-- You're right, that's true. I-I-I'm funnier than you-

Rob: Yes, that's true. Yeah.

Kaitlin: -but you're, um, you're very smart.

Rob: I need something.

Charlie: Yeah. Smart guy. Um--

Rob: Well, I guess we've run out of things, I mean–

Charlie: Well, yeah. I mean--

Kaitlin: No. Wait.

Charlie: You know, Kaitlin, thanks for calling in. Are you where you have to be? Are you--

Kaitlin: I-I don't-- You know what? Thanks for- thanks for making my ride more fun. I'm about five minutes away. Um, when do you guys want me to come in, because it'd be fun- it'd be so fun to talk in person, like--

Charlie: Hey, Megan, let's get her off the line.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Let's go ahead and-and cut this call, okay?

Rob: Okay.

Kaitlin: I'll just-- I'll pop by. I'll just pop by. I love you.

Rob: Okay, sweetie. I'll see you--

Charlie: Okay. So, we're breaking up. We're loosing the connection here. We're losing the connection.

Rob: We're breaking up. You're driving through the canyon. Are you driving through the canyon?

Kaitlin: Bye, Megan. You're my favorite.

Megan: Bye-bye, Kaitlin.

Rob: Well, that was fun

Charlie: Yeah. I mean it's not- it's better with Glenn.

Rob: It's better with Glenn.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: Yeah. It's just that he was just low energy for that one episode, but you don't wanna deal with that.

Charlie: You know why? Because Kaitlin's nice and happy. Glenn's angry,-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -and it's- and it's really interesting.

Rob: And that's when it's fun, but when he's all low energy, because he's like, "Oh, my back and my bones are broken," it's not fun.

Charlie: “I broke my bones skiing. I was skiing and I hit a tree. Now my collarbone's broken, and I'm sad.” [chuckles]

Rob: Yeah, I know, which-- Even that would be more interesting than just sitting there just low energy. Come on, man. And look, I'm not gonna blame that on the collarbone--

Charlie: You guys like football? You wanna talk about football?

Rob: I'm gonna blame that on the-- He was on massive amounts of some kind of downer.

Charlie: “I'm on drugs, and I can't make a podcast.”

Rob: But I think we can both agree that it is better with Glenn than it would be with Kaitlin.

Charlie: Oh, I mean--


[End Credits]


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