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Episode #29

Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire

Cool face, hold it.

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29. Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire

On the pod, the guys revisit Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3, Episode 8.

Megan Ganz: All right, here we go.

Glenn Howerton: Okay, we're about to watch BTS.

Charlie Day: Hey, wai-wait, before we go, we don't just go.

Glenn: Yeah. Oh. Oh. Here we go. We don't pause it.

Rob McElhenney: Hang on, pause that.

Charlie: We don't just go.

Rob: We don't just go.

Glenn: We don't just go.

Rob: Since when do we just-

Megan: Sorry. Sorry.

Rob: -"Here we go" when the podcast starts. Well, so we thought we'd try-

Glenn: Wait are we starting? Did we start? I don't want to waste your breath.

Charlie: Thank you. We thought we'd try watching one back and talking about it as we watch it.

Rob: Yeah. Just something different.

Charlie: We don't know. Is that- is that gonna work?

Rob: This is-- Well, we're-we're about to find out together.

Charlie: Yep.

Glenn: Guys, it's great to see you.

Rob: It's great to see you.

Glenn: Um, it's always great to get together and see you guys for the podcast.

Rob: Yeah. We are in our new studio, once again.

Charlie: And we're gonna watch this next ep-- Now, uh, this next episode isn't necessarily a special one that deserves this, but we just got-

Rob: In fact, I have very little memory of this episode at all.

Glenn: I think that's fun.

Charlie: Yeah. I think we just got a little, you know, we get bored and we like trying different things. We never just do the same thing.

Rob: Based on the title, Frank set Sweet Dee on Fire. I remember him throwing a match down the well, and lighting her on fire.

Charlie: Uh-huh.

Rob: I remember us doing the camera, and the-the-the news [unintelligible 00:01:07] person--

Charlie: Do you wanna know, or do you wanna be surprised as you go?

Rob: Well, what do you mean I'll be surprised? Yeah. I-I-- this one-

Charlie: 'Cause I watched it already.

Rob: -is a big blank space. Oh, you did? Okay.

Charlie: Because I thought we were- that's what we were doing.

Rob: Oh, okay.

Charlie: But we're doing okay this instead.

Rob: Okay. Great. So you're seeing it for the second time in two days, we're seeing it for the first time in 10 years.

Glenn: Uh, no, because I did a-- I did a whole re-watch like, uh, maybe a year ago.

Rob: Oh, okay.

Glenn: Like before we did the podcast.

Charlie: So you're-- you have the-

Rob: You guys are narcissists.

Charlie: -you have the freshest eyes.

Rob: No. Sorry. No, no. I didn't-

Charlie: I did what I thought we were going to do is watch it ahead of time.

Glenn: No, no, no. I did a re-watch of the--

Rob: Even though we discussed on the text that we weren't going to do--

Glenn: No, no, no. I'm a-- I’m a hard worker.

Charlie: I did not-- After, uh-- if-if I'm a group text-

Rob: I know that about you.

Charlie: -just don't text me. If you want my-- if you want my attention you just have to individually text me because I cannot stand a group text.

Glenn: Oh, wow.

Megan: Mm-hmm.

Rob: Yeah. I-I definitely didn't know that about you.

Charlie: I’m good for like three.

Glenn: You don't like group texts?

Charlie: No. No. Do you like five people talking at you at once?

Glenn: But it's not that. It's-it's-

Rob: It's one person talking at once.

Glenn: Yeah. I turned the ringer off though, because I can't stand the blink-

Charlie: Oh. Yeah.

Glenn: -blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink.

Rob: Oh.

Charlie: Yeah. That's right. Too much.

Rob: The-the moon.

Charlie: I’d like to get rid of my phone. I’d actually like to not have a phone anymore. I kind of want to get off social media-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -and not have a phone. But I don't think I can get away with that.

Glenn: It's tough.

Charlie: That-that, you know, because I do like being able to look something up, predict the weather.

Glenn: Yeah. That's a tough one.

Charlie: Or listening-- Or music, I like music options.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: No, I like all of it, that's the problem. That's why I wanna l get rid of it.

Rob: You like the upsides, you don't like the downsides.

Charlie: Yeah, that's right.

Glenn: I’m gonna go back to defending myself of why I did a re-watch.

Rob: Oh, because it's all about you. Sorry, go ahead.

Charlie: You-you hit a nerve.

Glenn: Well, it- one- it, you know, it's-it's mostly about me. Um, no, I did a re-watch in anticipation of writing season 15 of the show.

Charlie: Attaboy. Attaboy.

Glenn: I took two years off the writer's room.

Charlie: See, that's professional, Rob.

Glenn: And-and as a professional I was like, "You know what, I wanna make sure that we're not doing more of the things where we, you know, accidentally write something in that's not consistent with the, uh-

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Glenn: -the lore of the show and then-- And then we ended up doing the skating episode anyway.


Glenn: All right, um.

Charlie: I'm with you. Um, all right. Let's try this fucking re-watch idea.


Rob: Already, its says TV-MA, Language and Violence.

Glenn: Violence?

Charlie: I mean, for fuck's sake.

Rob: Fuck you lan-- This-this is stupid.

Charlie: This is the language of violence, just-just play stuff, and if people want to watch it, they'll watch it.

Danny: Just pounding around with the guys. How's anybody going to get hurt?

Glenn: Classic.

Rob: Uh. All right, let's pause it. Let's pause it.

Charlie: All right, let's pause it. Okay. So we just watched the cold open.

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: Uh. And let's talk about it.

Rob: Yeah.


Rob: Okay. I want to talk more about how Charlie hates this. He just hates it.

Charlie: I don't hate it.-

Rob: Because we don't know what's gonna happen. We have like-- We have hundreds and hundreds of these- of these podcast episodes, we just-- we're just trying shit.

Glenn: He just doesn't trust that it's gonna work.

Charlie: I’m not convinced that it's going to work, but I don't know that it's not gonna work.

Rob: What's the worst case scenario?

Charlie: Uh, that's good- that's a good question. Um, worst case scenario is that it's kind of boring, and we have to redo it. No.

Rob: Yeah, because we're gonna talk about the episode anyway and we can jump ahead.

Charlie: This cold open.

Glenn: Yeah. Oh. It's funny shit in there. Like, uh-

Rob: I thought it was funny. A lot of us what we're about to do, and why we're about to do it.

Charlie: Yeah, a little heavier hand than we would maybe use now. But that- it's- it plays. The news thing is funny, like just a little clip.

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: New soccer.

Glenn: Yeah. I like that. I like that it's infused with something that I feel like I used to-- I used to feel about like the actual news and reading the news, but don't- and haven't for a long time, but like this whole day idea of like, yeah. Like I-- Okay. So they're smuggling like fucking shit into, plutonium into Syria. Like, "Great.


Glenn: What the fuck has that to do with me?" You know what I mean? Like that just a complete like lack of, uh, understanding of the, uh, you know, how the world works and how everything is simplified.

Charlie: I didn't do a lot--

Rob: And the butterfly effe-effect of a nation such as Syria having access to nuclear arms.

Glenn: Right.

Charlie: There's a lot of people who probably watch that clip and they're like, "Fuck yeah, I’m with you." Like I don't--

Glenn: Totally.

Charlie: What do I- What do I care when something happens outside of-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -you know, where I live, and then there are the people who like, maybe get satire more of that which is like, "Well, shit that happens outside of where you live can still affect where you live."

Rob: Right.

Charlie: But that's the show. Uh.

Glenn: But those are the same people that want to know what Paris Hilton wore last night, you know what I mean?

Charlie: Yeah. Sure.

Glenn: Where I’m going, by the way, I mean back in 2007. Not now.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I don't think anybody cares what she's wearing now, or maybe they do. I don't know.

Charlie: This-this episode is very dated in that regard, because there are Paris Hilton references, and there is, uh-

Glenn: Oh.

Charlie: -basic cable references, which is like, uh, no-- not local-local access.

Rob: Local news.

Charlie: Local, yeah.

Glenn: Public access.

Charlie: Public access.

Rob: Oh. Public Access.

Charlie: Public access. Yeah, that's what it is.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Which is- that's not still a thing, is it?

Glenn: Public access?

Rob: Sure.

Charlie: How do you get it? How would you get it now? Well, on cable.

Rob: Yeah, on cable.

Charlie: Yeah. All right. All right. Well, should we keep going?

Rob: Charlie's on something.


Rob: The guy's on something. What happened here?

Glenn: He's on coffee.

Rob: It was-- It was the coffee, right? Is it-- is it agitation?

Charlie: I’ve been-- I've been on different time zones, um.

Rob: Yeah. You've been on some different time zones lately?

Charlie: I was in the Texas Time Zone, and now I’m in the, uh, in the California Time-

Rob: Was that an hour, two-two hour difference?

Charlie: -two-hour difference.

Rob: Two hour. Yeah. That's enough to, yeah.

Charlie: It threw me a little bit. Um, I’ve watched this episode already-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -and I don't want to have to watch it again.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: That's part of it, I think.

Rob: Yeah, yeah.

Charlie: Um.

Rob: I see that. What else?

Charlie: [laughs] What else is? Coffee?

Rob: There's some coffee in there?

Charlie: Coffee. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Have you- have you eaten today?

Charlie: I haven't-- I didn't have a proper meal. I’ve kind of picked at some things, that's part of it. And-and then it's my spidey sense of like that this isn't the best way to do one of these episodes.

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: Um, you know, very creatively passionate.

Rob: Has your spidey sense ever been wrong?

Charlie: No.

Rob: Never?

Charlie: No.


Charlie: I mean, occasionally I let you guys-

Glenn: Think that you're wrong.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Think think that-

Rob: Think that you're on the other side of the argument.

Charlie: Yeah. 'Cause otherwise I’d be unbearable. But, uh, no. I’m usually fucking right. Um, let's continue this.



Charlie: I wanna watch the whole [unintelligible 00:07:22]

Rob: You know? Don't skip the intro. Don't skip the intro.

Charlie: Okay. And here we're going through, uh, Philly. You guys ever heard this one? [laughs] There we go, executive producers. There we go.

Glenn: I like our title sequence.

Charlie: There's something about train station, and the dairy queen, and uh created by Rob. There you go.

Glenn: I do enjoy that it's called, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the entire title sequence is shot at night.

Rob: At night.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. That's cool.

Rob: Nobody watches that shit.


Glenn: There's all sorts of great stuff on public access.

Charlie: Oh, is there?

Glenn: Well, let's see what kind of quality programming we have here. [crosstalk]

Rob: I was just dancing guy?

Charlie: Dancing guy.

Glenn: Oh wow.

Charlie: Yeah.


Charlie: This guy's pretty great.


Charlie: So to hire this guy we just like, uh, we just-- Well we just like picked an extra and we said, "Show us your dance moves."

Glenn: No. I think we had people audition.

Charlie: We might have had people audition to this.

Rob: We-we had a guy-- We had a guy in mind. There was a guy on Venice Beach, I still think he's there.

Glenn: Oh, oh, oh.

Rob: He dances.

Charlie: Had a little silver ball.

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: That guy.

Rob: That guy. And he knows where's the, he basically dresses exactly like this.

Glenn: Yes. And he is super tan.

Rob: And he's kind of- Yeah, and kind of like a bodybuilder-ish type of guy.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Totally. No. He was totally just like jacked.

Rob: Yeah. And he-- And-and we brought him in. I remember when Wendy was like, our-our cast director was like, "No, no. You can't. It's not gonna work."

Charlie: Yeah he's not gonna be-

Glenn: He's not well.

Rob: He's not-- He's unwell.

Charlie: He's unwell. I remember that. I remember that as well.

Glenn: You always wonder about the-- guys like that though, you're like, "Is he unwell or are we unwell?" Because think about that guy's life.

Charlie: He's unwell.

Glenn: He fucking-- Mm. Think about his life, he works out. You know what I mean?

Charlie: I’m thinking about his life.


Charlie: He's fucking dancing in his underwear with a silver ball for a fucking loose change in the streets.


Charlie: He wasn't going-- He wasn't going--


Rob: I don't think he is. He wasn't asking for money.

Charlie: No. That's worse.

Rob: He may have been independently wealthy, we don't know.

Charlie: That's worse.

Glenn: He lived-- he-he was never asked for-

Charlie: You guys [unintelligible 00:09:13] dead wrong. This is a fucking great idea and I told you as much.


Glenn: Uh. This- the-the-- No. He-he-he-he always looked happy as shit. He always had headphones on. He was always fucking jamming to music-

Charlie: Yes.

Glenn: -and listen-- And-and like dancing and playing with the silver balls and the fucking hanging out the beach all day, all fucking tan and shit.

Charlie: Uh, you-you-you got-- you got to look happy or they don't tip, man. You got to look happy or they don't tip.

Rob: I don't think he ever-- I don't-- I don't ever remember there being a hat or anything.

Glenn: Never. Never.

Rob: He was-- I think he was just experiencing life.

Glenn: That's what I’m saying. I-I think he was happy as hell.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: God will bless him.

Glenn: Just one of those people just floating on a cloud all day fucking long. Great. Good for you.

Charlie: Well.

Rob: Anyway, we had to hire, and it was this guy, and he was great. Perfect.

Charlie: Well, we had-- But-but, you know, then I think that guy-- I remember that guy came in, right?

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: We saw his taping, and there was something upsetting about it. We were like, "Oh, this is kind of dark. This is darkness." Whereas this guy it was very like, "Uh, there's a darkness too, but it's an enjoyable darkness.

Glenn: [laughs]

Rob: Now, I love this TV--

Dennis: I do enjoy the fact that he's wearing he's tight underwear and cowboy boots.

Glenn: He's got a serious farmer's tan as well.

Charlie: And we gave him little to no direction, you know?

Glenn: No, this was his thing.

Charlie: These were his moves, he came in with them.

Glenn: Yep. He came in with 'em.

Rob: Let's-let's watch a little more.

Glenn: All right.

Dennis: Get a couple up-skirts, a couple nip slips. Boom, you'd be famous like that.

Dee: Well, yeah, I think I'd like to avoid the nip slips and up-skirts, but I think I see where you're going with this.

Dennis: I'll talk you into it at some point, and I could be famous just by being friends with you.

Glenn: [laughs]

Dee: Absolutely.

Dennis: Great, good luck with that.

Charlie: This was before the Kardashian thing really caught on.

Glenn: This was back when Kim Kardashian was just one of Paris Hilton's friends.

Rob: Are they friends?

Glenn: They were.

Rob: Was that? What was-- Did she pop off of that?

Charlie: I don't know.

Rob: Was she a spin-off of the Paris Hilton phenomena?

Charlie: I mean, it's all a phenomena. I mean, think about-- Like it used to be sort of like you could make the joke, like, "Oh, this person's famous for doing nothing." But then like, you know, jokes on you, man-

Glenn: That's right.

Charlie: -because they have taken that to the stratosphere.

Glenn: They sure have.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Anyway, God bless 'em.

Glenn: Yeah, it's like they're a progression of--

Charlie: Good on them, good on them.

Rob: But they are industrialists, are they not?

Charlie: Big time, yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, no, they're-they've created an entire business out of it, but uh, I still find it disgusting.

Rob: Oh.

Charlie: Oh.

Rob: Why?


Rob: Why?

Glenn: I don't like it.

Rob: Why?

Charlie: There is something annoying about being famous without having a thing. Like, do a thing, man.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: But they- but they are doing a thing.

Charlie: They figured out their own thing. They figured out a thing.

Glenn: Some of them, what they do first, is they become famous, and then they do the thing, right?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: Like, it's interesting-

Rob: Sure.

Glenn: -it's like a total inversion, right? Some people do the thing, and they become famous for doing whatever the thing is. And then these guys were just like, "Well, why don't I just be famous first? And then when I do the thing, it'll be way more successful, 'cause I'm already famous."

Rob: Then it was valid then.

Charlie: Yeah, by the way, it was pretty brilliant. You gotta give 'em credit. It's like, we'll just film ourselves being us, which basically is what we're doing right now.

Rob: That's what we're doing right now.

Charlie: And it worked. They became, you know, all we talked about or cared about.

Glenn: Yeah, to be clear, I don't have a problem with the whole idea of becoming famous in order to create a product that then is successful, because you're using your fame to do the thing. But like, what I found disgusting, initially, when-when the whole like uh, influencer-- Uh, I guess it was before even that term existed, probably, an influencer, right? Like the whole Paris Hilton thing of just being famous for literally doing nothing. Just showing up places and--

Charlie: Being a socialite.

Glenn: Being a socialite. Like, I just personally, I-- But you know what, that's also- that's also, I think, you know, that's just a personal thing. I just- I just- I don't like that. I just don't like it.

Rob: Mm.

Charlie: I think it turned a lot of people off. I don't think you're alone in that. I think- I think it was-- You know, I think we got- we got forced into it, in a way. Like, they broke us down. Where it eventually just became a part of our society-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: -or dominated our conversations.

Glenn: Well we're used- we're much more used to it now.

Charlie: We're more used to it now.

Glenn: But I mean, back then that whole thing was just completely bizarre to me. I didn't understand it.

Charlie: Like yeah, do a thing. You know? Just--

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Don't just do a booty. Don't just have it--

Glenn: Don't just be a butt.

Charlie: Don't just be a butt.


Charlie: In three, two, one.

Glenn: Look at this.

Mac: Good afternoon, Philadelphia. This is Mac coming to you live from the Malvin Retirement Home.

Charlie: Cool face, hold it.

Mac: Hello, miss, what's your name?

Irvine: Irvine Simon.

Rob: She's great.

Mac: Is there anything that you wanna tell the world, Irvine?

Irvine: My grandson's birthday on Friday.

Mac: No, no. Is there anything in about this place that you don't like?

Irvine: The blacks.


Mac: Cut.

Speaker 8: Cut.

Mac: Cut-- Okay, all right- All right, we gotta pause. We gotta talk about it.

Charlie: That is so fucking funny.

Rob: That's a good scene. That actor is amazing, she's amazing.

Charlie: She's amazing.

Rob: You're saying you didn't like this episode, you're crazy.

Charlie: Would we still make that joke?

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: We would, right?

Rob: Definitely.

Charlie: 'Cause she's an old racist lady.

Glenn: Old racist lady, that exists.

Charlie: And nursing homes are full of them.

Glenn: Absolutely, chock full.

Rob: And elder abuse is something that is still happening and going on. And maybe we wouldn't use the term ass rape.

Megan: [laughs]

Rob: Maybe we would, I don't know.

Charlie: I think we would, I think we would. 'Cause the joke is that Danny is just saying that loudly in the room-

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: -and we're like, what? Shut up, what are you doing?

Glenn: Can't do it.

Charlie: You know? I love that we just walk up to someone and start filming them, too, which is pretty great.

Rob: Um, okay, all right, this works so far. This works so far.

Charlie: Now, you think I added the, "Cool face, hold it, hold it," in post?

Glenn: That was in post.

Rob: I think that was in post.

Glenn: I do remember that was in post--

Rob: 'Cause you were probably behind the monitors at this point. You're not actually holding the camera, I think.

Charlie: Mm.

Rob: Someone else is holding--

Charlie: That's a good point, that's a good point.

Glenn: I think you're right, yeah. Yeah and I think- I think we were watching it, and we just- we saw some little beats, some pauses--

Charlie: Yeah, needed a little--

Glenn: Needed a little jus, yeah.

Megan: Cool face, hold it.

All: Cool face, hold it.


Charlie: All right, these bozos, here we go. We figure let's get outta the sleepy nursing homes. Let's go to a place where we could run into something cool. And Chinatown we think has lots of mysteries, so let's go check it out.

Rob: Is what's coming up fish being traded for fish? Okay, I'm excited about this.

Mac: What the hell are these guys doing?

Charlie: They're just trading fish for other fish is what it looks like.

Man: [foreign language]

Mac: They're not even bickering. This isn't gonna lead to karate.

Frank: No, I think what we gotta do is find one sick guy, and do a story about a new pandemic.

Rob: Oh.

Glenn: Oh, shit.

Rob: Well, well, well, well.

Charlie: We predicted pandemics. We predicted pandemics.

Rob: Wow.

Glenn: A wet market.

Rob: We just predicted--

Glenn: Is that what they call them, wet markets?


Glenn: A wet market where we predicted that there was gonna be another pandemic, and you guys were gonna report on it before it--

Charlie: Yeah, we called it. Do you think we manifested it somehow?

Glenn: It took a long time to manifest. Viruses usually move a little bit faster than that.

Charlie: All right, let's just keep it going.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: [laughs] That guy, wait, that I remember distinctly.

Glenn: What, what, what?

Charlie: They passed the same fish back and forth.

Rob: Yeah, see, that was not in script what Charlie was saying.

Glenn: That's just the same fish.

Rob: That was the same fish.

Charlie: That's because we had hired some extras--

Glenn: Yeah, and they didn't know what they were doing.

Charlie: You know, they were given very minimal direction, and--

Rob: These were all guys that lived on the street. On this street.

Glenn: Oh, we just grabbed 'em? We're like, "Hey, you guys mind passing fish back and forth?"

Rob: We didn't do it, but somebody did on our behalf, and paid them $50 a pop.

Charlie: And then we were just improving, 'cause we noticed they were just passing the same fish back and forth, and we thought it'd funny to comment on that.

Mac: Here in Chinatown, where a large crowd has gathered for what can only be a martial arts showdown.

Charlie: You look scared.

Mac: I'm sorry, I'm just sweating, it's very hot. Okay, martial arts expo. Just go in, go in.

Charlie: So we're hoping for some- we're hoping for some martial arts because we're racist, and what they're doing is they're playing--

Glenn: Is they're playing Wii Tennis.

Rob: Video games.

Charlie: Wii Tennis.

Glenn: Which we also predicted. People watching other people play video games.

Rob: Sure.

Charlie: Absolutely.

Glenn: So you heard it here guys. We've predicted almost every major event in the last 15 years.

Charlie: That's right, and then this is what happens.

Frank: A pandemic.

Charlie: Bird flu, bird flu.

Dennis: I think he's choking, guys.

Charlie: What?

Dennis: He's choking.

Charlie: He is choking. Frank, Frank, give him the Heimlich.

Frank: I'm not gonna touch him. I don't know what he's got.

Mac: Charlie, do you know the Heimlich?

Charlie: I don't know the Heimlich. Punch him in the stomach or something, dude.

Mac: Okay.

Glenn: Oh god.

Charlie: Oh, baby.

Frank: You okay?

Mac: I did it!


Mac: I saved your life, bitch. Woo.

Glenn: You called him a bitch.

Rob: I called him a bitch.

Glenn: "I saved your life, bitch."

Charlie: That guy did a really good job choking.

Glenn: He did a great job.

Rob: I think he was a stunt guy.

Charlie: He was a stunt guy, that's what it was.

Glenn: Yeah, 'cause that guy fuckin' nailed it.

Charlie: 'Cause he had to get punched.

Rob: And he spit the fuckin' thing out.

Charlie: Spit the hell outta that thing.

Glenn: Yeah, that was a good trajectory on that thing.

Rob: Weird choice to point at someone's face and say, "I saved your life, bitch."

Glenn: Yes, and I would like to get back to that guy, 'cause that's funny to me. Calling people bitches is funny.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob: Okay, okay. We can work on that.

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Something that we, I don't know why we decided to do this, but we always kind of stuck with our characters being a little bit behind on technology. So like a better-

Glenn: The old TV.

Charlie: -better cameras existed.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: No one was using VHS at this time-

Rob: Correct.

Charlie: -but our characters were still using their old--

Glenn: Yeah, we had the old TV, we had the old VHS.

Charlie: Old TV, old VHS.

Glenn: There's an old flashlight on top of it.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: An old flashlight, yeah, it's funnier.


Glenn: Hey, you guys remember last week when Athletic Greens decided to pay us a bunch of money to promote their Green Powder? You guys remember that?

Charlie: Absolutely.

Rob: Green for green.

Glenn: Well I got some great news, guys. Athletic Greens has agreed to advertise with us again. I don't know why.

Charlie: They've come back.

Glenn: They've come back.

Rob: More green for green.

Charlie: All right, all right.

Glenn: And I'm here to tell you right now that we are endorsed by Athletic Greens. It's a great- it's a great drink. Rob, you are having some right now.

Rob: I-I well I have been-- I-I was a little bit weary at first, I'll be honest with you, 'cause I've seen you drinking this in the past.

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: And I was like, "Ugh."

Charlie: If Glenn drinks it, you don't trust it.

Rob: Exactly, if Glenn drinks it, I don't-

Charlie: But turns out it's actually good.

Rob: -I don't trust it. And it is actually good.

Charlie: You know, it's good to get the faster recovery. You get the mental clarity, and the alertness. You know, I could use that.

Glenn: Yeah, totally.


Glenn: And it's like the best kinda multivitamin that you can get. And with this you're choosing ingredients that your body can actually absorb. You gotta be able to absorb it for your body to use it.

Rob: Plus I gotta say it doesn't hurt that it's endorsed by Tim Ferris and Michael Jervais, who's an athlete.

Charlie: Now, the scientist in me likes that they're constantly adjusting the recipe based on science. You know, you gotta try the stuff out for yourself. You can't just take our word for it.

Rob: No, and to make it easy, Athletic Greens is gonna give you a free one year supply of immune-supporting vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit

Glenn: Well, tell them where they gotta go.

Rob: Well, where they have to go is to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance.

Woman: Here, take this.

Dennis: What is this?

Woman: [laughs] You'll see.



Charlie: This is good glow stick dancing, man.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Now, what was that song like? We just went in our library and like-

Rob: It sounds like Go-Go for It, but it's not, but it's in the same-

Charlie: D-I-S-C-O. It's-it's playing-

Glenn: [unintelligible 00:20:17].


Charlie: Um, yeah, some cheap song that we were able for. Like, because they'd never be playing this music in a club.

Glenn: No.

Rob: No, no, no. This is what we could afford.

Glenn: No, they would be playing something that some people think sounds better, but doesn't.

Charlie: Now, I don't recall where this location was, where this club was.

Glenn: Oh God, um-

Charlie: Somewhere near I think our stages maybe, on the west side there.

Glenn: I think it was actually West-West Hollywood.

Charlie: West Hollywood.

Glenn: I think it was in- I think it was a West Hollywood location. I-I'm not totally sure.

Charlie: I've never left a club with the sun up.

Rob: Oh.

Charlie: I don't think I ever have.

Rob: I have many times.

Glenn: I-I-I just I hated clubs.

Rob: Just didn’t work. Just didn’t work.

Charlie: Yeah, I didn't really go to club.

Rob: Well, I worked in one. So, you- so I would leave at 5:00-

Glenn: You worked at a club?

Rob: Yeah. Upper West Side. Venue, it was what it was called. And I would leave, you'd leave at 5:00, 5:30 in the morning. That's the worst.

Charlie: No, thank you.

Glenn: Ugh, yikes. God, what were you? Bartender? Barback-barbacking?

Rob: Barback.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: I-I never-

Rob: A couple of times.

Charlie: You just wiped down the loads.


Rob: There were a couple of nights where I- where at- where I was one of the customers at some club in New York and we- and I was there until 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. And that is the- that is the worst feeling in the world, walking around the place.

Glenn: Yeah, I could not stand-

Charlie: Gross.

Rob: Gross.

Glenn: -uh, clubs and hadn't, you know, back in the day when people around me and frie- my friends were like wanting to go to clubs and stuff, I hadn't quite figured out yet that like, "Oh, the reason people are enjoying this is because they're on drugs."

Charlie: Right.

Rob: Yeah, that's what's keeping you up at 5:00 AM.

Glenn: You know what I mean? So, I would go and I would drink and I would try to talk to people.

Charlie: Forget it.

Glenn: But you can't talk in a club.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah. No. No. Yeah.

Glenn: And I didn't wanna dance 'cause I hated dancing in clubs. So then I'd just be standing around fucking just being like, "What do I do? I don't know what to do in this place. I can't have a conversation with anybody. I can't-- I'm not on drugs." Like-

Megan: Did you ever try?

Rob: No, the p- the point of it was to take the drugs to go dance, and then find a partner to leave with.

Glenn: See, I know that now, but I-I, you know, I don't know, I wasn't hanging around with enough people that were- people that were just-

Rob: No, I wasn't- I wasn't as successful as I would've liked to have been.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah.

Rob: So, I stopped.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Stopped doing that.

Charlie: And I didn't even try. I was-

Glenn: I've done ecstasy a few times though, and it's-

Rob: It's fun.

Glenn: -uh, it's great.

Rob: I don't even think that-that exists anymore. The kids do something else. Molly. I've never done Molly because that- my time's passed.

Glenn: It's basically the same thing. I mean it's-it's just, it's like pure MDMA, as opposed to ecstasy, which is a mix of MDMA and other fucking-

Charlie: Now there's fentanyl in everything. So-

Rob: Yeah, let's not. Let's-let's stay away from that, kids.

Glenn: That's not a good club though.

Rob: Kids and adults. Let's stay- Let's go ahead and stay away from powders.

Charlie: It's a real bummer. When did they start putting that in everything, man?

Glenn: Well, it's not- it's not that simple though. Some people are getting like dosed. They-they think they're getting something else, and they're getting dosed with fentanyl. It's really-

Charlie: It's not good, man.

Glenn: -it's really awful.

Rob: Yeah. And that's why I'm saying, like, let's just stay away from all of it.

Charlie: Don't do drugs, kids. All right.

Glenn: Yeah. Yeah. Don't do drugs. Don't do drugs.

Woman: Why you take my picture now?


Dee: No, you gotta put work. Okay? You're not famous yet. You're just some stupid drunk chick who slept in her own puke. Well, we'll come back tonight. Let's go. Come on, your ride's leaving.

Woman: Okay.

Glenn: Now, this was- this was not too long after she had hurt her foot, broke foot or something, right?

Rob: This season she broke-

Glenn: I-I think she had just come out of the boot.

Charlie: Back.

Rob: She broke her back in season three. Yeah.

Charlie: This is season three.

Rob: Yep. Yep. Yep. So, that would've been-

Charlie: Did she also break her foot?

Rob: She also broke her foot-

Charlie: She also broke her foot.

Rob: -in season three. Yeah. She broke both her foot and her back.

Glenn: Yeah. So I, as I recall, uh, she was able to slip out of the boot just long enough to shoot these scenes, but like you noticed, she barely walks in this season.

Charlie: Oh.

Glenn: So, we've got her standing in the line-

Rob: Right.

Glenn: -and then we've got her just lying down-

Rob: Right.

Glenn: -and then we have her getting up, but we don't ever see her walking.

Charlie: But she flopped into that trash though.

Glenn: That's because she's a pro/

Rob: Maniac.

Charlie: And then she comes out of the building-

Megan: She dances.

Charlie: -on fire and stuff. Well, uh, I-I'm noticing that something that I feel like we haven't been doing is we're sticking with characters for a couple beats-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -instead of just popping back and forth from one to the other, one to the other. Like, we were in our storyline for a couple more beats and I feel like we would've been-

Rob: Mm-hmm.

Charlie: -and now we were in theirs for multiple, I don't know. I assume sometimes we do it.

Glenn: It might've been a time-passing thing too. You know what I mean? I don't know.

Charlie: I don't know either.

Glenn: All right.

Charlie: Cry baby.

Speaker 5: Hey, who's that sexy news guy? It's Mac. Yes, it's Mac. And he's on the chin or whatever we make it on news.


Speaker 5: Right? We're gonna make it on the TV.

Speaker 6: All right, here it is. You go into the building.

Glenn: I think you made up that song.

Charlie: Did you-

Glenn: You made that up on the spot, right?

Charlie: Oh, for sure.

Rob: Yes, definitely. For sure. For sure.

Glenn: You made that.

Charlie: That was like one of those, you know, sometimes we start doing a scene and we're like, yeah, it needs something else, so we--

Rob: Yeah, for sure.

Megan: I feel like you can see Rob laughing, but like trying to make it look like he's wincing from the massage.

Rob: Yeah, that's-that's-that's-that's accurate. That's accurate.


Dee: I cannot believe you guys. I could have been killed.

Frank: Well, somebody had to save those kittens.

Dee: Me?

Frank: Yeah. They were trapped inside a burning building, Deandre.

Dee: You set me on fire.

Speaker 5: You set the building on fire. You just happened to catch on fire, barely, and we put you out.

Frank: That's right. Deal.

Glenn: Barely. This was one of the first times we did something a little special effects heavy.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah.

Glenn: Right? Like, I don't know that we'd ever done anything quite that special effects heavy before 'cause obviously she was not on fire.

Charlie: How did we it? Just CGI to-

Rob: Yeah, I think we just CGI-ed it.

Charlie: -flame, which was fine because we were so far away-

Rob: Yes.

Charlie: -from the character and that worked.

Speaker 5: Hey, what if we set up like a conveyor belt situation? Right? Put the cats on that, and then at the end of it a chopping mechanism.

Charlie: Oh, yay. Let's chop cats. Let's chop cats.


Rob: I mean, that's me laughing, laughing.

Charlie: You're laughing. Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, just straight up laughing.

Rob: Just straight up laughing.

Glenn: Yeah, I know.

Rob: Because that was not scripted.

Charlie: No, no, no. Let's chop cats.

Rob: Can we watch that? Can you just skip back 15 seconds, and let's just rewatch that.

Charlie: Oh, yeah, let's chop cats.

Rob: Laugh at the-- And we kept it in.

Speaker 5: The conveyor belts-

Charlie: Yeah, 'cause it's okay for your character to laugh at me.

Speaker 5: A chopping mechanism.

Speaker 7: Oh yeah, let's chop cats. Let's chop cats.

Speaker 5: No, no, no. No, we don't actually chop the cats. We-

Charlie: The things that aren't working for me just like, are like a couple logic things. Like, well, why wouldn't Dennis want to be the famous one?

Rob: Right.

Charlie: And like her being maybe just like, "I think I'm gonna be famous just by being in a club," like, just a couple-- Like, a lot is working, but there's like some logic things that I feel like, I don't know, just aren't as good as, or as thought out as they could be. I do like the episode. There's lots of big laughs in it. So, I'm not shitting on the episode. I'm just saying that that's where I don't think it's-

Rob: Not our- not our best.

Charlie: Yeah, versus the episode before, the gang sells out. I felt like everything was maybe a more believable motivation to the characters.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: That's it. That's all. That was the only difference. Then what are your outfits of these episodes?

Glenn: What?

Charlie: Your outfits in these episodes.

Glenn: Ah, yeah, it's crazy.

Rob: I think that was like-

Charlie: Like, that was the look.

Rob: That was like the cool- that was like the cool club look.

Glenn: That's the look at the time.

Charlie: 'Cause this was like-

Rob: Infliction or Melrose-

Charlie: -the Ed Hardy time?

Rob: Ed Hardy, yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, just anything on Melrose Avenue. Yeah.


Glenn: Uh, the bottle thing. It make- makes me genuinely uncomfortable.

Speaker 8: End of episode.


Rob: Pedro Lopez.

Charlie: It could also be like, this subject matter too is like not if like yucky in a way. I don't know, like diaper time and shit. Do you guys remember that cable show in New York New York One, like, where it was like news during the day.

Rob: Yeah, and at night it was Robin Byrd.

Charlie: Robin Byrd. We talked about this, didn't we on the podcast?

Rob: I don't think so.

Glenn: I don't think we talked about Robin Byrd. Um-

Charlie: So, it was like softcore porn.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah.

Glenn: Well, it was, yeah, it was like-

Charlie: A lot of like naked flaccid men.

Glenn: She would have like strippers on.

Rob: Yeah, it was- it was both women and men. And they would be-- And they would come on-

Glenn: Well, it was meant for men.

Rob: It was meant for men and then went for-for whoever.

Charlie: And was meant for men. [laughs]

Rob: And- and they would come and they would basically be-

Charlie: It was all for men.

Glenn: It was all for men. It was meant for men and women for me.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah. It was all for- all for men.

Charlie: Men for men and women for men.


Charlie: There was very little for the women.

Rob: And it was, and they would do like strip teases, or they would strip.

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: There would- there wouldn't be any like fornication-

Glenn: No.

Rob: -but they would do strip- but they would strip naked and then they- then they would plug what strip club they were working at in the city.

Charlie: Oh really?

Rob: Yeah, that's what- that's what-

Charlie: That's what the intention was?

Glenn: Oh, really?

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: Oh, okay.

Rob: Yeah. Yeah.

Glenn: I wonder, is Robin Byrd still around? Uh, is she still with us? She was, uh, she was already falling apart.

Charlie: I doubt it.

Rob: She was something else.

Glenn: She was something else.

Charlie: There was like a-

Rob: She- she had like a Dominatrix outfit on, and she was, God, she had to be in her-

Charlie: 70s.

Rob: -60s yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, for those you out there who don’t know, just-just, you know-

Rob: Maybe just do a quick little search of Robin Byrd. [crosstalk]

Glenn: Quick little search. Look at some Robin Byrd.

Rob: B-Y-R-D?

Glenn: Was she-- It was the, was it The Robin Byrd Show?

Charlie: It was the diaper time of reality. You know?

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: Like uh, like, and it was sad.

Megan: I don't know. It looks like she's still alive.

Rob: God bless her. God bless.

Megan: She's 65.

Charlie: Get the fuck out of here. That's not accurate. That's not true.

Rob: What? So, she was- she was- she was in her 40s. She was our age.

Glenn: She was in her 40s, our age.

Charlie: No, that's a lie. That's a lie. She was hot and sexy? You get what I mean?

Glenn: She might have just led a rough life man. Like at 45, you know, not everybody holds up-

Rob: Well, she was doing softcore porn on public access in New York in the-

Megan: 20 years ago, The Robin Byrd Show in 1977, that's when it started.

Glenn: '77?

Rob: '77.

Megan: Each episode features Byrd in her trademark, black crochet bikini, and white fingernail polish on an all-red set with large heart-shaped neon sign that bears the name of her show.

Glenn: '77. So, uh, when I-- So, I didn't have a TV a lot of the time that I lived in New York, um, and then it was like a couple of-- maybe the last two or three years that I was there in the early 2000s where-where I caught-- Where I was living in an apartment that had a TV, an-and-and I remember, I actually I have a very-- Th-this is th-- Um, I know I've told you guys this story, so I acknowledge that, but like the craziest fucking thing I ever saw on New York public access TV it was, and it was-- I was--

I remember I was watching this, my-my roommate at the time- one of my roommates, this guy named Darren Petty. And, uh, Darren and I were somehow flipping through the channels. We came across pu-public access, and it was just a close-up of a guy's butt. Just a close-up of a-a butt, not moving, just still, and a hand, just a hand, coming into the frame every so often to dry shave the butt. And-and-and-and it was just-- it was literally-- tha-that was the show, right?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: It was just a guy's butt being shaved.

Charlie: That's like what-what-what public access was.

Rob: Sure.

Glenn: Now, yeah, ba-- yeah, basically. Um, now the-the part that got interesting, though, 'cause Darren and I were like, "What the fuck is this?" you know? But of course, just like almost anything public access, you're like, "Well, don't change it." Like, "Let's see what happens," you know what I mean? I wanna watch this guy, let's see where this is headed.

Charlie: Oh yeah, it's weirdly compelling 'cause you're like, "What is this?" Is this like--?

Glenn: What is this? So the guy's butt's getting shaved. And Darren and I start noticing it's getting closer and closer to the butt crack. And we're like, "Oh." So now at this point, we're invested. We're like, "How far is he gonna go?"

Charlie: Where's this story going?

Glenn: Yeah, where's this story going? How far is he gonna get in there, right? So then the guy opens his butt with his hands, and the guy keeps going. Uh, and the best part is, like again, the butt is like totally still. And as he gets closer to the asshole-

Charlie: Wait, you were seeing the butthole on public access? Or was this some-

Glenn: I don't remember if we could--

Charlie: -DVD you stumbled upon?

Glenn: No, no, this is public access. I don't think we saw the butthole, but as the-- but you know, you could see that that was where the razor was headed-

Charlie: Mm.

Glenn: -and the guy was kinda pulling his ass cheeks apart, but I don't think you could actually see the butthole. But you saw the hand get closer and closer to what, you know, 'cause you know where the butthole is, so you know where it's gonna--

Charlie: Usually, yeah, for sure. Unless it's an orangutan, and then God only knows where the-

Glenn: Yeah, God where it is.

Charlie: -the hole is.

Glenn: Uh, but the best part is as it-it keeps getting closer, and by this point, Darren and I are like riveted.


Glenn: You know what I mean? Like we're sitting forward in our seat like it's a fucking action movie. We're like- we're like, "Oh my God, he's getting like-- well he's getting really close to this guy's butthole." And-and then you just- you just see, at a certain point, you just see the butt as it gets really close to the butthole, you see the razor, and then-- and all of a sudden, you hear-- you just hear a guy go, "Ah." And the butt just moves a little bit, so you got-- Darren was like, "Oh, he nicked his butthole. He nicked his butthole with the thing."


Glenn: I don't remember past that point.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: I think Darren and I turned it off at that point. We're like, "I've seen enough."


Charlie: There was like a weird song on the Robin Byrd Show, too. It was like--

Glenn: Right.

Rob: Uh, Baby let me bang your box,-

Charlie: Wow-

Rob: Baby let me bang your box,-

Charlie: Holy shit.

Rob: I've been banging since I was a little girl.

Charlie: I've been banging that was a little girl.

Glenn: That's disturbing.

Charlie: Baby let me bang your box.

Rob: I've been banging since I was a little girl.

Charlie: What does that mean, baby box?

Rob: Baby let me bang your box. Dunno.

Megan: What box is?

Rob: Your box, your vaginas, you know.

Charlie: No, but-- well, but she was singing it.

Rob: She was singing it.

Glenn: About-- well, she was singing it about herself.

Rob: And singing that she's been banging since she was a little girl.

Glenn: Since little girl.

Rob: Since she was a little girl.

Charlie: Oh man. See, that kind of-

Glenn: That's upsetting.

Charlie: There was a darkness to it.

Rob: But there was a--

Charlie: There was a darkness to it.

Rob: Well. Okay, wait, let me play the- let me play the Devil's advocate for a second-

Charlie: Okay.

Rob: -and say this.

Charlie: Is it as joyful as the ball guy in Venice Beach?

Rob: I thi-I think-

Charlie: He was probably on that show. He was probably on an episode.

Rob: I think it was super sex-positive.

Glenn: At one point.

Rob: I think it was-

Charlie: Yeah.

Rob: -a strange time in New York,-

Glenn: Yes.

Rob: -obviously, in the '70s and '80s where there's a lot of sexual repression going on, right? And like in the gay community, specifically.

Glenn: Oh, in the gay community, yeah.

Rob: And like-- so you have-- now you have this show that you can tune into and watch something-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -that you- that you're attracted to-

Glenn: Mm-hmm.

Rob: -that makes it feel a little bit less-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -weird, I don't know.

Glenn: Yeah, you're into some kinky shit, you're-you're-you're-you're just--

Charlie: Yeah, but I don't think anybody was like into it. Like, very few people were like- do you remember the scene in the movie Basketball Diaries-

Rob: Yeah

Charlie: -where he tries to cheer up his buddy, Michael Imperio-Michael Imperioli is the actor who's got cancer. He's like dying, right? So he takes him to the peep show, and the thing slides up and the woman's dancing. And then she's like disturbed that he looks sick, and he's not enjoying it. And the whole thing it's-it's a really dark-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -scene. Tha-that's what it felt like. That's what that feels like to me. Where it's like, "Yeah, this is for-- no one-

Rob: I-i-it-it was definitely seedy.

Charlie: -no one's enjoying it-

Glenn: That's for sure.

Charlie: -and people feel like it's like it's the-- There's, uh,-- it's not evil.

Rob: I'm sure you might about if I was watching it.

Glenn: I think- I think you nailed that. I think that's right. It-it felt seedy.

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, so it felt seedy.

Glenn: That's the right word for it.

Charlie: It felt lonely-

Rob: Yeah.

Charlie: I think.

Charlie: Always like--

Glenn: Right, right, right.

Charlie: It-it was - they felt joyless.

Rob: I don't ever remember watching it and thinking, "Well, this is hot."

Charlie: No.

Glenn: No, no.

Rob: It was more like, "This is fas- this is fascinating."

Glenn: Yes. It was fascinating.

Charlie: Baby let me bang your box. The catchphrase was-- I mean, the song was [unintelligible 00:35:18] positive.

Rob: I mean, I remember the song. It's like I watched enough of it.

Charlie: It was sex-positive, as you said.

Glenn: I-I-- guys, I gotta pee.

Rob: Okay, go pee. Or maybe what he's going to do is-is-

Charlie: Is have a sex-positive moment in the bathroom?

Rob: -is mas-is-is mas- is masturbate because he just got so turned on.

Charlie: He's so aroused by the butthole story?

Rob: Yeah, like it's like the fact that it was [unintelligible 00:35:35]. Yeah, it wasn't from part of the butthole story.

Charlie: I know, it was the butthole story.

Rob: -and it was seedy, and that's what he gets off of.

Charlie: He's feeling sex-positive.

Glenn: He's feeling very positively sexy.

Megan: So she came out as bisexual later in life.

Rob: Did she now?

Megan: Yes, she did.

Charlie: Oh, really? Thank you.

Rob: Robin.

Charlie: Yeah, maybe she was banging boxes.

Rob: Oh yeah, she used to- oh, that was- she would-- The women would dance and she would like lick them.

Charlie: That I don't know.

Rob: Or pretend to like lick them.

Megan: Did you guys ever do any public access? Were you ever on public access and/or the news when you were-- Before you were on TV?

Charlie: Not that I know of.

Rob: I don't think so.

Megan: I used to host a public access show in, uh, Kalamazoo.

Rob: Really? Like in college?

Megan: Yeah, well, I mean, my and I in high school as like part-- It was like we got credit for it at school for like a communications class-

Rob: Oh, that's cool.

Megan: -or something. Hosting a call-in show um, in Kalamazoo, Michigan on public access. And it was just people calling in, and it was all live, like broadcast live. And it was just people calling in and every third person would just yell, "Cock." And then like, that was it. That was the show. [unintelligible 00:36:41].

Rob: What was your theme song?

Megan: I don't think-- I don't even know if we had a theme song. It was like so low rent. Um, but I hope that footage doesn't exist anywhere.

Charlie: Which is why they did it.

Megan: Yeah, anyway.

Charlie: Um, do we feel as though this was a successful format?

Rob: I don't know. I think- I-I think it'd be interesting to see how it'd- how it would cut together.

Glenn: Well, you know what?

Charlie: We should [unintelligible 00:37:01].

Rob: I think it's [unintelligible 00:37:02].

Glenn: Let's-let's-let's have people comment on it and-

Charlie: Do a poll.

Glenn: -and see if they- if they like it.

Rob: Yeah, that's sure.

Glenn: Do you wanna see more of these, like this, where we watch- where you watch us watch the show, or you watch the show with us? You know, do you wanna see that? Do you like that? You into that? Do you want more of that?

Megan: Is that your weird thing?

Rob: Yeah, what kind of creep are you?

Charlie: Is that your creepy thing?

Rob: Are you- are you--

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: Well, did you- were you sex-positive in that bathroom?


Glenn: I-I'm not sure I know what that means.

Charlie: We were wondering if you, uh, were so aroused by the butthole story that you just needed a minute in the bathroom.

Glenn: Yeah, gimme a second here. I got to [unintelligible 00:37:32] I'm, uh, I'm remembering a time where I was more aroused than I've ever been.


Charlie: Well.

Rob: I'm out of juice. I don't know about you guys.

Glenn: No, we got- we got more in us, right?

Charlie: Baby, let me bang your box.

Glenn: What's-- how much- how much time have we wasted?


Charlie: Well, we watched the thing, which took up some time, but--

Megan: Thank you. Yeah, just about done it. Let's see if I have any--

Glenn: I- let's-let's-let's dig deep. Let's find something 'cause usually, last minute thing ends up being kind of the best thing.

Rob: Okay.

Glenn: Let's see if we can dig deep and find something. Okay?

Charlie: I mean, deeper than your butt-shaving story? That's pretty good. I think that's gonna--

Glenn: I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I tell stories-

Charlie: Why?

Rob: -and you guys don't enjoy it as much as I expect you to.

Charlie: I enjoyed it.

Rob: I enjoyed it.

Charlie: I enjoyed it very much.


Charlie: Oh, I love that story.

Megan: I have just a general question about the show for you guys-

Glenn: Okay.

Megan: -that I've been meaning to ask. How do you guys feel about the fact that the show has like spawned so many memes? Like in the last episode we were talking about the jobs, firing off the job cannon, and everything.

Glenn: Right.

Megan: Like there are so many memes from this show, that it's like almost its own internet language.

Glenn: Yes, I do-- okay, so-so I've-I've seen a lot of It's Always Sunny memes out there, but I didn't know if that was because people sending them to me, because I'm on the show, or if that was because they're really as ubiquitous as-as ubiquitous as, uh--

Charlie: It doesn't meme anything to me.

Megan: Oh, nice.

Charlie: There you go nice, right? How about that, right? See how I used the word meme?

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: It's meme-ing-less.


Glenn: God, fuck off.

Charlie: I don't know.

Rob: Yeah, I don't know. I'm always interested to see what, uh, what catches on and what doesn't. So if I see a meme fr-from something I'm-- i-i-i-it kind of extends into the episodes, too where we make something, and we go, "Oh, people are really gonna enjoy this one." We think that- we think that the audience-

Glenn: Yeah.

Rob: -our audience us understands this, and will love it. And maybe it's like a shrug. And then we'll make something and-and think, "Well, I don't know, that one's fine."

Glenn: Yeah, the biggest example of that's coming up, where we- where we thought that we completely screwed up that, um, not The Nightman Cometh musical, but the first time we sang the Nightman song.

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Glenn: And we cut that episode together, and we hated it so much-

Charlie: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Glenn: -that we just stuck it at the very end. We're like-

Rob: Yes.

Glenn: "You know what?--" No, but the meme thing, I mean, it's um, I mean-- It's-it's cool. I-I like it. I mean the-- I mean, I find it very uh-- I don't know. I'm pleased that uh, we've made an impact.

Megan: I see that one of I'm playing both sides, so I always come out on top. people post that like all the time when there's like a new story or something like that. Pastor who preaches against homosexuality having like a gay lover, or something like that.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Charlie: I don't know what our impact is. It's very hard to feel from the inside, right? Like uh-

Glenn: Yeah.

Charlie: -sometimes you feel like the show is giant, and has reached everyone, and then sometimes you feel like, "No, we're- we have our sort of niche audience, and we sort of exist outside the, uh, zeitgeist, or- like culture in general." Like I don't know, you know like--

Glenn: Yeah, and it's- it's both frustrating and also I like-- So it's-it's frustrating at times to-to feel like you're not getting sort of wide recognition, but at the same time, like when I think about most- most of the artists you know, actors, bands, musicians that I've liked the most have occupied the same space. You know? A space where it's like they make- they make a very specific kind of thing, for a certain type of uh, listener or viewer.

And it's al-- it's almost like because authenticity is so important to me and artistry that like, um, it's a sign of authenticity to me, you know? It-it-it makes me feel like when something's too popular, I-I-I worry that it's-- That-that-that they're pandering-

Megan: Mm.

Glenn: -you know, and it turns me off. Um, you know, but there are plenty of examples of like, huge bands that are some of my favorites of all time, like Pink Floyd and Radiohead. I mean, those bands are huge, but I wouldn't say that they've ever- those guys ever pandered.

Charlie: Mm.

Glenn: So I'm going against what I said, but I think the fear for--

Rob: You're playing both sides, so that you can come out on top.

Glenn: So that I always come out on top.

Rob: Yeah, I was going [unintelligible 00:41:48] go.

Charlie: Yeah. I don't know but memes--? That's like-like-- I don't think about it at all. Do you think about it? I don't think about it.

Rob: What was the-a good meme? [laughs] I don't know.

Charlie: I like it, it makes me laugh when I see it.

Rob: I'm-I'm interested- I'm interested in your posture.

Charlie: I'm tired man.

Rob: Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: You're running on steam?

Charlie: You know, it's like I got sleep like midnight, and then the fucking-- I mean we wrote this into the show, but like, there's always something beeping. And one of the fire alarms at my house started just beeping that the battery was low at like 5:00 in the morning, or whatever.

Glenn: What else has been beeping in your house?

Charlie: The fucking smoke detector. So I gotta go around and rip the goddamn smoke detector out of wall. Then I got the wrong one, and then the ladder's missing, you know?


Glenn: Big house problems.

Charlie: Can't find the fucking ladder.

Glenn: Big house problems.

Charlie: Or small man problems, one or the other.


Glenn: Small man, big house.

Megan: [laughs]

Charlie: Um, I don't know. What else- what else?

Glenn: I don't know. I listen. I tried. I tried to pull something outta you guys and-

Megan: [laughs]

Glenn: -God bless.

Charlie: Look over here, we got this whole thing now.

Megan: Oh yeah.

Glenn: You're gonna play a song?

Rob: Play us out, Charlie.

Megan: Play us out

Glenn: Play us out, buddy.

Charlie: What do we wanna-- Let's, uh- Let's write a quick musical about shaving buttholes.

Megan: [laughs]

Glen: Yeah.


Charlie: Uh, what do you think?


Rob: See if you can figure out, "Baby, Let Me Bang Your Box."

Charlie: Oh no, I can't really remember it. Baby let me-- No, I don't remember it. Baby, let me bang your box. Yeah, that was basically like that.

Rob: Baby, let me bang your box. Yeah, yeah. Baby let me-- yeah, go ahead.

Charlie: Yeah, it was like two chords.

Glenn: Robin Byrd's gonna come after us for cash.


Rob: It's public access.

Glenn: “You bitches stole my theme song.” You know that's how she sounds now, right?

Rob: Yeah, for sure.

Charlie: Yeah, 'cause she's only 40 now.

Glenn: I don't know that that's how she sounds, but I know that's how--

Charlie: She had a TV show in 1970 something, but she's only 40 years old, what was it?

Rob: No, she's 60.

Glenn: You bitches think you could just steal my theme song and get away with it? I wasn't gonna come after you?

Rob: Well, now she will.

Glenn: Your ass is mine.

Rob: This is New York City.

Glenn: This is New York City. We don't take that shit.

Charlie: Well, actually it's-it's Hoboken. It's a basement in Hoboken.



Glenn: Baby let me bang your box. I got this.

Charlie: They shaved my butthole. They got too close. They nicked it a little bit. You say it's gross. Baby let me bang your box.


Charlie: I gotta go pee.

Megan: That's great.

Glenn: All right. Bye everybody.

Rob: Bye.

[End Credits]


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